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me again! i saw reading (again) the new perfect chapter and i noticed that the computer's mouse is on the left side, is GS left-handed? idky but i find this so cute!! actually everything obout him i find cute... another thing i love about the new chap i the heart-warming feelings that momo, his mom and their home are giving away and i bet even HT likes that too, so different from his empty and cold house aaaah i'm reading too much into this again THX @OLD XIAN!!!

you have such an eye for details HOW i would have never noticed the mouse being on the left side!!

okay, so, it took me a bit to reply to you because im nothing if not thorough (well, more like obsessed with tiny and useless stuff, but ‘thorough’ sounds better) and i went back to reread everything, trying to pay attention to which hand the characters use the most, and it turns out that all the main four use the right one to hold their chopsticks 

we’ve also seen zheng xi writing with his right hand, and both he tian and guan shan seem to favor that side to throw punches, so i think it’s pretty safe to say that they’re all right handed!!

which is actually a bit surprising to me?? i had completely forgot about those panels, so i spent all this time believing that he tian was a leftie, and i was debating on guan shan as well. in my defense, both he tian and guan shan use the left hand a lot (….this sounded better in my head……….), way more than jian yi and zheng xi: there are a lot of panels where he tian holds a cigarette with his left hand, and we see guan shan holding a spoon with that one too. they could both be ambidextrous, but i feel like that wasn’t really old xian’s intention and im just reading too much into things as usual: it’s more likely that they are right handed and not utterly incompetent with the left one (unlike me;;;;;;)

and this is already too long, but YES i absolutely agree with you on the heartwarming feeling that guan shan’s home and family give off, it’s the reason why i love guan shan’s relationship with his mom so much, because it’s just??? so playful and affectionate??? and i love how their house is small but full of things, unlike he tian’s apartment, which is huge but it’s all empty spaces and feels barely lived in. it makes me wonder if he tian will maybe feel……well, not envy exactly, but more like some kind of sadness, a mix of loss and longing for that particular warm that comes from the love of your family, and that he seems to have been missing for a while. thinking about this, im even more happy that he met guan shan: he tian is going to find his place beside guan shan and fit in his family and get all the love he deserves

승자는 없어 모두 다 지지


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December 31st, 2016  10:20; 

Taehyung watched as Yoongi dragged Jimin away. He shrugged the irony of the scene. It was his birthday but everyone else seemed to be having fun instead. He was left all alone at a table full of alcohol but devoid of any friends. He filled himself with what was available at least.

When he saw Jimin and Jungkook coming towards him, Taehyung avoided the situation by turning towards another table where the girls welcomed him. He didn’t want to face them and it didn’t look that good anyways. Jungkook loved Jimin a little too much and it always made Taehyung miserable.

Deep inside, Taehyung really hated Jimin. Deep inside, all of them hated Jimin a little -or a lot-.

Yoongi didn’t like him because of his carelessness when it came to life. Jin despised the young boy for having always figured out what he hid. Hoseok hated Jimin because he knew his boyfriend secretly wanted him. Jungkook because he knew the man didn’t love him back.

Taehyung just hated Jimin because, no matter what, they still loved the other more than they will ever do him. Nonetheless, when he heard Jungkook’s advances, he pitied Jimin. Even with his obsession with Jungkook, he would have never wanted that kind of forced attention.

However, when Jungkook managed to get Jimin into one of the private rooms of the bar, after the smaller boy tried to get away. Taehyung just laughed with the pretty girls around him, drinking up their attention to forget what was happening.

At one point, his conscience started to eat him up. He stood up, still not drunk enough to be unable to walk, and went to the room. He hesitated to turn the knob and, eventually, didn’t have to make the decision. The door was busted open and a scared Jimin looked up him.

Disgust brewed in his stomach when he saw the terrifying fade of innocence from his friend’s eyes then to look up and find the guilt in Jungkook’s eyes. Jungkook who he loved more than anything.

T-tae-” Jimin’s eyes were suddenly filled with tears.

Get out” Taehyung gripped Jimin’s arm and pushed him outside the room before going in and locking the door.    

Jungkook he loved so much. Taehyung threw the first punch with that in head.

Jimin he hated so much. Taehyung suddenly lost his senses and Jungkook was getting the worst of his wrath.

His friends he held so high. His life that was a lie.  Jimin started running.

You’re pathetic.” Taehyung had Jungkook by the collar, anger and tears filling his eyes. “I know you’re going to say that you were drunk later but, what you just did, I’ll be there to remind you everyday, every hour, every second of your life. So, you better not forget it.” He pushed him away and the other just stumbled back down.

