the end of the world guise


JOHN: as for fighting, lately we’ve been tangoing with the dastardly midnight crew! 
JOHN: they’re not super tough, just relatively annoying. gang wars and shit.
JOHN: though, i have heard this super juicy rumor about crockercorp actually being evil! the batterwitch controlling the world under the guise of a sweet woman making shitty boxed baked goods.
JOHN: it’s a whole conspiracy i tell you!
DAVE: john no
DAVE: weve talked about this shit man–yeah crockercorp is evil but its like
DAVE: evil in the way disney is
DAVE: im pretty sure theyre more interested in makin a quick buck than they are in evil totalitarian world domination
DAVE: you feelin me here??
JOHN: no, i’m not feelin’ you here! they’re totally evil. end of story.
JOHN: also i’m known as the hammer and dave’s the knight!
JOHN: so chivalrous! 
DAVE: damn skippy

4.5/5 Stars.

How fitting that I waited until a time when the content of this book feels especially prescient and urgent to finally read it. It’s a scary day indeed when our reality begins to mirror our dystopian fiction.

The Handmaid’s Tale takes place in a totalitarian theocracy where men rule everything. In this new version of America, Offred, the story’s protagonist, is a slave with one purpose and one purpose alone: she must bear children for the Commanders. Throughout the novel, which Offred narrates in first-person, we gradually learn about her own personal past and some of the circumstances that led to this new society.

Okay, so things aren’t that bad for us quite yet, you say. Fair enough. But the themes remain eerily timely.

- Misguided Christians twisting the words of their savior and using their religion as a guise for hatred and control? Check.
- Powerful men imposing on women’s bodily autonomy and agency? Check.
- The ones at the top benefiting while everyone else suffers? Check.
- A totalitarian government replacing American democracy? Well, hey, we’re one week away from Trump taking office, so let’s put an old checkmark in this column, too.

Atwood’s prose, as always, is impeccable. She writes with urgency, purpose, and humanity—and delivers an ending more brilliant and deliberate than I ever could have imagined. (Seriously…THAT ENDING.)

As we prepare to inaugurate a dangerous demagogue to lead the most powerful country in the world, we must be ready to resist him every step away. We must fight for the rights and the agency of all people—especially those who he and his administration have put at risk. As we do this, we can all bear in mind Atwood’s words, which repeat throughout The Handmaid’s Tale in their Latin form, to fuel our resistance:


If I can get my shit together this summer I wanna do the stony big bang again because I did it in 2015 and it was a lot of fun! But I just wanted to post my fic idea to see if anyone had any opinions on it?

I’ve kinda already made posts about this idea before but anyways

Alien!Tony who ends up leaving his home planet for Earth.  He comes to Earth under the guise of a military intelligence operation for his race, but his real reason for coming is to escape his father, the leader of one of the most powerful and influential nations on his home world.  Tony was forced into one of the military guilds on his planet to manufacture weapons, but when he found out how his weapons were being misused by his own people, he escaped.  Now Tony is on Earth learning their customs, spending a lot of time with Steve, and helping out the Avengers.

However, Howard is misinformed that the Avengers have taken Tony as their prisoner, and plans an attack on the planet unless Tony is returned home.  Tony knows he has to leave his new friends for a life he doesn’t want in order to protect them and all of Earth, but Steve isn’t going to let him go so easily…

The Princess and the Queen:

Once upon a time there was a princess in disguise
living life as a lie, living under the guise
of a sorrowful soldier in the bloody battle for survival
in an all too cold and careless world.
Her story, it had a harsh beginning
and the trials she faced, they seemed never-ending
and when she stated at her reflection she could not see
her beauty or her grace
for it was hidden deep inside
buried by all the years in which she had to hide
her true self, had to hush
the voices of kindness and compassion in her heart
in order to win the wars waged all around her by the ruthless rulers
of love-barren lands.
Once upon a time there was a princess
who heard she was a worthless pauper
and she believed it.
Then one day, her universe changed in a fateful way
when on a seemingly hopeless road
she encountered a breathtaking queen
who was the most wonderful woman she ever had seen
on both the inside and the out.
The queen held her hand, and she told her to stand
tall, and not to let her crown fall
from her head.
She taught the princess to save her own self
and to ignite the fires of fantastic light
of endless laughter, love and life
that were burning dangerously low inside her.
She said for the princess to fight to control her own fate
to fight against hate wth equal parts gentleness and strength
and to never give up hope and never let go of the rope
that tethered her to her dignity.
Once upon a time there was a princess who believed she was a pauper
who met a queen, who held up a mirror and showed her the royal that she was.
Then the queen held her close
and she called her her own
and the princess felt suddenly safe from the cruel conflict
she had endured.
From that day on the whole wide world changed
and the wicked winter turned softly to spring
and the princess ruled the land with a kind and caring hand
while the queen stood smiling behind her.
Once upon a time there was a princess
who was nurtured by a queen
and they created the most amazing kingdom
that the world had ever seen.

