the end of this song though

Translation: Life is Good - 03.12

(the song ‘Hjernen er alene’ by deLillos plays, Isak is reading about mania in Wikipedia, we hear him receiving multiple text messages)

Eskild: Hi. You need anything?

Isak: No, it’s fine.

Eskild: It will pass, Isak. (pause) Even though it doesn’t seem that way right now, even though it’s very painful…It’s very painful to feel heartache and you think it’s never going to end, but it does. (pause) But, um, well..let me know if you need someone to talk to or if you need anything.

(Isak nods, Eskild leaves, Isak receives another message)

Multiple messages from Even (quoting the Nas lyrics ‘Cherry Wine’)

(Isak types out a message and hits send)

Isak: Hi Even. I don’t understand anything right now. Stop texting me.

(Message from Isak’s mother)

Isak’s mother:
For my son Isak: I have loved you from the first second I saw you the 21st of June 1999 at 21:21 pm, and I always will, forever.

Oh God, I needed that. Thank you Isak’s mother. <3

Let Your Heart Be Light

Dec. 21 – Christmas cookies

Jack comes home to practice to find the kitchen counters covered in flour and cookies and his boyfriend sitting on the floor with his back against the oven crying.

He drops his bag by the door and hits his knees as soon as he’s by Bitty’s side.

The tile is hard and cold on his knees which are already a little sore from practice but he pushes away the discomfort to focus on figuring out what’s wrong.

He gathers Bitty’s face in his hands, apologizes for how cold they are, and tilts his chin up.

It’s clear he’s been crying for awhile. His face is red and splotchy and he leans into the cool touch so Jack fans his fingers out and covers his forehead with his palm.

“Bits, what’s the matter?” Jack asks gently. “C’mon, bud, talk to me.”

Bitty sniffles while Sinatra sings about Santa Claus coming to town in the background.

“Nothing is working,” Bitty says. He sounds exhausted and Jack’s chest aches. He pulls Bitty closer to him like that’s going to soothe it. “I’ve been working on these cookies all day and I just-.”

“The cookies.” Jack’s hands still on Bitty’s back and he pulls him back enough to look at him. “This is about cookies?”

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Okay but April Fools day in Bitty’s sophomore year, the entire team dresses up as Jack Zimmermann and swears to be him. Like and they wont drop it either. Like Jack is so confused and then mildly put off. And everyone’s doing their own Jack impression. Ransom padded his ass a lot. Bitty keeps saying every song is by Taylor Swift. Shitty makes up random history facts and shouts them through out the day (even though they’re wrong). 

And they may or may not pay a random freshmen to recognize one of them (who is not Jack) and ask for an autograph and then she ends up with like ten.

Dex doesn’t even bother to buy a wig. But if anyone asks, yes he is Jack Zimmermann.

(And Jack actually ends up really enjoying it by the end of the day, because these are his friends and he loves their way of showing affection)


The Broken Shore death scene in which everything is the same except My Heart Will Go On plays in the background.


All jokes aside though the music is disturbingly well-timed.


“He sang well in kindergarten too. During a talent show, when other kids cried and ran away, our Woohyun stayed there alone and sang his song till the very end. When he was asked what present he wanted from Santa, he answered “I want to become an ajussi who sings well”
- Woohyun’s mom, Showtime Ep. 9

Newt Scamander x Reader - Pretending You’re Beside Me

Title: Pretending You’re Beside Me

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Rating: G

Word Count: 1886

Warnings: Some crying, feels. Nothing really.

Request: anon - Hi! I just want to say that I love your writing and I was wondering if you could do a scenario where the reader sings the song “on my own” as she was caring for Newt’s creatures within the case. As she was singing, she broke down at the end of the song because she knew that he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings for him and then suddenly it turned out the newt heard her singing and confronted her about it? I’m so sorry it’s so long and specific ;;m;;

Here we go guys!

(Posting this now instead of later because I need sleep.)

