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Love Happens

Roman Reigns x reader

You guys met, fell in love, etc. and being a longtime fan of him, on your wedding day, (y/n) posts a picture of him and her kissing on twitter/Instagram with the caption “guess I don’t have to Photoshop him & I together anymore” and he reads it and just laughs and cuddles her. Much fluff.

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Ok I've got a prompt for you: Remember when Betty said she was all about "the beast within?" Werewolf Betty! Werewolf Betty! Lol. I'm thinking more funny than dramatic but go where the muse takes you!

Okay, when you first said werewolf Betty my mind immediately went to the Teen Wolf type wolves and Jughead being her anchor. So this isn’t really funny, it probably falls more along the line of dramatic…but I tried to keep it pretty light for you. I hope you like it!

“Hey Bets” Jughead jogged to catch up with her after school.

“Hi Juggie” Betty stopped as he leaned down to kiss her softly. “How was the end of your day?”

“Eh, it was school. Do you wanna go to Pop’s for dinner tonight?” Jughead linked their fingers together as they walked.

“Sorry, I can’t. I have a lot of homework to do tonight.” Betty tried to casually turn down his offer.

“You can do it at Pop’s. I have some work to do too.”

“Sorry, I just have this difficult paper and I really need to be someplace quiet.” Betty knew she was acting suspicious, she never turned down an opportunity to spend time with Jughead, but she couldn’t be with him tonight.

“Okay, well how about I come over to your house and we can do our work together.” Jughead was looking at her quizzically

“No!” Betty said a bit louder than she intended, she quickly backtracked, “Sorry Jug, I just am really stressed about this paper and I think I will focus better on my own. Having you around is a bit of a distraction.” Betty smiled up at him and kissed him on the cheek. Jughead smiled and kissed her on the lips.

“You’re right. I would probably want to do a lot more of that.”

“See?” Betty broke away and continued walking, glad that Jughead appeared to buy her excuse.

“Okay, but I’ll be at Pop’s for a while if you happen to finish early.” Jughead said when they arrived at her house.

“I’ll let you know” Betty leaned up to kiss him goodbye knowing full well she would not be making it to Pop’s.


Jughead didn’t go to Pop’s. As soon as Betty’s door shut he ran and hid behind a bush next to her house. He knew something was up and he was determined to find out what that was.

Jughead had put two and two together almost by accident. Two months ago, Betty had flaked out on hanging with the gang. Jughead had walked home and looked up at the giant full moon and thought that Betty would enjoy the sight.

Then last month, Betty had once again given him a lame excuse about why she couldn’t spend the night with him. He became suspicious when he saw that it was once again a full moon. He tried to tell himself that it was a coincidence, but he didn’t really believe in those.

Tonight was the next full moon, and Jughead had tested Betty, pressuring her to spend time with him more than he normally would’ve, but she hadn’t budged. Jughead wasn’t sure if she was in a cult, or maybe practicing witchcraft, but whatever it was, it had to do with the full moon.

Jughead was going to figure out what was going on with his girlfriend. He hated to sneak around like this, but he was worried that something might be really wrong. He really hoped that he was just going crazy and imagining things. He hoped that Betty would stay in her room all night and he could call himself an idiot for thinking those things.

His hopes were crushed when an hour later, Betty snuck out of her back door, dressed in black and carrying a big backpack.

“Damn it, Betty, what are you doing?” He muttered under his breath as he followed her for a distance. They walked for what felt like hours. Betty headed directly out of town and into the woods that surrounded Sweetwater river. Finally, she stopped at the base of a huge tree. She scanned the sky. Jughead guessed she was looking for the moon, which hadn’t risen yet. Betty then dropped her backpack, which landed on the ground with a loud rattle. Jughead’s anxiety about the situation rose 100% when she reached down and pulled heavy chains out of her bag. When she started securing herself to the tree with the chains, Jughead reached his breaking point. “What the hell are you doing?” He asked, stepping out from his hiding spot. Betty froze and slowly turned to look at him.

