the end of the prom night

pidge who lowkey really wants to go to prom but she doesn’t want to go alone so she decides just to get over it, except then lance, hunk, and keith find out and decide to all be her dates

they split the cost of her ticket and then help her shop for a dress and do her hair and makeup

pidge ends up having three different colored corsages, and not to mention the best prom pictures ever

the boys take turns dancing with her, spinning her around the room and tossing her in the air, and it’s the best night of her life

Be More Chill Sky High AU

I saw this textpost here by dear-enjolras-hansen and was inspired to make a bmc sky high au! I remember watching the movie as a kid and loving it. But, yeah, go read the DEH one cause it’s real fun and cute!


  • Telepathy/Mind control
  • His mind control powers only came to him in his junior year, and they’re not full brainwashing
  • Basically he can’t actually force people to do something, but he can place powerful feelings of wanting to do it in the person’s head
  • His telepathy is full blown though and he can’t turn it on or off
  • But when he gets flustered or goes through strong emotions other people’s thoughts get jumbled in with his own and he can’t really tell the difference
  • His telepathy only came in sophomore year so freshman year he was powerless and therefore placed as a sidekick
  • Even in sophomore year his telepathy was kind of useless in combat so it wasn’t until junior year when his mind control kicked in that he was moved up to hero
  • He’s always felt really inadequate and weak because of his powers or lack therefore of
  • The fact that he can hear people’s snide thoughts about him also put a dent in his self esteem
  • He got called creep a lot because people accused him of purposefully listening in on their thoughts
  • Once he got moved up to hero people started to like him a lot more though
  • He initially lets it go to his head and basically abandons Michael and Christine
  • Buuuut eventually he snaps out of it and realises he’s been a dick
  • (His guilty pleasure is listening in to Michael think about dorky things like video games and poptarts)
  • The only time he ever used his mind control outside of combat was to guide people to the right questions during tests
  • Eventually they fiqured him out and he has to take exams after school now
  • Realised end of sophomore year he’s in love with Michael
  • Realises that all of Michael’s thoughts are less bromantic and more romantic
  • Runs up to Michael last day before spring break and declares his love in the middle of the school hall
  • They kiss and there’s no voices in his head for a moment


  • Sooo everybody thinks it’s going to be technopathy but it’s actually sound manipulation
  • It’s pretty cool, he can make really good music with it
  • He can also kind of use it in combat like Coach Boomer
  • Basically he can use sound waves as a physical force
  • But he fails to portray that in initiation so he gets put as a sidekick
  • He isn’t too bothered about it because, hey, he’s got Jeremy
  • And that girl Christine seems nice
  • His powers came to him in middle school so he’s basically known since then he wants to go into composing
  • He spends his free time hanging out with Jeremy and Christine, making music, and researching 90s super heroes and sidekicks
  • Even though he’s doesn’t become popular until him and Jeremy make up after their fight, ever since first year he’s been hired as the DJ for every major event at school
  • He writes sappy love songs dedicated to Jeremy and only lets Christine and Chloe listen to them
  • They’re really good
  • One day Jeremy finds them and like… Michael basically dies of embarrassment
  • It’s all good though cause it ends in happy making out
  • Doesn’t actually really care all that much about superheros or superpowers
  • He’s more interested in human culture
  • He’s one of the only kids at their school that doesn’t immediately judge people by their powers


  • Shapeshifting
  • It was actually only a week before the start of her freshman year that her powers came to her
  • She can shapeshift into any animal or human
  • But she really hates using her powers for combat so she was placed as a sidekick
  • This is mostly due to the fact that during initiation she only shapeshifted into a toucan, a bunny, and Lindsey Lohan
  • She shapeshifts a lot
  • Christine aint afraid to use her powers basically every ten minutes
  • She just loves changing randomly into a gecko
  • She’ll often change herself to look like Jake to confuse people
  • Jake finds it absolutely hilarious
  • She also likes to play harmless pranks on people
  • Like everything’s normal and then BAM elephant in the canteen
  • One time she changed into a frog and snuck into Chloe’s school bag to surprise her
  • Needless to say she was almost turned into an icicle by accident
  • Even though she’s a sidekick and not really in any popular circles, everybody likes her so she’s kind of friends with everybody
  • She’s really close friends with Jeremy and Michael though so she confides mostly in them and vice versa
  • She’s super close with Jenna after junior year as well so they have kind of a queer platonic relationship going on
  • For three years she’s had to hear about Michael’s ‘unrequited’ love for Jeremy and then when they finally got together Jake tells her he’s got a massive crush on Rich
  • And she’s just like crying to Jenna “Why do people ask me for relationship advice, I’m demiromantic, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing!”


  • This boi is pyrokinetic!
  • His powers came to him during the summer holidays before sophomore year
  • When he came back he showed off like nobody’s business and they moved him up to hero
  • He’s popular but everybody is lowkey scared of him
  • Then one day at a party he has a mental break down due to stress of family life and identity crises and all this shit
  • And he accidentally burned down Jake’s house and put him and Jake in hospital
  • After that he was super afraid of using his powers at all and was at risk of being moved down to sidekick again which would absolutely crush his self esteem
  • It was actually Jeremy that came up to him and sat him down and let him talk out all his emotions
  • The next day Jeremy took Jake aside and told him how guilty Rich feels
  • Rich and Jake have a long conversation about it and Jake tells him that just because he messed up once doesn’t mean he should stop using his powers
  • Rich gets mental health support and starts building up his life again
  • And all his friends are there to support him as he does
  • He also realises he’s bi
  • Makes an appalling amount of fire puns
  • Has a tiny crush on Jake and ends up going to prom with him
  • They spend the night together and after that start dating
  • It’s pretty good
  • Rich used to bully Jeremy about his powers but now they’re an really good terms
  • Him and Brooke basically talk to eachother about everything
  • She just gets him so they have a close platonic relationship
  • One year they went as a sexy angel and sexy devil for halloween
  • (Rich was the devil)