—  S. R. N

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Sometimes, Adrien forgets himself. He forgets what belongs in Adrien’s world, and what belongs in Chat’s.

Laughing politely at a lame joke: Adrien’s.

Telling the lame joke: Chat’s.

Standing for hours on end, tilting his head just so: Adrien’s.

Flying through the Parisian night sky: Chat’s.

Visiting a pretty classmate under the guise of Paris’s hero: not Adrien’s.

Saying hello to the same classmate in the morning: that’s not his either.

He forgets all of this as he looks up, grinning lopsidedly as Marinette, with her constant pink cheeks that mysteriously arise when he’s a civilian, passes his desk, stepping up onto the platform leading to her own seat. Adrien- not Chat, the hero who managed to worm his way into a really close friendship with Marinette, but Adrien, who’s barely been allowed to exist in the girl’s presence without causing a scene- raises a hand in greeting. “Salut, Marinette!”

“A-adrien! M-m-morning goo- ack!” Marinette’s pigtails whack the girl in the face as her head snaps around, wide, startled, deep-sea gaze locking on Adrien’s. Her foot, half raised to step up to the next platform, barely toes the edge, catching just enough pressure to send the rest of her weight flying out from beneath her. With a yelp, Marinette tumbles forward, eyes squeezing closed as she braces herself for-



-hitting her head solidly against the corner of her desk. She cries out as she hits the ground, curling in to a tight ball of pain.

Adrien winces, instantly darting out of his chair and over to his Marinette’s side, only remembering at the last minute the he cannot pull his princess into his lap and fret over her because that is a Chat Noir thing and Adrien is nowhere near that kind of level of casual comfort with Marinette. He settles for a worried hand on the girl’s shoulder. “…Marinette?”

She groans softly, blinking dazedly up at the fluorescent lights as she rolls onto her back. Her gaze focuses on the lights, squinting. Adrien raises a hand to shield her eyes from the glare of the lighting.

“Marinette?” Her gaze flickers to his, widening briefly in recognition before relaxing again. A smear of red catches his eye. Swallowing nervously, Adrien gently brushes aside Marinette’s bangs (ignoring her embarrassed squeak). His heart drops to his stomach when he reveals a gash on the side of her head, left from, presumably, where she hit it against the table. “Oh, shit, Marinette, I’m sorry!”

She giggles a little, face flushed red as she tries to sit up. Adrien looks at her curiously, still hovering over her. “I’ve never heard you curse before, Adrien.”

His shoulders lose some of their tension. Surely she’s alright if she can comment on that… “I’ve never caused one of my really close friends to split their head before.”

The way her eyes light up at his comment makes Adrien grin loosely for a second. “I’m one of your really close friends? Really?”

Right. He’s Adrien. Not Chat. She’s Chat’s “really close friend”, but… screw it.

“Of course you are.” Adrien wraps one arm around her shoulders to support her as he gently pulls Marinette to her feet. She leans heavily into his side for a moment, eyes dipping shut for a split second. A small, tired hum slips past her lips. “…Marinette?”

The girl jolts, almost tearing herself out of Adrien’s grasp in her effort to put some distance between them. Adrien sighs internally, watching her sadly.

What makes her so much more comfortable around Chat Noir?

He shrugs it off, turning to Mme. Bustier and requesting to take Marinette to the nurse. Mme. Bustier nods, sending the two to get Marinette’s cut cleaned and looked at. Adrien hesitantly offers his hand to Marinette, his heart fluttering in elation when she accepts the hand in her own with a fierce blush. Maybe she doesn’t dislike me as much as I thought?

Still. He can’t hover near as much as he wants to when Marinette’s steps drag on the way to the nurse’s office. Hovering over his princess isn’t for his tight, constrained world.

He’ll escape to the other to worry over her tonight.

“Marinette!” Chat rushes to her side as the designer pokes her head out of the trapdoor, a bright white bandage peeking out from beneath the raven locks of her bangs. Her brow furrows in confusion as she climbs out. Marinette squeaks as Chat envelops her in a tight hug

“Ch-Chat Noir? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, not with me, but what about you you’re hurt.”

