the ending more like crying everywhere

Jerome Valeska

A= Aftercare After Birth

In the hospital Jerome actually gets kinda nervous the first time you fall asleep after birth. When he sees you eyes close he immediately panics and feels your pulse. He also strokes your hair a lot, gives you head kisses, pet the top of both your hands, kisses your knuckles, strokes your cheeks, and kisses your nose a lot. He is in awe to see you be happy after birth. He’s even happier to see you and the baby together and smiling.

B= Baby

The baby looks just like Jerome. Like I mean exact. When you see them together for the first time its like Jerome is looking in a mirror. Its so cute, it gives you enough energy to take a picture on your phone. He also born with a head of red hair. Soft red hair, its so hard to keep the little hat on because its fun to touch and feel. When the hat goes on you just sit and stroke Jerome’s hair because it feels similar. 

C= Care Taking

When you bring the baby home Jerome mostly takes care of him. He literally is so good with your son in every single way. Jerome’s big smile makes the baby stop crying completely. When he changes the baby’s diaper he can do it well and very fast. Lastly, the baby loves when Jerome feeds him baby food because Jerome tries it first and spits it out. Then he swears and washes it out of his mouth. The baby laughs and Jerome sticks the food in his little mouth. 

D= Delivery

On the day of the delivery Jerome acts crazier than he ever has around you. He laughs at everything, he tells the doctors how they are “fucking stupid cogs”, he takes tools off the tray and throw them into the wall, lastly he almost killed one of the nurses who kept telling you to breath. It made him mad because your were breathing hard and this lady wouldn’t shut up. When you went into delivery Jerome got serious and whispered things into your ear and gave you kisses until the pain was over.

E= Emergencies

During the pregnancy there weren’t many emergencies. The only major one was when you started feeling horrible pains in your stomach. You woke Jerome up and he kissed your stomach, paced around the room, and sweared his head off. Afterward he held you really close and talked to the baby about calming down. Then he calmed you down. 

F= First Time Seeing the Baby

When Jerome first saw the baby he laughed like it was a joke. Until the baby was in his arms, then a single tear fell from his face. He fell in love with the kid. Never feeling any family love (mom, dad, sibling, etc.) he realized how much he really wanted a family. When you first saw the baby it was an instant connection like a usual mother. Although you were quite nervous about how Jerome felt. 

G= Gender (s)

Its a little boy (the first kid anyhow).

H= Hair Color

Red and Orange just like his papa

I= Illness

You don’t get sick as much as usual pregnant women. You mostly only get sick when you eat sour food. But, surprisingly enough the blood Jerome brings around the house. And trust me he gets it everywhere. Even on you, when he comes home he will sometimes forget about what he did. So, when you wake up its everywhere on your clothes.

J= Jumping

Jerome makes you jump more when your pregnant unless your on stairs. He likes to scare you because your more vulnerable and emotional when your pregnant. If it makes you cry he’ll apologize and hold you (if you let him). Towards the end of the pregnancy he stops scaring you because he’s afraid the baby may just come out.

K= Keeping the Baby?

There actually was a conversation about it. Jerome actually wanted to keep the child. He said it was because he “wanted a legacy”. But, in reality he wanted a family to love. You wanted the baby but, Jerome’s killing people worried you. That Karma might come for Jerome. At the end of the night you both kept the baby.

L= Love

There is always love to go around your little family. For an example. When you first brought the baby home Jerome actually got scared that the baby would die because of something little. So, around 2:00 AM in the morning Jerome went into the babies room and brought him into your bedroom. When he came in you were awake because you knew Jerome got up. he brought the baby over to the bed and laid down. There Jerome laid the small baby boy on his chest and you both talked to him and touched him. 

M= Movement

When you were pregnant the baby moved around all the time. Jerome put his head on your stomach a lot, put his hands on your stomach, and kissed your stomach. When Jerome wasn’t around you talked to the baby about him. Like the stuff he did or the stuff he did in he circus. 

N= Name

Jack Taylor Valeska

O= On Time

The baby actually came a bit early. The due date was August 21st but ended out being August 16th. 

P= Pain

There was actually more pain in before he was born. At home you would have some random pain more. The pains at the hospital were more expected. The ones before at home were not. 

Q= Questions

You didn’t really have any. Your mother mostly taught you about everything. He asked himself one question more than the rest.This question was “Will the baby love me?” And of course the baby loves him

R= Resting

Jerome constantly makes you rest before and after you give birth. If he sees you do anything with too much standing or movement he goes “nope”. Then he carries you to the couch or bed. He makes you stay there for the rest of the day/night. 

S= Singing to the Baby

Jerome sing the big top song to the baby before and after he’s born.You sing any song that comes into your head. When you do that you try not to say the swear words.

T= Talking to the Baby

Jerome is the more constant one. He feels like the baby really wants to hear his voice constantly. You usually tell him that the baby loves his voice and loves him. Which makes him talk even more. You love to pet his hair when he talks to the baby. Even if its  not always sweet.

U= Underneath the Man/Womans Heart

Underneath Jerome’s wonderful ego he wants a family to love him. He also wants to love a family for once. He wants a family that he won’t resent and want to kill. He just wants to be truly happy with the people that he really love.

V= Vision as in Supervision

Jerome probably watches over both of you a lot. He doesn’t want the only things he loves to be destroyed. That would literally make him kill all of Gotham City. He tries to make the three of you stay close when he comes home. You send him pictures of the both of you constantly to reassure him that your okay. 

W= When the Baby is Born

Both of you end up completely in love with barely any problems at first. Jerome feels an amazing sensation with the three of you together. It makes him overjoyed. His heart feels every emotion and touch.

X= Xray or Ultrasound

You didn’t really go to regular appointments. Although you did have one ultrasound picture. It was from when you first figured out you were pregnant. That’s how you told Jerome. You folded the picture and put it in his old police hat. Then you walked into the room and put it on his head. You then started making breakfast. Eventually Jerome figured out and started laughing insanely. Eventually you told him it wasn’t a joke. He told you that he knew but, he was just really really happy. 

Y= Yawning

The first time the baby yawned Jerome was holding him. You were all three falling asleep in you and Jerome’s bed. He was stroking the babies back and he yawned quietly and then snuggled his head into Jerome’s big hand. 


Usually the baby falls fast asleep quickly. He stays asleep almost all night. Which worries Jerome a lot because your mom told stories about you crying at night. So, Jerome usually goes into the babies room and feels his pulse. Once he knows the baby is okay Jerome crawls back into bed with you.

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Daryl x Reader - Together we are strong (One shot)


9. seriously? you want him over me?

10. Don’t touch me

28. It just happened
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader
Prompt taken from hyenaswritings ‘s list

English is not my first language so, sorry for eventual grammatical errors.

Set on season 7

Warning: fluff, sexual situation, Daryl’s gonna be a daddy ♥

Again, this was supposed to be a drabble, but I got carried away

Plot: (Y/n) and Daryl reunite at Hilltop. Weeks later, (Y/n) has a surprise for him

