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❄️ The Hero and the Fairy ❄️ ~ step-by-step process of >this< piece (^   v ^) <3 click through for minor captions!

as you click through these i’m sure you’ll notice that there’s some pretty big jumps in process~ (^   v ^);;; but i had to reduce it to eight frames, since that’s the tumblr limit. ALSO! wow! that initial sketch! HAHAHA!!! it sure came a long way for there! LOL! LOL! LOL! for those who didn’t see my comments on the initial post, i originally started this piece back in December! X3 so my work has changed a lot since then! five months is a pretty big time jump when you’re constantly drawing! lol lol lol~!!!!

i both loved and loathed the process of drawing all the crystals for this! <3 i really learned a lot through the trial and error of making them! (-^ ___^-) i didn’t push them very far in terms of the coloring i ended up using on them, but i hope to apply what i learned (and take it further) in an up coming BnHA piece! in the end, i am so happy that people seem to be enjoying this one, because i really felt too strongly about the design to let it waste away in my “to-do” file!

The Other Woman (Part 8)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1195

Summary: You’ve always been a good girl. You did as you were told. But how did you end up as the other woman?

A/N: Yeah I suck at updating. I apologize for making you guys wait 2 months for this update. I suck at time management. I really wanted to have something up so this chapter is a little shorter than I used to upload. Nevertheless, I hope this is somewhat worth your wait. Love you lots! xx 


Suddenly the room was quiet again.

You were alone again.

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Creepypasta #1028: I Thought I Cheated On My Boyfriend, But I Was Wrong.

Length: Short

Just 6 months ago, I was just the sweet, innocent pastor’s daughter in a small, conservative town. I wasn’t allowed to date, I said my prayers every night and went to church every Sunday. Well, that was who I was, until I met Leo.

Everyone in town had always warned about Leo’s family. They lived about 30 minutes out of town away from everybody and I had always heard rumors they were odd, ungodly people. But when I met Leo, I knew those rumors couldn’t be true. Most boys wouldn’t talk to me because of who my father was but Leo didn’t care. He was so sweet and handsome and unlike anyone I had ever met.

We snuck around for months to see each other and it was amazing until one strange night. Leo knew about my faith and that I believed in staying pure until marriage. He was always very respectful of this. 

But, one night when we snuck out, he seemed different. His voice sounded different. He had a mischievous look in his eye and a devious smile. I found it alarming at first, but later I found it incredibly alluring. He was driving and ended up stopping far away from town right outside the forest. I became frightened.

“Leo, where are we? It’s so dark. I don’t think we should be here.”

Once I heard his reply, I became much more than frightened. I heard him laughing, then he turned and looked at me with a sadistic smile and said “I’m not Leo.”

It felt like something heavy dropped down hard into my stomach and I started to have trouble breathing. I tried to brush it off. Surely, he was just joking.

“Ha, ha. Sure, Leo. Who are you, then? His evil twin?”

His face turned much more serious and his eyebrows raised. “Actually, that’s not far from the truth. Though I have some stories from our childhood that prove Leo can be the evil twin sometimes.” He then laughed and put his hand out. “Mantus, Leo’s identical twin brother. Nice to meet you. I’m a little hurt, he never told you about me,” he remarked, twinged with sarcasm. Then he looked me up and down, “especially since I’ve heard all about you, Annie.”

When he said my name, shivers went up and down my spine. All the hairs on my arms stood straight up. I knew for sure now that this was not the boy I fell head over heels for. I also knew that I had never felt so scared of someone and insanely attracted to someone at the same time. I know this sounds like a stupid excuse, but I truly felt like he had me under some sort of spell.

He ended up leading me out into the forest, my hand in his. Something told me to rip my hand away from his and run. An even stronger voice told me to go wherever he wanted to take me and that’s the one I listened to. He ended up leading me up a dirt hill. He laid down a blanket and surrounded it with several lit candles. I knew it was wrong, but I was so conflicted because he looked exactly like the man I loved. I made love to Mantus that night on a hill out in the middle of the dark woods. If anyone in town knew about this, I would be kicked out of church and shunned by my family. And on top of that guilt, was the guilt of just committing adultery.

Now, having sex with your boyfriend’s identical twin seems like a fucked up enough occurance, right? I WISH that’s what happened. When I decided to confess to Leo about what I did, I learned that my situation was much more twisted and incredulous.

I told him we needed to talk, so he met me at the park. I could barely look him in the eye, but I just decided to get it over with and spit it out.

“I met your brother the other night.”

Leo looked at me confused and laughed nervously. “Annie, what do you mean? I don’t have a brother.”

Credits to: TrainerTori


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The day started quiet.
The last few days Jacob started acting a little weird, flirty in some kind of way. Maybe it just in my head.
That’s what you thought.
It didn’t get unnoticed by Paul. He didn’t do anything but he was watching Jacob from a distance.
You had a bonfire tonight. While Paul was getting some food and drinks for you guys you were sitting by the fire. You were always cold, so a good thing to have Paul he is very useful as your own personal heather, specially in the winter.
“Are you cold?” You heard Jacob say
“Yeah a little bit”
And within a seconds you were put in Jacob his lap. While he cuddled you from behind and put his heavy head on your shoulder.
You were in shock, that Jacob had the guts to do this while everyone knows how Paul is a heathead, and not to forget how protective he is of you.
“You’re so beautiful you know, I would really like to kiss your beautiful lips an-”
And then you found yourself in the cold and wet sand.
You heard a growl from paul, you looked behind and saw how Jacob was lying on the ground a good distance away,
Paul throw (literally) Jacob Beneath you on the ground so there was a good amount of space between you guys.
Paul was shivering and growling at Jacob.
“You know Jacob I have been watching you for a few days now, I really started to get annoying but this Jacob was the top.”
Jacob looked sarcastically at Paul.
“Well she was almost my girlfriend before you needed to imprint on her”
That was kind of true, because you did had a big crush him
But Paul was so…
you felt yourself dreaming off.
Wait! Y/n get back to yourself you need to help Jacob and not get him killed by Paul.
By the words of Jacob he started to get even more angry, and more shivering.
“Just Because you can’t get Bella doesn’t mean you can throw yourself at my girlfriend.”
Ans he growls at Jacob.
“Paul, baby, Hey, look at me.”
You said as you jumped for Paul his nose, blocking his view to Jacob.
“Y/n DONT!” You heard Sam shouting scared, scarred that Paul will make the same mistake as he did, or worse.

You just kissed him. That’s when he stopped shivering and eagerly started kissing you back.
After a few good minutes because Paul wouldn’t let you go.
You get back to the bonfire and everybody seemed to forget about it and continuing with the night.
You guys sat as far away from Jacob as possible.
Paul and Jacob started acting nice to each other after a view weeks again
But it there little hate for each other Ended completely when Jacob imprinted on a Girl. Just a Month ago or so.
She was very sweet. Her name was Michelle
Long blond hair, blue eyes and she was very short like. Especially beside Jacob, and completely the opposite of Bella.
Not only from the look but also from character, I have met Bella before but think She doesn’t quite fit good bye Jacob, His imprint suits him better, obviously 😅
I get along with her really well. More than with Kim.
And we went on some double dates together.
So it stared to get better, and Paul really liked that Jacob only had eyes for his imprint so.
He doesn’t need to worry about that anymore and can focus himself more on me.

-Hope you guys liked it!
Request by: @queenkelseyjackson

“You haunt me.” - EthanxReader smut

A/N: Sorry if the build up to the good stuff is a little long… I was trying to build up the tension as high as possible in order to create an intense scene. Hope it worked. XP

P.S. This is my first imagine post. Be kind. My tender little heart is fragile. XD

Warnings: Strong language, Aggressive behaviour, Graphic imagery, Sexual scenes

You giggled at the episode of Rick and Morty you were currently watching with Grayson and Ethan. You were staying overnight and this was one of the first times Ethan had stuck around while you were there. The air around him was foreboding. For reason unknown to yourself or Grayson, Ethan was not accepting of your presence. You had made friends with Grayson through social media and had only just moved to LA about a month beforehand. Everyone within Grayson’s social circle, liked you. Except Ethan, the most important person in Grayson’s life.

You were finding it impossible to relax. Everything you did seemed to earn coldness from Ethan. The kid was sat so far away from you and Gray. He’d made a point to go get a chair from the office because the opposite end of the couch just wasn’t far enough away from you. He played it off like he was trying to get a better TV viewing angle but it was clearly bullshit.

“Hey I’m gonna go get into my pj’s. I’ll be right back.” You said to Grayson, removing yourself from the crook of his arm and heading for his bedroom, where you’d dumped your overnight bag. You grabbed your pyjamas from your bag and your toothbrush before heading to the bathroom. After changing and brushing your teeth you headed back to the sitting room and were stopped in your tracks by the sound of Ethan’s disapproving voice.

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REQUESTED: “Could i ask for Credence x Reader where she just out of no where is very clearly annoyed and poor Credence is convinced its him. That he must have done something and is expecting some sort of punishment for whatever he did. And when she realizes he thinks its his fault she gets like a sad tired worried and explains she was just exhausted and she gets irritable? If thats okay?”