“Ch-Chat, it’s okay! I’m okay! I was just surprised and slipped!”

Chat pulls away to inspect her head, claws gently pulling her bangs from the bandage. Marinette’s gaze tracks his as he runs his thumb gently over the gauze. “You hurt your head… you could have a concussion! Do you have a concussion?”

“I do not have a concussion. I am fine.”

“How many fingers am I holding up?” He sticks up a hand with his thumb tucked in. Marinette rolls her eyes.


“Are you sure? Your eyes look unfocused.”

“Chat Noir, I am perfectly fine.”

“…okay, that sounds fake, but okay.”

“If you’re going to meme at me you can just get off my balcony right now.”

Chat grins sheepishly, unable to help pressing his lips to the bandage. “Sorry, princess.”

Marinette squeaks, cheeks visibly flushed even in the darkness of the night.

His smile widens. The one thing allowed to belong to both Adrien and Chat Noir: Marinette’s absolutely adorable blush.

@smarsupial​ you had mentioned wanting to hear my thoughts on A.I. so here they are!

If forced to narrow it down to two, I’d say my favorite filmmakers are Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg. Given their friendship, and the themes Spielberg’s been exploring his entire career, he was the perfect choice to pick up where Kubrick left off on his sci-fi riff on Pinocchio

The resulting movie was widely panned upon release, but has been reconsidered since, as its devoted fans have spread the gospel (Reverse Shot wouldn’t exist, according to its founders, without the galvanizing organizing principle of defending A.I.) and Spielberg himself followed up the film with a run of moody, philosophically complex works that gave A.I. some context. Which is, of course, the exact same trajectory that Kubrick’s later films followed, and like Eyes Wide Shut, A.I. is now widely (and IMO rightly) considered one of the best movies of the last twenty years. 

One of the principal complaints leveled at the movie was that the seams were too visible–the Kubrickian and Spielbergian aspects didn’t fit together. But I think the film sets out to reflect that duality in its story and themes, in a manner that cuts to the heart of why it’s so damn devastating. Two moments in particular stand out to me in this regard. One is the recitation of a passage from Yeats’ “The Stolen Child.” 

Come away, O human child!

To the waters and the wild

With a faery hand in hand

For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.

The other is this line from one of the super-advanced robots to our protagonist child-bot David, near the story’s end: 

“I thought this would be hard for you to understand. You were created to be so young.”

David is programmed to love and be loved. It’s the only way he can make sense of the world, the only narrative he understands. Early on, he sees himself in Pinocchio when his adoptive mother reads the story to him and his human brother, and after his mother abandons him in the woods, he sets out to find the Blue Fairy and become a real boy so his mom will love him again. 

That’s the story happening inside David’s head: a classic Spielberg fable. The story happening around him, however, is a pitiless Kubrick dystopia. Climate change has rendered most of the Earth uninhabitable (with a drowned New York ranking among the many stunning tableaux in the film). The rich have walled themselves away and steadily replace their loved ones with machines, who are treated with a casual ruthlessness that never fails to shake me. No one pretends the robots will save humanity from the consequences of our behavior. The bots are there to distract us from those consequences, to delight and service us (whether sexually or emotionally) while we wait for the apocalypse that arrives in the final act. 

But David doesn’t really notice any of this, and to the extent that he does, it never interferes with his prime directive: make Mommy love me again. He doesn’t develop as a character, because he can’t. They built him a naive child, and he will stay that way forever. He’s so lost in the beautiful lie in his head that he can’t perceive that the world around him isn’t designed to reward his quest. “The world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.” When he finally reaches the ruins of New York, where he thinks the Blue Fairy is waiting for him, he learns that his entire journey was set up by his makers, a test to see if his programmed love was really that durable. There is no Blue Fairy to make him into a real boy, and despite telling himself otherwise throughout, David is not special: he was designed in the image of his creator’s dead son, and he has now been mass-produced. 

Devastated, David attempts suicide, only to discover a statue of the Blue Fairy in Coney Island beneath the waves. He prays to it for two thousand years as the world ends around him, only to be discovered by the aforementioned super-robots, who consider his memories to be a historical payload regarding humanity. But again, David doesn’t care about the movie’s increasingly 2001-esque big picture, because even after learning that Story is a lie, even after millennia of unanswered prayers, his faith is unshaken. He just wants the Blue Fairy to be real, and for his mother to be alive. So the other robots appear to him in the guise of the Blue Fairy and use DNA ex machina to recreate his mother for a single day. This annoyed a lot of people who found it overly convenient and sentimental, but IMO they missed Spielberg’s Kubrick-influenced critique of his own genre. David’s perfect day is explicitly fake. That’s not his mother, she’s a simulacrum–and so the movie comes full circle, as the robot designed to replace a lost family member is given a replacement for his lost family member. His real mother didn’t actually love him like that. This is all in his head. We are invested in David emotionally because of how devoted he is to his quest, while also recognizing the degree to which his entire being is manufactured to fit a specific need. “His love is real. But he is not.” 