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during my ers show, there was this guy in front of me that knew all the lyrics to all the songs by heart even though he didn’t speak english and sometimes he’d turn around and we’d yell the lyrics together even though we’re complete strangers, and he tried to tell tyler how he saved his life. during goner he turned around and just gave me and my friend this fpe sign to hold up and all of us were crying by the end of trees and i still don’t know his name but i love him with all my heart and this. this is what a twenty one pilots show is. being together. being friends, being family even though it’s our first time meeting. this is what the clique is. that guy made the show, and I hope he knows it.

who should you fight: smh edition

jack: please don’t, s’il vous plaît. first, he is a sad french-canadian man who just wants to kiss his boyfriend and play hockey…let jacques live his life. second, his ass is so big and powerful all he’d have to do is to sit on you and you’d die - either from being touched by something so overwhelmingly magnificent or just from the sheer magnitude…….it’s up for debate. either way, it’d end badly for both parties. leave him olone.

holster: his size is reason enough to stay away. if you must engage, have some fun memes or good television references in your back pocket so you can distract him if necessary. loudly singing the 30 rock theme song has been known to be effective. 

ransom: you’ll start to fight him but then he’ll flash a smile or you’ll get a glimpse of that bicep and wham bam thank you ma’am you’re down for the count. honestly do it, though. losing to him is worth it.

bitty: the phrase “looks like a cinnamon roll, but could actually kill you” was written with eric richard “dicky” “bitty” bittle jr in mind. steer clear. there’s a 1000000% chance you’ll get your ass handed to you in the most delicious blueberry pie you’ve ever tasted. avoid fighting at all costs. 

shitty: no. don’t do this. his chaotic neutral ass is too unpredictable to be someone you should consider fighting. best case scenario: it ends with the both of you getting high and discussing the homoeroticism surrounding physical fighting as a sport. at worst, you literally end up in the morgue because he decided to pull out his knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife knife sword and just fucking go to town. 

lardo: you’ll get your ass kicked, but, God, it’ll be the best moment of your entire life. 1000/10 definitely recommend.

nursey: definitely fight him. he’s so clumsy he’d probably trip over his own feet or maybe even just straight up punch himself in the face. you’re pretty much guaranteed a win. go for it, padawan. 

dex: look i know you want to fight him. i understand. but, honestly, you’d only be giving him what he wants. look at him. he’s a ginger fury fist tornado waiting to explode. i know he’s only 18 and insecure af so he seems like an easy target but don’t forget he’s 6′2″ and he’s spent those brief 18 years storing up rage and internalized hatred and he’s just looking for someone to piss him off. do not fight.

chowder: why. how dare you. no.

johnson: what the fu- what the fuck would possess you to do this. no. he’d know your every move before it’d even enter your head. he’d let you get a punch in “to boost up your confidence - it makes the fight more dramatic!” and while you’re trying to figure out what the fuck he just said and what it means he’s kicking your ass to the moon and back. get wrekt fucker. *cue airhorn sounds*

Let’s all appreciate how INTELLIGENTLY  ‘What’s the use of feeling blue’ is crafted as a sequence

- derived from the Diamond lifemotif & therefore recontextualizes it; Especially clever as it was worked into the creepy ending theme leading up to this. 

It adds a bit of a dark funerary quality to the previous moments it showed up in. 

- It is worth noting that the diamond theme was deliberately designed to be alian and non-musical, so they esentially set a challenge for themselves

- And the song actually stays very faithful to the creepy jingly ambient sounds, though they somehow craft them into a melody and lets YD’s va do the rest as she conveniently has a very strong dramatic voice. 

- subverts the expectation of a villain song while still fulfilling all of it’s functions both musically and narratively - low notes, contralto, minions singing backup, swingy sort of melody, expositioning the antagonists and setting both the physical and ideological/thematic confrontation… (They represent, or are the leaders of a society where everyone - even the local God-empresses! - has to shut out your feelings to ‘function’, which is the logical opposite/antithesis/anathema to Steven) but at the same time it’s not a bragadocious declaration but a look beneath the queenly masks/ into their private lives, though they’re not quite ‘out shopping’ as this does inform why/how they act in their day jobs as evil overlords. As usual SU distinguishes itself by clever use & tweaking of the tools

- electro meets jazz, which is in itself creative, though if you wanted you could probably read further things into that. The Diamonds are basically electro outside, Jazz inside. It’s also a further pun (eve heard of ‘blue notes’?)