  • Super speed/Super strength
  • Immediately put as a hero without having to do initiation because of his parents
  • Jake’s had his powers since he was like ten so he knows how to use them really well
  • In school, people with more than one super power are already admired, that’s why Jeremy suddenly became really popular when he realised he could use mind control
  • But Jake’s just naturally an awesome guy
  • He’s basically the most popular guy in sky high
  • He prefers using his super speed more than his super strength but he’s well trained in both
  • Pretty much set for life since his mums were both well known superheros
  • He’s following in their footsteps
  • Already stopped a few small bank robberies
  • Dated Chloe all throughout freshman year
  • Broke up with her when he realised he was only with her because they were both the ‘most popular girl/boy in school’
  • Dated Brooke for a bit in sophomore year and then went on a few dates with Christine in junior year
  • Drunkenly made out with Jeremy one time during Jeremy’s ‘popular’ phase
  • Basically he’s hooked up with a bunch of kids at school
  • Because he’s seen as the ‘golden boy’, he feels a lot of pressure to do well as well as keep up his image to his classmates
  • Turns to sex and alcohol for stress release
  • He had a problem and refused to get help but after he almost burned to death and was put in hospital it was kind of like a wake up call for him
  • He got his shit together and he still regularly goes to AA meetings
  • Gets an extreme puppy love crush on Rich their senior year
  • Keeps doing things like lifting up benches or running to catch footballs on the other side of the school to try and impress him
  • It works out well in the end
  • Really good friends with Brooke, Chloe and Jenna
  • They make him carry their shopping bags and sometimes them when they go shopping


  • Ice powers
  • She’s had her powers since the end of elementary school so she’s really talented with using them
  • She can kick ass in combat but also uses her powers to create ice sculptures and cool her drinks up in the summer
  • Put as hero no question
  • Best at combat in sky high behind Jake
  • On her way to becoming a great superhero
  • Is often called ‘Ice Queen’
  • She likes it and is thinking of using it for her alias
  • Has to deal with a lot of Elsa jokes
  • She just freezes people to get them to shut the fuck up about it
  • Loves to pair up with Rich during training
  • Watching them spar is spectacular
  • Her, Brooke, Rich and Jake are all training buddies
  • In her senior year she becomes basically best friends with Michael
  • They sit and bitch about people while listening to Michael’s latest composition
  • After Brooke and Jake broke up Chloe and Brooke started up a ‘friends with benefits thing’
  • Then Chloe realised she was actually in love with Brooke and wanted to cuddle and kiss her non-sexually
  • So she puts up a massive ice sculpture outside Brooke’s house one day junior year  that says ‘BE MY GIRLFRIEND
  • They become a couple
  • Has been close friends with Jenna since they were kids, and even though she acts like she’s perpetually annoyed by her, Chloe is super overprotective of Jenna
  • Like she’s overprotective of all her friends (especially Brooke), but like it’s really noticeable with Jenna
  • Once knocked a guy out for making fun of Jenna being a sidekick
  • She’s a very angry teen just cause of social and academic pressure, as well as her crippling insecurity
  • When she’s super angry she’ll storm off to be alone
  • And just sit and let the things around her slowly be overtaken by frost and ice
  • Turns lakes into ice rinks in the summer for her and her friends to skate on


  • Flight
  • Brooke’s had her powers since she was a baby
  • Her parents had to put an extra secure cage on her cot so that she would stop whizzing around her room at midnight
  • She also had to be put on a child leash for her toddler years
  • She loves flying so much
  • Hardly ever walks anywhere
  • Just floats around like 3 cm off the ground
  • Hero
  • She’s great in combat and is expected to be a superhero in the future
  • But she has her heart set on being a trainer
  • The spotlight kind of freaks her out so she’s much happier supporting people instead
  • Has been pining over Chloe since middle school and when she wakes up to see the ice sculpture in her garden she flies down from her bedroom window and scoops Chloe up superman style and kisses her
  • When she gets upset she flies up to a really high cloud and just kind of… sits there and cries
  • She like to fly around with Christine when she’s shapeshifted into a bird
  • She gets called ‘airhead’ a lot as a joke and even though she laughs along it makes her quite self conscious about her intelligence
  • She just feels like everybody always only sees her power when they look at her and not her
  • BFFs with Rich
  • Even though she’s scared to stand up for herself she’ll protect her friends against bullies
  • If anybody makes fun of any of her friends she takes their school bag or some other possession and puts it on the roof of the school
  • And then refuses to get it down for them


  • Technopath
  • Nobody expected it because everybody forgets the fact that Jenna is actually super smart
  • She’s super good with any kind of technology, but especially mobile devices
  • Constantly has her phone with her
  • Is initially placed as hero in freshman year but she mostly uses her powers to snoop on people’s group chats and the school’s secrets
  • Cause she could not give less of a shit about being a superhero
  • She gets moved down to sidekick halfway through freshman year
  • The only thing she’s worried about is that her popularity is rapidly decreasing
  • She starts getting left out of loads of shit because being a sidekick means you’re a loser, basically
  • But she manages to crawl her way back up the social ladder due to her friendships with Chloe, Brooke and Jake
  • But everybody just completely labels her as a sidekick tagging along behind a group of heroes
  • So she always just assumes that people are friends with her out of pity or to utilise her power in some way
  • It takes a lot of time and reassurance from her friends to realise that that isn’t the case
  • She actually starts to care about her future in like sophomore year and starts to work hard on training with her powers and her grades
  • End of senior year she gets an offer to work with the government which she takes
  • Really close friends with Christine
  • They move in together after high school
  • They’re quite codependent on each other but not in an unhealthy way
  • They’re just super close
  • The lines between a platonic and romantic relationship between them are blurred
  • Close friends with Chloe and texts her about every piece of gossip she hears
  • Favourite hobby is hacking into homophobes/transphobes/racists/etc blogs and changing them to look like foot fetish blogs

I may have to write a fic of this… But yeah. BMC Sky High AU

how to do prom on a budget

Because not everyone can afford to spend a ridiculous amount of money on one high school dance, but that absolutely does not mean that you can’t enjoy your evening to the fullest. 

