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Kasabian Interview
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Ian Matthews, Sergio Pizzorno, Tom Meighan & Chris Edwards

Kasabian returned earlier this year brimming with confidence with their explosive latest release entitled ‘For Crying Out Loud’. The band’s sixth studio album prompts the usual swagger and flexibility for huge tunes, as well as a more grittier direction compared to 2014’s ‘48:13’. Keen to make a truly great guitar album, the record explores an old-school attitude towards songwriting with striking guitar work formed over a whirlwind six weeks of proficiency for chief songwriter Serge Pizzorno. The imposing outcomes throughout this body of work captures the frequent festival headliners basking in their sweet-spot, delivering upbeat statements and addictive hooks… The Seventh Hex talks to Serge Pizzorno about having parameters in place, Leicester City and fatherhood…

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Meet Jensen. Jensen is an actor. He’s also accomplished in other areas of the realm, including campaigning alongside his costar and best friend Jared Padalecki on a mission to raise awareness and proceeds toward victims of suicide, self-harm, and addiction, as well Downs Syndrome Guild of Dallas (DSG) for his special needs nephew, and participated and successfully completed Tough Mudder, a national competition that puts strength and endurance to the ultimate test through a 10-12 mile obstacle course. 

In addition, Jensen spent the tail-end of 2014 with his millions of fans worldwide for his ten-year strong show, Supernatural. Recently, for a weekend convention in Rome, he had to juggle two roles, as said costar unexpectedly opted out of the event due to personal reasons.

He’s just about compromised his career and his home life for the sake of his fans without a second’s hesitation. He’s done a phenomenal job, but most of the above-mentioned is too often overlooked. Jensen’s not looking for praise, but what he deserves is some recognition. 

It’s our turn to give back to our fearless leader. Spread the word. In honor of his beloved character in the show that started it all, get #GetDeanto2M trending on Twitter, because together we are going to get Jensen to 2 million followers, whatever the cost. His selfless acts will no longer go unnoted. He will be, in our eyes and in our hearts, the Dean Winchester we all know and love.