“Jughead…” She said in shock as the chains slipped from her hands to the ground.

“Betty, you better answer my question before I completely freak out.” Jughead walked closer to her.

“Um, it’s sort of hard to explain.” Betty fidgeted nervously, she kept glancing from Jughead to the sky and back. “But I promise I will tell you everything tomorrow. Right now, you need to get out of here.” Betty put a hand on his arm and started to push him away, but he shrugged her hand off.

“No, no way am I leaving you out here in the middle of the woods until I know what’s going on.”

“I can take care of myself.” Betty said giving him a small smile. “Now please leave” She said desperately.

“It is witchcraft, are you a witch?” Jughead asked and then blinked in surprise when Betty laughed.

“You think I’m a witch?” She asked, still laughing. Jughead couldn’t help but feel slightly offended. She was the one out in the woods chaining herself to a tree and she had the audacity to laugh at him for thinking she was a witch.

“Why else would you come out to the woods dressed all in black every month on the full moon?”

“Oh, is it a full moon?” Betty tried to act nonchalant.

“Don’t act cute, for the past few months you have canceled our plans every time there was a full moon. Now answer the question. What the hell are you doing?” Jughead knew that he was yelling, but he couldn’t help it. He was frustrated and confused and scared and he just wanted to know what was going on with his girlfriend.

“I can’t…I don’t…” Betty took a few steps back. She looked like she was having a hard time focusing on the conversation. “Please, it isn’t safe.” Betty looked at him and this time he saw fear in his eyes. What that fear for his sake or for her own.

“Betty,” Jughead closed the distance between them and grabbed her hands. “Whatever is going on you can tell me. I promise it won’t change the way I feel about you. I just want to help you.”

“I’m a werewolf.” Betty blurted out. Jughead looked at her in shock, trying to see if she was teasing him again, but this time her face was deadly serious. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense. The full moon, the chains, her nerves.


“It happened on my internship. A rogue alpha bit me. The local pack tried to help me manage my changes, but there was only so much they could do in the two months I was there. I have a pretty good handle on it, but I still struggle on the full moon.”

“Oh my god…you’re actually a werewolf.” Jughead said as it really began to sink in. She wasn’t messing with him, he could tell. “Werewolves are real?” He shook his head in disbelief

“Yes, now you really need to leave before the moon rises. I can’t control myself.”

“I don’t want to leave you. I don’t think you will hurt me.”

“You have no idea.” Betty stepped away from him and walked over to the chains. “If you won’t leave, then at least help me.” She held out the chains to him. Jughead hesitated, he didn’t want to chain her up, but she was right, he had no idea what he was dealing with. With a nod he took the chains from her. Betty stood with her back to the tree and Jughead wrapped the chains around her torso and the tree. He secured them in the back with a giant lock.

“Is that good?” He asked, watching as she tested the chains.

“Yes, now leave.” Betty looked like she was in pain. Jughead figured she was trying to resist the change

“I can’t” Jughead would never forgive himself if he left his girlfriend chained up in the middle of the woods alone. “You said the pack helped you control yourself, how did they do that?” Jughead’s mind was moving a mile a minute, trying to figure out a way he could help Betty.
“They…told me…pain makes you human….and to find…an anchor” Betty said between gasps.

“Okay, what’s your anchor?”

“Not what…who.” Betty managed to give him a small smile. “It’s you”

“Oh Bets” Jughead found himself incredibly touched that she choose him to draw her strength from. Before he could say anything else, her entire body convulsed. Betty slammed her eyes shut and clenched her fists. “Betty?” Jughead asked hesitantly. Betty opened back up her eyes and Jughead was shocked to see them glowing a bright yellow. Suddenly, Betty began to change. She bared her teeth, which were now fangs, her face grew more wolflike, and her hands opened to reveal claws. Jughead couldn’t help but take a step back in shock. It was hard to identify his sweet Betty in the fierce looking creature in front of him. She snarled and struggled against her chains. “Betty?” Jughead asked again. Her yellow eyes snapped to him, but there was no sign of recognition. She only snarled and struggled harder. Jughead did not like how much the chains were creaking.