  • Your prom dress definitely does not have to cost several hundred dollars. has some really nice formal dresses, and most of them are in the $50-100 range! (I know there are other websites specifically for discount prom dresses, but in my experience Amazon has better quality and lower prices. Plus prime shipping can be a lifesaver if you’re in a rush.)
  • And if fifty bucks is still out of your price range (and I know that it is for a lot of people), check your local thrift stores. Second-hand prom dresses sell for a fraction of their original price, and they’ve usually only been worn once or twice. Seriously, I got my first prom dress at a thrift store; it was a very pretty, very well-made dress, and I payed $15 for it. Check. Thrift. Stores. 
  • Or, if you just don’t like second-hand clothes or if you couldn’t find anything good in the thrift stores, check Ross or a similar store. (Ross is just what we have in my hometown.) They usually stock some formal dresses around prom season, and they’re almost all in the $20-30 range. I’ve gone to formal events in dresses from Ross before, and they hold up really well and look great in pictures.
  • All of the stores I just mentioned are also really good places to get shoes, jewelry, ect. to go with your dress. Even stores like Walmart and Target might be good places to look for shoes, bags, and other accessories. And definitely check your own wardrobe – you might already own stuff that will look good with your dress. (I’ve worn the same pair of heels to, like, three different proms at this point tbh.) 
  • Get a dress that fits you well without alterations. Seriously, tailors are so pricey – you’ll probably end up paying several times more for alterations than you did for the dress itself. You’ll save yourself a lot of money if you just buy a dress that already fits and looks good. 
  • Do your own hair and makeup. There are approximately two billion “prom hair and makeup” tutorials on YouTube – find one that you like and practice it a couple of times before the big night. 
  • And if you aren’t confident enough to do it yourself, call in a friend for help. I’m totally useless when it comes to hair, but my best friend is a hair genius. We would always get ready for dances together, and we’d do a trade-off; she’d do my hair for me, and I’d help her with her makeup, and then we’d both go to the dance looking amazing. It’s a good system, and makes getting ready a lot more fun.
  • Or, if you don’t want to do your own makeup and don’t have a friend you can ask, a lot of department stores that have makeup counters (Macy’s, Belk, ect.) will do free makeovers, even if you don’t buy any of the products! I had a friend in high school who always got her makeup done at Belk for school dances. I don’t like trusting a stranger to do my makeup, but it is an option if you want to get it done professionally without spending a lot of money. (MAC and Sephora both do “free” makeovers, but only if you make a $50 purchase first, so probably not the best option if you’re trying to save money. Always make sure that the makeover service really is free before you sit down in the makeup chair.)
  • Also, you absolutely do not have to wear dramatic makeup or complicated hairstyles to prom if you don’t want to. If bold makeup isn’t your thing, you can just do mascara and a little bit of lip gloss. If you don’t want to spend two hours on your hair, just wear it down, or pin it up in a really simple bun, or whatever works for you. You don’t even have to wear a dress if you don’t want to – if renting a tux is more your speed, then rent a tux. Feeling comfortable and confident in how you look is more important than following trends. 
Knuckles: Boxer!Ashton (Part 3)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six

Pulling up.

Coming down x

You take a final look in the vanity mirror, adjusting bits of your done-up hair to reach a balanced mixture of messy yet elegant. There’s a certain strand that’s been having a time taunting you all day, springing from it’s bobbypin every chance it gets, and you decide to just gift it the freedom it’s worked so hard for, removing the clip at the last second and dropping it on the dresser. Black tie events are far from your forté, but you’re trying your best to play the part for Ashton. The last time you wore a dress this long or heels this high had to be your senior prom, and the jitters in your stomach make you feel like you’re getting ready for it all over again: nervous to see your date, paranoid about something going wrong, trying too hard to impress people you don’t know. At least this time you can look forward to alcohol being there.

You grab your phone and a clutch full of necessities before heading out the door, slowly making your way down the steps as you’re reminded how difficult it is to walk in heels. Whose bright idea was it to invent these things? They’ll be kicked off by the end of the night, no doubt. Your feet are already starting to hate you.

At the edge of the sidewalk a tall figure awaits your descent. He’s sporting a classic black and white tuxedo perfectly tailored to accentuate his striking physique, a thin tie hung from the collar rather than a bow. It’s quite a contrast to the athletic shorts and t-shirts you’re used to seeing him in, but you definitely aren’t complaining. The mop of brown curls that usually fall over his eyes have been trimmed and styled for the occasion, and the two week old beard he claimed he was too lazy to shave has disappeared from his chiseled face, cleaning him up significantly. Ashton has always been more of the ruggedly handsome type to you; the kind of person who looks his best straight after rolling out of bed in the morning. However this new side of him, one so sharp and expensive, inflicts serious damage to your will power, and it takes every ounce of your conscious control to not just blow off the event and drag him straight back up to your apartment.

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The Edge of Seventeen Tag

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

I love backstories and I kept thinking what Brynn was like as a teen. Brynn was always a romantic at heart and that all started in high school. In her small town, Brynn was never one to shy away from standing out. Whether it was her big bell sleeves or her shiny lipgloss or her love for the boys and girls. Prom was all she ever dreamed of and she ended the night as a princess and even got to kiss a frog. Here she is in her normal off dress code everyday look and on prom night.

I tag @our-dazed-sims, @lilsimsie, @dank-owski, @loniden, @pxelmoon, @pxelsong, @berrysweetboutique, @calisimgirl, @classy-cal, @becolibe, @blursims, @literallywhothe & @lucasmunch bc im extra and it’s my tag

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pls use the tag ‘the edge of sims’ so I can see all ur cute lil teen sims and tag me too!

During Junior year prom planning, we were trying to come up with theme ideas so I suggested 1) the 1950s during the Red Scare (with kidnappings and interrogations randomly throughout the night) and 2) A Night in Pompeii, with a real working volvano that would erupt at the end of the dance. Our class advisor took away my talking privileges shortly after

anonymous asked:

I just had all the feels about baby Stiles, maybe two or three years old, meeting full-shifted eight-year-old Derek. And Stiles is just absolutely mesmerized by the shiny black pup with soft yellow eyes. They make friends. Stiles even sometimes naps with his head on that wolf's fuzzy belly. (cont)

And of course, as they grow up, he sometimes talks to the dog - as most pet owners do - about his day, or what he’s worried about, or how he has a huge crush on that boy Derek from across the street who’s WAY TOO COOL and would never notice him in a million years because Stiles is young and awkward and Derek is awesome and sportsy and older and did I mention awesome?


I originally planned to write a fic based on it but my brain is dead writing wise at the moment and going through my old drafts, this made me smile too much not to post. 

adore fics where Stiles doesn’t realise his friendly neighbourhood dog is actually one Derek Hale and I love even more when Stiles either hates Derek but Derek has a major crush on him or Stiles is pining hard after the cool boy at school/his hot neighbour and Derek is actually too awkward/emotionally constipated to try and snuggle with Stiles in any other way but in his wolf form. Seriously, I’d read this trope 1000 times over and never get bored. 

