the endless summer 2

A Week in the Life of a Choices Fan

Monday - Only got till Wednesday! I’ll make it through… right?

Tuesday - Oh god it’s tomorrow I don’t know how I’m going to make it

Wednesday - Reloads the entire day waiting for the chapters. Then freaks out.

Thursday - *only thinks of new things that happened*

Friday - *comes up with so many conspiracy theories*

Saturday - Starting to think I can’t make it to Wednesday again

Sunday - Slightly impatient with too much free time and nothing new to freak out over

*repeat cycle perpetually*


Thoughts while playing Endless Summer, Book 1, Act 2, Chapter Ten: No Escape

Wow. That title sure is reassuring.

Do they cross the catwalk over boiling magma? Craig brings up a valid point. ”Someone put these catwalks here… that means they’re probably safe, right?” LOL!

We’re crossing and the whole screen is moving. I’m getting dizzy!

Everyone is sprinting and Michelle tripped! Sean saves her life! The group makes their way into a dark room…

…which turns out to be a control room… which they’re trapped in.

Zahra says the title. “We trapped here. No escape.”

What do we check out? The computers? The pod? The door? The window? 4 choices. Let’s go with the pod. And now we examine it… there’s no way to open it. Sean spots that it can go up to another floor. Jake says his buddy has told him about this before - a survival pod.

Computers. It has a large symbol. 3 snakes connected together. Like Rourke’s cufflink? Scanners. It’s scanning US. “Rourke DNA detected!” It alerts. What does that mean?! We’re using the cufflink on the scanner and… something is playing. Magic orbs and lion masks… what?! Zahra is checking out the machines and is as baffled as we are. Can she do a hard reset? She needs something small and flexible…

Let’s check out the door. We pick Craig to tear one of the pipes off. Right choice! We talk to Estela. She needs something to weaken the grate. We talk to the fox. Let’s ask him to blow on the grate! It works! Let’s go down the hole…

It’s an interrogation room. And we’ve got dossiers! Now we can learn more about Diego, Jake and Zahra. Iiiiiinteresting. Hellooo Jacob Lucas McKenzie!

The locked has some kind of gun. Looks like a laser gun to me. Jake keeps it.

We’ve got a reset sequence. Yes! Let’s give it to Zahra later.

Back in the main room. Grace says the magma stopped being active as soon as the group entered the room. Someone’s watching us for sure and controlling the magma. Michelle’s playing with a bobby pin. Yes! We’ll give that to Zahra later. Having science talk with Craig now. Wow, that earned us plus points with him.

The bobby pin works, thanks to Grace. She’s good at picking locks, huh? Is that what she has a criminal record for? Did she break into some place? I wonder.

We use the reset switch - 3, 1, 2. It works! Oh how cool! It’s some kinda drone… and a hologram. The pod changes too. It can now be accessed. By Sean.

Should I join him? It costs diamonds. And I don’t ship my main MC Todd with Sean. I have a feeling this’ll get cozy. I’ll save the cozying up for my female MC. Michelle joins Sean.

They zoom up! And now they’re back. Sean has a card. IRIS. That must be the hologram’s name.

And it is! Yay!

The satellite uplink works! No wait it doesn’t. What the heck does this mean? Why are people saying the volcano is erupting when it’s not?

“We’re on our own.” MC says.

7 out of 8 clues found. Crap. I knew I should’ve gone into the pod with Sean. Must replay later.

There’s a bonus scene! Iris is Rourke’s personal assistant? Ah. The plot gets even thicker.

The end.

Final thoughts:
Holy cow that was some mind game. I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter! My favorite was finding more files on the teammates. Why didn’t MC share it with the group though? My biggest question… WHO IS CONTROLLING THIS ISLAND?! Rourke for sure… BUT WHY? And why are these students guinea pigs What did they ever do to Rourke? What did they do to deserve this kind of survival? And how are the folks over at the hotel - have they found the marina or was it just a dream? So many questions but the answers are so few. I’ll take it though. I love how this is one big question mark for us. Keep us guessing, PB!

Most Wanted Soundtrack

1. Precinct (x)

Plays when you’re somewhere like in the L.A.P.D. precinct. This soundtrack is also known as the “Normal Tone Music”. Also featured in Endless Summer.

2. Suspense (x)

Usually played when facing the killer or in a dire situation. 

3. Giving The Creeps (x)

Plays when you’re in an abandoned place or in a scene where it can give you the creeps. Also featured in The Freshman: Love Bites.

4. Crime Scene (x)

Plays when you’re in a serious mode and when at a crime scene. Also featured in The Freshman: Love Bites and Endless Summer.

5. Aftermath (x)

Just how the title is, this plays after a dire situation, when everything becomes calm. 

6. Dire Situation (x)

Plays during a battle with the killer and in action packed scenes. Also featured in The Freshman: Love Bites.

7. Calm & Relaxing (x)

Plays in a calm and relaxing situation. Or it’s just a Sam x Dave moment soundtrack when they’re alone with each other.

Total length: 0:04:45 (4 minutes 45 seconds)

Bright and Sunny Day
  • Bright and Sunny Day
  • Choices Endless Summer
  • Choices Endless Summer

2/7 of Endless Summer Soundtrack.

Don’t mind the title but it sure does sound like a “bright and sunny day” sound. This plays when you’re in a normal situation in the story, like at The Celestial where you relax at the pool or having breakfast at the restaurant of the resort.

Endless Summer Clues - Act II

1. Cufflink - Chapter 6 (Rourke’s Office)
2. Dossier - Chapter 6 (Rourke’s Office)*
3. Whiskey Notes - Chapter 7 (V.I.P. Lounge)*
4. Frying Pan -  Chapter 7 (Kitchen)
5. Arrowhead - Chapter 9 (Mountain Pass)
6. Strange Gun - Chapter 10 (Observatory)***
7. Dossier  - Chapter 10 (Observatory)*
8. Star Map - Chapter 10 (Observatory)

* All Diamond Choices
**And for all of you non MC and Sean shippers you can still do this and not mess up any of your other relationships!
***Who has the gun changes if you bring Jake along.