- Conveys both character, style/aesthetic and other information with astounding density basically. 

 - As cool as the music is lets not forget the roles the visuals play -  Their surroundings are quite ‘emphatic’ in the ways all that pink light drowns out their color palettes like a domineering shadow, how Yellow Diamond keeps moving around the bubbles for emphasis, and last bt not least the use of body language to establish both their individual characters and their relationship. BD is relatively static & phlegmatic and waterlike in her motions, sort of recoiling away from both YD and her responsibilities at the beginning, and hugging that pillar for comfort. YD, by contrast, does plenty 

Both have a distinct aristocratic tinge in words and gestures though BD goes more in the ethereal/mystically direction while Yellow is a lot more abrupt and stiff there (including when she’s briefly overwhelmed and ends up as the comfortee)

This scene would flat out not work if not for the very unambiguous comforting/ sister-like body language at work there, how the bond is conferred through both word choice (’we still love her’) and physical touch/ gestures.

Particular mention to that one shot where we see them holding hands with both their gemstones shown in the background (and their similar placement highlighted), more or less at the exact point when we realize that they’re both equally affected despite their somewhat different reactions. 

- Speaking of the environment though: Éven if they’re having this very private, very un-pharaonic moment, they don’t allow us to foget that they’re villains - most of those Rose Quartzes were probably innocent, the “silly quirk” they’re discussing involves keeping sentient/intelligent beings as pets, and we keep seeing how much Ruby and Saphire are still terrified of BD; Also, Greg’s and Steven’s escape attempts lampshades their titanic sizes. Not to mention that they go right back to cold bitch mode/’command voice’ when the door opens and their underlings show up. They also showing off their fancy singing slaves. 

The ‘props’ are as creepy as if they were sitting in a cavern lined with human skulls and bones, but in a clever sci-fi way that makes it even more insidious.

- Though it is also worth noting that it’s greg and steven - almost complete outsiders! - who get to see this scene, rather than their former subjects such as Peridot, Garnet or Pearl. If they did see they’d hardly be compassionate with their former overlords, (not could they in any way be expected to be) but thing are different for Steven who’s probably able to have a wider perspective on this and recognize that they’re still people, even if they are evil overlords. 


Could you write something smutty where Harry and the girl are broken up but are somehow at the same party and at one point, she needs a lift and Harry decides to drive her home. During the trip, Naughty Girl by Beyoncé comes on the radio and she starts whispering the lyrics to Harry’s ear and at the end, they end up having sex.

Hii, so I know this is bot based on the song you wanted and I changed it up a lot. Still, it is loosely based on this request and the song ‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers. I know it took me ages, I’m sorry. This contains smut so read at your own