He’s here, he’s in front of me, I need to reach him so I can finally be in his arms.
That’s what I do, I start running, I need to feel him, I need to know that he’s real.
When I finally reach him, I almost trip him over.
He was crying so I start to kiss his tears away.
I place small kisses everywhere, onto his neck, on his cheeks, and finally I kiss him on the lips.
I pour all my feelings into this kiss, just like him, who doesn’t want it to end.
Eventually we need to separate: “Thank god you’re ok, I thought he did something to you”.
I really wanted to spend some time alone with my man, but there are more important issues to talk about: Negan and his Saviours.
With this on our mind, we start to walk with our group…our family, to the Hilltop’s mansion for discussing a plan to take over the Sanctuary.
Later that night, I decide to stay at the Hilltop with Daryl.
After Jesus lead us to our room and closed the door, I reach to Daryl and hug him again.
After a while he lean down and starts a slow kiss.
Minutes passed and his tongue parts my lips, turning the kiss into a more passionate one.
Daryl stop kissing me just to take away my shirt and then start to place little kisses on my neck.
I tug his…well… more likely Jesus’ shirt and, when we’re both naked as the day we were born, we lay down on the bed and finally became one.
Daryl slump on me, I could feel his heavy breath on my neck.
After a few minutes he lay down beside me.
I lean my head on his chest while he puts his arms around my hips.
With him so close to me, the sound of his heart that’s music for my ear, I can say that there’s no place I rather be.
The silence is broken with the sound of Daryl’s raspy voice: ”Why (Y/n?)…..why that day you decide to put yourself into my same situation? You could’ve be safe”.
My mind start to wonder to that day at the Sanctuary.
After the line-up, me and Daryl were taken to the Sanctuary because of our “insoburdination”.
He wanted to protect Rosita; even though she and Abraham weren’t a thing anymore, she was suffering, and Negan was harassing her.
When I saw that man with half scarred face, aim with Daryl’s crossbow, at his head, I acted on instinct, I stood up to run for him but Negan grabbed me by my arm and drag me onto him, with my back on his chest: “Now, now babygirl, where the fuck are you going?”
“Don’t touch me!”
“Feisty, I like that”
He spun me around and I locked my eyes with his, anger could be read on my face
“What’s your name sweetheart?”
“Don’t call me like that! I’m not your sweetheart!”
Negan grinned: “Let me guess, are you his sweetheart?”
I looked down, what if he hurt Daryl because of me?
Apparently he didn’t really need an answer: “God fuckin’damn! An hot girl like you with that redneck?” he, then, grabbed my chin with his fingers and smiled: “Dwight! Load…what was his fuckin’ name babydoll?”
I stayed in silence and that irritates him:” SPEAK WHEN SPOKEN TO!” he growled
“Daryl, his name is Daryl! But please, let him go! He’s wounded! Take me instead”
That seem to interest him…he grinned again: “ you know what? I’ll fuckin’ take the both of you with me”.
After that, me and Daryl got separated I was throw in a cell and left there for days.
Probably three days has passed when that scarred face guy, who name’s Dwight come to pick me up.
I was dragged to a room, It was small but there were all the comforts: a tv, a kitchen, a bed and a bathroom. Oh God what would I do for a shower!
Suddenly Negan entered the room, and walk toward me: “Even with that grime on you, you’re fuckin’ beautiful babydoll”
“What do you want?”
“Right to the point, you’re fuckin’perfect! Alrighty, since it’s a shame to put a pretty fuckin’ flower like you on fence duty, what do you say to become one of my wives?”
I looked at him in shock: “Do you really think that, after what you do to my friends I would become one of your whore? Besides, I already have an husband, and I’ll be faithful to him until my death”
The truth is that Daryl isn’t my husband, but I consider him like one. I will never betray him like this.
He was taken aback: “seriously? You want him over me?”
I nodded.
“Very fuckin’well babydoll, you made your choice”.
I stayed on fence duty for a while, I didn’t see Daryl, probably he was in another part of the Sanctuary’s fence.
When Negan paid a second visit to Alexandria, and killed Olivia and Spencer, I snapped out so he decided to leave me there, saying that Daryl will pay for that.
That’s the reason I couldn’t believe my eyes when we found him at the Hilltop; somehow he knew that Negan asked me to became one of his wives.

I look into his eyes before say: “ Let’s say that I’ve already an husband, and he’s all I askin’ for”.
Daryl get up on to lean on his elbow: “Are you askin’ me to marry you?”
We both laugh:” Well, after we take care of Negan, we will have a lot of free time, so why don’t spend it making a family on our own?”
Daryl smiles and kiss me on my nose: “That’s a good idea sunshine”.
We spent weeks planning what to do against Negan, and during this time I didn’t feel so well, moreover I was late on my period so, since there’s a doctor here at the Hilltop I decided to let him check me up.
“Ok, (Y/n) after what you say to me, I think that there is a possibility of a pregnancy, I can give you a pregnancy test, just to be 100% sure”.
“Yes please” I was shaking, I can’t be pregnant, now it’s not the time.
“Here you go, you can use the bathroom over there”.
Here I am, 5 minutes later, with a positive pregnancy test in my hands.
How could I grow a child now? What if Negan defeat us? What he will do to us? What he will do to me and my baby?
Oh God, how I’m gonna tell Daryl? After our decision to wait to have a family, how can I tell him that he’ll be a father now?.
My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door: “(Y/n), Daryl is looking for you, saying there’s a meeting now, I didn’t tell him you’re here but you should go.”
I sigh and go out, it’s time to face the real problem.
“So, we all agree with this plan but the problem it’s still the same: the Saviours outnumber us, we need more people to fight by our side” Rick say.
In that moment I had an idea:” During the time spent at the Sanctuary, I listen some Saviours talk about a place called “the Kingdom”. Apparently, they trade with them, but they’re not on good terms, maybe they can help us”.
Everybody looked at me with smile on their faces.
Rick put an hand on my shoulder:” (Y/n), you’re a genius!”
Before I could answer, I started to feel sick, I had to throw up, so I sprint out on the hallway and run for the bathroom where finally I could puke.
I stay there for a few minutes, until I hear the bathroom’s door open, revealing my beloved redneck:”(Y/n) are you ok? It’s something wrong?”.
Seeing worry into his eyes, I couldn’t help but crying: “ Daryl…I’m pregnant”.

He didn’t know what to say:” Pregnant? How?”

I sigh: “It just happened, we weren’t careful enough”.
Daryl drag me to him and envelope me into an hug: “Oh Daryl, what we will do? We need every man we can to fight Negan, I can’t stay here doing nothing! However, I don’t want to get rid of it, he’s my baby…our baby”
I sobbed into his chest for a while, until he lift me, taking my chin to look at him.
He’s smiling! Daryl Dixon is smiling at me!
“Don’t worry sunshine, we’ll go through this together”, then he peck me on my lips.
“So … I’m gonna be a dad?”
I nodded:” Yes, you gonna be a dad”.
He lift me up and spin me around: “Then let’s go tell to our family”.

Lance and Keith being domestic is my favourite thing tbh

-Lance loves to sleep in so every morning that he doesn’t need to be up early, he sleeps in until Keith literally rips him out of bed
-Keith wakes up almost every morning at 6 or something like that. He doesn’t understand how Lance can sleep for so long
-Do not talk to Lance until he’s done his morning routine or else he usually just glares and pouts
-Keith is usually waiting for him with a cup of coffee
-Lance talks Keith into having at least a “beauty night” at least once every two weeks
-Keith loves watching Lance dance, whether it be goofy dancing or sensual dancing or anything in between. He loves the way Lance seems to move so fluidly
-Sometimes when Keith comes home late, he usually finds Lance passed out on the couch(no, he wasn’t waiting) and will have to wake him up to take him to the room
-Keith hogs the blankets. They have separate blankets but will share whenever they cuddle(Lance still wakes up freezing and has to rip the blankets out from under Keith who always cocoons himself in them)
-Lance never thought of himself as a jealous person, but seeing people hit on Keith… He may or may not become a lot more hands on or even kiss Keith in front of the other person
-Keith finds it adorable. However, whenever he notices someone flirting with Lance, he usually walks up and whispers something into Lance’s ear which usually makes the other completely red
-Pidge finds them disgustingly sweet whenever they watch movies and Lance and Keith are usually cuddled up
-When they’re drunk, they both get into some weird competition over who loves who more
-It ends with Hunk and Pidge taking them home because both are plastered and trying to get into each other’s pants
-Pidge now watches how much they drink
-Lance introduced Keith to conditioner. Keith still doesn’t understand why it’s such a big deal
-Keith first noticed he was in love with Lance when they were at one of Lance’s family BBQ’s and he watched the way Lance was with all the kids and how bright his laughter was
-Lance first noticed he was in love with Keith when Keith was a drunken mess, hair everywhere and clutching a pail like his life depended on it. “Lance I think I might be drunk” he slurred horribly and grinned and Lance just knew. (The moment was a bit ruined by said grinning boy puking a second later)
-The first time Keith said “I love you” was in an agreement, and was more along the lines of “Why do I have to be in love with you??”
-Lance may have started crying a bit and replied “I love you too”
-The fight ended there and ended with mushy hugs
-Lance is taller than Keith by literally 3 inches and hordes it over him. “Oh, do you need me to grab ____ from the top shelf? I got you.”
-Keith is stronger than Lance and horses that over him. “Beat me in an arm wrestle and I’ll let you go first”
-When Lance goes through his moods, Keith cuddles him and kisses the tip of his head while reassuring him
-When Keith becomes more withdrawn, Lance usually pulls him into hugs and becomes a lot more affectionate
-Lance doesn’t have panic attacks often but the first time he has one around Keith, Hunk is called to help. Keith asks Hunk to teach him how to help Lance
-Keith once agreed to let Lance do his make up. He forgot he had it on and left to a job interview with it. He got the job but never realized he had it on until he was washing his face before bed
-Lance will still swear to this day that his eyeliner and shadow was “a million” times better than Shiro’s
-Shiro was offended at that because excuse you, his is obviously the best
-Lance once bleached his hair and Keith didn’t recognize him
-Keith cut his hair once and Lance wouldn’t shut up about it for a week (Keith realized Lance really did like his mullet)
-Keith loves embarrassing Lance in public. Not in a mean way, but saying something that no one else knows about and Lance going red and covering his mouth “Shut up omg”
-Keith not getting social qu’s sometimes so he just watches whatever Lance’s reaction is and copying it
-Lance is almost always fixing Keith’s hair for him