The film is the best of both worlds, its sweeping sentiment achieving catharsis without sacrificing Kubrick’s philosophical agenda. David’s buddy Gigolo Joe often acts as a mouthpiece in that regard, whether casting David as a religious martyr lost in a nihilistic age…

“The ones who made us are always looking for the ones who made them. They go in, fold their hands, sing songs…and when they come out it’s usually me they find. I’ve picked up a lot of business on this spot.”

…or articulating why humanity resents and preys on artificial intelligence even while relying on it…

“They made us too smart, too quick, and too many. We are suffering for the mistakes they made because when the end comes, all that will be left is us. That’s why they hate us.”

…or reaching for Descartes with his final words: 

“I am. I was.” 

But of course, David never gets it, because he was created to believe in stories. So at every turn, the film acts as a deconstructed fairy tale, in a manner that reminds me more than a little of Quentyn’s quest in ASOIAF. The difference being, of course, that Quent realized at some level that his “adventure stank,” whereas what’s so heartbreaking about A.I. is that David never, ever will. He will always clap in the hopes that Tinkerbell will come back to life, his hopeful expression so eternal and unchallenged by reality that it’s as scary as it is sad, as Kubrick as it is Spielberg.


Am I the ONLY person to notice how similar Koro-sensei and Lelouch are?

They both look alike, they both have the same Japanese voice actor (who also gives Sensei’s human form a Lelouch-like voice to the point where their “cold, calculating mastermind” internal monologue voices sound pretty much exactly the same.)

They are also both geniuses and brilliant actors with good ways with words and the capabilities to hide their darker sides behind the most genuine looking fake smiles and masks of calm demeanour. Although Lelouch is more arrogant and still has a kinder side (both of which, especially the latter, human Koro-sensei mostly lacks), they also both have penchants for using people like tools to achieve their goals. There are a number of times where they act similar.

They both had troubling incidents in their pasts and at some point in their lives they both walked through towns filled with corpses and death as children (except sensei was doing it since young but Lelouch only by the time Japan became a war zone).

They both received strange powers being researched by top secret research facilities that are seen also used by several other characters in each of their respective series (tentacles and Geass). On both occasions, gaining the powers sped up both their schedules (Lelouch’s schedule of defeating Britannia, and Sensei’s goal of escaping the lab). They both get somewhat “drunk” on these powers and regret it after a pivotal incident (sensei focuses on destructive purposes but laments as to why he didn’t think about using them to help others when Aguri died. Lelouch hates himself for being too reckless and losing control over his Geass at the Euphinator/SAZ incident. By the end of the series he punishes himself for using his Geass on people.)

They both gained famous, legendary aliases at some point in their lives, and were responsible for the deaths of thousands under those identities/aliases (Koro-sensei became the legendary assassin the God of Death while Lelouch became the legendary masked revolutionary Zero.)

They both, at some point in their lives, met a girl/woman who they became close to (Aguri and Shirley.) both girls died from an outside influence caused by someone or something that came from the facility that researched sensei/Lelouch’s powers (Aguri was hit by a tentacle mine created by the antimatter research facility, Shirley was shot by Rolo who was trained by the Geass Order.) Both girls got fatal wounds in the torso, and Koro-sensei and Lelouch both kneeled over said girls as they died while despairing over how the power they had couldn’t save Aguri/Shirley. Aguri and Shirley both put themselves in line of danger because they wanted to help/save sensei and Lelouch. Around the time of Aguri and Shirley’s deaths (regardless of the specifics – whether before or after), both sensei and Lelouch destroyed the research facilities researching their power (Yanagisawa’s lab/the Geass Order.)

At some point (regardless of exact order in their characters’ stories), both Koro-sensei and Lelouch fell from their aliases/positions as the God of Death and Zero when they were betrayed by their followers (they were also both in spotlights with guns aimed at them in the process, although the apprentice/Second God of Death wasn’t doing the gun-pointing in Sensei’s case – he just abandoned sensei).