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, reverting to old abusive ways of thinking/ideas (slight angst that turns out okay)

Word Count: 1,133

It had been two days now. Two days of your clipped answers, stony silences, and vacant stares. When you did talk to him, it seemed to be short conversations that most often ended with you just kind of…walking away and into another room to lie down. Credence was beginning to worry. He had been with you now for a few months, but never had he encountered this version of you—this darker, more withdrawn you that felt so far away from him despite being in the same room. You had always been so bright and vibrant and alive, and you worked hard to share happiness with other people, and especially with him. He particularly enjoyed nights where he would stay up late enough to be alone with you, and you would talk to him for hours about everything, from philosophy to literature to your day to your beliefs… He loved how candid you were and how you didn’t treat him like he was broken. He was beginning to miss these conversations the most—they had retreated into the stony silences with you. And he was feeling alone.

More than that, he was feeling responsible. All he could think about was his Ma, the way she seemed to regard him with vague disdain at best. He didn’t want you to start looking at him that way, didn’t want to lose the warmth in your eyes he saw when you looked to him. He must have done something to earn this silence, these stares… His mother had taught him that there was always a reason for how someone is treated, and he was always at fault. He knew she had been wrong in most ways, but he couldn’t help but feel the twinge of fear, that lingering thought that maybe he was at fault for your treating him this way, and that maybe he deserved to be punished…

By the fifth day, Credence decided to take matters into his own hands. You had returned home from work and offered him a slight nod before retreating to the kitchen to grab a drink before taking a shower. When you had gotten out, you plopped into the seat by the fireplace and began to read, eyebrows drawn together angrily, not acknowledging Credence past a tight-lipped smile that didn’t reach your eyes. So he reverted to the only thing he knew how to do that would fix things.

Credence stood shakily from the couch and strode to where you were sitting, kneeling gently in front of you, casting his eyes to the floor before the shaking could take him over completely. You had raised your eyes from your book, watching his motions curiously, confused and not quite understanding… When he began to press quivering fingers to his belt buckle, forcing the leather through the metal, everything in you went cold. You got up immediately, more animated than you had been in days and feeling your muscles protest as you kneeled in front of Credence. You reached your own steady hand to stop his in its tracks. His body seemed to still, but with tension. “Credence, what…what are you doing?” You were so tired, and you felt like it saturated your voice because you couldn’t hear the panic that you were feeling.

“I—I upset you, and I-I need to be p-punished, I—” His voice was raspy and hoarse and broken, and how could he think he had done anything?

“Credence.” You had to cut him off. You hoped you didn’t sound exasperated because you weren’t—just tired and more than a little confused, and definitely worried. “You didn’t do anything wrong. And even if you did, I would never punish you…especially not like that.” You lifted his hand away, redid his belt, and clasped his hand tightly between yours, pressing kisses across his hands and fingers.

“But you—You haven’t t-talked to me in days, a-and you’ve looked so a-angry with me, Y/N.” Credence’s eyes were still cast to the floor, but you could see the tears falling from them.

Suddenly it clicked, and you brought a hand to your face, practically slapping yourself with the revelation and with guilt. This week at work had been brutal, stressful, and all-around exhausting; it was one of your worst weeks to date. And Credence hadn’t seen you like this—so stressed out and lethargic. He had taken your behavior to be his fault and had somehow thought he deserved… You felt absolutely awful. “No, no, no, Credence, please. This week has just been…so long and stressful and awful. And I tend to just hole up when I’ve had a bad week and when I’m exhausted. I’m not used to having to…accommodate someone else, to include them in that or tell them. Or having them worry about it at all.” You chuckled at that and noticed Credence slowly shift his eyes up toward you. “I just get kind of…quiet and reserved. And irritable. And the incompetence of everyone at work just kind of followed me home and…. I’m so so sorry, baby.”

Credence startled a little at the pet name and couldn’t help but lunge forward to wrap you in a hug at that. He went under your arms and lifted you up just a little, probably unintentionally because sometimes he still forgot how much taller he was than you. You felt him press his nose to your neck and let out a shaky breath that felt like it may have been held in for days. “I-I’m sorry, I just m-missed you and didn’t want you to be angry with me anymore.” His voice was muffled in your shirt.

You just cradled his head against your neck. “Oh, I was never mad at you, honey. I’m so sorry I made you think it was your fault, Credence, because it wasn’t. Oh, I’ve been so inconsiderate.”

His red-rimmed eyes rose at that, and he shook his head. “No, I—We both should have t-talked about it. I s-should have asked. I know you would n-never…”

You smiled softly. “Don’t apologize for that, Credence. That’s…not your fault.” You knew his past would never leave him, but you didn’t want to call attention to it so bluntly yourself when you knew that he knew that too.

Credence mumbled a quiet, “Thank you, Y/N” and kissed you lightly, thankful to feel like the two of you were on the same page again. He hated feeling out-of-sync with you more than anything else. He knew you were still exhausted and that this conversation hadn’t changed that, which he didn’t mind because he could be patient too, so he allowed you to return to your quiet reading, only this time, you read pressed against his side, silently assuring him that the silence and irritability would pass.


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Insomnia: Part Two

Admin Marie

A/N: An anon asked me if I would write a part two to Insomnia, so here it is! I hope you enjoy it and are happy with the ending. 

Word Count: 1330

Genre: Angst

Member: Woozi (Seventeen)

Summary: You couldn’t keep your mind off Jihoon, no matter how hard you tried. When Seventeen comes into your restaurant, you get a surprise that you weren’t expecting. 

Part 1

Originally posted by seungcheofine

For the months after you left Jihoon, you were barely functioning. Your heart felt so fragile, you wished to ease the pain left by him, the man you loved. He had called, multiple times and left what seemed like hundreds of messages, messages you would never respond to because you knew for a fact that if you did, no one would be able to stop you from running back into his arms. You ended up moving in permanently with Jieun,you two deciding to split the rent of her two bedroom apartment and become roommates, because hell, you didn’t want to be alone.

Joshua’s visits became more frequent, just so he could hug you and hope it would help ease the excruciating pain running rampant through your body. He didn’t bring Jihoon up, not unless you asked him, which you hardly did because it hurt more to know how much pain you caused him by leaving. The sad thing wa, you desperately wanted to run back to him, you wanted to apologize and cry while listening to him tell you that he forgave you. You knew you couldn’t though, because the pain you felt while in the relationship with Jihoon was just as painful as the hurt you felt now. It was like an ache, one that you take all different kinds of painkillers for but nothing seems to work so you wait as you hope it’ll go away and slowly you forget what it feels like to live without the ache.

You turned into an insomniac somewhere in the past month or two. Sleep felt so far away it was like trying to get the the end of the rainbow, only to find out that you can’t ever really get to the end of the rainbow, but you keep trying anyway. Jieun would sometimes sleep in your bed with you because you would get so scared of being alone that she would just lay with you. That helped you fall asleep sometimes, the assurance of another person. Joshua called you often, making sure you were still getting up every morning and going to work, no matter how much you didn’t want to.  

You had to work late tonight. You hated the late shift, practically loathed it, but at least you had something to keep you busy. You heard a group come in at 9:45, loud as ever and laughing. You internally groaned as they got seated in your section and you made your way to their table, looking down as you approached them to pull out your notepad.

“Hello. My name s Y/N and I’ll be your server today,. Can I start you off with something to drink?” You ask, looking up and locking eyes with Seventeen.

“Y/N? I thought you got of at 8,” Joshua says, looking guilty and nervous.

“No, I was supposed to but then my shift got extended because a waitress was sick,” You reply. As you scan each face, your blood runs cold when you make eye contact with Jihoon. “What do you guys want to drink?” You ask, wanting to get out of that situation as soon as possible. They all order a drink and you hurry off. At this time the only people who come to the restaurant are some regulars and occasionally a couple or two, so Seventeen is one of the only people seated in this restaurant. They always used to come when you were working just to see you, but after you and Jihoon broke it off, they stopped coming to avoid the awkwardness. You wondered to yourself if they knew you were working and were trying to fix things. You shake the thought off, knowing they probably were just hungry and didn’t want to cook.

You grab a tray, loading all their drinks on it and carrying it out to them, placing each drink in front of the corresponding member. They each thank you, except Jihoon who doesn’t say a word, unsure at how to handle this situation.

“Are you all ready to order?” You ask, pulling your notepad out.

“You know me, I’ll have mr usual,” Jun says, smiling at you. You return the smile and write down his order. Everyone actually orders their usual, but Jihoon makes Joshua order for him which tugs at your heart. You know the sound of his voice would break you like a twig under a boot, but you don’t care, you want to hear it. You walk away from their table, placing the order in the kitchen and waiting for something to do. You know your boss with throw a fit if you don’t take proper care of the customers, so you begrudgingly stand up and walk into the main area, stopping in front of Seventeen’s table.

“Can I get you guys anything else while you’re waiting for your meals?” You ask. Jihoon stands up, pushing his chair back and walks over to you.

“Come,” He whispers, and grabs your hand gently, dragging you away. You make eye contact with Jieun and stop moving.

“Wait, just give me a second,” You say. Jihoon stops and drops your hand. You walk to Jieun, asking her to cover your tables while you talk to Jihoon. She nods and ats your shoulder. You walk back to Jihoon, disappointed when he doesn’t grab your hand again and walks out of the restaurant. You follow him silently, getting yourself prepared for whatever is about to happen. He stops and turns to look at you, his eyes glistening under the light from the restaurant.