I’m so upset about KnB Last Game movie! They cutted the most important AkaKuro moment! How dare you!!! I’m soooooo sad! I’m dead inside…really… sobsobsob…
(BUT…the AkaAka moment…*lennyface* )…

1) Akashi is more beautiful than a kitten in the dawn light
2) smol Kagami so kawaii
3) AoKaga moments… Aokaga moments everywhere
4) Midorima and Kagami highfive
5) Akashi’s bad word in english!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I was screaming)
6)AKASHI’S LIPS *dead*
7) KiKasa moment so precious
8) Poor jelous Takao
9)Every Akashi’s sweat drop was orgasmic
10) Every time Akashi and Kuroko were together I was crying blood… Like a weebo Jesus

For me this movie miss some action (and AkaKuro)..The game was.. too short.. and too quick.. but very emotional…Maybe because the rainbow squad miss me so so so much…

This is really the end… *I’m in Tokyo and I’m crying….no need to say more*


Comforting HCs: Guys (Part 1)

My first imagine! This is gonna be a list of headcanons for all the guys comforting their s/o, since I could say we all need some comfort after that election…
But, anyway, this is the first half of the guys, McCree, Genji, Hanzo, Reaper and 76 (also, I’m not including Torb, Winston or Bastion, please don’t request them), and I will do the girls after. Enjoy!


  • It’s almost like he can sense when you’re sad or scared, even if you try to hide it, and he’ll be there to cuddle for as long as you want (maybe longer, he loves cuddling you) in a second!
  • If the problem he a person, you bet your ass he’s gonna find them and scare them off with his Peacekeeper, if they don’t already recognize him as a notorious bounty hunter. No one hurts his s/o’.
  • If you wanna cuddle though, he’s already on the couch or bed or wherever with a hot drink and your favorite show playing.
  • You’ll how to teach him how to make good tea though, he lives off of coffee!
  • You’ll defiantly be wrapped up in his serape, cuddled into his side or on his lap, metal arm rubbing soothing circles in your back, as he hugs you close to him with his human one.
  • “I know you’re upset, darlin’, this calls for the comfort serape!”
  • If you don’t wanna talk about it, sure, however if you do, he’ll listen intently, and reassure constantly.
  • Makes jokes here and there to try to get you to cheer up. He can’t stand seeing you sad and he’ll try to get you back to a happy state as fast as he can with humor and cheesy pet names.
  • He might sing for you, with some convincing, and he turns out to have an amazing voice, all gruff and low,  but comforting, and his accent makes it even more charming.
  • And of course you get lots of kisses, forehead kisses, cheek kisses, kisses on the back of the hand, like a gentleman (his words), kisses everywhere! The first thing he’ll do when he sees you crying is wipe away your tears and shower your face with kisses!
  • By the end of the day, you’ve probably fallen asleep on him with him humming a song or the tv playing softly in the background, and will wake up feeling much better with your cheesy cowboy to comfort you!


  • Hanzo is a professional assassin, so it doesn’t take him long to notice that something is wrong, if you haven’t told him.
  • The problem is that he’s bad with actually helping people with their emotions, and facing his own.
  • Someone help this grown man who acts like an angsty teen when it comes to feelings. The nervous dragon boyfriend loves you, he’s just bad at saying that!
  • So he might avoid the situation for a bit, but by the end of the day, when you’re all alone in your room and alone with him, he’s right by your side to listen and do whatever you ask of him.
  • Without you asking, he gets some warm tea and puts on relaxing music, relying on his methods to keep calm when an entire yakuza empire was resting on his shoulders.
  • He has you sit down, and cuddles without hesitation. He isn’t touchy in public, and likes to act steely and tough, but he loves cuddling with you, and cherishes moments when you get to spend time together.
  • He talks about the problem much more maturely than McCree and his brother, focusing on listening to you and reassuring you that you’ll be okay, you can get through anything.
  • Lots of terms of endearment, stuff like “my blossom”, “beloved”, little phrases like “love”, “flower” and “heart” in Japanese. He loves to see you get flustered when you don’t know what they mean.
  • You’ll get lots of kisses on the top of your head and forehead while you talk, and he whispers and nickname or a small “I love you” against your hair.
  • Has you go to sleep a little early, he thinks getting a lot of rest always helps, especially if you’re stressed out and will gladly stay with you in the morning.


  • Again, he’s a ninja and assassin, so he can easily tell when you’re upset, but he knows how to handle much better than his brother.
  • He might wait to approach you, if he thinks you need some time to yourself, but if he thinks something’s really wrong, he goes to comfort you right away.
  • And gets you whatever you want- food, a drink, your favorite movie or music, he’s already gotten everything for you so you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • If it’s a person that’s bothering you, he’s sure to take note, and if they continue, he easily scares them away with a flash of his shurikens and adept stealth skills.
  • But, he makes sure to stay with you, hugging you close to him while you cuddle on your couch or bed, and kisses you constantly for reassurance (and because you’re adorable when you blush.)
  • Listens the whole time you talk, he tries to help you solve the problem if you ask him for advice, but it’s mostly jokes and rambling about how much he loves you.
  • Lots of compliments, reminding how amazing you are, even if that’s not the problem.
  • This cyborg just really loves you, and he’ll keep on reminding you of that while he cuddles you, warming up his body to a comfortable temperature for you to snuggle into.
  • Expect massages too, to help you forget about whatever happened and help you relax.


  • Reaper pretty good with reading emotions- you have to be as a military commander and an assassin, so he can tell when something’s wrong most of the time.
  • But he’s also not the best at actually addressing it, and he is a little bit colder than he would be before his “death”.
  • That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care though, he’s not heartless and he really does love you, so of course, he’ll be there to help you through hard times.
  • If it’s a person bothering you well… you probably won’t have to deal with them, whether it be citizen or Talon agent. That doesn’t mean he’ll defiantly kill or hurt them, but they defiantly won’t go near you again.
  • At the end of the day, expect him to come to see you, and stay for as long as you need, he’s not the heartless asshole people make him out to be.
  • He’ll cuddle if you want to, but defiantly won’t be as clingy as the others.
  • He will run a hand through your hair and rub your back though, making sure to remove his claw gloves, or be careful with them as always.
  • Listens as you talk, dropping little comments as you go, some of them being threats if you mention a person, but hey, it’s because he loves you.
  • His words aren’t as sweet as McCree or Hanzo’s, but he does have little pet names for you, mostly endearments in Spanish, and he makes sure to remind how much he loves you, or how great you are if you start to doubt yourself.
  • Always removes his mask around you, cause he trusts you and loves you enough to let you see this monster he thinks he is.

Soldier 76

  • Not the best at reading emotions, even if he is a soldier, and you probably could convince him that you’re not upset, but he notice eventually, and probably get made at himself for not helping sooner.
  • He’s a grumpy old man sometimes, but it’s obvious that he loves you, and he makes sure to comfort you whenever he thinks something is wrong.
  • Like McCree, he sits you down and puts on your favorite stuff on tv, wrapping you up in a blanket and cuddling close. He wants to make sure you’re comfortable.
  • Normally, he’s not a big fan of cuddling for a long time, but he will if it makes you happy.
  • He wears his visor of normally when he’s around the old Overwatch team, but with you, he just feels a lot more comfortable, and not as ashamed of his scars.
  • And in return he reminds how much he loves you, and how beautiful and caring you are when you’re done talking.
  • He wants to help you solve the problem, but when you’re sad, his main concern is getting you happy again through compliments and kisses!
  • Rubs your back and might give you a massage, he just wants you to forget about whatever happened and cheer up, cause he hates seeing you sad.
  • Tries to help you sleep too, as he usually sleeps stuff off when he’s upset, and makes sure to stay with you, and shower you with love again in the morning.

anonymous asked:

How would things turn out if Fushimi and Yata were turned into 4 year olds during their homra days together? Totsuka and Kusanagi having to act as their caretakers and struggling to get them to drink milk and eat veggies respectively(I see Fushimi picking out all the vegetables in his omurice while Yata makes faces at his milk) and seeing their differences when interacting with Mikoto with awe and fear. How will they keep up with these very different kids each with their very different needs?

Aw they would be so cute, tiny Sarumi babies being taken care of by their Homra daddies. Like Kamamoto comes back from a mission taking care of some gang that was moving in on Homra’s territory, he was supposed to be accompanying Fushimi and Yata but instead he’s got one kid on each arm. Tiny Yata is trying to squirm out of Kamamoto’s grip because he’s energetic and wants to escape while tiny Fushimi sits there quietly sucking his thumb and staring at everyone with wide scared eyes. Totsuka would be so charmed by the two kids, like he wants to take a million pictures and have the kids come and play hobbies with him. Kusanagi’s a little more cautious about it, like the kids are cute but he’s not sure about taking care of them in the bar, he can already see all the glasses that tiny Yata is going to break. Mikoto just shrugs and says it’s fine, they can handle the kids, and Kusanagi kinda sighs and notes that Mikoto’s helping too, like he’s not letting Mikoto go take a nap and dump all this on him. Mikoto walks over to take a look at the kids and Yata thinks he’s cool, like you’re so tall and you have cool hair while poor Fushimi is scared and goes to hide behind the couch.