In order to achieve their final goals, by the time of which they had both character-developed into nicer people, (goals of world peace/getting to teach 3-E), they both set up new identities for themselves (the super-destructive tentacle organism Koro-sensei and the demon emperor/99th Britannian Emperor Lelouch). They both made final plans in which they turned themselves (in their new guises/identities) into the enemies of the world (when they weren’t really like that on the inside anymore), and planned to intentionally end with their own deaths (so the Assassination Classroom and the Zero Requiem are similar in nature.)

On top of all of THAT, they both died from stabs to the heart, with people crying on them as they died, and were both remembered by the entire world as monsters after they died while in both cases the only people who remembered them fondly as good people are the people who knew/figured out the reasons for their final plans or suspected something about the plans (Nunnally, Suzaku, Jeremiah, Kallen, 3-E students, Karasuma, Irina).

And there are more parallels between Code Geass and AssClass than those two (like Rio Nakamura and Milly Ashford, Aguri and Shirley, Yanagisawa and pre-joining-Lelouch’s-side Jeremiah, the Second God of Death and Rolo/the Core Black Knights, etc.)


Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge: Japanese trailer reveals Keira Knightley's return

Disney is pulling out all the stops for Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge, bringing back a whole host of familiar faces.

A previous trailer had already unveiled Orlando Bloom’s return as Will Turner, now a barnacle covered-mess ever since he took over command of The Flying Dutchman, following his death at the end of the third film, At World’s End.

Now, the Japanese trailer for the film has unveiled a surprise appearance from Keira Knightley, returning as Elizabeth Swann, in what’s likely (unfortunately) little more than a brief cameo.

Johnny Depp’s unstoppable rogue must, this time, face a new foe in the guise of former associate Captain Salazar (played with ghoulish delight bySkyfall’s Javier Bardem); whose escape from the clutches of the Devil’s Triangle has spurred him on a mission to kill all living pirates, with a particular target on Sparrow’s back.

Salazar’s Revenge certainly, so far, boasts the usual formula for a Pirates of the Caribbean vehicle: pitting a supernatural crew (Salazar’s ghost pirates) against Sparrow and a young, beautiful lass (Kaya Scodelario’s astronomer Carina Smyth) and lad (Brenton Thwaites’ Royal Navy sailor Henry, son of Elizabeth and Will).

Kon-Tiki’s Espen Sandberg and Joachim Rønning are directing; with the cast also seeing Geoffrey Rush’s Captain Barbossa once more return, all alongside actual rockstar Paul McCartney.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge hits UK cinemas 26 May 2017.

The girl who claimed to be Kris’ ex girlfriend (she WAS a non-celeb) now just had professional pics of herself ~leaked~:

After claiming to be exposing their relationship because she was heartbroken that he blew her off, it seems her true motives are now revealed. No wonder she was building up anticipation and releasing information bit by bit.

This is the girl his antis have been painting as a victim. (When the victim was always Kris - who was the one getting slandered and had his supposedly intimate conversations posted for all the world to see). This girl hid under the guise of having her heart broken, little poor her, she thought he loved her, etc and then she goes and is revealed to want to become a celebrity. Her version of how their alleged relationship went has always been sketchy especially since she was dating someone else around the time she claimed to be dating Kris but antis and faux concerned people latched onto her story without verifying anything because they wanted to have something to attack Kris with.

These pictures were taken at the end of May so she has been planning this for some time.

princessbrivee  asked:

Harumichi for ship meme

Drinks All of the Coffee: Michiru’s not much of a coffee drinker but after they move in together and she sees Haruka go through a pot and a half in two hours she thinks she might have to start just to save Haruka from herself.

Brings up adopting a pet: It’s all fun and games until Haruka get the toddler in on the idea of a puppy. Michiru asks if Luna can stay with them for the week and they call it good. 

Kills the Bugs: Haruka is definitely the bug killer. It’s not that Michiru doesn’t like bugs, it’s just that Haruka thinks it’s her duty to kill them. And Michiru’s not exactly going to tell her any differently.

Cooks the meals: Out of the two of them, Michiru is the better cook. Haruka pretty much survives like a college student who’s only kitchen is a microwave and a toaster but even still she can manage most things. Michiru is just better with the stove top.

Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Oddly enough, Michiru. Haruka is incredibly specific about when holidays can start being celebrated because each holiday must have equal time being celebrated you can’t leave any out Michiru. Michiru starts thinking about holidays in the approximate month no matter if it fits Haruka’s schedule or not.