“I’m sorry,” He says. You stay silent, holding back the tears that are bound to come. “I didn’t treat you properly. I ditched you night after night, caring more about my career than you. I am so sorry for that, and I know it is something I won’t ever be able to take back. I know you don’t want to be around me-” You cut him off.

“You think I don’t want to be around you? Jihoon that’s all I’ve wanted since the day I left. I never stopped wanting to be around you, hell I never stopped loving you either,” You say, words pouring out of your mouth before you can stop them. “I never wanted things to go the way they did. I didn’t want to leave that day, but it was what we both needed.” You wipe away the tears that have started to find their way out of your eye and down your cheek. You sniffle and sigh, waiting for his response.

“Can we stop this? Can we put the past behind us and continue being friends? I can’t put you through what I put you through again, but I need you to be with me. Would you please, please just be my friend, of nothing else?” He begs, tears streaming down his face faster than your brain can comprehend.

“Of course. I will always be here for you,” You reply. He hesitantly steps forward and hugs you. You bury your face in the soft material of his shirt, inhaling the familiar scent you longed to smell.

“I will never stop loving you, Y/N,” He whispers.

“I will never stop loving you either, Jihoon,” You reply. He pulls away, handing you a disc. You stare at it, wondering what is on it.

“It’s the song you asked to hear, the first night we really talked. I finally perfected it. I wanted you to hear it first,” He says. “Text me what you think,” He says, ruffling your hair and walking inside. You smile down at the disc, a tear dropping onto the clear case holding it. You both knew that starting to be friends wa just a temporary fix and one day things would get confusing again, but in that moment, neither of you cared, because he loved you and you loved him, you two would do anything just to be in the same room.

sea of sand

author: quartzrose

Meanie with Soonhoon (so far) 


Warnings: None

Author’s Summary:  Wonwoo moves back to the quaint, beachside town he once called home to take care of his aunt’s cat while she’s away for the summer. Expecting three months tucked inside an apartment with a book in hand, Wonwoo finds himself getting a lot more than he bargained for. Breezy beach days, warm summer nights that never seem to end, and a group of boys he feels he’s known all his life. Also Soonyoung keeps pushing for a summer fling, and somehow that leads him to Mingyu.

Notes: Okay this fic. This fic y’all it’s like a k-drama. The plot flow is smooth and overall interesting. Really draws you in. Even though there’s only two chapters written so far, I really wanted to recommend this fic because I have fallen in love and am eagerly waiting for updates! The only criticism I have is that the fic goes into present tense in the second chapter, but I can overlook that because it is incorporated well. 

Length: 7497 words // Ongoing with 2 chapters

anonymous asked:

Could you do a Shiro from Voltron x chubby reader please? I like what you're doing here

Since you didn’t specify I just went with what I felt. It’s kind of angsty (??) but it has a happy ending WE DESERVE IT. Also this ended longer than expected. I’m not so sure if my next requests will be this long. Please don’t feel like it’s personal.

Thanks for requesting ♥

May the space dad bless this blog 🙏

It’s been two months since you arrived to the Voltron team, but far away from home it feels like an eternity. All your past in the earth seems from another life. Like it doesn’t belong to you, like all your memories and experiences belong to someone else.

Everything is from another lifetime, everything but him.

Shiro. Shirogane Takahashi is still here, he’s part of your present. He’s always been. He has been the only constant in your life ever since you joined de academy. You learned his name as soon as you entered the garrison: Top of his class, a genius pilot with natural talent.

He was a couple of years ahead of you, but that didn’t stop you from admiring him. You wanted to surpass him, you wanted to beat him. You didn’t want to fall in love him. That wasn’t part of the plan. Specially not when you had barely spoken to each other during your training days. And yet, you couldn’t help but treasure every little interaction the two of you ever had: Every smile, every “Hi!” ever muttered in the middle of a crowed hall, every sneaky glance you had shared that made you believe you actually had a chance with him.

But of course you didn’t. No matter how confident you tried to feel with yourself, you couldn’t actually grasp the possibility of him liking you back. When it came to love and relationships there was always a voice in the back of your head putting you down. All your qualities always end up being reduced to nothing against the fact that you carry extra weight.

You know it isn’t right to think like this. It’s irrational. But then again, when has love been something logical.

And now, here you are. A member of team Voltron. Closer to Shiro that you’d ever have. You have fought together, you have laughed together, you have finally got to know him as more than just the prodigious pilot. You’ve heard him scream in nightmares and wished to run by his side and tell him that he’ll be all right. That everything will be.

But you hadn’t. You’re not brave enough. And you are starting to feel like you’ll never be. You are starting to feel that you’ll love him in silence forever. That you won’t be able to tell him how much you need him. How much you long to be with him.

Maybe is better like this. You wouldn’t like to ruin your friendship with him by confessing your feelings. You try to convince yourself that this is for the best. But it hurts. It hurts like hell that this has to be your reality. And all because you can’t love yourself a bit more.

You don’t want it to be like this. But you’re falling too deep and that’s scary. So you decide to start to keep your distance from him. It’s not much, but it’s something. At least that way you can lie to yourself, thinking that you’re forgetting about him.

But of course you aren’t. Not even he going missing made you forget about him, so obviously you’re not going to forget about him when his right by your side every day.

• • •

You head to kitchen for some water, you’re not feeling at your best today and don’t feel like talking or wanting to be seen. But of course you ran into Hunk. You try to smile, but all you’re able to do is a sad intent of a grin.

“Hey Y/N, what’s the matter? Not trying to be rude, but you look awful.” Hunk looks at you with concern, but you don’t feel like explaining yourself. So you play dumb. “You think so?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“I’m alright, Hunk. Really.” Usually you’re a pretty good lyer, but there’s something about Hunk that makes you falter; and you just know that he’s not buying it. Before you know what you’re doing, you’re telling him everything, crying like a five year old.

You’re sitting in the kitchen floor, your head resting on his shoulder. He listens to you without saying a word. He waits until you’re done speaking to voice his opinion. “Look, Y/N.” He starts, his voice soft and soothing. “I know better than anyone what is like to feel not good enough. But you need to tell Shiro.”

You’ve just started to shake your head when someone else speaks. “What do you need to tell me?” You freeze and stop breathing. When did Shiro arrived? How much did he listen? You hastily clean any traces of tears of your face and stand up quickly. “Nothing. I gotta go. Thanks Hunk.” Shiro looks at you confused, but you run away before he can say anything.

• • •

Now you’re really avoiding Shiro. After your talk with Hunk you’d reduced your interaction with the team to the strictly necessary. Yeah, it’s childish and coward, but you can’t face Shiro to tell him the truth. God knows he’s been trying to catch you and make you speak, but you’ve been using Hunk as your shield.

But your luck only lasts too little. You’re walking to the control room when his hand firmly grabs your arm. You don’t need to look to know that is him. And when he speaks, the worry in his voice makes you feel guilty. “Please, Y/N. We need to talk.”

You don’t wanna look at him, the intensity of his gaze is almost unbearable. His voice is as firm as ever “I spoke with Hunk.”

“What?” You don’t like sounding this scared, but truth is you’re terrified. “What did he tell you?”

“The same he said to you. That I needed to tell you the truth.” His hold on your arm tightens and you feel like running away. His eyes are piercing your soul, and he looks ready to burn. “I like you, Y/N. I liked you ever since academy.”


There’s static in your ears as you try to process what he just said. You stare at him in awe. His determined look falters when he speaks again. “If I’m being honest… I thought you liked me too.”


“Did I do something to upset you?” You finally snap. “What? No. Of course not.“ Instead of relief, Shiro seems even more distressed. “Then why won’t you talk to me? Why have you been avoiding me?”

You laugh. You laugh at the ridiculous situation. You laugh at how funny and weird life can be. Shiro looks at you concerned. He must think you finally lost it.

“I was avoiding you cause I like you too, Shiro.” He furrows his brows, confusion painting his features. “You’re right. I’ve always liked you.”

“Then why…?”

“Later.” You say, putting your arms around his torso. His strong arms surrounding your frame too. You don’t want to talk about insecurities and self doubt right now. Not now, when you’re so happy you can’t stop smiling. Not right after Shiro just told you he likes you too.

Shiro hugs you like you’re the most precious thing in the world. And, actually, it’s difficult to think you’re not worthy of him when his embrace is so tight and warm and it makes you feel so good. So perfect.

Missing in Action

Status: Continuation of “Bad Idea”

A/n: This ended up being SO fecking long and I got really carried away :)))

When you first went away, Newt knew it was going to be difficult with you not being around in the beginning. The letters seemed to take ages to arrive, and it was far too quiet inside your cozy apartment.

The creatures even seemed to be tense because of the vibe Newt was constantly giving off. He worked late into the night, trying to keep himself occupied. The only time he ever seemed to relax was whenever a letter finally came.

After a month had passed, Newt had adjusted much better. He was able to focus, taking your previous advice and pretending as if you weren’t on a potentially dangerous case.

It ended up helping him greatly, his whole mood had lifted and the time it took for a letter from you felt like nothing now.

One morning, Newt had made himself a cup of tea as he did every morning when he heard something hit against the window.

