the ending...just gah

Yo I just had a happy thought

After the season is over were gonna have Jonerys merchandise. T-shirts with them together, posters, funko pops, stuff with quotes about ice and fire etc. Just think of all the Jonerys goodies we’ll be able to get once the season ends. Gah! Just think of all the stuff we’ll be able to get of our beautiful ship. Because y'all know HBO will try to sell the shit out of Jonerys and it’s gonna be so awesome.

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Just. Square Enix got us so well!

 It hits me every time, especially when I think about drawing Ignis and Noctis looking at the stars, it just crazy. Like, they gave us Episode Duscue, a big bright open field, where you sleep under the stars, obsess over chocobos, go hunting for mushrooms for dinner, its just light and playful, even when its not (ex: the behemoth lol) BUT ITS WHAT YOULL REMEMBER THE MOST FONDLY. 

No matter when you started liking Final Fantasy XV. The demo was The Beginning. It’s where we really meant  the boys. We learned Gladio trips over his own big feet, Prompto is probably a selfie master, Ignis, a master cook, can burn toast. And Noctis is just like us, so wide-eyed and generally a dork. And that was the beginning. From there so many things started because their world was open to us. 

So we write, and draw and expand, on an unknown place, and its freedom


it gets dark.

You knew it would be that’s imagination for you. It creates beautiful things from dim places.

You discover that your whole world is falling apart but here you are, in this bright place that’s its clouding over, eclipsing and its new and scary and that’s the journey. 

Now, scenes like the night under the shooting stars will always be bittersweet, and the memories fond, because you remember the beginning of anything the best. But you have to keep going, you can only look back for so long and that’s the hardest part but if you keep going, you know you’re sure the reach an ending.

Even if its not the one you want.

or the one you pictured,

but its your story.

And that’s beautiful.

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is my crime queen - there’s a special place in my heart for Poirot - and this book, I think, was one of the first I read (I think I first picked it up because of its gorgeous cover :D).  

Her books are my go to books whenever i don’t know what to read or if I don’t want to go through the hassle of choosing a book. It’s sort of like, you know what you’re signing yourself up for,  there’s a certainty about the books - a crime will be solved - that makes for easy ‘what shall i read’ decisions and yet you still manage to get utterly absorbed into the plot - WHO DID IT???? - and there’s a satisfaction about reaching the ending and gah, I just love her books. You get through them so easily, it’s just a case of finding them all :) (here’s where the library comes in handy)

I saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch last night and it was pretty much epic

6/11/15 show 

(as a warning there are spoilers here so read at your own risk)

To begin, some highlights:

During Tear Me Down, Hedwig spits into the audience and he actually spit on the left orchestra side and hit my knees and probably the women sitting in front of me. Didn’t expect that at all but it was kinda awesome.

Then, during Sugar Daddy the guy on the aisle seat next to me got the Car Wash. Hedwig made eye contact with him and he was the only guy in an aisle seat except for an older gentlemen a few chairs back and omg I almost died when he came towards us and his leg and boot brushed against my arm as he got on the chair before he pushed the guy’s head back and just proceeded to hump his face.

Getting to see those legs up close as well as the makeup on his face and the wig and the skirt and everything was freaking amazing. Just, it was Hedwig and Darren inches away from me and it was fantastic. I wish I’d gotten to speak to the guy that got car washed at some point after the show but we rushed out. But he was really into the show and totally into the car wash and he definitely got flustered after it happened. Definitely a Darren fan too.  

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