He took another step back just as the chains broke and Betty launched at him. She knocked him on his back, landing on top of him. He felt sharp claws rake across his arm and he cried out in pain. He tried to push her off, but she was way too strong for him so he decided on a different strategy.

“Betty! Betty, it’s me Jughead. Your boyfriend, remember, your anchor. It’s Jughead.” Betty stopped trying to claw him. She looked at him, confusion apparent in her glowing yellow eyes as if trying to place him. “I remember another time when we ended up in this position in these very woods. Do you remember? It was the summer after second grade. You, Archie, and I were playing sailors and pirates and I was a pirate who stole your treasure. You tackled me to get it back, do you remember that? After that, I always made sure to be on your side.” Jughead spoke quickly, hoping that this was working. Betty wasn’t moving, which he counted as a win since she wasn’t trying to claw him.

“Jughead?” Almost in slow motion, recognition made its way across Betty’s face.

“Hi baby” Jughead said with a smile, watching in fascination as Betty’s face transformed back and her glowing yellow eyes faded back to their beautiful green. After a few moments, Betty seemed to notice their position and gave him an apologetic look.

“Sorry,” She went to climb off of him, but he wrapped his arms around her waist, keeping her in place.

“No worries, I like my women fierce.” Jughead said with a grin. Betty gave him her adorable crooked smile and relaxed against him, laying her head on his chest.

“I can’t believe you did that, you got me to change back. You really are my anchor.” Betty said softly.

“Yeah, I can’t believe that I did that either” Jughead responding, taking deep breaths and attempting to slow his racing heart.

“Crazy boy” Betty said, lifting up her head to give him a loving look. Then she suddenly gasped and sat up, grabbing Jughead’s arm. “Juggie, you’re bleeding.”

“So I am” Jughead, who had forgotten all about his injury looked at his upper arm. His flannel was ripped revealing four long cuts.

“Oh I’m so sorry, I’m the worst girlfriend ever” Betty looked on the verge of tears.

“Bets, you’re a werewolf, that makes you to coolest and best girlfriend ever.” Jughead said with a grin.

“But I-”

“But nothing, tis but a scratch.” Jughead stood up and held out his hand to help Betty.

“Are you really quoting Monty Python right now?” Betty shook her head in disbelief, but she took his hand.

“I am” He kept hold of her hand and pulled her close. Jughead leaned down to kiss her softly on the lips. “My girlfriend’s a werewolf, seriously that’s the coolest thing ever.” He said when he pulled away. He was glad to see a smile on Betty’s lips.

“Alright you dork, let’s go home and get that arm cleaned up.” Betty took his hand and started to lead him away.

“Um Bets?”

“Yeah Juggie?”

“We should probably bring the chains with us.”

“Yeah probably” Betty said with a laugh. She ran and stuffed the chains back into her backpack before returning and taking his hand again. They walked in silence for a while, Jughead was still trying to absorb everything that had happened. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him and he started laughing.

“What are you laughing at crazy boy?” Betty asked, stopping to look at him in amusement and confusion.

“You’re…all about the…beast within” Jughead managed to get out between laughs.

“What?” Betty said, but then clarity lit up her face. She joined in Jughead’s laughter. “I couldn’t resist.”