“He smiled at me today, Sparky.”

Oh god, why did he have to name me Sparky? Who names their dogs Sparky? It’s not even a cool loser name. 

I think I was cool?? At least, I was trying to be but then he did this thing where he tipped his sunglasses down his face and grinned and I kind of face planted the sidewalk. Fuck, I hope he didn’t see.”

I did.

And then, he came to History wearing a leather jacket. Can you believe it? It’s like he knows what leather does to me…I swear, it’s like he can read my mind sometimes.”


Kind of like last week, when I discovered I had a serious thing for guys in glasses after seeing Tyler Hoechlin in Supergirl. And then boom! He showed up to school, wearing glasses, Sparky. Oh my god, what if I have, like, mind control powers?”

How do I have a crush on you?

What if every time I develop a new fantasy, Derek feels compelled to do it? Shit. What if I end up into kinky stuff? What if he shows up to prom in handcuffs and a blindfold??

Very unlikely. Unless I work up the courage to ask you out by then and handcuffs and blindfolds are something you want to try out on prom night.

Maybe I should write him some kind of apology card. Would that be creepy?”

Probably not creepier than pretending to be a stray dog because every time I’ve tried to ask you out I forget how to talk.

Do you think I could ask him out in the card too? Like, P.S. I also think you’re really hot. Except for your bunny teeth. Which are adorable. Please consider dating me. This is Stiles, by the way.” 

Yes. Wait – adorable?

“I’m going to do it, Sparky.”


I’m going to do the deed.”


“I’ll start on the ten year plan tonight.”

Ten year WHAT? 

Tree Bros (kinda,,,) Geek Charming AU

• Evan is a senior in high school that is dedicated to film (Jared is in program too)
• he’s really talented and knows exactly what to film and how
• mainly films nature because anxiety is still a thing…
• oH SHIT he needs to make a good film for a contest that could pay for college
• he wants to make another nature centered film but Evan’s instructor is like “hmmmmm no”
• “hmmmm who shall I make a film about???” Evan wonders
• in comes school outcast Connor Murphy that literally no one talks to
• ,,,,maybe him????
• Evan stutters his way though asking Connor about making a film about him
• “why would you even want to fucking do that?” Connor is confused as heck
• Connor is about to turn him down until Evan mentions asking Zoe next he ain’t having that because he doesn’t want her to have that satisfaction “hahaha fuq you Zoe”
• they start making the film!
• Connor is very closed off at first and doesn’t want to open up at all
• Evan tries a lot,,,,panic attacks as the deadline gets closer
• gets angry at Connor and they low key fight
• Tries to change the subject of his film but it’s too late!1!!!!1
• oh well time to go back to Connor
• Evan apologizes and asks for help
• Connor apologizes after a couple days
• Evan goes over to the Murphy house and they have the house to themselves
• Connor explains why he threw the printer in second grade
• it’s fun and cool Connor makes the “everything but the kitchen sink sundae”
• they start interacting at school more which confuses Zoe big time
• Heidi is home for a night and Connor is invited over to avoid his family
• Heidi cannot cook and they have to get pizza,,,,
• Evan goes to take out trash and his mom and Connor talk about him while washing dishes
• eavesdropping much Ev?
• he gets caught oh snap
• water fight with spray bottle and towels between the two
• Heidi catches it on Evan’s camera (yay Heidi!)
• Evan edits the film
• it starts off with a lot of things people say
• moody af Connor smoking weed and glaring at the camera
• people keep laughing and saying stupid shut at the screen
• Connor runs out of theater because fuck that
• Evan follows him trying to tell him it’s not all like that “it shows the real you”
“Shut up, Evan!”
“Please just lis-”
“No, fuck you! I trusted you!”
• oh shit,,,,Evan goes back inside and watches the rest of his film
• newsflash it’s ducking adorable and Connor seems nice and approachable
• Zoe knows they fought because Connor is shut in his room
• “look we don’t get along but you should watch the whole thing…”
“Why do you care?”
“Because Evan made you happier and that made this family happier”
• Connor cries watching the night of prom finally realizing that he was wrong
• final thirty seconds of the movie is Evan staring at the camera talking
“When I started this I was terrified. I wasn’t sure what to expect or if it would work. I found something though. Connor is an amazing person…and I think I love him.”
• oh shit Connor runs to prom in jeans and sweater
• “Evan!?”
“I’m sorry, I’m so fucking sorry I was so stu-”
“You watched it?”
• le kiss
yes I will be writing this fight me ALSO YOU CAN PRY THIS AU FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS
Also @pidgeisbesthacker10-10

Jughead Jones | Right were she belongs.

Count of words: 1686

Warnings: super long, maybe kind of sad, also fluff, may contain spoilers if you haven’t seen till episode 11-12

A/N: Ok this is wayyyyyyyy longer than intended and is defenitely the longest imagine I’ve writen in a long time.. I HAVEN’T HAD THIS KIND OF INSPIRATION TO WRITE SO MUCH IN SO LONG OMG !!! I’M SHOOK!! I swear I feel so proud of myself for this. I hope you like it love ♥ 




@tayrae515​ asked:
Could you do one where your Archie’s year younger sister and you happen to see Jason’s death and the killer is chasing you trying to catch you and somehow you fall into sweet water river and Jughead hears you and helps. Very intense and fluff. All four of them there with Jughead like when they saved Cheryl but Jughead is being very sweet and comforting you. Betty is dating Archie. Kinda detailed, thank you :) p.s. Bughead till the day I die but I thought this would be cool. 💕💕

Even when dark times like this take over a small town like Riverdale, it seems like some lights never stop to shine and show us the way to make these miserable lives of ours better. After the death of Jason Blossom a wave of bad events started happening. The whole town was slowly driven into chaos but no one seemed to acknowledge that. But even in this up coming chaos there was always some hope. For me, it was her.

It is this girl at the back of the classroom, a notebook and pen in hand as well as a passion hidden behind her (eye color) colored orbs. Her beautiful (hair color) hair falling over her face as she was writing/drawing making her look ten times more beautiful. It is something about this girl that appealed to me but I still couldn’t explain it. It was this fire in her eyes, this passion about the things she loved, this obliviosity to all the darkness sourounding her restricted bubble of light. But she was Archie’s sister. 