So the Homra trio try to keep an eye on the kids for the rest of the day, tiny Yata totally latches on to tiny Fushimi and starts dragging him places and wanting to play with him. Fushimi’s a lot shyer of course and at first he tries to get Yata to leave him alone because he doesn’t know how to deal with having someone pay him all this attention. Totsuka thinks it would be good for the kids to get along and tries to play little games for them, imagine him showing them his flame butterflies as like a magic trick and they’re both amazed, Yata tries to chase them and even little Fushimi is reaching for them (since this is pre-anthill Fushimi he’s not afraid of the fire and is more enthralled by the shiny). Kusanagi tries to corral the kids for lunch, he has them both sit on stools at the bar and brings them their food. Yata’s very excited for lunch and is using his fork to make little shapes in the rice while Fushimi makes a face and probably picks at his food and refuses to eat anything. Kusanagi gives this tight smile and is like I thought this one would be a difficult one. He tries to convince Fushimi to eat a couple vegetables and Fushimi keeps refusing, it becomes a battle of wills between the two of them before Yata’s just like ‘I’ll eat them for Saruhiko!’ and thus earns Fushimi’s undying affection. Fushimi also returns the favor later when Kusanagi’s trying to convince Yata to drink some milk (maybe Kusanagi attempts the ‘it’ll make you grow big, you know?’ line and in the background Totsuka just covers his mouth to hide a laugh).

Mikoto isn’t so sure how to handle the kids and probably tries to keep out of the way but imagine him ending up being so good with them too, like he’s all gentle and awkward the way he sometimes is with Anna. Yata of course thinks Mikoto’s super cool but Yata’s also a little ball of energy and it’s hard for Mikoto to keep up, he’s trying to sleep and Yata’s just climbing all over the couch wanting to play lion tamer. Unexpectedly Mikoto and Fushimi end up getting along well, at first tiny Fushimi is totally terrified of Mikoto and keeps hiding from him. Mikoto just lets him be, figuring no point in scaring the poor kid, but at some point maybe he ends up having to take charge of Fushimi for a bit. Like Totsuka takes Fushimi and Yata out for a trip down to the store or something and Fushimi gets distracted by a line of ants marching by. When he looks up Yata and Totsuka are gone and Fushimi doesn’t know what to do, like he can’t bring himself to yell for them and he’s just sitting there looking around everywhere and getting increasingly more upset, thinking he’s been abandoned. Then Mikoto just appears from around the corner, having been contacted by a worried Totsuka (who’s probably accompanied by a crying Yata). He just holds out a hand to Fushimi and Fushimi nervously takes it, not sure what to do. Mikoto just puts a gentle hand on his head and tells him not to worry, taking him back to the bar. By the time Totsuka and Yata come back Mikoto’s asleep on the couch with Fushimi curled up beside him like a contented kitten.

A Mean Man

Summary: Hanji and Levi helped a few people in a town fire

Previously. Read here for notes.

Gus was not aware of the fire outside of his room. When he woke up, he remembered it was too hot. And smoke, too much smoke. He thought about his mother. When will she come into his room and take him somewhere safe? He knew papa was not at home. Mama said papa has to go work somewhere far. Maybe she was still sleeping. He should wake her up.

Gus climbed out of his bed and find his way to the door in the darkness. When he reached the doorknob, he hissed in pain. The doorknob was hot too. He looked at his red hands and started crying.

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how do u handle heartbreak because I feel like I'm dying

you listen to music and you fucking cry ur heart out and you write out angry messages and you never send them and you write out messages telling them how much u miss them and sometimes you send them. you swear you see them everywhere for a while and you turn off your phone for a few minutes only to turn it back on b/c you want them to text you but at the end of the day they never fucking message and they just become more and more disappointing and you just fucking realize how much you did for them and how it’s not fucking fair and then you check ur phone less and you delete their contact and time passes and i don’t know baby it gets better. nothing can really help except knowing that sometime soon ur gonna meet someone who makes it so much easier to see why you couldn’t be with anyone else

A few of my own theories/headcanons - some are gen, some are weecest/wincest (there is * when it’s so). Beware the extreme length of this post.

1. Dean saw Mary burning on the ceiling.
When Mary screamed, John ran to her, but so did Dean. John arrived faster, while his toddler son fumbled around in his blankets. When John entered the nursery, he didn’t see Mary at first, as we know, but what I imagine is, that Dean was pretty much right behind him, silent - barefeet, and numb, becouse, CHILDREN RUN TOWARDS AN ADULT WHILE LOOKING UP. So, from Dean’s POV he immediately saw Mary on the ceiling, right when she starts to bleed on John. He probably wanted to scream, to alert his dad, but was too paralysed by the sight, too shocked, and instead started TO GO BACKWARDS as the fire started. That’s why when John runs out of the room with Sam in his arms, Dean is already there, as if on demand, as if waiting - and he budges, calls John. Then, John’s urgency and words manage to move him ahead. And THAT is the reason his eyes bled at the sight of Bloody Mary - he blamed himself for freezing on the spot, becouse before the fire started - Mary was still alive. No one knows about this. Not even Sam.

2. Dean’s last words as a child were “It’s okay, Sammy.”

After that, as we know, he haven’t talked for awhile (was it in the Journal or in the series? *facepalms for forgetting correct source*). The next time he sopke, was at least a few months later, and he wasn’t that kid ever again.
Subsequently, John was absolutly out of any element - he had literally no one to talk to - not even his son - who was there, and could at least confirm/deny what’s happened - the scream, the fire, the running. No one.

3. Sammy, for his first 3 years of existence, was Dean’s prime source of “amusement” and focal point of interest.

After rewatching Dead In The Water, I am convinced that Dean was alot like Luke - except that instead of drawing - he was constantly attached to Sam, as if he was more of a ragdoll then a living human being, but John didn’t understand that. For Dean - Sam was the only “object” he carried with him from that house - like a toy, a blanket. His only “property”, his only constant.
John was too dumbstruck and shocked, and overall not a very sharp person when it came to child-thought-process or anything remotely as similar, to remedy the situation. As a result, dean was a boy who grew up playing with “dolls” (a baby) rather then with “cars” - without having the chance to choose between the two. I imagine they didn’t have many toys in the car - the toy soldiers and other little things came a bit later - when Sam wasn’t in danger of eating them.
When  Sam turned 4, he became more self-minding, and more active kid. From that moment they were more of play-mates (although not very balanced age-wise).

4. Dean never talked to little Sammy as you would with a baby.

As a result, Sam grew up with a very developed learning abilities and everything that comes with it. Unbeknowest to him, Dean “brought-up” Sam like a mother who dotes on her gifted child - he talked to him and tried to make him talk back, or write, long before it’s commonly exspected to be done.

5. Sam’s first word was “Dean”, not “Dee” or any other abbreviation thereof.  

Gifted, or highly sensible children sometimes won’t utter a word untill they are conviced they can say what they want correctly. That’s why sometimes, parents fear their child is “slow” or defected. John wouldn’t have noticed, and Dean wouldn’t have known. Sam said “Dean” eventually, and he was almost 2 years old. After that, the process of speech-learning came to him fluently.

6. Sam’s first memory was in the Impala, and it was two green orbs.

They were on the road and the car hit a bump. Dean was holding a sleeping Sammy, who woke up from the hit, and the first thing he focused on were Dean’s eyes staring at him from above.

7. Dean didn’t change Sam’s diapers.

Although he tried once. It ended miserably, with a ten times more crying Dean then a crying Sam. Dean would’ve teased Sam about it on every possible occasion if he could, weren’t it such a traumatic expirience for his own self.
There was baby poo everywhere, and John was laughing hysterically.

8. Both Sam and Dean never were in pre-schools or kindergartens.

Their first pre-school education happened at pastor Jim’s, and it included mostly the Bible. By that point Dean was 6, but John was still shaky about letting Dean go to school, and Sam was still attached to Dean like a shadow, wobbling and fumbling around. That’s why Dean started school at the age of 7 instead.
Sam went to school at the right age, but while Dean was in elementary, Sam was at Jim’s, and until he was 6 - his education was actually somewhat religious, and that is when he started praying.