His head turned to the side and he saw an owl flapping outside, instantly setting his cup down on the counter befoee opening the window, slightly flinching back whenever he saw the downpour of rain.

“Hello there.” Newt said, reaching out and taking the letter the owl was holding. Although his attention was immediately caught by the seal of the Ministry of Magic.

Newt dug into his pocket and gave the owl a small treat before closing the window up again and staring down at the closed letter.

It was a little soggy from the rain but he could still manage to break the seal without tearing any of the paper.

He paused for a second before unfolding the parchment that was inside. All of your previous letters were sent by a personal messenger, and the only reason the Ministry would have to reach him would be about you.

It took him a second to gather himself enough to unfold the paper. Reading whatever information was written on it would make things real, and his imaginary set up that everything was okay would be ruined.

But with a heavy sigh he quickly unfolded the letter and started to read.

At first he was skimming through, trying to finish it as quickly as possible, but then he saw a particular setenc before everything stopped.

“It is with our greatest displeasure to inform you that Auror (Y/n) (L/n) has been officially declared missing in action”

He reread the letter dozens of times before it actually started to reigster in his head what was happening.

Apparently, you and small group of aurors had attempted to locate any evidence from one of the several places Grindelwald had attacked somewhere in Eastern Germany. But while following a lead the whole lot of you vanished into thin air, leaving no traces behind.

It said the Ministry had sent out another group to investigate, but as of now they couldn’t release any other information but they would keep him updated on any further progress.

And at that point Newt couldn’t tell if he was on the verge of a panic attack or a fit of rage because he steadily placed the letter on the table and took severa steps away from it.

Couldn’t release any further information? What kind of thing is that to put in a letter telling someone their loved one was missing?

Newt’s eyes fell on the letter again, placing his hand over his mouth as his mind went a mile a minute.

He took very little solace in telling himself there was a good chance you were still alive, he was positive had the Ministry already had that infomation they would have told him.

So he did what he always did whenever he needed to calm down. He pulled his case from where it sat on the coffee table and stumbled down into his shack.

Once there he immediately let out a small sob, covering his mouth with his sleeve so as to stop more.

But it was loud enough to capture the attention of several of his creatures, one in particular being Pickett, who still resided in his coat pocket which was placed on the rack.

Pickett peaked his head outside, noticing the way Newt’s shoulders shook as he silently started to cry, and instantly he crawled over to the work desk and climbed to the top.

Newt eyes shifted to the small plant creature sitting at the edge of the table, looking up at him.

Pickett had always been one of your favorites since he was more small and gentle, and if anything one of less impressive of Newt’s collection.

Newt reached up and wiped at his eyes, breathing in deeply as he held hand out for Pickett to climb upon.

“No need to worry, everything will be fine.” He said, both for himself and the Pickett.

And Newt really tried to keep that mindset for the first couple of weeks. Telling himself that you had never broken a promise before, and you said you would come back to him.

But after three months passed and several Ministry letters telling him they were still following several leads, but all of them eventually ending up nowhere started to break his hope.

Newt rarely left his case, only ever returning to see if there was any news. It had originally been your apartment before you offered him to stay with you. And it hadn’t changed since then, everything was left the way you had decorated it and it was starting to become a little to much to look at.

He read the small stack of letters you had sent him every now and then when times were hitting a particularly rough spot and he now kept them on or close by at all times.

You weren’t a fan of having your own picture taken, so this was the closest thing he had to a photograph of you.

He had decided to step out of his case and tidy up the apartment, knowing that you would have killed him if you saw the state he had left it in.

And he must have fallen asleep on the armchair because the next thing he remembered was being pulled from his sleep at a few knocks on the door.

He blinked, looking around and seeing that he was sitting in the living room, and it was still dark outside.

Newt stood up from seat walking towards the door and pulling the door open, about to tell off whoever was disrupting him so late in the night.

But his entire mind froze whenever he saw you leaning against the doorframe, scratches along your forehead and a very tired expression on your face.

“Well hello to you to.” You said tiredly with small grin as he stared at you. “Didn’t you get the-”

Your words instantly died in your throat as Newt pulled you into a hug, his grip desperate and vice like as he held you impossibly close, burrying his head into your neck as he let out several sobs.

You regained your balance, ignore the slight pain at your side as you closed the front door, reaching up and softly running your hands through the hair at the back of his neck. “I know.” Was all you said to him.

And for a few minutes you let him hold onto you as he cried, knowing he must have pented up all the emotion these past months.

“Didn’t you recieve the letter saying I was being sent home?” You asked him quietly.

He shook his head, lifting it so he could look down at you. “I’m afraid I stopped looking at the mail recently, all it ever seemed to be was bad news.”

You brushed away the tears in his eyes. “I must say I wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction from you.”

Newt placed his hand on your wrist, leaning his check into it. “I thought you were dead, what kind of reaction were you expecting.”

“Well a lot of yelling and maybe a few I told you so’s throwing into it.” You told him with a small smile.

Newt laughed, shaking his head. “It crossed my mind a few times, yes.”

You sighed tiredly, letting your eyes close. “I do feel rather tired.”

Newt lifted his head. “Oh yes, are you okay?” He asked, looking at the scratch on your head.

“I’m fine, St. Mungo’s wouldn’t have let me go unless everything was stable, but I am rather tired.”

“Of course, then we’ll get you to bed.” He said, adjusting himself so he could help you walk to your room.

“Well no, I’ve only just got here and I’m sure you have several questions for me.”

Newt gently laid you on the bed, helping you get situated before he sat on the edge of it. “I would like to know where you ended up.“ He asked, turning on the beside lamp.

“Well, there ended up being a portkey there that took us off radar, we didn’t even know where we were for a long time. Apparently it was some desolate island in the middle of nowhere. There was an anti-apparating charm placed on the whole perimeter to that closed off that option. So we kept setting off signals and eventually someone saw it, then the rest is history.”

Newt nodded, reaching up and brushing the hair out of your eyes. “Well I am terribly glad you’re home.”

You nodded, turning your head to rest against the pillow as your eyes started to flutter open and shut. “I hope you didn’t fret too much.”

“Don’t worry about me, let’s focus on you getting better. I must say though my creatures have also missed you terribly.” A small smile fell on your face as your eyes closed, still listening to what he was saying.

“I must apologize to them soon. But tell me what you’ve done.“

Newt began filling you in on what you missed, and at first you responded with small hums to let him know you were listening. But he quickly noticed you had fallen asleep soon after that.

He smiled, feeling an endless amount of joy as he looked at you, alive and breathing safely back home.

Kicking off his shoes, Newt shifted himself so he now laid beside you, gently pulling you into his arms and closing his eyes as he felt the rise and fall of your chest.

You were home.

And everything was okay.

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Feyre and Rhys buying clothes for their baby

welcome to the sequel to this

They were out in the city one afternoon when Feyre paused on the cobblestone walk at the bright storefront. She stared in the window at the elaborately carved wooden cradle, a stack of soft looking blankets, and a display of clothes so impossibly small that she bit her lip, hand going instinctively to the bump under her loose dress.

“Do you want to go in?” Rhys asked, eyes catching hers briefly.  Though at first they’d kept the news among their family and friends, the word was beginning to murmur through the city, especially since Feyre was growing out of a significant portion of her wardrobe.  No matter where they went now, people were congratulating them, even sending them gifts.  Feyre was still getting used to the fame that came with being a High Lady so he hadn’t rushed her in doing anything too public when it came to their baby yet.

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Is There Somewhere..

Jackson Wang scenario ~ angst/.5% makeup

Inspired by Is There Somewhere by Halsey, lyrics will be used during the story 

Requested: Yes 

T.W.  implied sex, heartbreak

A.N. Rather long since I serious am lacking on posting all my request. They will all be up soon.

Enjoy xx

The dim morning light shined through your window as it hit your face, though on the outside you shined bright, on the inside you were a mess. You turned to face the ceiling as it became a routine every morning you started to relive the painful memories that you had of the person you use to love. It felt as if you were trapped into it with no way of forgetting it but still wanting something more with him.

Seven months ago

You were dancing in your tube socks in our hotel room,
Flashing those eyes like highway signs.
Light one up and hand it over, rest your head upon my shoulder.
I just wanna feel your lips against my skin.

You never knew you would be doing such a thing like this with your best friend. Never was there any feelings between the two of you, just the ones where the both of you could consider each other as close best friends. Always by each other’s side, through the heartbreaks, the new partners, the feeling of not being wanted. Time and time again you stuck by each other even when it seemed as though you two wouldn’t stay friends.

It was until one day where he had gotten his heart broken once again, you felt something different within yourself this time. You couldn’t fully understand what it was but you knew one thing for sure was that you wanted to be with him. You wanted to end this painful heart break of his. You wanted him.

That feeling couldn’t find any escape but time went by and it seemed to have faded away. So it seemed like it did.

Every month you would go visit your extended family, (aunts, uncles, cousins etc), in a city that were 3 hours away from yours because family meant a lot for you. The only close people you did ever grow up with was your parents, siblings and your best friend. They loved when you came to visit because you constantly reminded them no matter how far away someone is they’ll be there to see you in a heartbeat.

It came close to the time for you to leave with him. You invited him to get his mind off of things. The two of you only in a car for three hours it seemed like you could do it but little did you know would happen next.