Parties weren’t her thing lately.
Especially not when it was the party of her ex.
She had to come though, she promised it.
Y/N and Harry broke up four months ago. She couldn’t even remember why, only knew that she missed him more than anything.
But that didn’t mean she was ready to see him.
Tonight was his big party. The Another Man launch party. And she promised four months ago she would be there, no matter what.
Back then she didn’t know what would happen, didn’t know they would break up. She hoped he wouldn’t invite her but he did, sent her a text with the details and said he was looking forward to seeing her.
And now she was sitting inside the bar where the party was at. She was so incredibly uncomfortable and feeling so out of place that she wanted to get up and leave as soon as possible but somehow she couldn’t.
She was sitting there next to Gemma, sipping on a cocktail that didn’t have enough alcohol to make her feel at peace. Gemma kept an eye on her the whole time, noticing the little changes in her. Her hair has gotten longer. Her body looked like she did sports on a regular basis. Her makeup was different, her plump lips painted in a shade of red and her eyes framed with long curled lashes that would make any man fall for her immediately.
She looked amazing.
Even though she didn’t feel amazing at all.
She was only waiting for him to enter the party. Then she would say ‘hi’, congratulate him and then leave. That was her plan.
But when he entered the bar her plans quickly changed.
God, he looked good.
He was wearing a black suit which she assumed was Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent or any other expensive brand. He was wearing a white button down underneath which deserved the name ‘button down’ rather than ‘button up’ because only three buttons were done.
He wore one of those black silk scarfs that she loved to tug on while being on top of him and riding him so hard the headboard slammed agai-
“You okay?” Gemma asked quietly when she realized her brother was there.
“Yes.” Y/N replied.
She wasn’t okay.
God, how she missed him.
He came over when he saw her. Her brain was screaming at her to leave, to turn around and hide in the bathrooms until he was gone but she didn’t. She stood up from where she was sitting when he reached her, a bit unsteady on her legs from all the alcohol she consumed.
“Easy, love.” he said and held onto her arm to steady her.
Has his voice always been so sexy?
“Hi.” she breathed.
“Hey.” he whispered.
They stared at each other for a few moments before Y/N cleared her throat and shrugged his hand off.
“Congratulations on your magazine. You did really well.”
She saw the sadness that flickered through his eyes when she pulled away from him but he caught himself quickly.
“Thank you, love.”
That’s when Gemma saved them both from the awkwardness.
“Hi, baby brother.” she greeted him and pulled him into a hug.
“I’m so proud of you.”
Y/N excused herself to get another drink, downing it within a few seconds. She wasn’t nearly feeling as drunk as she had to be in order to get through this party.
She watched from the bar how Harry mingled with everyone, shaking hands and exchanging smiles.
She thought she was fine. Thought she would get through this without needing to get absolutely wasted but apparently she was wrong.
She did that a lot lately, drinking. Not to a degree where it was dangerous but still enough that she knew she couldn’t continue like this. She couldn’t help it though.
She tried to interact with as little people as possible, really not in the mood for any small talk or any conversations in general.

Little did she know that Harry felt the same. He watched her, sitting there at the bar and looking so goddamn perfect that he realized again how pretty she was.
He knew he was breaking her heart all over again right now, and he hoped she knew that she did just the same to him. The last four months were breaking his heart.
And finally he couldn’t take it anymore.
He walked over to were she was sitting without stopping.
He couldn’t stop.
When he reached her he didn’t say anything.
He didn’t have to say anything.
She knew.
He pulled her off the bar stool, making her stumble against his chest but he made sure she was steady.
And then they left.
They left without saying goodbye or looking back. They took the back exist so no one would see them, walking until they stood in front of his black Range Rover.
He looked at her as if he wanted to ask if she was sure and she nodded. He opened the door for her and let her get into the back, following right behind and sitting down beside her.
And then she connected her lips to his. And it felt just like it always did. Nothing changed about the way his lips felt against hers. They were hot and soft, their plumpness just enough to feel so goddamn good.
She pulled him closer. Closer and closer. As close as there bodies could get.
Within minutes their bodies were bare, pressing and rubbing against each other but it wasn’t enough. They both knew they probably shouldn’t be doing this but god they couldn’t stop.
Harry was about to take the next step, about to connect them but she stopped him. He felt his heart stopping, his lips parting and goosebumps raising on his skin. No. She couldn’t want to stop him.
“Sit down. I-I want to be on top.” she whispered and Harry felt himself sighing with relief.
He did what she wanted. She remembered it. His favorite position. Her on top.
His breathing stopped when she sunk down on him. And when she rocked against him for the first time a loud gasp left his lips. A satisfied smirk grazed Y/N’s lips, her hands reaching up to his shoulders so she could steady herself.
And then she began to ride him for real. Her hips moved as fast and as hard as possible, making his body tremble and shake underneath her. They both knew that if someone walked by they could see the car rocking and hear their loud moans and groans but it didn’t matter. Nothing did but the pleasure they felt.
Y/N pressed her body even closer to his when her knees started to hurt a bit and nuzzles her face into the spot where his neck met his shoulder, her favorite place. She bit down on the skin of his shoulder, marking him as hers. Because he was hers.
Harry’s hands wandered from her hips to her ass, spreading the cheeks apart and squeezing them the way she loved. He helped her moving, making her grind hard and fast.
His cock stroked over all of her favorite spots and the hair at the base of it rubbed against her clit in the most perfect way. And she was close. So when she felt herself slipping over the edge she began to move even harder and reached behind her to stroke his balls. And Harry lost control. He came inside of her with a loud, strangled moan. His hot cum coated her walls with three thick ropes, some of it dripping out of her and dripping onto his thighs. She came as well, a scream rippling through her with the force and intensity of her orgasm.
She fell forward, against his chest with loud panting breaths constantly leaving her parted lips.
Harry wrapped his arms tightly around her body. He was scared he never got to do it again.
He felt the tears on his skin. The tears she cried into his neck. And when the first sob wrecked her body the first tear dribbled down his cheeks as well.
After at least ten minutes of crying and holding onto each other for dear life, she pulled back. Harry cupped her cheek with his hand, his thumb wiping at her tears.
“I’m so goddamn sorry.” she whispered.
He shook his head. She had no reason to be sorry.
“No apologies, darling. You did nothing wrong.”
“I left you. I I was so goddamn stupid and left you. I don’t even remember why.”
“Because I wasn’t good to you. I yelled at you for not having time for me when I never had any time for you for three years. I-I started to resent you.”
“Do you still do that? Do you still hate me?” she asked in a whisper.
He shook his head again.
“I don’t. I was blinded by how much I missed you that I didn’t see how much I loved you. I forgot it.”
“Do you remember now?”
He hesitated for a moment before he nodded and pulled her closer.
“Of course I remember. I don’t know how I could forget it. You are the most important thing in my whole life. I never loved someone as much as I love you. And I’m not ever going to stop.”
She stared into his eyes for another moment in case there was any sign of hesitation or insecurity. But all she saw was love and sincerity.
So she connected her lips to his.
And she knew they won’t ever stop.