9. Dean got held back once and never graduated.

Which means that when he was in the 11th grade he was already 18, going on 19 in January. So he just, one day, got up and walked out of class, and never graced the place with his presence again.
He earned his GED afterwards, at some point (I read someone’s headcanon that is was Cassie who urged him and helped him to get it, and I accept that idea wholeheartedly).

10. Dean tried his first beer when he was 8, as perfectly stated in Hunteri Heroici.

But the little known fact is, that Dean left the bottle unattended for a moment, while John and his friend the psychic discussed something crucial, and Sam took a sip. Making his first alcoholic expirience at the ripe age of 5. He decided it wasn’t worth the hype, and left it there, moving on to more interesing things.
Like playing with some defected bullets that were scattered by the trash can.
By that point and until that very poignant christmas, Sam secretly thought John was an arms dealer (”dad sells stuff”).

(*) 11. Dean smoked during his school years. 

He still does so from time to time ‘til this very day, as in - bad habits die hard. He started with it when he was 12 or 13.
Once, when Dean was 16 and Sam was 12, and they had a typical argument, Sam stole Dean’s cigarrete right out of his mouth and started smoking it, just to annoy his big brother. He almost coughed out his both lungs. Dean wasn’t sure if he should try to help or just go on and laugh hysterically. He chose the second option.
Sam came out of the fit blushing, breathless, and hissing - glaring at Dean like only he can. Dean stopped laughing and stared at Sam with his jaw dropped, realizing for the very first time that Sam was changing before his very eyes - getting taller, more defined - his longish hair looking good on him rather then funny or cute, his t-shirt (well, actually, Dean’s) - too small, and wraps around some not so childish features, his jeans - too big - hanging low on his edged hips.
Sam muttered a chocked “what?” and proceeded with pulling out Dean’s cigarrete pack and lighter from the front pocket of Dean’s shirt, and lighting another one - becouse if Sam puts his mind to something - he makes sure he does it perfectly, including smoking. 
He managed to smoke an antire cigarrete on his third try, leaving Dean somewhat impressed. 
Since then, Sam tended to steal a cigarette or two from his brother, preferably when it’s already between his lips. He subconsciously liked the effect he had on Dean at that moment, something he figured out about himself a year or so later. 

12. Sam and Dean used to play hide and seek in the occasional graveyards. At night. While John bussied himself with burning the current corpse on his list.

It was so casual to them, that only when Sam turned 12 or so he started to understand how weird/abnormal that is.

13. Dean has several tattoos. The first one he got when he was 13, and it’s a protective symbol against “The Evil Eye”, and it’s located on his 6th vertebrae.

Dean became aware of himself and his appearence very early - age 9 or so. So did John. As the stares and smirks kept coming, John suggested to ward his son against negative and unwelcome attention. Dean was more then happy to oblige. 
The tattoo is located on this perticular spot for two reasons - it’s hidden under the clothing and it’s protecting the tattoo’ed person’s “blind spot” - his back.

14. A few years later, Sam got the same tattoo, in the same place for the same reason. It was a hectic day, and John won’t talk about it. 

(*) 15. At age 15, Sam wasn’t tall yet, and his hand-down jeans tended to be too long, and dangle around his feet gracelessly. 

He hated it so much, that one day he cut them shorter, but it came out uneven. Angry, he kept cutting, ending up with only 13-14 cm (~5.5 inches) of length beneath the groin. 
Dean laughed like a maniac, but Sam, being the stubborn bull that he is, decided to wear them, just to prove a point. So he did. That made Dean shut up on the spot and stare. Satisfied with the sudden silence of his otherwise teasing brother, Sam maintaned the look as long as the temperatures alowed it. 

(*) 16. Sam and Dean wore/wear hiking boots, PERIOD. 

So yeah, the tank-top with the cut-off jeans and half laced hiking boots were Sam’s aesthetic for that summer.
And there is nothing Dean could do about it. 

17. Both Sam and Dean have unhealthy relationship with food.

Dean didn’t have much around to choose from when he was very young, and would always put Sam first, nutrition-wise. So, now, he gobbles whatever he sees, and as more the callories - the better.
Sam has it differently - being the bookworm that he is - he is in fact disgusted and depressed by the kind of food he has to eat, and when his mind is one-tracking a subjest, he must FORCE himself to sit down and eat. Dean knows about it, and always nudges Sam out of his utter concentration and tries to make the boy eat SOMETHING. 

18. Dean has some childish tendencies. Sam is somewhat of an old soul.

Partially becouse Dean was Sam’s play mate way after the usual age - he played “castle” and “superheros” with his little brother well into his teens. When Sam grew older, the shift was very acute - Sam was included in a company of 16-18 year old boys and girls way too early: Sam befreinded rarely - becouse of the fear of moving on and leaving his new “friends” behind - Dean didn’t care about that. So the accasional group of people Sam did get to hang out with was Dean’s, and thus - Dean’s age. 
On top of that, Sam was always very sharp and a fast learner, which gave the impression that he is actually older then he looks. 

(*) 19. The first time Sam acknowledged the fact the he looks at Dean the same as he would at pretty girls - he was 12. 

He was contemplating the fact one high noon, sitting outside the motel. John was on a job, and wasn’t to return until a week later. Dean was on a grocery run, and Sam was sitting and brooding on the little stair of the room’s platform. He held a book in his hands, opened on some random and forgotten page. 
The Impala drove into the motel’s parking lot with a growl, and Sam shifted his gaze towards it. Dean came out, straightening his jacket, seemingly deep in thoughts. Sam trailed him with his gaze while Dean opened the trunk. It was a usual moment, on a usual day. But this time, Sam had a little epiphany. He started to wonder if he has the same effect on Dean. 

20. Sam is (at least) queer. 

Or very open minded. He sees the beauty of both sexes/genders, and can appreciate it, but ultimately drawn to the personality of the person. (I’m no expert on this so please feel free to educate me how that orientation is called/labeled/attributed to and etc.)

(*) 21. Dean is the straightest straight to ever straight. 

But he did try (almost) everything once. Anything else that he hasn’t tried yet - is just an opportunity for another day.
Except Sam. Sam confuses him. His relationship with his little brother messes with his perception of what is familial and what is romantic, and on a few occasions - his dreams feature a Samantha. His mental attachment to Sam makes him attracted to him physically by proxy, regardless of his gender.
Sam knows.

22. Sam and Dean shared a bed from time to time up until Sam left to Stanford.

They were always annoyed by it - the lack of space was extreme, and it was uncomfortable. They were always happy when the opportunity to have seperate beds occured. Even so, they didn’t like having separate rooms. 
Also, they ssower with the door open on occasion. They still do. They close it only if they remember specifically to do so.

(*) 23. They kissed on 4th of July, 1996.

What and how is described in too many fics for me to even begin and try to elaborate on.

(*) X. There is a good reason why we never saw Sam and Dean get drunk together on-screen.

The only time that happened - Sam turned 16, and Dean made him a fake ID. They went to a local pub for the night to celerate. John was on a job, and Dean was in an overtly good mood. 
It ended up with both of them half naked in the back-seat of the Impala, in the motel parking lot, with massive hangovers and a day long silence.
It culminated in an argument, some more silence, and with a truce, that included a few kisses, and a mutual agreement - no one can know, and that it’s a fruitless desire that will bother them on a daily basis, so it should be buried alive. It didn’t go as planned.

Dreams of love (D.O vs Kai)

So here’s the scenario many of you asked about Kai and Kyungsoo liking the same girl! I hope it’s good and it’s really close to what you expected! LYSM, Admin A~ 

(I was listening to Liebesträume by Franz Liszt, so that’s why the title)

Her PoV:

You know how it feel being between the sword and the wall? How it is when you are being pressed from the both sides and the only thing you want is to breathe? And how it feels when you have to divide your in two, but people can’t accept it and want to be the only one? It’s complicated to say that you love two boys at the same time, it can happen, probably is one of the most common things in life, but the problem resides on the fact that you have to choose one or none. 

Yes, as you can see I’m in love with two boys. They are my childhood friends, the only guys that have been there all my life. Jongin, the funny, cute and lovely one and Kyungsoo the smart, mature and handsome one. I’ve always admired Kyungsoo but then Jongin came and messed all my feelings. How was I supposed to choose when I had the most perfect guys by my side?

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You think I'm special?

Requested by animemaya​: May be you could make one of Teen Wolf about Y/N who becomes a supernatural thing (like a banshee or something) and she/he didn’t know about any of that so Scott and the pack explain her/him everything and convince her/him to join their pack


Your name: submit What is this?

“Stiles?” Scott said with an raised eyebrow and turned to him. “The door is open.." 

Stiles held his Baseball bat up and looked worried to Scott as he walked in your house.

"Maybe this is a big mistake and Y/N was just at the wrong time in the wrong place.” Scott whispered to Stiles as they looked in the rooms.