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Serious thirst for havin the Governor after you because he has a crush on you and you manipulate him into doing whatever the fuck you want him to do (HAHA).And then when he follows ya around like a lost pup he finds you banging Merle and this fucks him up so bad that the next time you're alone he gets all fired up and he yells at you and grabs you by your shoulders and you end up kissing roughly and having super noisy raunchy sex until the whole of Woodbury knows you two are goin at it😂😏

WOW 😳…I LOVE THIS 😏😏😏😏😏Goddamn now i’m having The Governor feels too 🤣


if that’s not a confession of love idk what is

I still hope it’s you and me in the end. Sometimes i kiss your name into the void until it fades from my memory, sometimes i kiss your lips into the wind until i forget how they taste.
I still hope it’s you and me in the end but i have been thinking about beginnings insanely. How the heart feels the love before the eyes can see it. How the mind thinks the love before the hands touch it. I have been thinking about our beginning.
I still hope it’s you and me in the end.
—  k.m

Fangirl challenge  | Relationships
Farscape, Aeryn Sun and John Crichton

One More

Here’s my first smut! I hope you guys like it. Fluffy blurbs are more of my forte, but hopefully this works out okay. Be gentle with me. x 

Please let me know what you thought!  (if y’all liked this I have another more ‘complete’ smut idea I can try out) 

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(short hair harry is the focus of this blurb but he’s too pretty in this) 

It’s the gentle feeling of his fingers trailing up and down your spine that awakens you. They’re smooth and soft as he taps along the length of your spine, dancing along the bone. You smile to yourself as you tuck your face into the pillow, not wanting to alert him that your awake because it’s not often that you receive such a nice wakeup call from your boyfriend. There’s a shift in the bed to accommodate his movements as he presses a kiss to your head and then brushes your hair aside from your neck, lowering his lips to press them to the newly exposed skin with the lightest of touches. He’s on the move again, clambering on top of you as he trails his lips down the path his fingers had traced earlier. His warm hands are pushing away the covers and gripping your hips with a squeeze as he moves lower with his lips, pressing a final smacking kiss at the end of your spine. 

You hum in contentment, hiding the sound in your pillow.  He’s chuckling sweetly at your meek effort, as he crawls back up the length of your body and presses a few hard kisses to your bare shoulder. “C’mon now, angel. Wanna see your face, don’t hide from me. Kno’ you’re awake…” He implores into your ear with a warm, raspy morning voice. 

You can’t fight it anymore, especially when he’s this adorable in the morning. He’s gotten the weekend off from filming and hadn’t hesitated a moment to fly you out. He’s lifting onto his elbows to let you turn onto your back, greeting him with a sleepy smile. “Morning, love o’ mine.” He rumbles, leaning down and pressing his lips to yours immediately. 

You let out a sound of surprise against them, wrapping yours arms around his neck while you let one of your hands run through his short, messy locks, tugging at them as they tickle your fingers. His haircut had been an adjustment, but you liked it short. He looked just as handsome as he did with his long hair. He pulls away, pressing a kiss to your cheek  before giving you a dopey smile. You let out a soft laugh, pushing down with your hand to bring his face back towards you so you can press a smacking kiss of your own right next to his nose, which scrunches up and bumps into your cheek as he turns towards you. “Morning, sleepy boy.” You greet as you lower back down to the bed. 

He scoffs at the pet name, using one hand to push your hair back from your forehead and tuck it behind your ear, “Sleep well, pet?” 

“Mhm… Not sure how much sleep I actually got though.” You quip back with a knowing smile.

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Dead (Jeff Atkins, 13 reasons)