Initiates the couple selfies: You would think that Haruka would initiate them more, but actually Michiru does it under the guise of checking her make up or something - “Haruka do you think this lipstick looks good?” “wha?” click - so Michiru’s Instagram is full of Haruka being cute and unsuspecting and practically candid because that’s how Michiru thinks she looks her most handsome. 

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Michiru’s never had a good grasp with dates, if only because for so long she was concerned with the world ending and who knew when that was going to be? Haruka on the other hand forgets until the day of and then it’s like a switch in her head. 

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Definitely Haruka are you kidding? Haruka’s not allowed to go shopping by herself for a while - Michiru always sends Hotaru with her because Hotaru is more likely to inspire Haruka to remember to eat nutritiously. 

Nicknames the other: They both have nicknames for each other! Haruka thinks she’s clever when she calls Michiru her “siren” when she’s feeling rather affectionate or exasperated and Michiru specifically reserves “Speed Racer” for when Haruka’s being stubborn or particularly hard headed.

Modern Gwen/Arthur/Merlin (or ‘After S5′ concludes)

Where, after Gwen chose a successor and the kingdom was running smoothly, she asked Gaius to find her a magical means by which to meet her husband and Merlin in the future… 

For she knows, now. 
After all was said and done, she had Gaius recount the entirety of what had occurred… from the moment Merlin had arrived, to where Arthur and Merlin were now. And all then made sense. Pieces came together to show a tapestry previously unseen.

He secrets her away, with the assistance of the remaining original knights, to the Isle… and, with the assistance of a few Druids who were both capable and sympathetic… she is enchanted to awaken only when one or both come for her. And they will, she knows it… they promised her, in the sending of the sigil. 

Merlin comes for them… in the guise of an elderly man, when the world is much, much changed. His ancient disguise is near-legend in the local region, ‘The Old Man Who Watches the Lake’… who has been seen for centuries without end.

[He uses it to hide his true identity, and has to change his address/location every few years so no one realises that age does not change his youthful face/body/visage.]

His check-ins get less and less frequent during the 1900s… but Merlin starts to make use of technology to keep an eye on it in his stead. Economic downturns in the 2000s make him start watching more closely, just in case this is the thing that make wake… for all he knows, Arthur.

But then, deep one dark night of the 2010s… he wakes without words or reason.  A knowing, a need, a call… 

The world is filled with corruption, natural and man-made disasters are rife… he should have known. 

Merlin curses quietly, and checks the camera feeds from around the lake. 
Nothing is visible, it is as if a human eye gazes upon; one that does not have the advantage of magic to show the Isle itself. But… but this is different. 
There is a glow, a corruption of the feed…. something is happening… he needs to… he needs to… be there.

It is times like this, Emrys wishes that the great dragon Kilgarrah had lived… for he did not currently live within easy reach of the area. In recent years he had had to move further and further away to avoid suspicion… so there were at least a few hours between Merlin and the Isle, by car (an invention of mankind he sincerely enjoyed). 

Possibly the most stressful few hours he had ever driven in his long, long life… 

…but when he arrived, oh when he arrived it was all worth it. 
The Isle glowed, a muted deep purple that made him think, not of arthur, but instead of-… 

Oh, the boat… the boat was coming.
Perhaps it was his long years, and maybe his memory had faded significantly, but… something seemed… wrong. Was that not the boat he had set adrift across the lake those many years ago?

…no, maybe, yes, no… why was it so hard to remember…?

Whether true to memory or otherwise, Merlin abandoned all pretense and began wading out to meet the boat… face as fresh and young as it always had been; the tang of magick on his tongue, abandoned, as he failed to don his ancient guise.

And then, the reason for his confusion became clear… for it was not Arthur in the boat… but someone he could not comprehend.


It was Gwen. 

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“The One You’ve Been Waiting For:”  A Summary.

The title:  

Is grossly misleading.  I wasn’t waiting for any of this.  

Did Sam get a dog?  Did all my favorite characters unexpectedly return from the dead?  Did every one of Cas’s shitty relatives line up to present him with a thoughtful apology and a guinea pig?  Did Dean finally admit to himself that most heterosexual men don’t call their platonic bro-pals things like “sunshine” and “huggy bear?”  

No?  Well, call me when that changes.  Until then, I’m going to bed.


Is the human personification of a cupcake and I am really, really glad she isn’t dead.  


Is too kind and empathetic for this world.  Uses his own trauma to help similarly troubled souls, knows when Dean needs pie, was destined to be a professional counselor, and it is a travesty that he is not one. 

Aaron “Gay Thing” Bass:  

Was not present nearly enough.  End of discussion.