“Scott, do you see someone? I dont. This cant be a mistake, just because you dont want to think that you wanted to ask a killer out for a date. She found a body, before Lydia and then she disappeared and you couldnt find her.”

“She could just be a frightened girl. I mean what would you’ve done if you were a new girl in the town, who find a dead body in the night, in the middle of nowhere.”

“Call the Sheriff? Like Lydia did.” Stiles said and turned to Scott. “Where are her mom, I mean did she have a mom or did she killed her family? Where did she came from and what the hell is she..?”

“Do you think she’s like Lydia?” Scott asked.

“Or is she the one who made the deadpool list?” Stiles asked fast.

“I dont know, lets get upstairs.” Scott said. 


When the boys came upstairs and found your room they looked in every corner until they heard something.

“Stiles?” Scott asked shocked and looked to your bathroom.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” You screamed as you came out of your shower and saw Scott and Stiles in your room. “What the hell are you doing in my house?! Are you here to kill me? Are you the killers?” You asked terrified and grabbed a nail file which was right next to you.

Scott and Stiles stood there shocked and didnt know what to say.

“No. no we are not the killers.” Scott answered.

“Are you?” Stiles asked and Scott looked at him. “I mean my dad told me you found the body and ran away..”

“Yes I found the body and I dont know why I was in the woods in the middle of the night. I told your dad this too.” You said and crossed your arms. “But that didnt explain why you two are standing in my room and have my Elephant in your arm.”

“We- we wanted to look if you’re okay, I mean you found a body.” Scott said and tried to save this situation.

“Well, except that I stay here with a towel and nothing more and two strangers in my room.. Yes I’m okay.” You said. “Now could you please leave my house?”

“Yes sure-”

“Wait! One more question.” Stiles said. “Where are your parents?”

You looked down and tried not to cry.

“Well, I think your dad didnt told you everything.” You said and looked up again. “My dad died in Afghanistan and yesterday, I found my mothers dead body.”

They boys didnt know what they should say.

“I am, I mean- We are so sorry.” Scott said.

“Now could you please leave?” You asked and they did.


Next day at the school:

You could feel that everyone were looking at you, even when they tried not to. You asked yourself why you come to school.. but if you didnt you probably wouldnt stop crying. You went to your locker as a girl, who was standing at the end of the hallway with Scott and Stiles walked over to you.

“Did they send you?” You asked and closed your locker.

“That obvious?” The girl said with a smile. “I’m Lydia.”

“I’m Y/N and you probably know that. I mean I’m the girl who found her mothers body and I’m also the girl who is annoyed by this two idiots, who broke in my house, over there.” You said pissed and looked to Scott and Stiles while they tried to hide.

“I’m sorry for them.” Lydia said and looked also to them. “But they are worried about you.” She smiled.

“They dont even know me.”

“Well, maybe they want to know you. I definitely want that and I think-” Lydia said as she looked at the hallway to the people who starred at you. “You could need some friends." 

"I think you’re right..-” You started but the school bell stopped you. “I’m sorry I’ve maths now and I cant missed that I’m very bad haha.” You laughed and walked in your class.

“Okay maybe I can help you sometimes.” Lydia shouted after you.


Stiles and Scott ran to Lydia who wanted to go in her class too.

“Did she say something?” Stiles asked.

“Yeah that you two Idiots broke in your house, really guys? Really?”

“Well, we wanted to know if she’s the killer.” Stiles argued and Scott nodded.

“I think she’s just a poor girl who could need some friend and not some stalkers.” Lydia said and went to her English class.

“Lydia is right, Y/N is just a girl with bad luck.. Maybe could feel that something was wrong with her mother and sleepwalk.”

“This is something what Banshees do.” Stiles argued and crossed his arms.

“Or a worried daughter.” Scott said and raised his eyebrow.


Your class door opened , you ran out and the coach came out of the door.

“Y/N come here!” The coach yelled after you.

“Hey Coach whats going on?” Scott asked confused.

“There you both are! Stilinski in the class, NOW!” The Coach said serious and Stiles went into the class. “McCall, look what Y/N’s problem is. She ran out and didnt say anything.”

“Okay Coach.”



Scott got a message from Stiles.
Malia told him that you were acting strange and that you draw a lot of water lately.

Scott tried to focus on your heartbeat and could finally found you in the sports room.


“Hey are you okay?” Scott asked as he found you crying on the shower ground. “I’m not stalking you, the coach said-”

“It’s okay.” You whispered. “I dont know whats going on.. Before my mother died I draw the woods, every day and everywhere, then I found her in the woods and everything looked exactly like my draws but I still dont know how I get there and now I draw water and I end up here?”

“Y/N, did your mother draw or say sometimes strange things to you?” Scott asked carefully, he didnt want you to cry more.

“No but my mom always said I draw so beautiful like my dad.”

Scott needed to sit down as he heard that. He knew how you could find your mother.

“I dont know how to tell you that Y/N-" 

"Tell me what?” You asked and stopped crying.

“Your a Banshee and your dad was one too.”

“A what? Are you kidding?” You laughed sarcastic.

“A Banshee. I thought that you might could be but I hoped you were not.” He started, went over to you and sit next to you. “The ginger girl you met-”

“Lydia?” You asked. “She’s nice why? Did she killed my mom?” You asked shocked.

“No, no, no, no she’s like you. She can find body’s and feel the death. She is a Banshee.. With a bit practice you can learn how to control it. We can help you.”

“Scott if this should be a joke, it’s not funny.” You said confused with tears in your eyes.

“Look in my eyes.” Scott said and you did. 

“What the hell?” You asked shocked as his eyes glowed red.

“I’m a Werewolf. And Stiles, Liam, Kira, Malia and Lydia, they’re my pack and we can help you. I want to help you.”

“Why?” You asked him.

“Because I dont want you to feel alone. You are not alone, you’re special and I could need you in my pack too.” Scott smiled and tried to cheer you up.

“You think I’m special?” You laughed. “I’m a freak.”

“Yes you’re special.” Scott smiled and looked down. “You’re not a freak, like I said you just need a little bit practice.”

The things Scott said were hard to believe but you trusted him, he was nice and tried to give his best to stop you from crying and to feel like you’re to only one who was different.

“Join our pack, Y/N.” He laughed.

“You know this is absolutely crazy right?” You said and stopped crying.

“I know but it’s less crazy when you’ve crazy friends.” Scott smiled.

“Okay I’ll join your crazy, supernatural pack.” You said and Scott stood up, he helped you to stood up too. “What kind of supernaturals are in your pack?” You laughed.

“Well, there are a Kitsune, Coyote, two Banshees now,” He smiled cute at you. “my beta Werewolf and the most crazy one.. Stiles.” You two laughed and walked out of the sports room.

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Hi, i really loved your glorious post on ontae..In your tags you mentioned that you actually have a file full of ontae hugs, will you be generous to share with us some of the precious ontae hugs/moments, esp the old ones?? I got into shinee during View era and ontae has been my otp since then. Sometimes feel that there isn't enough ontae, so i tend to get excited whenever i meet fellow ontae lover...Thanks ^-^

this post

hi!  i will always share any ontae i have & will always look up any i don’t.  here’s a baker’s dozen of ontae hugs, including the infamous l.a. k-pop festival snuggle of 2014.

baby ontae!

sneak attack!

“i love onew” (literally what he said.)

i love that somehow jinki looks so much smaller than taemin in this.

what we don’t see in this is taemin throwing himself against jinki’s chest.  #snuggles

the moment that broke ontae shippers everywhere.

this is what it looked like from behind.

after jinki’s surgery, his first performance i think.  i started crying & posted it to facebook. 

after jinki slapped his bum.

just kickin’ it back stage.

remember that time taemin lost at the game & he went running to jinki?

yup, this happened.

this.  just…this.

the end.

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"Fun fact: I listened to it 93 times in a row while writing the last Adam Parrish POV scene in TRK." i am literally crying after listening to this song please does it end well

Dear comacinemas,

I like to travel. 

I like almost everywhere I go in one way or another, but some places more than others speak to me, and when I get that … feeling, I try to bring a tiny bit of it back with me. Just one little stone. Something that is a concrete manifestation of the fragment of my heart I felt there. I pile them on my office desk when I get home, and when I look at them as I work, I think of all the pieces of my soul that I’ve managed to gather up so far. At the beginning of this year, it was a pretty good-sized heap next to my computer monitor.

Every time someone asks me for a spoiler for the ending of the Raven King, I pick up one of those rocks and hurl it out my window with enough force that it knocks one of those little red finch things out of the bush by my office. 

The rocks are nearly gone.

Think of the finches.



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PROMPT OK: u know how cass ran away from her dad and wandered around a lot before she ended up in gotham so. lost days jay meets young cass while he's travelling around the world training :)))

So you know how I had this whole talk with you about how Jason and Cass would probably end in blood and tears and it would be messy and sad?