here comes all the fanfics of min yoonji being the sassy and hard to get classy type of gal, who of course, ends up falling for jimin while jealous!jungkook thinks of ways to get her. 

meanwhile, we have taehyung still clutching onto his heart because min yoonji is so ethereal in his eyes, despite her sassy ways. side note, jin tries winning yoonji’s heart by buying her love and namjoon continues writing love poems/songs for her. 

hoseok though, is still choking on his water after the big melt down, tbh.


I’m just gonna sing this song till the end of days like the rest of everyone !! 💦

(Doing this through submissions due to how long it is);

First and foremost, just want to say I’m immensely in love with your Elsewhere University comic and how accurate it is to old folklore, and I really have to give you props for it.

Besides that though, I had a concept: One student eventually commandeers That Classroom every night around 12:42 AM. They host a small local radio show for about an hour. The music they play tends to be of the orchestral or electronic genres; Though it always sounds really glitchy or broken; Not because of any Interference. That’s just how it was made to sound. Sometimes there’ll just be silence. At least, it sounds like silence to all of the other students that are listening.

They’ll usually play a few songs before butting in with their own stuff, usually commenting on the songs or strange happenings around the university (but only when they know its ok to talk about those happenings). They always end on lines like “… and like the unintelligible mass of white darkness that prowls down the hallways every night, I’ll be seeing you again very soon”, or “… and similar to that wailing down by the creek, I hope you’ll listen again soon!”, stuff like that.

Every so often, someone else tries to watch the door to the classroom to see just who in the hell is actually running this thing. No one ever sees anyone come out. No one ever sees anyone go in.

Most of the time, if a student tunes in, it’s to appease any of Them that might be around. Some do actually enjoy the music played though. Many will often leave a small radio or laptop open in public places. Like the library, or dorm lounges, or maybe near the pool. Sometimes those students find little trinkets at their doorstep in the morning, like shiny beads, scrap electronics, etc. 

The student who runs the show will often talk to themself for a bit after the show ends. At least, that’s what they tell themself. But they know better. They know that the They are there, listening. Watching. They don’t ever try anything to confirm it, though.

Even after the student leaves the university, the show still continues for a few more years. Those who were tuned in for the final show can’t remember exactly how it went. Others think that those people just don’t want to remember.