There had been whispers about it. Jeff wasn’t a drinker to begin with. He was always the designated driver and even when he wasn’t he never had more than two or three beers. That particular night you’d been absolutely bombarded with math and science homework. He’d begged you to come to the party with him. You’d thought about it, but declined in the end. He kissed your cheek and told you he wanted to go to breakfast in the morning and that he’d be there to pick you up at 9:30. You wouldn’t be going to breakfast. In fact the next time you saw your boyfriend it was under very different circumstances. It was six hours later in the middle of the night. He was in a body bag. He was dead. Over what they called a drunk driving accident. Jeff was deemed drunk by most everyone at the scene. Everyone except you and his mother. Of course your opinion on how it happened didn’t matter as much as the fact that he was dead, whether he’d been drunk or not. You’d gone spiraling out of control. So much so that your mother forced you to take the rest of the semester off of school, joining independent studies. It didn’t do any good. You just felt more lonely. Jeff’s presence lacked even more and there was rarely a distraction. You didn’t feel any better about him being gone by the time you had finished your time in independent studies. You felt the same as when you’d first entered independent studies, so you had no problem when it came time for you to come back to school. Still a zombie, of course, and it didn’t help that your friend Hannah Baker had committed suicide during your absence from school. You knew you looked bad. You knew you had dark circles under your eyes. You knew you’d broken out from not eating right or regularly. You knew your hair was in the bun because you hadn’t bothered to shower, turning to perfume and deodorant instead. You opened your locker, shoving your books into it, you were back at it. Everyone was in their usual spots, nothing had really changed since you’d left. Except that Jessica and Justin were no longer together. Zach had gotten dumped by your best friend after the tapes were released. He’d known too much, she said, to keep it all a secret from the people who deserved to know. He’d borderline stalked her for a while. She’d threatened to move across the country with her aunt and uncle if he didn’t leave her alone. So he did. Nothing changed with Bryce. At least not yet. The fact that he was a rapist had gotten out. You’d heard things about Bryce and girls and parties, but not about Jessica and Hannah. You hid your face in your locker as you looked at your phone. You got a text every morning from Jeff’s mother. They varied in what they said. Today’s said “hello beautiful, your mom said I could pick you up after school and we could go to the mall. We also want you to stay for dinner.” You had your license but you hadn’t wanted to drive and your parents hadn’t trusted you to drive since Jeff’s accident. You were scared of cars now. You were also scared of alcohol.
“You’re back.” You hear from behind you. You turn to see Justin Foley. There’s concern in his eyes, like he knows that there’s a great chance you don’t want to be talking to him. And that you won’t forgive him. Forgive him for staying quiet when anything but that would have been a better option. He’d stayed quiet knowing his friend had raped not only Hannah baker, who would of course go on to kill herself, but his own girlfriend.
“Yeah.” You responded, not looking up from your phone as you texted Mrs. Atkins back.
“You look good.” He smiled at you. You locked your phone and slammed your locker closed, startling Justin.
“I’ve learned to accept pity but I’ll never accept being lied to, Foley.” You looked him dead in the eyes before moving to walk away.
“Seriously, Y/N! Given the circumstances you look really good. I don’t know how many people could survive what you’ve gone through.” By the end of his message he’s just white noise and you continued to walk.
“I’m not so sure I did.” You mumbled, leaving the jock in the dust. You knew he’d been having his own struggles. Hell, he’d been having his own problems since the day he’d been born to his waste of space mother. But that boy had let himself become a bystander for rape on account of somehow owing it to his rapist friend. There was no use telling him what you thought, he knew he was in the wrong and he’d heard it a lot. Marcus smiled at you as you continued down the hall. You found yourself walking towards him.
“Hey Y/N how are y-” you cut his formalities off.
“Is Y/FN at school yet?” Marcus was quite obviously caught off guard. His words fumbled together a bit.
“Uh, well, yeah. She tends to not go through the halls a lot anymore. She avoids us a lot.” Marcus explained. He didn’t give much eye contact.
“I knew that much, thanks.” Again, you were stopped before you could walk away.