Yeah I lied have some fluff. 

Jason could feel the Lazarus Pit sometimes, curling up in his stomach like a sleeping monster, sending violent waves through his body every time it rolled over. He stared at his hand pensively, trying to remember what it had looked like before, before the Pit had gotten into his mind and body and changed him.

Sometimes he felt burned and scraped everywhere, as if he was still in the aftermath of the explosion. At night, he dreamed of drowning in graveyard dirt and Lazarus Pits. He remembers, vaguely, crying out for Bruce, fingernails bleeding and broken and every inch of his body aching.

He felt it now, staring down the barrel of his gun to see a fiercely snarling kid, crouching over the beaten and battered bodies of multiple higher end fighters.

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Gym teacher! Jeongguk

•makes the whole class do 10 laps

•makes them do 4 more if they fail

•always wearing shorts

•has this weird red headband that he always wears

•love his basketball team so much, treats them like they’re he’s own sons

•has Beef with English and art teacher

•the art teacher and him had a one on one and he lost

•jeongguk lowkey talking shit about them with the dance teacher

• hates all the lazy students but then you came running in

• you joined the track team, the girl’s basketball team, the swim team and the Soccer team

• but the thing is that you suck at everything

• like you can’t even kick a ball without falling

• jeongguk would always grind his teeth together with rage

• he would give you one on one lessons

• “ no, dont kick before the ball is even rolling.”

• you always getting hurt

• crying

• jeongguk finding it so cute when you cry

• him wiping your tears with his big thumb

• you getting embarrassed

• but you always get right back on your feet and try again

• you finally knowing how to kick a ball

• proud dad jeongguk pops out

• grabs you into his arms and spins you around

• and then placing you down before smashing his small lips lips against yours, the wildness of his lips movements causing your whole face to turn red making your eyes roll to the back of your head

• pushing him away

• running so fast that it shocked him

• you never coming to the lessons anymore

• you getting better at sports

• is now the best girl sport player at school

• jeongguk wondering who taught you so one day he followed you

• lol art teacher Mr. Min steal your girl ~

• running up yoongi and grabbing his collar before growling

• “ I don’t wanna see your fucking face around her ever again bastard.”

• punching him in the nose

• you watching shocked before pushing jeongguk off yoongi

• jeongguk going back but getting stop by you with your lips

• he’s eyes automatically fall at the warmness of your lips while his hands lay on your sides. The kiss made the whole world stop around him making it feel like it just you two and no one else.

• you pulling away, placing your hands one his face making him look at you

• “ don’t worry, yeah ? it’s only you and me .”

• jeongguk growing tears in the corners of his eyes before nodding slowly

• “ forever ?”

• “forever. ”

• yoongi crying the background case WOWOWOOW

• jeongguk being an lawyer instead so you two can be together

• always coming an hour early to your games

• has this shirt that says “ beat them good SUGAR PUSSIC”

• all the parents look at him funny

• is your hugest fan like no one understands

• you being clumsy

• you two working out together

• using you as a weight

• you love watching him play sports cause the sweat look so good on him

• you two might be athletes but you eat more junk then a Tumblr user

• lazy af

• you two love watching movies

• you two sleep for hours and hours together

•jeongguk just loves touching you

• even if it’s just a little brief poke and he would love it so much

• he loved when you kiss the end of his shoulder every morning

• he hated when you went to America for college

• you two always FaceTiming, Skyping, and texting or calling before going to sleep

• him crying himself to sleep because you’re not there

• always happy when you come back and visit

• like he would always be next to you

•kissing you everywhere

• is always smiling really big

• not wasting one minute with you

• “ hey [y/n].”

•" yeah love.“

•” I love you.“

• ” I love you more “

• you twos always locking arms when you walk around

• kissing in public

• feeding each other causally

• jeongguk has never been so in love until you fell in

Nette~ I feel like this is really shitty but enjoy my little babies

Over three years have passed since my son saw that first significant kiss, and another televised kiss is in the news, this one between newly drafted St. Louis Rams defensive end Michael Sam and his boyfriend. “Will anyone think of the children?” was the cry that rose up from conservatives everywhere. Yes, who will think of them? I know I did. I thought about my kid, my oldest son, my 9-year-old baby boy. I saw that kiss and thought about my son and how much the world has changed since he was born. My son needs to see kisses like this one, kisses of celebration between two men in love. There are too few of them in front of his eyes, and he needs to be able to see more. He needs to be able to see that his future will one day include kisses between him and a boy he likes, and one day a boy he loves.

So all those who rail against seeing the love that two men or two women can have for each other need to take a step back and think. The kiss between those two actors on Glee or Michael Sam and his boyfriend have absolutely zero chance of leading to anything that will create a gay person. No, the kisses that do that are between men and women, kisses that no one finds offensive, kisses that take place in movies, on TV, in public, and in households all over the country, every day. Those are the kisses that lead to making gay people.

—  Two Men Kissing In Front Of My Kid? Awesome! | Amelia for the Huffington Post Gay Voices 
#177: how old you were when you first met

Mark: Four. You moved in next door and found him playing alone at the stump of a tree in the park across the street and you had asked him why he was alone… He wasn’t as quiet back then and making friends at four was easy. So friends was what you stayed — summers in the park, winters in cafés — But things were different now. He had his own set of friends, now, and so did you. It had been a while since you had last spent a summer day or winter night together, but he still thought of you, and wondered if you still thought of him.

Jr: Eighteen. That was when his friends had enough of him reading books about love, watching movies about love, but having no love of himself. He didn’t want to go on this date, but JB hyped you up a lot so here he was. And you? You didn’t want to go, either, but things were different now, and the date end up like this: talking for hours, getting kicked out of the café after it was closed, beating hearts, and feeling like things were about to change for the better.

JB: Fourteen. He was in your class and was one of the people in your class you disliked the most. Somehow he always found a way to be annoyingly disruptive, but then again he was part of the dance team — also known as the rowdiest boys in the school. He was always angry, but things were different now, especially after your teacher put you together for a project one day. Now he was yours, and you were his, and he wasn’t so angry anymore, because how could he be mad at a world with you in it.

Jackson: Sixteen. You were watching one of your friends at a fencing competition and he beat Jackson — bad. It was a surprise, apparently, because he was one of the best fencers in the city at the time, but he knew he lost because he couldn’t stop looking at you (he got distracted a little too easily — especially by someone as cute as you). So afterwards he does his best not to trip while walking over to you introduce himself. And now things were different: he only tried his best not to trip while running over to you to kiss you.

BamBam: Twelve. He was awkward and new, and so were you. (It also didn’t help that you were at one of the most awkward ages ever.) You both got lucky that there were two new kids in the class at that time, and so you became friends by default. What you didn’t expect was actually staying friends. Pretty soon you were inseparable in class, inseparable outside of class. But things were different now, and he wondered when it would be best to tell you he loved you all this time.

Youngjae: Sixteen. You both took a summer class and became friends to get notes from each other, but then he asks you to study with him after school one day (innocently, of course), and you end up doing the opposite: not studying at all. Classes were ending soon, though, and you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to see him afterwards, but things were different now: you had been talking every day, and unraveling yourself more and more every conversation, wondering when he would ask to see you next.

Yugyeom: Eight. Eight was a good age, you remember, because all you cared about was one of your toys, one that you brought around with you everywhere… until the day you lost it. You were crying and it felt like the world was all over at the time, but then someone finds it — it’s him. He hands it to you, silently with a bit of a pout, and you stop crying. Things were different now, but maybe not so different — because he was still the one who could make you stop crying.