When they said they were going for a “Richard Simmons-type” interpretation, I honestly thought they were joking.  Evidently, they were not.

Dean “I Killed Hitler” Winchester:  

Killed Hitler.  Is also struggling with feelings of rejection and abandonment which he avoids confronting under the guise of mature rationalization, but seems to have gained brief reproach via killing Hitler.  Because killing Hitler is generally a good self esteem booster.  Did I mention he killed Hitler? Oh, and he also deserves pie.  Because he killed Hitler.   

  • Sehun: Okay guises, *throws confetti into the air* it's my birthday, what'd you get me?
  • Baekhyun: *Gives Sehun a picture of him* I luhvvvvv youuuuuu
  • Sehun: ......
  • Sehun: Oh my god, that wasn't charity?
  • Kyungsoo: I baked you a cak...Where the fuck is the cake?
  • Lay: *giggles in the corner*
  • Kyung-soo: I'm going to end the world
  • Chanyeol: Kyung-soo I got the candles!! <3 <3 <3
  • Kyungsoo: *flips every table* WHERE'S LAY?!?!
  • Sehun: This is not fit for a king, PEASANTS is this it?!
  • Chen: Am I getting paid for this?
  • Xiumin: I'll give you a free show *winks*
  • Luhan: *shows up out nowhere* Give me those NUDES!
  • Kris: Birthdays aren't my style.
  • Kai: You can have my puppy for a day
  • Sehun: I don't want a fur ball.
  • Tao: Just take Suho's card
  • Sehun: This is why i love you. *taohun top 4eva*
Things we learned from “Bismuth”

 -Crystal Gem video game down time is adorable
-The tree inside lion is might possibly be a real tree? Or at least a magic one
-Steven’s  “She big.”
-Lion’s facial expressions seem to indicate that he experiences some discomfort when large or fast moving objects enter or leave his pocket dimension
-“Who do you belong to?” “Nobody!”
- “Cool it, your Ruby is showing”
-Bismuth is one of the original Crystal Gems
-”We could always use more Amethysts!” means that there were some other Amethysts before and during the war
-Rose never told the other Gems what really happened with Bismuth, like Garnet said “She kept many secrets”
-”It’s not always easy to understand Rose’s choices, but we have to stand behind them” really attests to Rose’s leadership skills, that her following had such an incredible amount of respect, trust and faith towards her
-Bubbled, sentient gems have no sense of time, but gems in objects do
-Bismuth definitely has two sides to her, and seems to enjoy war a tad too much
-The Crystal gems have always been the underdogs
-Garnet and Bismuth once took on either 1 or 3 battalions of quartz soldiers and came out without a single scratch on them
-Pearl once pulled out a Nephrite (type of Jade), out of the cockpit of a drop ship. So pre war Jades were used to pilot ships, much like post war Peridots are today (now there’s a half developed theory)
-The forge is a secluded location that seemingly only Bismuth can open the door to, and was where she created all of the material weapons used during the war
-Bismuth shape shifts her hand into hammers to smelt weapons with, and actual weapons to fight with and can withstand very extreme temperatures
-Bismuths were used by homeworld to build spires and temples that the elite upper-class would enjoy
-Bismuths are infact homeworld gems and so our Bismuth was not made by Rose Quartz, but rather liberated by her
-Rose Quartz fought not only for humanity and to protect the Earth, but also to liberate gems and break them away from Homeworld’s mold
-Bismuth can enhance a gems physical weapon and not just material weapons
-The gems never mentioned Bismuth to Amethyst before, so it’s very possible that the gems haven’t mentioned any of their fallen allies to Amethyst before either
-”Not every quartz can make a whip like this” could imply that our Amethyst is indeed special, possibly since she is the only quartz gem we have seen with an offensive weapon (Rose has a shield, Jasper has a helmet), or it could have been Bismuth just trying to smooth talk and open up to Amethyst
-Bishmuth is a great pep talker, like I could see Rose using her to boast morale
-The CG’s used to have a ritual to spar before every battle they should bring it back tbh
-Garnet being called “the Power Couple” is great and I can’t wait to see how people will still find a way to say that rupphire are still “just friends”
-Pearl’s energy projection developed after the war
-Steven’s pre battle rituals are so pure and great
-Since Bismuth does not have a room in the temple, it was built post war, which I’m sure was already established
-Steven considers Rose’s sword his weapon, even though Connie is really the only one of them that knows how to use it (and also Stevonnie)
-Bismuth created Rose’s sword, her finest piece of work, as something that would instantly poof a gems form, but never harm the gem itself
-Spires were built for intellectuals, and arenas for fighters
-”Just another Quartz solider made right here in the dirt”, So from that statement does it conclude that Rose was made on Earth
-Rose inspired gems to do more than what they were told they could do
-Bismuths’ pep talk to Steven sounds exactly like what Rose told Bismuth: You don’t have to be what everyone says you have to be, you can be something better, which is honestly what Steven needs to hear right now
-Home world resorted to cheap tactics, which is ultimately what ended the war
-Bismuth has the right mindset for a war, but her ideas are just too much
-It’s evident why Rose had bubbled Bismuth
-Bismuth was fueled by an utter hate for Homeworld, while Rose was fueled by a desire to escape it and potentially create a new society
-Bismuth desire to free all of homeworld is very reminiscent of real world desires to spread democracy, even to places that don’t necessarily want it, but still useing the guise of “democracy” as a way to justify all means
-Bismuth uses her cause as a motive to justify her actions, even if those actions are the same ones that Homeworld would use against them
-”Nobody is more Crystal Gem than I am” could imply that the CG’s were a lot more brutish and ruthless than we realize, or that Bismuth was just that one gem that took it way too far
-Steven parallels Rose so much that Bismuth fully believes that Rose is still there
-”After you lied about EVERYTHING” dark crewniverse show us the forbidden Rose Quartz eps
-Okay wowow so it is VERY apparent why Rose had bubbled Bismuth
-Rose valued Gemkind, and not just the Crystal Gems. Rose did not want to shatter opposing gems just because they didn’t believe in what she did
-Bismuth would have extended the war way past saving the Earth,and  back to Homeworld itself, liberating all gems, no matter who she had to shatter to do so
-”Even if we don’t agree, nobody deserves this”
-”Then you really are better than her” okay so im crying thats cool
-Judging by everything that just happened, I think it’s safe to assume that our Bismuth was infact the gem that poofed lapis, and not some other Bismuth
-”Glad to have another chance”, but then she had to go make the same mistake twice
-Steven stright up put his foot on a burning metal floor, is this like a new power or what man
-Bismuth is safely bubbled in the burning room and can potentially be let out again so that is very comforting
-NEW LOVE LIKE YOU VERSE how did I forget this honestly