Once you arrived to the city you spent more than half the day with your family. He was quiet and loving just like he always did. Sly smiles and quick glances is all that you had between the both of you during this time. Your family loved him and asked if you two were together. As that feeling you had for him began to rise once again, he quickly denied it. There wasn’t enough space for your family to have the both of you over so you head to a hotel that wasn’t two far from them but still near the heart of the city. You’ve always shared a room and slept in the same bed just platonically like always but tonight you knew something more was going to happen.

“Jackson can you stop dancing like an idiot and come help me figure out how to work the tv.” You just wanted to watch a movie but the remote stopped working.

“You always need me don’t you?” He inched closer to you found his comfortable spot. Right next to you, with his head on your shoulder. He put on the movie you wanted to watch but neither of you were fully watching it. His eyes were looking at you, your face, your body. You felt his gaze burning against your skin causing you to feel flustered but not wanting to show it. All you wanted was his lips right on yours.

White sheets, bright lights, crooked teeth, and the night life.
You told me this is right where it begins.
But your lips hang heavy underneath me.
And I promised myself I wouldn’t let you complete me.

The movie came to an end, you put on another one to get the feelings to pass but they wouldn’t budge. He knew what you were thinking and as you looked at him, the both of you nodded your head in approval. Thats where everything went from there. The sheets became a tangled mess, as the city lights from outside your window seemed to dim down.

“ Are you sure about this y/n? This is the start of something else. Something different.” As he spoke you felt his warm breath in your face. The look in your eye gave him the reassurance on what the two of you were doing, but he wanted to hear the words from you instead. 


Five months ago

I’m trying not to let it show, that I don’t want to let this go.
Is there somewhere you can meet me?
‘Cause I clutched your arms like stairway railings.
And you clutched my brain and eased my ailing.

Holding back the tears seemed like the hardest thing you ever could do. He was leaving you. Leaving you just like he left the others. With the others he would leave them rather quickly not giving them a full explanation, but it was different with you. Everything was different with you.

He gave the explanation of how he finally will be able to achieve his dream and pursue the career of music but it would involve of him leaving. Leaving behind family, friends, and you. 

“I need to focus on this right now and maybe in the future if the feelings are still there we could give this another try. I can’t let this opportunity just go by.” You clutched his arms ready to scream that you needed him with you. Though you were together he was still your best friend. You mustered up the courage to say what you wanted to say but all that came out of your mouth was a faint quiet “okay.”

One month ago

You’re writing lines about me; romantic poetry.
Your girl’s got red in her cheeks, ‘cause we’re something she can’t see.
And I try to refrain but you’re stuck in my brain.
And all I do is cry and complain because second’s not the same.

His songs were constantly on replay. He produced and wrote them. Every lyric was a stabbing pain in your heart. He never left your mind yet how could he? Before you two were something serious there was years of friendship. You tried to think of the time of when you were younger but pain would overcome you. You finally realized that you would always have been in love with Jackson just never fully admitted what it was. 

The entertainment news kept saying he was dating another idol. He moved on rather quickly, while you were still longing for his touch, for him to be with you. You assumed she knew all about you because those lyrics couldn’t have been for her. You would cry to yourself but you soon had no more tears to cry.

Present time

I’m sorry but I fell in love tonight.
I didn’t mean to fall in love tonight.
You’re looking like you fell in love tonight.
Could we pretend that we’re in love?

You were still highly devastated but that’s what life was, dealing with whatever happens to you good or bad. You never wanted to fall in love with him, never wanted to be this vulnerable before. You thought he was different but you were wrong. His love hurt you. He hurt you but all you wanted was him. 

The sun was shining bright now and you could feel the warmth hit your face. You felt you phone go off. You had to re read the message over and over again but each time you felt your heart drop further and further down.

“Hi y/n this is Jackson I got a new phone number but I wanted to let you know that I’ll be going back home sometime soon. Is it okay if I go see you.. I would like to talk to you..”

All you could reply was “..okay”


Elizabeth unloaded all that had happened over the last few months, Finley leaving the children with her, Ruben’s resistance to taking in the children and interacting with the children and the tensions that were building in the house. It felt nice just to have someone listen to her. Elsa was so far away now, and she really missed having her on side.

Max: “Wow, I mean, I’m not really one to talk, especially with the complete lack of communication that went on in our relationship towards the end, but maybe that’s also the problem here. I think you need to talk to your husband? And I don’t mean argue, as it seems you’re good at that, but like really talk.”

Elizabeth: “Who are you and what did you do with Max Villareal? I can’t believe you’re the one giving me advice on how to get my life together.”

Max: “Oh, believe me, it’s just as surprising to me. My life is a shambles right now. I really shouldn’t be giving out advice.”

Soul Bound

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warnings: fluff. Pure and unapologetic. The pinkiest cotton candiest diabetic COMA kind of fluffiest fluff

Rating: G

Words: 1669

She should have known the first moment she saw Dean Winchester, from a distance across a parking lot in the crystal cool of that midwinter morning, that her life would never be the same. Even as he was held fast in another woman’s arms. Glittering green eyes utterly unaware of any face but the blonde woman embracing him; his lips pink, smooth and irresistible, his hands tender and soft clutching at the girl’s clothing. Yep, she was a goner, and somehow deep in her darkest corners she knew that HE would be the end of her story.

Then one dark fall night, the young woman was gone from his life. Chased away by the same forces that had shaped his life from the moment the seed of his destiny was germinated. And life went on. With no further explanation, she was never spoken of again. There would be others after that one, an alphabetized litany of lovers and leavers, that left him wandering and stung. Then there would be the ones Dean loved and left, more and more of those with every new year passed. But she remained devoted, hovering always in the periphery, always with an attention on the green-eyed force blowing in and out as though on the trade winds.

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Imagine making a deal to go to hell in Dean's place...

Dean x Reader

Word count: 1273


Warnings: Language,Death

Anon Requested- Do you think you can do a one-shot where the reader makes a deal to got to hell in Dean’s place? I had an idea and would really like to read something like it.

Absolutely! I really like this idea and think it turned out really well, maybe even need a Part 2?

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You couldn’t find the words to tell Dean what you did. Hell you didn’t believe it yourself, you kept on replaying it in your head.

“No, I can’t live a life without him.”You murmured to yourself after you stormed off to your car and sped away. “How could he do this!? That selfish little bastard. Didn’t think of the people that loved him before he did it! Dammit Dean!” You were thinking out loud while you found your way to the outskirts of town.

When you found what you were looking for, you pulled over, popped the trunk of your black 69’ Camaro. You dug around until you found the necessary supplies. Talking to yourself the entire time, tears running down your face. “Where the hell-oh there it is.” you pulled a shovel out of your trunk. 

After painting what seemed to be a devil’s trap through your blurred vision, you buried a tin with all the requirements in it along with a picture of yourself. You cleared your throat and said a few Latin words. “Daemon, esto subjecto voluntati meae.” 

Suddenly a red eyed woman appeared in front of you. “Y/N Y/L/N, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I want to make a deal.”

“Oh? And what kind of deal would-” you cut her off.

“I want to trade places with Dean Winchester. When hell hounds come for him in four months, I want them to take me instead.”

“Why would you want that?”

“Does it matter? You still get your soul, Sam still lives, the only difference is, Dean stays, and I go to hell.”

“It’s a deal.”

That was three and a half months ago, you still haven’t told Dean or Sam. You were going after Lilith, being she was the one who held Dean’s-your-contract.

“Are you ready?” Dean asked.

You were pulled out of your thoughts by his voice, “Y-Yeah, of coarse.”

“Good, ‘cause there is a vamp nest not to far away. Might as well take something out while we wait around finding Lilith.” he chuckled.

“Yeah.” A tight smile on your face


When you and Dean got back to Bobby’s you got a couple of beers. Bobby wasn’t home, so you and Dean made yourselves at home. Sitting on opposite ends of the couch Dean looked over and chuckled.


“Nothing,” you raised your eyebrows and gave him ‘Really’ look. “It’s just, the past few of months you’ve been, different.”

“Is it bad different?”

“No, at least I don’t think so. You just seem on edge. So what’s up?”

“Dean, you going to hell in four days, and I can’t do anything about it.” You lied. “So I’m a little upset, sue me.”

“But I’ve been going to hell for a year Y/N, what’s different now?”

“I don’t know, the realization of you actually leaving, actually dying.” tears started building in your eyes at just the thought of it. “It kills me.”

He looked over to you then at the beer bottle in his hand. It was an uncomfortable silence for a little until Dean broke it. “Do you wanna watch a movie?”

“Sure.” Dean put in an old western and came back to the couch, this time sitting beside you.


You woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon. It smelled so go you wanted to get up and devour it but there was a weight pinning you down.


His arm and leg were slung across your body. You had forgotten falling asleep on the couch, let alone in Dean’s arms. It was nice, peaceful, and short lived, because Dean spoke up making you jump. “Mornin’ ”

“Jesus Dean, I thought you were asleep!”

“I was, then I woke up and you were laying on my arm, and I didn’t want to wake you.”

You opened your mouth to reply when Bobby came in.

“Alright you two, get off my couch like that and eat up. We found Lilith.