Specificly after the death of the Blossom’s golden son, she seemed off. She was distant, scared even. She wasn’t drawing like before and she wasn’t doing anything with the same passion as before. On the contrary, she was wary of everyone’s steps and movements. Even the slightest sudden move would make her flinch in fear but no one noticed, no one thought much of the poor scared girl.

When school started again she loosened up a little bit. She would always hung out with us and she would either be under her brother’s arm, hugging him as close as possible, or in my arms clutching onto me almost as if she let go something would take her away. Whenever we were not around she would still grip on someone’s arm, even if that was Betty, Veronica, sometimes even Reggie would be embrassing her firmly. It was still a mystery for me where that dread came from.

It was already winter, snow falling heavily from the sky and covering every inch of Riverdale. Worst thing was that the school’s prom was coming and all of my friends were ushering me to go and ask her to be my date while I’m at it. It took me some time to proccess but eventually I resolved in doing that. Maybe eventually I would learn what set her in such a paniced mode. 

And finally, the night of the prom. She had agreed to go with me the other night and I was beyond excited, only that for some reason I knew the night would not end well. But for now I was walking to her house to pick her up. After knocking the door, mr Andrews, opened the door and warmly welcomed me inside the household, after calling his only daughter’s name. As soon as I sat down on their couch she peaked through the staircase and slowly made her way towards the small and cozy living room. When I saw her my breath hitched in my throat and I was unable to form the words to tell her how gorgeous she looked. Instead my eyes did the job for me cause I just couldn’t take them off her. “If I knew you were to stare at me like that I could have sent you a picture,” she joked and walked towards me. “You look… Breathtaking,” I managed to utter, then took her hand and made it to the school.

A while ago I mentioned that I got a feeling the night wouldn’t end well and I was right. After about half an hour into the dance I had lost Y/N in the crowd and I couldn’t find her. I was walking from hallway to hallway until I reached the last one. I heard voices coming from there and I hid behind the corner. “You did what?” A voice I recognized as Y/N’s said. “Before you get mad let me explain,” pleaded Veronica. “Explain what? That you’re working with my mum behind my back?” Betty fired at her. “I’m sorry B but you know FP had some kind of arrangement with my dad. I had to make sure it wasn’t about Jason Blossom,” Veronica tried to reason. “And what’s your excuse?” Y/N butted in, seemingly talking to someone else that was with Veronica. “I was looking out for Jughead in case FP was doing shady stuff. To protect him.” Archie said. To protect me? By trying to find things to prove my dad was guilty. Oh I’ll t- “Blame me girls. I asked Archie to help me.” “For God’s sake Veronica!” Y/N muttered and Betty stepped in. “Help you do what? What would you two do?” That’s when I had enough and I walked round the corner as if I didn’t here anything.

After that there was a little argument between the five of us. I said things to Y/N I shouldn’t and I hurt her but what was coming was even worse. “Betty thank God,” mrs Cooper said walking round the corner with Kevin, mr Andrews,Archie’s and V’s mums. And then the thing I didn’t want to hear was thrown at me. “He was arrested. For the murder of Jason Blossom.” Fred said. All I could do in that moment was run outside and hurry at my dad’s house and so I did. Y/N was hurrying behind me grabbing my arm as I shook it off. But she didn’t stop until we were both in my dad’s house. She saw me smash things, throw them at the wall. She saw me break down. “You’re father didn’t do this,” she tried reassuring me but I just got angrier. “Then why was he arrested, with the murder weapon?!” I yelled at her. She looked scared but she kept a strong facede up as she always did. “Cause… I just know it. He didn’t do it.”

It had been days since my dad’s arrest. Y/N had gotten even more distand then and I don’t know why. But I was feeling empty with out her here to help us. The killer was yet to be found but I started losing hope. I began to believe that my dad was indeed Jason’s killer. Nevertheless, that night I was to talk to her about everything. I wanted to apologise thinking that her sudden distance was because of my behavior towards her the other night.

While making my way to Pop’s with Archie, Betty and Veronica, we all heard a familiar scream coming from deep into the woods, probably running towards the Sweetwater river. “Y/N,” Archie came to the realisation that the voice was his sister’s and we all runned towards the scream, rushing to get to the scared or hurt girl. 

“Please don’t,” she pleaded as whoever it was that was chasing her made her walk closer the end of the big stones and the a loud flop was heard as she fell into the freezing water and the man disappeared into thin air. She was screaming for help, while the cold water was making it hard for her to breath and that’s when we finally made it to the water. With out a second thought I jumped into the water even if Betty pleaded me and Archie not to. Archie stayed back, while I dived in to save the drowning girl, and tried to comfort his crying mess of a girlfriend. It’s no secret Betty loved Y/N. She was family to her. Like the little sister she never had, but she was scared of whatever would happen to me, another one of her best friends, or Archie, her loving boyfriend. 

After finally saving the poor girl Archie took her into his arms to carry her home. We managed to get all the wated out of her lungs and replace it with air but she was still not awake. She had blacked out when I found her. The only clothing covering her body was a pair of thin pjs and a pair of fuzzy socks. Didn’t do much cold to keep her from backing out within seconds into the icy water. Her wet hair were leaving a trail of water behind us when making our way out of the forest. Betty was clinging onto Archie’s arm, almost as if she was care of what was to come, and Veronica was stroking Y/N’s hair as if it would help her warm up, as if it would ease the pain from the gelidity.

It had been a couple of hours already and mrs Lodge agreed to have us in front of her fire place utill Y/N was awake and utill I was wormed up. Archie brought clothes for both of us and made me get his sister in those. Ever since I have been sitting right in front of the flame of the fire place with her in my arms. She looked so peaceful and for a moment it was as if nothing happened but the silent sniffle of Betty behind us reminded me of how I almost lost her. “It’s ok. Shh.” Archie whispered to Betty. “It’s alright. She is alright. It’s over now.” He muttered to her and I smiled a bit at how comforting and sweet he can be sometimes. I moved my eyes down, back to the girl resting in my arms comfortably, embracing the unintended closeness and affectivenessI was getting from her. She slowly started to tremble, but not from the cold, and the she shot up with a scream of pain or fear. Tears steamed down her cheecks as everyone rushed to her aid. Her sobs got stronger every second and I just pulled her into my chest. Her arms wrapped around me tightly and I started stroking her hair and back. “It’s ok. It’s gonna be alright. I’m here. We all are here. You are alright now.” I said soothingly trying to tame her crying. “Shhhh,” I kept on repeating. Everyone was uttering reassuring things to her while silence was starting to form from her. She stopped crying but she didn’t move. She stayed right were she was. Right where she belonged.