“Will you guys ever talk to me again?” Zach’s familiar voice took over.
“This is your first attempt to talk to me as far as I’m concerned.” You crossed your arms. He looked as though he was in an extreme amount of pain.
“I’ve called and texted you for months.” Zach looked at the ground.
“One text of the many was you asking about me. The rest was you trying to get to Y/FN because she blocked you on everything. Your motives were not the most selfless, Zach Dempsey. Reassess yourself and your self righteous nature.” You spun on your heels and walked out of the room. You see your best friend talking to a girl named Skye, one of the only people either of you could stand the be around in the school anymore.
“Saw you talking the some henchmen.” Skye said, staring at her fingernails, which were painted black.
“Strictly to see where you were.” Skye smiled a little. Y/FN turned and hugged you.
“I’m glad you’re back, normal is what you need right now.” She said. Once you pulled away from your best friend, you saw someone coming. Clay Jenson. Lanky, kinda dorky Clay Jenson. The Clay Jenson that brought you free candy and free movie ticket vouchers after Jeff died. But this was also, and most certainly not least, the Clay Jenson featured on the tapes. The Clay Jenson that knew girls got raped, that knew a lot about the night Jeff died. Including that it wasn’t Jeff’s fault at all. In fact, he knew he wasn’t drunk and that it was Sheri that was drunk and had caused Jeff’s death. There was a handful of people that knew it wasn’t Jeff’s fault. The people that were featured on the tapes. Clay was featured on the tapes and so was Justin and so was Marcus and so was Zach. They saw you yanked out of school for being mentally unstable and not being able to understand how Jeff did this and why he was drunk at all. There were answers, and no one gave them to you until the tapes were handed to the police. You knew when the public knew. Nothing hurt more than that. And that’s why you hated those boys. And Courtney and Jessica and Alex and Tyler and every other god forsaken person who earned themselves a tape by being an insensitive asshole.
“Hey Y/N.” You looked over at Clay, his hands were stuffed in his pockets as he stared at you nervously. You looked at him, blinked twice, and looked away.
“You look good.” Silence.
“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” You can feel Clay looking at you, but you won’t look at him. There’s a short pause.
“Y/N I know I should have said something to you as soon as I knew but it was a lot more complicated than it se-” you found yourself waving your hands in the air begging him to stop speaking.
“You’re going to listen for a moment.” Clay nodded, finally able to make eye contact with you.
“Jeff and I were going to apply to all the same colleges, did he ever tell you that?” Clay nodded his head. You and Jeff had already planned on marriage. Everyone knew it.
“Did you know we were going to share an apartment right away instead of dorms?” Clay gulped, looking at the other two girls nervously.
“He talked about you constantly, Y/N.” You rolled your eyes at his words.
“People have been talking about me constantly. It’s my turn to speak.” Clay shut his mouth quickly.
“Wanna know something I’m sure you weren’t aware of?” Clay’s eyes filled with more fear by the second.
“Did you know that the day after I saw Jeff dragged away in a body bag is the day I miscarried our baby?” Clay knew he wouldn’t speak but his mouth fell open from the shock and not knowing what else to do.
“So yeah, maybe you can forgive yourself for not always being there for Hannah. And maybe Jessica will forgive Justin someday and maybe, just maybe Y/FN will give Zach another chance. But guess who doesn’t have the tools or the people to move on? Me. My boyfriend is dead and my baby is dead. And my future relies on me being a zombie through life, hopefully getting decent enough grades to shuffle through the rest of my life because there will never be someone who makes me feel and love the way Jeff did. And I’ll never be able to have a baby made up of more love. Everything will be me settling because the best of what life has to offer is quite literally dead.” The bell rings but no one moves, and everyone just looks at you as hot tears stream down your face.
“Y/FN, go tell Zach how much you still love him and how much you’re willing to fight for each other. And Skye, tell Clay how you’ve been in love with him since the sixth grade and how you’d be really pumped to go out with him. Because life’s short and sometimes even shorter than expected. No time is put on this earth to be wasted. Love each other.” You let out a shaky breath before turning and heading to English class. Jeff would be proud. In that moment you knew maybe you would be fine.