Himself, that h hated more than anything.

Taehyung ran after Jimin but he was too late. He could have saved him but he was too late. The damage was already done.

December 31st, 2016  11:35;

Jimin ran into the house tears and blood staining his face. He looked for the first person he knew would always be there.

Hyung!” His voice was strained and he had a tough time balancing himself. Jimin hoped that the eldest would be in the house, he needed the comfort of a caring friend. Jin was, in the end, more than just a friend. He was a parent to Jimin. A friend that loved him more than his own mother or at least that’s what he thought.

Jimin heard movement coming from the bedroom that Jin and Namjoon shared and slowly walked towards it.

I told you not to do it anymore!” He heard the eldest yelling, “Do you really want to see me die?”. Jimin held his breath in as he peeked through the slightly opened door.

Namjoon was on the floor, drenched in a combination of sweat and the cold water Jin used to sober him up. He was trembling and his eyes looked glazed over. No matter how much Jin yelled at him or shook his shoulder, he said nothing.

How can I live with someone so pathetic?” Jin threw something back and it hit the door, falling right in front of Jimin. Even though the lights were dim, Jimin could tell that it was a syringe. Namjoon was taking drugs? “What if one of the boys sees you like this? Do you want to go back to jail?”

Jimin, at that moment, realized he just saw something that he shouldn’t. However, it was already too late.

The door creaked and Jin’s head snapped back. The perfect picture that Jin had been trying to fool the boys with was shattered into millions of pieces when he saw Jimin’s scared eyes looking right at his.

J-jimin” Jin’s lips trembled. Namjoon looked up as well but he was too out of it to even recognize anyone other than Jin. At least he always managed to recognize Jin.

What - what happened? What’s wrong with him?” Jimin, for the sake of his friend, forgot about his own ache and his own bleeding pride. He always thought they would do the same to him. He was naively laughable.

It’s none of your business” Jimin was about to go in but stopped, eyes wide. Jin instead was the one to stride towards him, pulling him up by his shirt, “You say anything to anyone and I’ll fucking kill you, you hear me?”.

Jimin just wanted comfort. A friend that loved him more than his own mother. Or at least that’s what he thought until he was thrown to the ground by the same friend.


Don’t call me that!” Jin yelled out, even Taehyung shook in fear from where he stood, “Why is it always you? Why does it always have to be you that sees me at my lowest.”

Jimin was below rock bottom.

They spent a minute in pure silence. Jin afraid that the little picture perfect image of a couple he had would break and that he would have to face the reality of what he denied. Jimin devastated of what two hours have managed to change.

He then realized that nothing really changed, he was just seeing the lie. Now, he just wanted someone to cover his eyes up, hide him from the world. But he knew that was too much to ask.

J-jin…” Namjoon’s faint voice could be heard, only because it was too quiet. He was shaking too hard and fear pooled inside of Jin. He was about to lose him. Before answering his boyfriend’s calls, Jin gave Jimin one last look condemning his existence.

Taehyung shrugged. He felt small and none of it happened to him. He couldn’t dare wonder what Jimin felt like. After being betrayed, humiliated, taken, deprived of everything, and having his whole life crumble. He knew Jimin would only want one thing.

The sirens became closer then Namjoon and Jin disappeared from the house. Only Taehyung and Jimin remained.

Jimin had crawled back towards the door, picking the syringe in his hands and was silently watching it. Just as Taehyung was watching him.

He didn’t feel any different than the tool. Used for all the wrong reasons then discarded like it never mattered in the first place. To Jimin, that syringe meant something. And to Taehyung, Jimin meant something.

Taehyung knelt in front of Jimin, a hand on his chin to make him look up.

Tae, anything you ever wanted from me?” Jimin laughed bitterly, “I’ll give it to you, as your birthday present”.


I’m sorry this is the me you’ll remember after this-” Jimin stopped talking when he felt the other’s lips on his forehead and two wet spots from his tears.

I want you to be selfish now” Taehyung whispered as he hugged the boy tightly “What do you want?”

I want them to suffer” Jimin spoke calmly, eyes completely dry, “I want them to suffer and I want to stop suffering. Can you do that for me?”.

In a world filled with pretend friends, at least Taehyung should be a sincere one.

I’ll make sure they suffer twice as much, you can rest now”

And - I … I want you to be happy.” Jimin added.

“You killed him by request?”

Taehyung laughed.

“No, he wouldn’t let me.”

I want you to be happy but I can’t be there” Jimin pushed away then gripped his friend’s hand.

Are you asking me to-”

No. You can’t take punishment for what they did”


You saw. How can I live after that? You told me to be selfish, this is me being selfish.”