Teleporting mat.

Ok, I’m 22 but this happened in my highschool one day and it freaked the heck out of every one involved. At the end of the year when I was a Junior I was on the clean up crew for the end of the year dance, i dont think It was prom, or no one called it that at least. Either way, as I was shuffling every one out at the end of the night and a group of other students and I got to work cleaning up the trashed gym and one of the wall mats had come un done from the walls slightly from some one throwing them selfs against it repeatedly (don’t ask me why, I saw it happening and just decided to let it happen since the person wasn’t doing it against a brick wall). Either way one other other students, let’s call him Bruce, goes to push it back into place. Now at this point I have to tell you that this is a small mat, this things about 12 feet long, 8 feet wide, and a foot an a half thick, and it’s held on be velcro, so I had no clue what Bruce was thinking. We all go to tell him to stop and wait for some one to give him a hand when a loud ‘shrip!’ Comes from the mat. The velcro had been barely holding it in place after all the slamming and it finally gave up the ghost and fell, directly onto Bruce. Panicing we head over and as a unit lift the mat up and look under. No Bruce. Not even a shoe. We all hear a thud and look to the stage at the end of the gym and see Bruce laying down spread eagle on the stage. He promtly sits up and say the one thing we’re all thinking. “What the f#@k just happened?”

Tl:dr, there’s a gym mat that decided to spare my friend a cuncussion by teleporting him fourty feet away.

Title: Five Times I (Reader x Matt Murdock) 

Summary: Five times you almost told Matt Murdock you loved him and the one time you did 

Word Count: 1637







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The Bangtan Boys Asking You To Prom...


“You’re a beautiful person. I’m a beautiful person - we’d be so intensely beautiful at prom together, don’t you think? They might have to throw us out!”


“I’m not going to prom, by the way…. You’re going? Well, I guess I could drop you off…. and stay there with you… and take you back home at the end of the night. Maybe”


“Y/N, you’d make me the happiest person in the world right now if you agreed to go to prom with me… You will?! Really?! Wow, I didn’t think that would work!… Are you sure?”


“Sometimes people meet and are supposed to be together forever, right? Well, that’s how I feel about you, Y/N… Ah, I’m trying to ask you to prom but it’s not working”


“So what are we wearing? Are we gonna go matching?… Wait, I haven’t asked yet! Um, Y/N, I know you’re really confused but PLEASE come to prom with me - I’ll be a really good date!”


“Um… ah… this is really difficult. I’m so sorry this is taking so long. I just wanted to… ask you… to prom?… With me, maybe?”


“So there’s a thing happening in a few weeks. It’s called prom. Oh, you’ve heard of it? Wow, that’s so weird. Are you going? Wow, me too. What a coincidence. Are you going with anybody? Wow, neither am- yeah I’m trying to ask you to prom”

Friendly reminder that Ross Geller

  • Walked his ex-wife down the aisle after her parents refused to do so
  • Was an active and involved parent to both his children over the course of the show
  • Bought Phoebe a bike when he heard how she never owned one as a child - then taught her how to ride it
  • Loaned his little sister money when she was broke and told her there was no deadline for paying him back
  • After causing an accident which injured a little girl, sold cookies for her door-to-door to win her a trip to space camp and when he couldn’t win the trip for her, set up her own special space camp in Joey & Chandler’s apartment
  • Bought Joey’s porcelain dog as a gift so that Joey wouldn’t have to return everything when he lost his DOOL job
  • Stepped in to escort Rachel to Prom when her date stood her up
  • Searched all night for Chandler when Chandler disappeared before his and Monica’s wedding
  • Attempted to help Joey and Chandler mend their rift when Chandler helped Kathy cheat on Joey
  • Agreed to not date anyone when Rachel asked him not to towards the end of her pregnancy, understanding that she was under enormous stress from the pregnancy and therefore allowed to be irrational

I know this website loves to shit all over Ross (while completely ignoring all the shitty actions of every other character on the show) but I love Ross Geller and I wanted to illustrate that he is, in fact, a decent guy. So fuck Tumblr’s ridiculous attitude towards him. Reblog if you agree.

my not safe for work aesthetic

is imagining Michael and Jeremy at their prom. Like they don’t even go with each other but some how end up dressing in similar colors so they look it. They lose their ‘dates’ sometime in the beginning of prom and end up chilling together while everyone bumps and grinds. 
They make fun and Jeremy finally wonders out loud “why didn’t I just think to come with you?” 
Michael proceeds to shrug and respond with something along the lines of he thought about it but thought it might be too weird
They end up ditching prom early, going to Mcdonalds, order a shit ton of food after having a bake in the car and wipe out Magic of the Gathering cards were they play on the tabletop for nuggets until 4am
Michael drives Jeremy home and Jeremy high on life and a good time (and weed) leans in and kisses Michael’s cheek because it felt like the “right” movie thing to do but immediately realizes he’s not with his ‘date’ and he just smorched Michael’s cheek. 
He runs back inside and when his dad asks him about his prom night he just stutters out “it was cool” 

Night Sky Chateau (Jeff Atkins Smut)