”It was only hours until Dean-you-were to be taken by hell-hounds. You were closing in on Lilith. Standing on the opposite side of the street, you could see hideous faces everywhere. When Ruby came up behind you, you almost screamed at the hideousness.

You made your way into the house and Sam came down the stairs with a woman and a child, the child that was Lilith.

“She’s gone.”Sam said simply. 

“Well where the hell-” Dean was cut off by the sound of a clock striking midnight.

“Run!” you saw them, their terrifying faces, and their black eyes burning into your soul. You had reached a secluded room. You and Sam pouring the black sand along the door and windows. After you were done you looked around to make sure everyone was here, everyone was safe. Dean was leaning on the table out of breath, Sam was pulling out the Demon blade, and Ruby was-wait, Ruby wasn’t Ruby.

“Sam, give me the blade.” I said sternly, not taking my eyes off of the white eyed demon possessing Ruby’s meat suit.

“What why!?” Sam’s eyes widened as he saw my death glare towards Ruby. “Ruby’s on our side Y/N!”

“That isn’t Ruby!”

“How do you know?” Dean seemed interested.

“Because I can see her face.” you bluntly said, regretting it instantly.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into her but can I have my knife back?” Lilith said to Sam who was questioning every move.

“No,” at least Sam trusted you.

“No? Well,” she chuckled then pushed all three of us onto the wall, making Sam drop the blade. “That’s not a very wise choice Sammy.”

“Son of a Bitch!” Dean yelled, fear in his eyes.

“Y/N, have you not told your precious Winchesters yet?” Lilith said with a smirk on her face.

“Told us what!?” Sam yelled from across the room.

“Go to hell!” you screamed at Lilith.

“What is she talking about Y/N?” Dean’s eyebrows were knit together.

“Nothing! She’s a lying bitch!”

“I’d be happy to inform you that Y/N booked herself a one-way ticket downstairs. You see Dean, she was mad that you would leave without even kissing her pretty little mouth-” you cut her off.

“That is not how it went down!” Anger took over your voice and face as Lilith misinformed Dean. “That’s not why I did it!”

“Did what!? Y/N, what did you do!?” Dean’s anger showed in his voice, but confusion plastered his face.

You still couldn’t find the words, so Lilith spilled. “She traded places with you Dean. She was so sad that you were leaving, that she’d rather go to hell, then live up here without you!” She said laughing her way through it. While she walked over to the door you could feel Dean’s green eyes burning into your head. You started to turn your head in his direction when Lilith started to turn the knob on the one thing that was saving your life. Looking into Dean’s eyes with tears in your own, you whispered “I’m sorry.” Before Lilith opened the door to let the hell-hounds that would devour you in the small room. 

You were ripped from the wall and you were screaming until your chest was shredded. I was a slow, agonizing death that sent you to hell. And Sam and Dean watched the whole thing. After Lilith was forced to leave by the short exorcism from Sam, they both fell from the walls and Dean cradled you in his arms.

“Dammit Y/N.” Dean’s tears soaked your face as he looked into your eyes. “You can’t leave me like this.” 

I swear I’m still alive just….exhausted.  These last few months have been pretty emotionally draining to the point where I’m having trouble getting excited about drawing again (probably a combo of burnout and stress) so I’ve been slowly picking away at this idea I had involving No-Mercy Creepster’s place in the Multiverses of Undertale:  I.E. Underfell.  He kinda embodies the “ends justifying the means” mentality that seems prevelent in the Underfell universe.

This is about as much as I’ve finished thus far aside from base colors though. Done as sort of an homage to old timey theater posters and Alphonse Mucha, though I’m not sure what to really do for the borders and flourishes.  Also lettering…..

Fanfiction: Just Breathe, Chapter 10

Title:  Just Breathe
Author:  MoustachioPenguin
Rating:  T+
Summary:  The hardest part of falling down is standing back up.  For Kise, standing is the easy part.  It’s moving forward that’s a struggle.


It’s the first day of his second year of high school and Aomine feels anxious.  He’s embarrassed to say he doesn’t sleep well, that his stomach might actually be in knots, and his thoughts run rampant with no signs of stopping.  It’s completely lame and Aomine finds himself feeling like a child.

To make himself feel better, he goes on a morning jog.  It does little to ease his anxiety, but Aomine supposes he doesn’t feel as bad.  After taking a cool shower, he even feels awake, though it could just be his nerves keeping him on high alert.

Satsuki asks him why he’s so tense when she picks him up for school.  Because he doesn’t care to admit the reason, Aomine lies.  Saying that it’s because of Kise—how embarrassing would that be? 

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i'm supposed to be over bert's death by now but i'm not and i get easily triggered by armin's fans who call him the colossal titan and say that he's technically all the merch and posters now :'/ i get that they're happy their fav survived but erasing bertolt like that? Even worse claiming armin is the mascot of the series now 😓

was that titan armin saw crying bertholdt or the original colossal titan?

I’m kinda tired of the manga and it’s kinda boring without Bert in it. For how much longer do you think it’s gonna drag?

Here’s the Bertolt mourning edition!

For some reason I feel like since the omnipresent threat of SnK has been removed permanently, that leaves room for the real enemy to appear.

It really feels weird because everybody felt like the Colossal Titan was the major predator since the beginning of the series, when in fact, most of the truth about him has been revealed piece by piece:

  1. He’s not invincible: his biggest weakness is its speed.
  2. Intelligent titans are controlled by humans capable of shifting, including the Colossal.
  3. Said human controlling him is a meek teenager with self-esteem issues, considered as the flunky of the promotion, being talented but with no outstanding personality.
  4. He also didn’t enjoy what he did but his mission forces him to do it. There’s implications he’s not the one behind the operation destroying the walls.
  5. He and his comrades in arms must vow themselves to their goal despite the unpleasantness, including losing your own friend, without any way of talking this out.
  6. Turns out he’s a played victim since he’s been enslaved from his early childhood by his nation exploiting the nature of the minority, in order to wipe out an enemy he didn’t want to do anything with. The serum he’s been injected with also comes with a 13-year timer, not even allowing him to live past his mid-twenties. He met an end where he was treated as shifter food, completely abandoned, at the mercy of his enemies.

The story tried to disprove him as being the main enemy of Humanity as the origins of the titans got further explored, yet for some reason it doesn’t feel like the same manga at the beginning. Because of the mascot status? He’s featured literally everywhere on the official pages. It’s a bit like watching Pokemon without Pikachu around. Because of this interview? He was considered as being a major obstacle in the SC’s advancement and the thematic is resurfacing.

In SNK, the people who choose to go outside the wall, are the people who choose the freedom of Hell. They have chosen to cast aside their welfare for uncontrolled freedom. And their enemy, the Titans, especially the Colossal Titan, lord over the slaves from Heaven. He (the Colossal) is no other than the God of the (SNK) world. The reason why I felt the Colossal Titan needs to look like the God is because this is an important idea related to the story’s foundation. Even now, this remains one of the most important ideas for SNK.

Guess who represents the uncontrollable freedom? The Attack Titan. Who keeps them away from retaking their land? The Colossal Titan and the warriors as a whole. Now that he’s been removed, the SC is left with almost no limits, as if an equilibrium has been broken. I guess that’s why he died at the end of the second-last arc. Chapter 84 made things more ominous since we’ve accumulated important losses, including Marley who lost its strongest warrior and therefore, wasted a Strong serum.

In relation to the question about whether Armin will become the colossal, I’ve already explained myself here. He won’t become a Colossal and even if he did, he wouldn’t last long and it’s way too late in the series to claim the birth of a new mascot, who might not even shift totally because he’d be afraid of the power or not strong enough to maintain himself for several minutes.

In relation to the image Armin saw…

The Colossal’s ghost - Ch. 85

Armin identified it as Bertolt. It’s hard to tell since the Colossal is usually more fleshed but I can’t see why it would be somebody else: the first shifter might not even be a Colossal themselves. If you compare his eyes here and on the next page with Bertolt’s, you can notice a resemblance. For reference, here’s a photoset of chapter 82:

The eye shape looks the same, there’s even a couple of sadfaces as a reference. this last image is really him agonizing in pain, huh…

Speaking of the end, it made me cackle months ago when people on anonymous boards were claiming it was the end of the first part as if it was your typical WSJ manga when it’s not. A while ago (2014 if I recall), Isayama announced the series would be done within the range of 25-27 volumes. February will seal the 22nd volume with chapter 90, leaving 12 chapters at worst to wrap everything up or 20 chapters at best. 

The pace at which SnK has been since the end of the last arc is kind of worrisome: it’s like he pushed on the accelerator, trying to detail the worldbuilding as much as possible. Remember how we all felt a bit lost while reading chapter 86? His commentary on the ANSWERS Guidebook doesn’t arrange things… It almost reminds me of somebody from chapter 77, actually:

  - “As a series, I don’t think it’s good for the story to be too long or for the timing to be messed up. So I want to end the serialization comfortably, and hurry up and be freed from this heavy responsibility! (laughs)”

My main fear is the ending being so rushed it actually leaves some points moot or feels too underdeveloped for what it promised at the beginning of the intrigue. If there’s indeed 12 chapters left, that doesn’t leave much perspective: I made a summary of the key points since last January. The worldbuilding kicked in since October and last January was approximately half of the previous arc. Ending at volume 25 feels incredibly rushed and if that’s the case, get ready for inconclusive developments.