“Then why say you killed him?”

“Because, in a way, I did.”

“So it wasn’t a murder made into a suicide but-”

“A suicide made into murder” Taehyung interrupted and smiled, “They made him into a victim so he made them into the perpetrators”

“But in the end he was the one to lose”

“But no one else won. In the end, there was no victor, just losers. We were all doomed from the beginning. Yoongi and his lust, Hoseok and his jealousy, jungkook and his greed, and Jin with his pride, they all killed him. But I was the worst out of them all.”

“Why is that?”

“I was a bystander. At any time of the night I could have stepped in and stopped it from happening but I chose not to.” He sighed “Jimin didn’t make me into a killer, I did so myself.”

“But it ends here, for Jimin.”

“His suffering ends here but their’s has just started” Taehyung smirked “I’ll make sure it does.”

January 1st, 2018 ;

Taehyung set the flowers down with a smile.

“I missed you, Jimin-ah” He caressed the ground as if the other could feel it, sometimes he liked to think that he did. “Is it nice up there?” Taehyung shrugged, “Did you meet Namjoon yet? How’s he?”.

He looked to the side, another grave with the leader’s name on it.

“I didn’t think he would follow you that fast,” Taehyung felt the tears coming but he swallowed them down with a bitter smile, “I’m not going to ask about Jin. I’m sure his pride was too big for heaven”.

Jimin would have laughed. The pure and bubbly sound of Jimin’s laugh. He would give everything up to see it even his life. However, he knew that even if he was to join, his place would be right next to Jin and Yoongi, not Jimin.

“I’m happy, minnie. I’m at peace, so you be as well,” He choked on his words, “I hope you were satisfied with my promise-keeping abilities” He laughed, standing back up, “I hope you’re proud, having a friend like me”.

January 3rd, 2017 ;

11:00 a.m;

Jin walked into Namjoon’s room after being released to find him lifeless.

Jin was pronounced brain dead after having jumped off the building. His family, with Taehyung’s influenced, decided to pull the plug a few hours after.

14:05 p.m;

Taehyung smiled at Jungkook after he was sentenced to twenty years in prison without parole. He smiled as Jungkook watched his mother faint and his brother resent him for the disgusting human he was.


An article came out about it after an ‘anonymous’ tip was sent in. Jungkook’s name was added to the sex offender list.

January 13, 2017  11:00 p.m;

Hoseok was brought back in for murder after a heated fight with his boyfriend. Hoseok stayed silent even when he wasn’t the one to land the last stab that took his lover’s life. He knew going to prison was better than having to face Taehyung’s cold eyes again.

“I hope you liked the justice I gave you,” Taehyung looked up at the sky with a faint smile, “and the gifts I sent you. You will be receiving one last one, but it will be a little late. I’ll come to you after living both your part and mine.”

Jimin smiled.

This is what happens when I get bored. 


ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʀɪsᴍ ᴇғғᴇᴄᴛ

“Only evil can rival evil.” Namjoon’s voice is quiet even as he continues to type, glasses perched somewhat haphazardly on his nose.

Seokjin frowns from his place on the single armchair. “Don’t go all cryptic on me, Namjoon.” Namjoon has a tendency as such, to voice a part of his thoughts the second it comes to him, raw and incomplete.

“The government,” Namjoon starts simply, glancing up. “The way to overthrow it is to be better than it in all the ways it has used to control us so far. I’ve got an idea, hyung.”

Namjoon’s excitement is palpable in the way his eyes light up behind the thick frame of his glasses, the way his fingers are unconsciously tapping an uneven rhythm on the edge of the table. Seokjin sucks in a breath. Namjoon’s ideas are never mild or mediocre; they’re always extravagant and Seokjin always, always worries. He almost doesn’t want to know what it is this time around, but Namjoon’s watching him expectantly, so he nods in encouragement.

“You know the seven deadly sins, hyung? I figured everything the government does falls into one of those. Imagine if we can create our very own seven deadly sins to counter them.”

“How?” Seokjin feels his stomach twisting, even as he tries to keep his face neutral, open.

“The prism effect,” Namjoon breathes, a smile sneaking its way to his lips. The prism effect, or so Namjoon names it. The way a single ray refracts into the seven colors of the rainbow. Or in other words, recreating seven clones of Namjoon, each with a mind and heart driven by a single sin. “I think I can perfect it in two weeks or so, then you can be in charge of administering each of them, hyung. What do you think?”

Seokjin shakes his head and Namjoon deflates a little. “But what about you? How can I run the operation myself?”