(I myself was thinking a good fit to the music that would play on the show would be artists like N-qia, PengoSolvent, and Kashiwa Daisuke.)

SMH Favorite Christmas Songs

@prettygeeks and i have the best conversations

Holster: This boy is half Jewish but he is SO into Christmas and is that person who listens to music November 1. Like the true rom-com nerd he is “All I Want For Christmas” by Mariah Carey is his #1 (though he also attempts to sing every harmony to “Carol of the Bells. It’s only a semi-disaster)

Ransom: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Mariah Carey. Actually, he and Holster are constantly blasting her Christmas album and sometimes they both end up in tears marveling at her talent. These boys. 

Bitty: “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree”. He rocks around the kitchen to this, in a festive holiday apron whipping up enough cookies and pie for every person he has every met in his life. Jack Zimmermann’s heart grows three sizes each time he gets to witness it. 

Jack: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Frank Sinatra like the big ol’ sap he is. “From now on, our troubles will be miles away” Damnit Jack.

Shitty: Listen, this boy will rant for hours on how problematic Christmas is, but when “Dominck the Donkey” comes on he LOSES HIS MIND. 

Lardo: “Christmas Wrapping” by the Waitresses. No explanation needed. 

Dex: He tells everyone it’s Bruce Springsteen’s cover of “Merry Christmas Baby” but it’s actually “Merry Christmas Darling” by The Carpenters (#SecretSoftie). 

Nursey: “Someday at Christmas” by Stevie Wonder but he also has a love for “Sleigh Ride” and a secret desire to ride in a horse-drawn sleigh through a snowy forest. He tells everyone this when he is drunk. Chirps fly. (On their first Christmas as a married couple, Dex makes this dream come true.) 

Chowder: The entirety of the A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. And when “Linus and Lucy” comes on, everyone must dance like a Peanuts character. And they all do.

+ bonus Parse: “My Only Wish” by Britney Spears. Good god, Kent. 

Fall To Winter

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Maybe Bucky is just starting believe he’s very much loved despite everything he’s done.
Genre: Romance/fluff, Hurt/comfort
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
3,765 words

Notes: After 4867396 years, here it goes! I’m so sorry for my lack of content lately but  writer’s block is giving me a hard time, so…I’ve got some requests on my askbox though and I’m already working on them! This isn’t my best and the ending is meh but I hope y’all enjoy it! The songs that inspired me this time are Someone Like You by Mayer Hawthorne and Tomorrow Never by Villeneuve, by the way. Last but most definitely not least, I wanna thank my VIP ho aka @pimpdaddysebastian for keeping up with my sorry ass during this. I love you bij! <3 Happy readiiing!

You can tell it’s late by the lightness coming through the curtains but the cold weather doesn’t make you feel any better about waking up.

Having stayed up until late in the night before with Stark’s halloween party, you’re pretty sure it’s already past midday and though you’re not feeling just 100% yet, feeling Bucky’s warmness beside you completely makes up for it.

His face still has some traces of the vampire make-up you insisted on doing to match his costume, hair is splayed all over the pillow and his body in full display, much to your delight. His torso covered with the glitter of your body lotion and the pair black boxers are making a contrast to the white blankets, tangled messily around his legs.

You can’t help but smile dumbly at the sight because you’re so in love with this guy that is nearly unreal.

The course of your relationship isn’t the best or even normal, but you’re adamant you’d easily go through the whole ordeal once again if it meant he’d be safe, recovered and with you.

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Dear John is sad because Taylor is looking back on a toxic relationship and going “I should’ve known”; however, it also has a strong undertone of “I got out of this, and now you can watch me be happy without you”, and that ends the song on a more empowering note, where even though she regrets the relationship she is proud that she got out of it. 

Better Man is sad because Taylor is haunted by this toxic relationship, tormented by memories of when it was magical, of when it was everything she ever wanted; she gave it everything, and in her love she grew blind to its growing toxicity. Even though she ran from it, it follows her around, and the song has a strong tone that she’s still trying to escape from the memories of when it seemed perfect and magical and forever.