Ending at volume 27, or even volume 26 feels more ideal, because that 4+ chapter margin leaves time to address a couple of things while concluding the manga. I really hope chapter 90 will kick the action back in the story soon.

In any case, we don’t have much left to explore and the announcement for the end of the manga should fall soon. Probably next month even.

Please Isayama, give me something nice for my birthday and promise me you’ll do at least pages about the warriors’ flashback before wrapping this up.


I still can’t believe it will be over in like 20 chapters… This can’t be it! There are a lot of questions still, for example Isa has to make the worldbuilding so that be’d be able to picture it,right now mainland is just you know seems like a kingdom far far away. Also, we got our Monkey Trouble. How are we gonna erase titans? How are SC even gonna pass whole island and also are they ever? Isa, man, are 20 chapters really enough for you?  I don’t think so.

I believe most of these questions could be answered in several pages. Chapter 86 was quite big as it condensed information about a new world barely acknowledged by Eldians. If Isayama sorts information by importance in order to finish his manga, 20 chapters would be enough. I just don’t want him to mess the pacing up, but he’s running out of time, currently.


Request- I was supposed to send this with my last request but can you do a Lucifer reader where it starts with you being 5 and him watching you then you grow up fall in love with him then you’re finally 80 and he’s on the bedside with you but it flat lined and one day in hell he sees you and asks you to marry him

A/N- I did this request before your first one anon cause this idea hit me like a brick! There’s gonna be a second part for sure! I’m REALY sorry I haven’t been posting as often- I’ve just been so busy lately I haven’t had the time or the mind to write. Let’s hope that changes! Tell me what you think!

Lucifer x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 |

Word Count- 1083

From the time before Lucifer fell from heaven, his father told him that one day he’d have to look over someone named Y/N. Lucifer himself was still young and dutiful so he didn’t mind the idea. Though as he grew to protest the idea of humans, he always remembered the person he’d have to look over, Y/N. He had been assigned other humans before, but Y/N was the name he always remembered. Though he never had the chance to meet Y/N while he was an angel, for Y/N had been yet to be born.

As he fell from heaven, his feathers ruffled with the wind, and a few pulled away- flying in either direction. He was falling. Expelled from heaven by his own father whom he loved and in turn was said to love him. He was angry, sad, and hurt. Yet why was your name still stuck in his head at a time like this?

Years passed him by and although he will never admit, he would always check if you had been born yet. Why out of all the humans he was assigned to look over was your name the only one his father ever mentioned to him. He was beyond curious. What kind of special human would it take to have his own father- God, mention? He just had to know.

Finally he found you.

You were five years old. Your parents took you to the park, and you were barely able to run around for five minutes without falling over.

“This? I’ve waited this entire time for this little squirt?” Lucifer sighed and chuckled to himself. “I can’t believe I was actually curious abo-” he whispered to himself but stopped when he heard the cries of children.

He looked back in your direction, a part of him was worried you had gotten hurt. Though it wasn’t you. It was two other kids who were there. From what it looked like to Lucifer- it seemed you pushed one down and he scraped his knee, while the other held her arm. ‘Nice one kid-’ he thought.

The adults scrambled and began to argue and before Lucifer noticed he was standing right beside them, invisible to all.

“I didn’t push him!” you argued, but you thought about it, “I did push him but he was bugging him!” you say, pointing to the other little kid who was still crying.

“Y/N honey- even if someone is being bad to someone else, that doesn’t mean you should be bad to them. You have to tell us- the adults,” your mother said softly.

Lucifer scoffed and you turned to look at him. Which, of course, surprised him. He was invisible right?

“Are you saying that our little Johnny was to blame?” the other mother shouted angrily.

“Of course not, were telling Y/N to not do such things in the future,” your father explained.

“It sounds to me like you’re blame my child!” she shouted again.

Lucifer sighed out of frustration, traveled a few minutes back, popped out a cellphone and began recording. In doing so he found out you were telling the truth. The little boy, Johnny as his mother called him, was teasing and bullying the other boy. Johnny then pushed the other little boy ignoring him. You came in and pushed Johnny to the floor. Lucifer traveled back to the present, now visible to all, and walked up to the parents.

He plastered a fake smile on his face, “Excuse me- Sorry for interrupting but this little one is right.” The parents just stared at him. “My name is Nick, I’m a- vlogger. I was vlogging my day when the little squabble between these little kids caught my attention. I was still far away so I couldn’t stop them sooner. Forgive me for that,” he said. He then played back the footage which ended with Johnny’s mother in fumes and stomping off with her son in tow.

With a small smile creeping on his face, he disappeared.

You didn’t see him for the next few of months. Your parents didn’t seem to remember about him or the incident at all. You were beginning to think you made him up.

Lucifer felt restless in the depths of hell. He kept remembering you. You weren’t a horrible human in his opinion, but he still didn’t understand why he felt the need to check on you.

“One quick peek and I’m out of there,” he told himself.

You were in your room playing with your toys. Lucifer popped in, in his invisible self, and sat on your bed. Hearing the smallest creek from your bed, you turned and saw him. At five, seeing someone on your bed, after you had just been sitting there, you were scared and screamed a little. Of course you recognized him right after which was why you stopped your screaming. Though it didn’t stop your parents from barging in.

“What is it honey?!” your dad questioned in a panic.

“The man from the park,” you said, pointing at Lucifer, who in turn panicked. You weren’t supposed to see him. No one was.

Your father turned in the direction you pointed, but he saw nothing. “BABE COME HERE!” he shouted, calling for your mother.

She ran over. “What?! What is it?!”

“Y/N made an imaginary friend. Their very first one! This is exciting! Quick bring the camera. We need to document this moment to embarrass them later when Y/N decides to bring someone home,” your dad told her.

“Daw! What’s their name sweetie?” you mother inquired.

You shrugged and turned toward him. “You said you name was Nick last time,” you whispered to him while covering your mouth with your hands to prevent your parents from hearing you.

“My name’s Lucifer but I presume your parents might not like that. Just keep calling me Nick,” he answered with a shrug of his own.

You pouted out your lip and turned toward your parents. “His name is Luci,” you tell them.

“What!” Lucifer shouted.

“He’s a boy is he…? What’s he look like honey?” your dad asked.

“He’s big,” you start, lifting your hand up to signify height. “He has super big wings and pretty! And- And- his face looks kinda mean but his heart looks nice. It’s like a really bright light,” you say.

“You…” Lucifer mumbled as he turned his head toward his wings. “How?” he questioned. ‘How can a five year old see my wings…? My grace… How?’ he questioned.

Hope you liked it!
Part 2

Combat Boots

Request: Peter Parker (Spider-Man)(Tom Holland) and reader? I really honestly have no idea where you could go with it, but maybe like the reader is involved in supery stuff but she’s super clumsy and he’s super overprotective and she always gets mad about it. But at some point or another she does something really stupid and then he has to save her? Idk tho, I’m not as creative as I used to think, so it’s honestly up to you. You don’t even have to do it, I just thought it might be cool.

A/N- so heads up I’ve never watched spider man outside of civil war so I have no idea if this is ooc or not. Y/H/C - your hair colour

The first time it happened Peter thought it was just a happy accident. The small jewellers on the outside of the city was being held up at gunpoint, he had just arrived when a girl dressed in a long black trench coat tackled the gunman to the ground. The gunman dropped his gun and Peter was able to shoot his spider web at the man’s hand before he could reach back for it and stuck it to the ground.

The girl looked up at him and stared for a minute but Peter couldn’t see her face beneath the hood of her coat. All he could see was her Y/H/C hair peaking out past the hood and worn black combat boots with yellow laces.  Peter didn’t even have time to find out who she was because the next moment she was gone and the sounds of police sirens could be heard.

The second time it happened Peter thought it was just a coincidence. It was a man mugging a frightened young woman in an alley, he was perched up on a fire escape waiting for the man to move just a little so he wouldn’t accidently hit the woman when he was aiming his web.

Then, who should walk down the alley, but the girl in the black trench coat from the jewellery. Suddenly the man was thrown back a few meters onto the hard floor, Peter was shocked still but he could see that the floor had become covered in ice leading from the girl to the man and she was holding out an arm.

Peter watched as she turned to the woman, he couldn’t hear what they were saying but the woman seemed to relax a little then scurried away. Once the woman was out of sight the girl turned back to the man and aimed her hand at him, Peter watched fascinated as the man’s legs became engulfed in an ice block and he struggled to get free. When he looked up again the girl was gone again before he was able to stop and talk to her.

The third time he saw her Peter wasn’t sure if it was her. It was at his school this time in the halls with everyone crowding around trying to get to lessons. He had saw her crouched down tying those purple laces on her combat shoes. Kids pushed him out of the way and when he looked back she were gone, he looked frantically around the halls but couldn’t see her.

Peter saw her next exactly where he thought he never would. At the airport on the other team standing right next to Captain America and Bucky Barnes. “I guess you aren’t the only one employing teenagers,” he heard Rhodes say to Tony.

At this he looked closer, across the airport he couldn’t really make out any specific facial features but for once your hood was down and he could tell that you were in fact a teenager around about his age. He gulped, Tony had told him how Bucky - the winter soldier- was a cold blooded killer and everyone on team Cap were in the wrong. But he knew that you weren’t evil, he had seen you doing good with his own eyes, surely you wouldn’t support somebody like the winter soldier? Peter suddenly felt a little uneasy about the dynamics of this fight.