“Oh, about that,” Namjoon bites his lip, chewing lightly once, twice. Seokjin follows the movement with his eyes. “I need you to extract stuff from me for each clone so I might have to recuperate in the pod.” Namjoon pauses, gaze shifty. “It’ll be fine,” he adds quickly. 

Seokjin reluctantly agrees and not for the first time, he hates himself for being unable to refuse Namjoon. So he busies himself instead, learning what he can from Namjoon, and asking questions to make sure he’s more than familiar with everything. He can’t afford to mess up, after all, it’s their only chance. He tries not to think about how much blood and brain fluids Namjoon is instructing him to draw when the time comes.

Seokjin asks many things, but there is one that nags at him incessantly, one thing that Seokjin doesn’t dare to ask for fear of the answer that is to come.

It’s when Namjoon is settled in the pod, needle in Seokjin’s hand that he can’t help but blurt, “Will you be okay?”

Namjoon opens his eyes, smiles. “I will.” He squeezes Seokjin’s hand in reassurance.

“Okay,” Seokjin nods, brushing Namjoon’s fringe out of his eyes. “Okay,” he says under his breath.

And as he watches Namjoon’s eyelids grow heavy, Seokjin prays that when it all ends, amongst the scattered pieces, he’ll find Namjoon again.

ғᴏʀ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ᴘʟᴏᴛ ʙᴜɴɴɪᴇs/ᴅʀᴀʙʙʟᴇs/ғɪᴄʟᴇᴛs:
[ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀғʟʏ ᴇғғᴇᴄᴛ - ʏᴏᴏɴᴋᴏᴏᴋ/sᴜɢᴀᴋᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ || ᴛʜᴇ ᴘɪɴᴏᴄᴄʜɪᴏ ᴇғғᴇᴄᴛ - ᴠᴍɪɴ]

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Agreed! Like, Martha's whole thing was that she might as well have been the Doctor, not the companion. She saved Ten way more times throughout the season than he saved her, and her ending was better and more satisfying to me than those of any other companion because it was all her. Her strength and her intelligence and her determination. It wasn't just one moment, it was a YEAR of moments. Not something because of luck or coincidence. I miss my baby girl. :'(

this is just A+ commentary, I miss her all the time. I’ll never not be grateful for having Martha in my life, honestly

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I'm messaging you because I had a thought about season 5 narrative, and your responses are so thought out, I'come to you with it. It's a little long so it might be in 2-3 parts. I was thinking about the Klaus/Caroline sex scene and from a narrative perspective, what was the point of it? I've heard it was to satisfy shippers, but after seeing Julie's interview about the build up of Steroline, it makes me wonder if there wasn't a reason for it, and it wasn't to push Kleroline, but to end Forwood.

You know what, you make a really good point. And it’s one that I have considered before. Damon also points this out to Tyler in 5x15:

Keep reading

We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.

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Cathey! I know you're crazy super busy but do you think u could have time to write a quick prompt?? I really love your writing and I'm hoping u could fulfill this prompt after tonight's ep. I wasn't satisfied with the ending because I wanted them to talk. Could u maybe write a fic where instead of walking off the bed room they sit down on the couch and talk things through. (Then of course things lead to the bedroom) thanks!!!

Hiii, I am so so sorry this took me forever to write for you. I hope you like this!

Ragged Joy

They make it as far as the door to their bedroom before the ragged edge of guilt overwhelms the joy in her heart, forcing her feet to stutter, bringing them both to an unceremonious stop.

Castle’s hand tightens around hers, but he doesn’t coax her forward. Instead, he turns, holding her hand against his chest, waiting for the moment she says what she needs to say.

“I’m sorry,” she blurts, watching his jaw tighten a fraction. He must be so tired of sorry from her. Always sorry. “Just… can we sit a minute?”

He nods, keeping a firm hold on her hand even as she steps to the cushy chair by his dresser. It’s not large enough for them to sit side by side, but they’ll manage if she nudges him down and settles across his lap.

One of his hands slips around her back, steadying her as they squirm to get comfortable, the other lifts the back of her hand to his mouth.

A minute passes, then two. Still, she can’t make her throat work, can’t force words to come. An eyebrow lifts in question, prompting her lip to retreat from between her teeth.

“You said okay.”

His lips whisper over her fingertips, seductive even in his seriousness.

“I did.”

“Why? You were so angry earlier, and you just… isn’t there more you want to say?”

Her husband’s eyes flash, burning crystal blue in the light from their bathroom.

“I’d rather say it while you’re naked,” he growls, pulling her down for a fierce kiss, raking his tongue over her lips with her sharp inhale.