While Ariana Grande sang through the speakers, people were dancing, drinking, and overall just having fun. Although prom was supposed to be one of the most special nights of your high school experience, right now it seemed like a regular school dance—except we’re in a hotel and not the gym. Between the saved money from bake sales, the Dollar Valentine’s, car washes, and other shit, we were able to make enough cash to have prom at this hotel called Night Sky Chateau. Pretty long name if you asked me, but it definitely suited it. Lights flashed all around the enormous dance hall, while I sat at one of the pushed aside tables. The song changes, everyone grinding one another. That’d be me and my date, if he hadn’t got a stomach virus and was bedridden in the hospital. Ate some expired sushi, and that was the end of it. I sigh, honestly just waiting for this night to end. I would go upstairs to my room, but a certain someone kept me down here. Jeff Atkins. He is honestly so sweet, unlike a lot of other people here. My eyes scanned around the room, before seeing him with my friend, Miranda. Also his girlfriend. Jeff did some of the cutest things for Miranda, and 9 out of 10 times she never deserved it. When they first got together, I knew how their relationship was gonna be. Miranda would use him as a sugar daddy, and give him sex and fake her love for him. Did it work? Hell fucking yeah. Did I wish it did? Fuck no. Jeff deserves better—he deserves me. I’m snapped out of my thoughts when Hannah sits next to me, pulling me into her side for a hug. I hugged her tightly, another pair of arms holding me on my other side. I take a glance, seeing Clay. I sigh, even my two best friends are finally dating, while I still sit alone. After Hannah tried to commit suicide, a miracle happened and she survived. Of course, Tony still had the tapes, and Hannah didn’t know what to do with them. So we did the only thing that made sense: show her parents and then the police. Bryce was put in jail, Courtney finally admitted to being lesbian, and everyone else on the tapes had been exposed for what they did. Clay officially asked Hannah to be his girlfriend, and here we are today. “What’s going on over here?” I hear Tony ask, Hannah, Clay, and I all letting go of each other. “Hey Tony.” I smile, a hint of sadness in my voice. Tony sits across from us, drinking from a can of Coca Cola. “Thinking about Jeff again, aren’t you?” Tony questions, Hannah and Clay looking at me. “No.” I lie, but the three of them see right through it. “Yes.” I sigh, after Hannah gives me a look. “I don’t know why you just don’t speak to him, and tell him your feelings.” Clay says. I glare at him, Hannah gives him a “I know you’re not talking” look, while Tony just shakes his head and sighs. “What?” Clay asks confused. “I know you’re not talking, considering how you ended up with Hannah. Hell, you even had a damn coach to talk to her so hush.” I explain, Hannah and Tony laughing, while Clay turns redder than Tony’s mustang. “(Y/N)!” I hear my name being called, the voice coming from Miranda. “Be right back, guys.” I say to the trio, walking off to see what Miranda wants. “Hey, what’s up.” I greet her, a cup of punch in her hand. “How you liking prom? Happy I brought you?” Miranda smiles, taking a sip from her cup. If you mean, dragging me out of my house, and kidnapping me to go to a dance with no date, just to leave me by myself hidden in a corner, then yes. I love that you brought me here. I think in my head, but say a simple yeah. “Well, where’s Jeff? You two were pretty comfortable on the dance floor.” I say, not knowing what to say or do. “(Y/N), please. I honestly don’t know or care, matter of fact. He’s yet to put a ring on my finger, claiming we should wait till after school ends.” Miranda rolls her eyes, me internally choking her. “Like how much time does one person need to feel ready for marriage? It’s not like I’m gonna stay afterwards. Hell, I might sign the prenup as he’s getting down on one knee.” She shrugs her shoulders, taking another sip of her drink. “Seriously, Miranda? You do realize he actually loves you right?” I say, not being able to hide my disgust, but like everything else I say or do, Miranda doesn’t notice. “That just gives me more leverage. If he would propose already, that scholarship would be mine too. It’d be my way out of this boring shit hole, now that Bryce is gone.” Miranda whines. “What the hell are you talking about Bryce for?” I say utterly confused, my eyebrows knit together. “(Y/N), you honestly think I was fucking Jeff for a relationship?” Miranda snorts. “Bryce is my actual boyfriend, Jeff is just a side piece.” Before I could even reply to that, I hear someone scoff. I look behind me, met with Jeff. “Are you fucking kidding me, Miranda?” Jeff’s voice is thick with anger, while Miranda stands there in shock. “Baby, that was all a prank, you know I lov—” Miranda tries to grab him, but Jeff yanks his arm back with a shake of his head. “Stay away from me.” With that, Jeff walks out of the dancehall. I go to follow him, but Miranda pulls me back. “Where are you going?” She questions, tears in her eyes. “Fuck you Miranda. Jeff should’ve never even gave you the time of day, and neither should I.” I yank my arm away from her, running after Jeff. I see Jeff get in an elevator, before running towards him. I get in the elevator just in time, Jeff sighing. “(Y/N), what do you want?” His voice is weary, his eyes closed as he leans against the wall of the elevator. Something comes over me, causing me to kiss Jeff. After awhile of him not kissing back, I pull away and start to apologize. He just stares at me as I continue to ramble, before grabbing my face in his hands and kissing me. I kiss back, the kiss turning into a make out session. Jeff picks me up, pushing me against the wall he used to lean against. His lips move down to my neck, nipping and sucking all over it. “You mind being a rebound for tonight?” Jeff asks, against my neck. A small amount of pain pokes my heart, but his lips make it all disappear. “No.” My answer comes out breathy, my fingers tangling in his hair. The doors to the elevator open, Jeff taking us to his room. He holds me up with one arm, his other hand unlocking the door for us. He walks us in, closing the door with his foot before slamming me against it. I moan low, Jeff kissing my neck and grabbing at my ass. I hear the sound of a lock, Jeff bringing us to the bed. He drops me on the bed, before we both strip. Jeff drops to his knees in front of me, spreading my legs. “We’re gonna play a little game, alright?” Jeff looks up at me, his hands placed on my knees. “I’m gonna write a letter, and you have to guess it. Get it right, we go on to the next one. Get it wrong, you get punished and try again. Understood?” “But, Jeff—” I get cut off quickly. “It’s daddy, baby girl, daddy.” He smirks, before licking a long stripe up my heat. I moan loudly, covering my mouth instantly. “Baby girl, don’t.” Jeff pulls my hand away from my mouth. “I wanna hear you.” I nod, Jeff going back to his letters. He does two half circles, after doing the line again. “B-b.” I stutter, my stomach clenching at the feel of Jeff’s tongue against me. “Correct.” He does the next one, but I can’t think of it so I guess. “R?” I ask, hoping I’m right. A hard slap against my thigh, makes me jump from the bed with a slight shriek. “Try again, baby.” Jeff does the same thing, but I still don’t know. “M?” This time I feel his fingers pinch my clit, my body shivering as I cum at the touch of pain and pleasure. “Wrong again, baby girl, and you came without permission.” Jeff shakes his head and sighs, I bite my lip. “One last time, or else it’s over.” He does it again, my mind finally getting it. “N?” Jeff nodding, gently rubbing my thigh. “Good girl.” He kisses my inner thigh. By the time we’re done with the alphabet, I’ve came 6 times altogether. I close my eyes, my pussy sensitive at this point. “Baby girl, you think I’m done?” Jeff asks, a smirk clear in his voice. I look up at him, his body hovering over mine. I slightly nod, my body still going through the motions. “I’m sorry to say baby girl, but we’re just getting started.” The biggest smirk is planted onto his face, before he lays down next to me. “Show daddy what you can do.” I find the energy to get up, and line myself with him. I slowly slide down his cock, the stretch bringing tears to my eyes. Big is an understatement, as Jeff completely fills me. “Holy shit.” He grunts, while I try my best not to cum right here on the spot. I lay my hands on his chest, lightly scratching him as I get used to his size. Once I’ve got used to him in me, I start to bounce up and down, Jeff’s hands grabbing a hold of my hips tightly. I can feel the bruises growing under his fingertips, but the enormous amount of pleasure I’m in surpasses the thought of it. Jeff starts to buck his hips up, putting me in shock for a second, as I squirt all over him and the comforter. We both look at each other in shock, going harder and faster. Jeff flips us over, his strokes slow but deep. I feel every of inch of his cock in me, my nails creating patterns of scratches up and down his back, but that just makes Jeff go harder. He puts my right leg on his left shoulder, wrapping my left leg on his right hip. The change in angle has me screaming so loud, my throat starts to hurt. A thrust harder than the last, brings me over the edge, me squirting for the second time in my life. Jeff keeps going, kissing me on the lips and neck again. Jeff pulls out, turning me on my stomach. He pulls my butt up, pushing my head down slightly, me arching my back to help him out. He slams into me, my hands clawing at the sheets, my moans and screams muffled by one of the many pillows. “You’re on the pill, right?” Jeff grunts, me answering with a yes. In a blink of an eye, Jeff shoots his load in me, me squirting all over again. Jeff pulls out before falling down on to the bed next to me. After a minute or so, Jeff gets up, getting a towel from the bathroom to clean us up. I get up, pulling the comforter off the bed, thankful the sheets underneath are still dry. I get under the sheets, Jeff laying behind me, wrapping his arm around my waist. “If being your rebound gets me this, oh I’ll be waiting for your next break up.” I joke, the rumble of Jeff’s chest because of his laughter, vibrating my back. “Or…” Jeff trails off, making me turn around to face him. “You just get it any time, by being my girl.” He kisses me. “I’d like that.” I smile, kissing him.