Wow okay so that episode was a lot and very heavy, if I missed anything feel free to add it on

So I was talking to one of my Discord admins

And he asked me to send me one of the stories I wrote a couple a years back so I went ahead and sent him the first chapter of this one. Not much else exists of it apart from this but ey, he said it’d be good to post online so fuck it, here it is. Have fun.


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Dean is a hero and deserves his own hero’s journey told.

Dean is a hero (despite what certain fans think of him) and he’s also the Underdog on Supernatural. He’s the guy who is constantly told he’s not good enough, not smart enough and told he has to stand aside. Too many times he’s been running between Sam and Castiel witnessing their failures or triumpths from the sidelines helpless to do much to either help them succeed or intervene to stop them screwing up.

He is a deeply flawed Hero but he’s still chosen a life of fighting demons and monsters to protect people and is committed to that life. He believes in his purpose and has been saving innocents since he was practically still a child. He’s been looking out for Sam since they were both still children and gone to extreme lengths to save his life and even that has been twisted to be a bad thing.

He has done more good in his life than the bad he feels responsible for. As a human without any superpowers in his favour he still dives into battles against Supernatural forces more powerful than him and constantly makes sacrifices. 

Now I want him to win the big battle. The one he’s been chosen for. He was chosen as the righteous man and Michael’s vessel and he chose to take on the trials to close the gates of Hell and each time he’s had to stand aside and watch someone else step in. Without Dean’s contributions the World would have ended but it doesn’t change the fact he’s constantly pushed to the side.

Sam has had his big redemption arc, the one where he feels his slate of ‘bad’ has been wiped clean Dean has never had that, he’s never felt worthy, he’s never been allowed to prove himself in a way that would make him feel worthy, that opportunity is always handed to Sam under the guise that Sam needs to prove himself, Sam needs to feel redeemed.

I badly want the Mark of Cain storyline to stay Dean’s. I want him to take credit in overcoming his own inner demons with help from his friends and brother and I want him to go toe to toe with Abaddon and save the World and get to feel good about himself for it. 

It gets boring when the same star athlete is chosen time and time again, at some point you want the guy who is always benched to have his chance, beat the odds and WIN!

So Reblog if you’re rooting for Team “Mark of Cain” Dean.