His mouth devastates hers, unrelenting even when her lungs begin to burn for oxygen. She doesn’t complain, won’t protest or push him away, though. This is for him as much as it is for her.

“I just had hoped that, after everything we’ve been through, you would’ve needed me on it with you from the start,” he rasps finally, sucking in a breath that has his chest expanding against hers. “Not as a last resort or because the jig was up.”

Kate’s heart slams against her ribs. He thinks – shit.

“Castle, Castle, no. I need you. I need you for everything. It starts and it ends with you. I just wanted to protect you.”

“By packing a bag and walking out? By pretending to need space like there was somewhere we’d gone wrong?” He shakes his head, licking his lips. “I’ve heard ‘it’s not you it’s me’ a few times before, Kate. Usually that means it’s me.”

Her fingertips slide over his cheeks, his chin. Anything to get his eyes on hers. “No, no, babe, no. I just… I couldn’t tell you. I wanted to keep you out of it. Keep your blood from being on my hands, too. You are not expendable.”

He gapes, fingers tightening against her hip. His touch brands her through her slacks, but she doesn’t ask him to loosen his hold. “And you think you are? You think I want to bury my wife and have no idea why she’s gone?”

“That’s not what I mean,” she murmurs, touching her lips to his once more. It’s a short press, barely even a kiss, but she needs it. She needs to wash away how easily they could be talking about her mother’s death, instead of her own hypothetical demise. “I just… this started because of me, I shouldn’t drag you down if things…”

“Beckett,” he snaps her name, consonants hard in the quiet of their bedroom. “There’s no dragging me down, there’s only doing this with me or not.”

“Do or do not, there is no try?” she offers, hoping to see a smile grace his lips, no matter how fleeting it might be.

Castle snorts, softening once again. “Something like that.”

Beckett slumps, pressing her face into the shelter of her husband’s neck. “I’m so sorry, Castle.”

He swallows hard, turning his cheek against the crown of her head. “I know. Are you with me, though? Am I with you?”

“You are,” she insists, feathering a kiss over his skin. “And I’m with you. Always with you.”

She feels him inhale, feels the shudder of his breath, but doesn’t push him to speak. He should have the opportunity to gather his thoughts, to take in everything he’s learned in the last day.


It’s exactly what he said before, standing in the middle of their living room. It’s quiet, conclusive, firm. It’s a promise that they’re going to be okay, even if it takes work.

She’ll put in the work for him. For them.

“Okay,” she echoes, toying with top button on his shirt. Castle hums, his chest rumbling beneath her hand.

“Okay,” he repeats, plucking her fingers from his clothing and pressing a kiss to her knuckles. His five o'clock shadow scrapes at her skin, sending a shiver through her. “I’m glad we had that talk, but now I want you to take your clothes off, put them in the hamper, and meet me in the bed.”

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I don't understand why some NH fans think that if someone says they hate the ending of Naruto they're automatically a 'salty' NS fan. Seriously!? They say that if we were in their position we'll be jumping in joy. Ok pairing aside, we're still left with questions and unresolved plot holes. It's not even about pairings anymore, how could anyone actually be satisfied with this ending!? You know what, I'm actually glad NS wasn't part of this garbage of an ending.

Are you kidding me? We were already preparing to be disappointed when it was announced there were only 5 chapters left. 

If NS had been dragged into that garbage ending, I guarantee a lot of us would have been upset. 

For us, the journey was way more important and meaningful than the destination itself. NaruSaku still had things that needed to be resolved and to just throw the pairing and kids at us with no resolution would have felt very cheap and we would have felt like the manga didn’t do our pairing justice. (Which is worse than not getting canon at all.)

Pairings aside, I was really upset we didn’t get to see the moment Naruto became Hokage. That is not cool. I’d pictured his face when he finally achieved his dream for years and to not even get to share that important moment with him made me feel cheated. 

I’d imagine it’d be similar to when he saved the village from Pain, just everyone happy, cheering, and celebrating with Naruto basking in it. Maybe it’d even have Naruto thinking to himself, “Mom, Dad, Ero-sennin, Obito, I finally did it.”

What a missed opportunity, you could have ended part two with his inauguration speech, have it neatly summarize the manga and its themes, and clearly convey an over arching message on top of that.

After that, you could do your timeskip crap, the manga just feels so incomplete without an ending that ties everything together.  

Also upset Naruto never found the answer to breaking the cycle of hatred and getting people to understand each other. (I am beyond upset that this plot thread never got resolved. That was Jiraiya’s fucking dream and you’re just going to ignore it? How dare you.)