You had been recruited to Team Cap by Sam Wilson. He had approached you after school, which he realised in hindsight that maybe it wasn’t the most well thought out plan, when he had come up to you your first impression was that he was going to attack you. So you had blasted him with ice and pinned him to a wall.

Hardly the best of first impressions. You had only met the team in full just before you were about to go and fight, you didn’t have much in the way of a costume. All you had was a pretty hardy trench coat which was fine when dealing with minor crimes but you were fighting against Iron Man, maybe you should have invested in a better costume.

Everyone was getting changed whilst you hung back around the side of one of the vans waiting for everyone to get ready. Bucky was the first person ready which didn’t surprise you, he was pretty quiet compared to the others but you hadn’t really talked to you. He looked you over for a moment, “How old are you?”

“17,” you told him.

He looked a little taken aback, “Then why are you here? What do you do?”

You smirked and suddenly the floor and the side of the van became covered in a thin layer of ice. Bucky looked a bit uncomfortable and you realised it was probably because of his past with being forced into cryo-freeze, you let the ice melt away quickly leaving a puddle on the ground.

“How long have you been able to do that?”

“Since birth,” you shrugged.

The rest of team came out in their costumes and you felt a little underdressed, Cap looked concerned with your lack of protection but there wasn’t anything he could do to help you now except keep an eye on you.

Across the airport you scanned over the other team, you assumed you would have the element of surprise seeing as they wouldn’t expect a teenager and they wouldn’t know you could freeze things at will. You looked over at Iron Man’s suit and worked out a plan to freeze the joints and mechanisms of his suits so it wouldn’t function properly. There was someone else with a similar suit and then your eyes were drawn to a red blob.

Looking closer you saw that it was that kid who always seemed to be around when you were stopping crimes, you had seen him from the jewellery store. You knew who he was, he went to your school and was pretty bad at keeping his secret identity secret.

Both teams were lined up sizing each other up, nobody seemed to be making a move to fight the other team. You looked around at everyone to see if you were missing something but nope, everyone was just staring. “Are we just gonna stare at them all day or..?” you asked awkwardly.

Finally everyone began running at each other, you had a feeling that you would probably trip and make everyone else trip so you hung back. Plus it helped that everyone was flying or faster than you so they overtook you quickly. You focussed your energy and projected an ice blast at the ground in front of the team making the ones who could fly slip on the sudden icy ground.

Team Iron Man was way out of your league of fighting, two guys in iron suits, an actual almighty robot, black widow herself and then ‘Spider Man’ for some reason you didn’t quite understand. The fighting was a bit of a blur of sending ice blasts and exclaiming “Oh god please don’t hit me,” when someone threw a punch at you. Which did confuse and startle them enough for you to gain an upper hand and briefly freeze them to the ground.

You were inside the airport now and you saw Bucky up ahead fighting Peter, you assumed he would be able to fight him just fine but it shocked you when Peter caught his metal arm. You were too far away to hear what was happening but you gathered Peter was talking, again, you wondered why Bucky wasn’t using his free arm to punch the kid.

Then you realised it was because it was a kid. You, however, had no problem with that. Running along the hall you charged at Peter and tackled him to the ground and froze his hands to the ground so he couldn’t spider web you.

“Hey!” he protested and struggled to get free.

“Sorry,” you shrugged, not sounding sorry at all.

The fight didn’t actually turn out as well as you hoped, your plan to freeze the Iron Suits didn’t work as well as you had hoped because Tony had installed a heating system or some kind which made the ice melt after only a few moments.

When Iron Man and the Other Man started aiming and firing repulsor rays you began to get a little more concerned at your distinct lack of protective clothing. If you go hit by one of them you would die for sure, so safe to say you stayed away from them.

Everything seemed to end when Iron Man #2 got shot out of the sky, Steve and Bucky got away and nobody had much fight left in them. Most of them were fighting friends, you were fairly sure it was only you, Peter and some ant guy who weren’t part of the group of friends.

It had been a long month or so, ever since the fight people had been on the look out for you. You had managed to escape from the authorities by freezing them until you were far enough away and they had been after you ever since. The rest of team cap had been captured but you heard that they had escaped and a fair few of them weren’t even in America anymore.

You had left home so as not to bring any danger to your family and had been living on the streets since. That was until Natasha had found you, no surprise, and had offered you a job working for their side. You had disagreed vehemently, you weren’t going to swap sides now after everything.

So she compromised, you would work for SHIELD and you would be able to stay in the Stark tower. Reluctantly you agreed, you were sick of sleeping in alleyways. You settled in rather quickly, the tower was usually quiet and lacking in life but that didn’t bother you seeing as you were always on missions or in your room.

Peter had become your partner of sorts, you jokingly referred to him as your backup even though the public knew more about ‘spider man’ than they did you. You liked it that way. During the time spent there the team had come to realise that you weren’t as coordinated and cool as you seemed on the battlefield.

In fact you had been trying to put a mug away after washing up and accidently broke the entire shelf, you once managed to drop a toaster, you had even once been bothering Tony in his lab and knocked off the helmet to his suit to the floor and broke it. You had never run away faster.

The team didn’t understand how you seemed to lose all coordination when you made it home, Peter theorised it was that your trench coat gave you powers. Truth was, out there you couldn’t afford to be clumsy, if you were then someone would most likely die because of it. You couldn’t fix that.

Lately though you noticed that peter was hanging around you when on missions than he usually had been. You had been infiltrating a rogue hydra base and ready to shoot down three guards in front of you when Peter appeared out of nowhere and distracted you.

“You almost got shot,” Peter scolded behind you as you stormed into the tower.

“Yeah, because you distracted me,” you yelled, turning to face him so he had to stop walking so he wouldn’t fall into you.

“You shouldn’t get distracted. I was there to look after you!”

“I got distracted because you ‘came to my rescue’ I was doing fine without you but because you had ‘look after me’ I almost got shot.”

“It’s my job to protect you.”

“Protect me!” you screamed, outraged, “I don’t need protecting! The only one needing protecting is you, Parker. Because I swear if you do that again you will wake up missing parts of your body that you love very dearly,” you threatened through gritted teeth then stormed off.

Peter didn’t listen and kept on trying to save you when you didn’t need saving, or scaring off guys you brought back with you. This often ended up in very loud arguments between the two of you, they would have taken you off the same team had you not worked so well together when you weren’t fighting.

You hadn’t had an argument in about a month now and the two of you were on a mission alone. It seemed that the lead had been a dead end, the address they gave you was an old burnt down mansion. Everything had been burnt to a crisp long ago and the coverage of dust let you know that nobody had been there in a long time.

The two of you worked from the bottom to the top, the top of the mansion had  a grand swirling staircase that led up to a small attack. You climbed the stairs listening to the old wood creak and groan beneath your feet.

Even the attic didn’t have anything salvageable for information. Peter was rummaging through some old cardboard boxes and had taken off his mask leaving his hair messy and ruffled. You didn’t bother, you knew you wouldn’t find anything. “So why red?” you asked, looking down the side of the banister, “Spiders aren’t red, it’s not camouflaged, spandex is hardly bullet proof,” you listed.

Peter glanced over at you, “Careful, you’ll fall,” he warned.

You dangled half over the banister, ignoring him and looking down at the several story drop to the entrance of the mansion. The banister spiraled all the way down which cast a really cool shadow across the walls and floor at the bottom. “Hey, Parker, check this out,” you called to him. You put too much weight on the old broken banister when it snapped under you, you started falling before you could grab onto something to steady yourself. You let out a scream as you felt your body fall rapidly down, you hated the feeling of falling and you always thought it would be the worst way to die. Figures.

Two floor from the bottom you were jolted as you slowed suddenly. You looked down at yourself to see that almost all of your body was covered in spiders web. Your eyes followed the strings up to see peter over the side of the attic at the top looking over at you, his eyes wide with panic and panting, you realised you hadn’t stopped falling but Peter was letting you down the rest of the way to the ground at a slower rate.

Your body hit the floor softly, a few moments later peter was swinging down and crouching next to you. “Are you okay,” he asked panicked, ripping at the web and freeing you.

“Yeah, yeah,” you breathed shakily, sitting up.

“I told you so,” peter huffed though he was still concerned about you.

You scoffed and shoved him on the shoulder, “Shut up, Parker.”

“Make me,” he came back at you, “I warned you but you didn’t listen. You go out and do all this stupid stuff without thinking, if I hadn’t been here you would have died Y/N! You’re so selfish, what would I do if you died, I can’t–” you cut him off by placing your hand on his cheek and kissing him hard.

“Thanks for catching me,” you winked and stood up brushing off the rest of the web, Peter was still on the ground opening and closing his mouth.

You began to walk out, “Let’s get out of here, I’m hungry,” you said. You turned back to him, “Coming?” you smirked and Peter shot up and jogged to catch you up. Turning to your right you looked him up and down, “You might wanna lose the suit, spider boy. Most diners don’t serve people dressed in only spandex.”


A/N- I hope that was good for you, sorry if it wasn’t what you had in mind. Requests are open xx