It Started With A Kiss

Summary: All the ways Dean loves to kiss you

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1018

Warnings: All the fluff

A/N: I’m actually super proud of this! Thanks to my grammar nazi and my poetic friend @idreamofhazel

A kiss is the most powerful thing a man can say. When Dean kisses you, he kisses you with such passion and fervor, like he can’t get enough out of you, like you’re going to slip away at any moment. Each kiss tells you something different. That’s the thing about Dean, he has an appreciation for a woman’s body like no other man you have met before.

When he first kissed you, it was by surprise. You had no idea Dean was even remotely attracted to you. You had been hunting with him and Sam for years and the man never once made a pass at you. But when he kissed you, there was no doubt in your mind that Dean Winchester loved you. The kiss wasn’t just a sign of attraction, it was a proclamation of his love. The kiss was full of confidence; confidence that you were the one for him, that you would fill the hole inside his heart. It only took one kiss for you both to know that was it, that was your last first kiss.

In the morning, his kisses are lazy, peppered all over your face, like he has all the time in the world. He kisses any exposed skin, your shoulder, your neck, your thighs. It’s as if he spent too much time away from you, even if he dreamt of you all night. He kisses you until your eyes open and you turn towards him to capture his lips with yours.

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Heavy Petting (M)


Genre: Smut, Cathybrid! AU

Word count: 4k

pairing: Jimin x reader

Warnings: rated M, sexual content, language, cat/human hybrid, (reverse?) thigh riding, sub!Jimin

A/N: part of cathybrid!BTS miniseries!

others:  Yoongi   |   Taehyung

fluffy drabble based on this oneshot

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Finchel Week 2017, Day 7: Alternate Ending
↳  In which Finn didn’t actually die and returns a couple of years later to get Rachel back after being in a witness protection program/ having suffered memory loss/ going on a secret mission with the US army/ [insert other/better scenario😆 ]

Drug Wars (Pt. 1)

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

“She’s a babygirl Yoongi, and I think I’m in love with her.”

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs, graphic descriptions of everything, so please don’t read if you’re easily triggered. 

A/N: None of these pictures are mine, credits to the owners. There are mistakes, I’ll reread it later. Enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 | The Real Drug War

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Getting Hot During Coachella || K.A.

Word Count: 1212

Pairing: Kj x reader

Summary: Camila takes you to Coachella with the rest of the cast of Riverdale. You and Kj get separated from the group and things get intimate.

Warnings: kissing, Coachella, kj cuteness


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frywen-babbles  asked:

Kisses with meaning: Chest and Mitsunari

  • Mitsunari + Chest (possession)

He has ice in his veins.

So much of it bubbling beneath the surface it takes a moment for the bitterness to start flowing. It begins in his toes, undulating in waves across every crevice before splintering onto the road mapping his legs, cutting up and up until the cold freezes into a glacier, plonking down in his gut.

He needs it to happen a lot faster if he’s going to withstand the impact of your palm striking his cheek.

And there’s no doubt it’ll hurt. You’re frozen in that vast space between a second and a heartbeat, and Mitsunari doesn’t think he’s ever seen you so alive. Blazing. Torn between hell’s fury and the devil’s wrath. Arm jerked high and hand poised, ready to strike.

He’s prepared for it, despite the curdling in his pulse and the ice in his gut.

Don’t ever say that to me again.” And you tear away from him so fast, like a whip returning to its master, he feels the echo of a slap ringing out anyway. You can’t look at him, and the ice snaps and huffs as you stagger to his bookshelf, pitched forward, fingers etched too tight into the wood for purchase.

It’s all he hears, your breaths furious, rankling in his ears.


“Shut up. Don’t say a word.”

His breath shakes out of him too, once, twice, before you turn to look at him, red and puffy lining poison-black eyes. It’s the only part still savage when your entire face withers. He has but a beat to summon the ice again before you’ve stalked back, hands fisting into his sleeve.

“Listen to me, Lord Mitsunari. You can’t— you can’t say something like that without realising what it does to the people around you. It’s too cruel. We love you… Lord Hideyoshi loves you. I— I love you.” You gasp against the choke, swallowing, and every word has to be dragged out. “If I don’t see you barreling down the hallway with a book in your hand, my day doesn’t feel right.

“You are important and valuable and a part of this family. We would crumble without you. You don’t know how significant you are to all of us.” Your breath hitches, voice too shaky to go on. He wants to howl because he’s hurt you. “I need you to know that if you suddenly disappeared from this earth it would— it would—” Tears gather again though they don’t fall because girls like you don’t cry; strong girls, fierce girls, “—it would break my heart.”

In a broken rush of air you drop the world into his lap.