the signs partying at the disco
  • aries: it depends on their ages. lambs are usually uncontrollable and have a lot of fun playing jokes on everyone. young rams are mature and may look kinda shy, and end up facepalming all night long. but it's just a phase, because older rams are those known as actual aries: they are the centre of the attention and, probably, the dj or the owner of the disco
  • taurus: brings some more food and drinks and for this reason receives a lot of gifts during the party, especially flowers. they have a very good sense of smell and immediatey notice if someone gets sick or something's going wrong, in both cases they leave the party at the speed of light
  • gemini: always shows up with someone because they're never alone. they usually wear sober clothes BUT are always up for a striptease, and get really irritated if people ignore them. they may occasionally make a scene and, when they get back to their old self (usually years after), always call their friends crying to apologise
  • cancer: enters the nightclub already drunk while singing and dancing. people try to avoid them but cancer, being clingy, insist until they get into an useless fight with someone. they run the risk of being robbed of everything (clothes included), but since they know it (because they've already experienced it) they get away before this happens. coming back home, they comprehend that the road to hell is paved with good intentions (but they always forget)
  • leo: during a party leo usually loses their common sense and becomes a wild animal. it's not rare to see them higher than a kite with red eyes while punching the wall a/o getting into fights. the only way for them to recover is doing something really bad and regretting it forever
  • virgo: doesn't really like the confusion and wears earplugs. their favourite thing to do is asking people if they lost their hearing and, if they ask "can you repeat please?", virgo is incredibly pleased. despite this, once they are on the dance floor they have no limits and will go wild
  • libra: here you have the soul of the party. while aries is the "material" leader, libra is the "spiritual" one, in the sense everybody looks up to them because of some shit they did in the past (usually winning a drinking contest, and aries may be involved as well). they are a sort of guru that everybody loves. libra usually thanks their faithful pupils with a striptease
  • scorpio: walks in thinking everybody is waiting for them and is usually in a guest list, so their entry will be a public event. being very suspicious, they control the situation while sitting in the reserved zone of the nightclub and go dancing only when shit gets real and their presence is needed
  • sagittarius: enjoys the party so much and whatever happens they die laughing. they have the special ability of annoying the most dangerous people in the club but also the rare talent of escaping from problems. at least during the party. because their hangover consists of waking up in the middle of an archaeological site with a baby in their arms
  • capricorn: often makes a gorgeous and dignified entrance, but more often ends up being overshadowed by attention-seekers like gemini or aquarius. they don't mind and act decorously, unless they see something gross/unacceptable. in this case capricorn totally loses their shit and starts twitching, screaming, running everywhere until the bouncer drags them away
  • aquarius: shows up wearing 80s clothing and claims to be the master of the dance. they dance and drink all night long (embarrassing their friends probably) until they decide to challenge someone for the ultimate dance master title. whether they win or not, they end up crying in the toilet. also, aquarius likes making prank calls to their mum at 5 am saying they're locked in a cold storage when in fact they're still crying in the toilet
  • pisces: never gets unnoticed for two reasons. they stand out because they're beautiful and charming. sadly, they also know infinite ways to bother people. they run the risk of being defenestrated so they've developed, like taurus, cancer and sagittarius, the ability of escaping from problems by going out in a blaze of glory before the party is over
Preference #4 - You get into a fight

Louis : “Oh so now you’re telling me that you couldn’t come to your son’s first game because you were with the boys ?” you asked your husband ,your face getting red. “I forgot okay ? What am I supposed to tell you?” “You mean what are you supposed to tell him Louis. He was really upset … Plus, it’s you who had convinced him to play.” “I-I” “You what Louis?” you said angry “I FORGOT OKAY ? AND I’M SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN IT … I swear babe I’ll make it up to him … I’ll make it up to him and I’ll make it up to you too. Please baby , I’m sorry” Louis said coming towards you. “Daddy ?” Your son said entering the room with puffy eyes.Louis turned around to see your little boy. When he saw him he felt guilty. He knew he had caused this reaction. “Hey Buddy … You know , Daddy didn’t mean to miss your first game .” Louis said leaning in front of (Y/S/N). “It;s okay Daddy I forgive you” “No, no it’s not okay I shouldn’t have missed it and I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you I promise” Your husband respond “It’s okay Daddy , I love you” Your son said hugging Louis. After that ,you all played soccer in the backyard.

Niall : Recently Niall has been coming home slightly drunk and you didn’t liked it… It was 1 in the afternoon and your boyfriend was still asleep.You heard footsteps and you turn around to see him with the word “Hangover"  plastered on his forehead. "Hey ! You came home late last night.” You said. “Ohhh!!! Don’t start (Y/N)” “Whoa ! YOU don’t start. I didn’t say anything wrong so don't talk to me like that” You said getting angry. “I’ll talk to you the way I want” He said going in the kitchen. You followed him. “Drop it (Y/N) , I didn’t do anything so don’t act like a B*tch” “I AM ACTING LIKE A B*TCH? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? YOU COME HOME DRUNK , YOU’RE ALWAYS OUT , IT'S BEEN WHAT 2 WEEKS SINCE WE HAVEN’T HAD SOME TIME ALONE AND NOW, NOW YOUR CALLING ME A B*TCH. I just feel like you don’t love me anymore , and I feel like I don’t know you anymore and I’m scared of what could happen if it continued like this” You said tears in your eyes. “ No , no baby listen I’m sorry I didn’t mean that. Please please don’t cry.” He said coming towards you feeling guilty. “I-I just feel like you don’t love me anymore…” “Oh no baby please don’t say that , I love you , more than anything and I’m sorry I’ve just been stressed lately. With management and the paps they won’t stop coming after me and they’re following me everywhere … I’m sorry babe really sorry , please forgive me” You kissed him "I forgive you , just please talk to me next time.“ And this is how you passed the end of the day cuddling and watching movies with Niall. 

Zayn : "WHAT WAS THAT (Y/N) ?” Zayn asked one you entered your flat.“What was what?” “This at the club … you were all over Harry” he said angry. “No I was not !” you defend yourself. “Don’t you lie to me … You were all over him. You were drinking and dancing with him all night” “OH common Zayn don’t start , I was just having fun with Haz” “If I didn’t know I’d say he was your boyfriend … I mean you were dancing so, so…” “Sorry but I asked you first if you wanted to dance , but of course you can’t have fun with your girlfriend without worrying what others will think of you” You said cutting him off. “You know I don’t dance (Y/N) and if you are so unhappy with me, go ahead, go date Harry instead.” “Stop , please stop it … You know that Harry is like a brother to me and you know that I will never leave you so please can we just stop arguing ?” you sigh, tired of fighting with Zayn. “You’re right babe , I’m sorry , I shouldn’t have yel at you , I love you” he said hugging you. “I love you too Z” you said kissing him.

Liam : You and Liam don’t usually fight but this time you were pretty pissed at him. He had forgotten your 1 year anniversary. You woke up in the morning without Liam by your side … You thought he was downstairs making breakfast or maybe taking a shower but when you didn’t hear the water you forgot this idea. You made your way in the kitchen and there was no sight of your boyfriend. Not even a note on the kitchen counter… You texted him to know where he was… After 2 hours you still didn’t get a reply … “He can’t have forgot” you said to yourself while watching TV. It was now 9pm and you were pretty angry that he hasn’t returned your text and calls. Your heard the door knob and you turn your head to see Liam entered the flat … “Hey babe” he said giving you a tired smile… You ignored him and turned your face away from him. “Hey what’s wrong love ?” he asked coming towards you. You ignored him once again and went to your bedroom … You were tired and you didn’t want to fight. Liam followed you upstairs worried about you. He joined you on the bed and cuddled with you. When you pushed him away , he didn’t understand “Ok what’s wrong (Y/N) ? What did I do ?” “I don’t know Liam … You tell me. I am the who waited all day for you to wish me an happy 1 year anniversary” his eyes went wide “Oh My God Baby … Babe please forgive me , I didn’t mean to miss this day , I promise I’ll make it up to you , we still have 3 hours , I’m gonna take tomorrow’s day off and I’ll spoil you all day and all week just please baby forgive me I love you” you laugh a bit “It’s okay Li I just wanted you all to myself , I love you too … Happy 1 year babe” you smile as he kissed you and pushed you on the bed. “Happy 1 year anniversary to you too”


Harry : Today you were out with some friends shopping. When you came back home you dropped your bags in the living room and went to find Harry. He was in the kitchen , his laptop in front of him and he has a frown on his lips. “Hey Haz , what’s wrong?” You said going behind him , placing your arms around his rib cage and nuzzling your face in his neck. “Get away from me.” he said surprising you. “What - What did I do?” You questionned. “Look by yourself…” he said turning is laptop towards. There was pictures of you and a boy hugging today. “Harry , it’s not what you think , I can explain…” you said but he cut you off. “Drop it (Y/N) … I can’t believe you did that to me , I love you and you , you cheat on me…” “HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME !?! You chose to believe them instead of me ? And you hun? You think it’s not difficult to see pictures of you with other girls” “You know it’s not like that (Y/N). It has nothing to do with this right now” “Let me finish, In every freaking magazines there’s pictures and articles of you saying that you cheated on me , but you know what ? I don’t listen to them because I believe you .And I believe you because I love you Harry , and you should do the same because this boy is my COUSIN ” you said angry. “Wh-What ? Oh My God baby I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have skipped to conclusions. I believe you and I love you please forgive me.” He said rushing over you “It’s okay just talk to me next time … Please” you said hugging him.“I promise , I’m sorry I love you babe” “I love you too Haz”

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Y’ALL!!!!! I AM IN A STATE. And I’ve been going on and on about this for days now to anyone who would listen and I’ve been yelling about it all over twitter but I really wanted to document this here so I have one space where I can just type out everything that happened on this whack-ass two-day mini vacation. Um… this is really long so proceed w/ caution, etc.

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