He doesn’t know what to do because he has ice in his veins.

So much of it bubbling beneath the surface it takes a moment for his heart to cry out a rhythm to the corners of his flesh. It starts in his feet, shooting out and pulsating so furiously it doesn’t see how his toes curl, cutting off the path and sending the ice hurtling head long into its first barrier and smashing little fractures all over. It back tracks in revulsion because the sensation is so foreign, crashing through the chambers of his veins up into his legs. The ascent is a rocky one, and along the way shards crack and hurl about, whittling the cold down before it reaches his gut.

Mitsunari can’t breathe.

His gut swallows the torrent and a glacier starts to form, a feeling so familiar to his bones it takes a moment longer before the cry reaches it and everything starts to spit and hiss and decompress, and his gut, wound so tight already, spits the ice back out because it no longer wants to be the sanctuary of so much fear. The ice weaves back into his veins and spindles out and out and, bypassing the heart altogether, funnels into his arms and down through his fingers, where it thinks it can make a mockery of how coiled his fists shake.

But Mitsunari can’t breathe.

And the ice shrieks against a blaze so thunderous it jerks back through the sensory paths and twists around his neck. Freezing and freezing.

He can’t breathe, he can’t breathe.

His mind steps in, his breath, short and stiff, steps in, his gut steps in, his toes and feet and arms and fingers step in, you step in, straight into his chest and they all clip and chip away at the stranglehold around his neck. The ice screams and chokes, spittles furiously, and it won’t let go because he is ice, he is nothing without the ice, he needs this ice.

It’s too much. He can’t breathe. It’s all too much.

Suddenly everything bursts. 

He can breathe.

Because he feels it, so soft and sweet, against his chest and it makes him want to crumple to the ground and cry because your lips flutter through the fabric to his heart, hushing and cooing the storm.

It starts in his toes then.

Seeping out in lazy flicks, burning and lighting the path and sizzling the blood in his veins. It caresses every nook and cranny, each dip in his muscles, until the aching pool of warmth settles into his gut, and he feels the holding and whispering tendrils of heat fanning out and out. It’s fire. Hot and bright, gentle and misunderstood. And it’s you as well, breathing a fever through his heart, melting the winter and roasting the shards, making it blaze forever and ever until his whole body thaws into you.

Your hands cradle him, and he sees red.


He has fire in his veins. 

It’s alive. He’s alive. It burns him.

‘Kisses with Meaning’ [Masterpost]

  • @frywen-babbles @dreamsinparadise Forgive me for not tagging you when I first posted, friends! Once I realised real life had called. Can I make up for it with some Mitsunari? 

Request: hellllloooo, i love your writing and i have a request. can you make something with reader X steve with this chat: “x1: wait, how do you know that steve is great in bed?” “x2: we share a wall, so either he’s amazing in bed or y/n just likes to agree with him a lot.” “x2: loudly, and a lot.” - Anon

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader

Word Count: 1,160

Warning: Fluff(?), SMUT! (First one, be nice), Cursing, Unprotected sex (If you really love her, wear a cover)

(A/N): Okay, this is my first ever posted Smut on Tumblr, so, BE NICE, PLEASE. 


Originally posted by yalica

You had been out for two weeks on a mission and Steve missed your hands tugging his hair, he missed your scent, he missed cuddling you, he missed your soft moans and kisses.

He missed you.

“Why are you so grumpy, old man?” Sam teased, looking at you behind Steve. He didn’t noticed you following him to the kitchen; your boyfriend shrugged his shoulders, bowing on the kitchen’s counter and resting his chin on his hand.

“I miss my girl; it’s hard to sleep without her.” Smiling sweetly, you shooed Sam away with your hand, glaring at him when he rolled his eyes and backed away.

“Good evening, Captain.” You purred into his neck, hugging his back and sliding your hands to his abdomen. Steve jumped in surprise and turned to you, eyes shining in joy as he lifted you from the ground – making you wrap his hips with your legs.

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