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at the museum

Sterek fic inspired by the last minute or so of this ridiculous video (it has subtitles if you wanna watch it).

Of course the first time Stiles sees Derek Hale since high school just has to be on the day he’s finally gotten Lydia from Marketing to agree to go out with him. That’s how the universe works, apparently, always giving Stiles the shittiest luck.

They’re at the Beacon Hills Museum, because he thought that would be something she’d like and it’s definitely something he likes, only it’s looking like he thought wrong. In fact, he’s pretty sure she’s covertly reading an ebook on her phone while Stiles is geeking out over the exhibits.

It happens when Stiles has finally given up on the museum part of this date and taken Lydia downstairs to the food court. She’s just declared that on her diet she can’t eat anything on this menu, and Stiles has just seen his chances of landing a second date dropping dangerously close to zero, and that’s when he looks over and spots Derek standing a few feet away, arm in arm with a hot girl, all dimples and glossy brunette curls and a jawline sharp enough to rival Derek’s.

Of course Derek would have a hot girlfriend while Stiles is utterly failing at the first date he’s been on in six months, and of course Derek would happen to show up here and rub it in Stiles’ face. Of course.

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Sprace Highschool AU
  • Spot is the only kid at school who managed to be popular without being on a sports team (although he does wrestle: being small, spry and angry means you get underestimated a LOT). But he’s student body president and he kicks ass at it. He’s incredibly good at organising people and making sure they all know what’s what. 
  • Race is the Fred and George Weasley of the school. He pulls legendary pranks and starts betting pools that he somehow always seems to win. He’s also one of the only queer and out kids in the school and he gets hell for it but never lets it bother him. 
  • They start hooking up. Race has detention (again) and the teacher who was meant to take it gets called away for some emergency with another student. Spot happens to be nearby and the teachers trust him so he gets asked to watch Race in detention for a couple of minutes, which he begrudgingly agrees to. 
  • Race doesn’t shut up and he starts talking about the active bets at the school. Spot can’t support them or even really know they exist because the school is trying to crack down on them (first years keep losing their lunch money) so he pretends not to listen. But then Race brings up a running bet that Spot is gay, and Spot gets incredibly defensive. He starts arguing that Race should know better than to trivialise someone’s sexuality and that its private and shouldn’t be bet on. Race goes very quiet and realises something. 
  • ‘I need to change my bet, don’t I?' 
  • 'What did you bet?' 
  • 'That you weren’t.' 
  • There’s silence and it confirms actually what Race is thinking. He just smirks because wow it’s good to have a hot guy batting for his team. He says as much and Spot blushes which is far too attractive and they end up making out because Spot hasn’t kissed a boy before and Race is cute and there and bi.
  •  Making out becomes a regular thing and soon it’s less just because Race is bi and more because Race is Race. When it gets to Prom, Race wants to take Spot because he’d always hoped he’d have a boyfriend by his side at prom and whilst Spot wasn’t officially his boyfriend, he was close enough. But Spot isn’t out and wants to get to the end of school unscathed. They can’t even go as friends because, as far as anyone knows, they barely even talk. 
  • Race goes with a few friends and sits in the corner and sulks. Spot at least goes stag, so there’s no girl for him to get jealous of, but he’d still rather be dancing with Spot than sitting alone. Spot wins Prom King and he had to do the honorary first dance with Katherine, the Prom Queen, and for the entire duration of the song he wishes it was Race he was dancing with instead. He’d been avoiding the dancing thing all night for this very reason. 
  • Just as the first dance fades to its end, Spot abruptly steps away from Katherine and scans the room for Race. When he finds him, still alone in the corner at his table, he crosses the room and holds out his hand. Race looks up, confused but hopeful, and willingly let’s Spot drag him wherever he wants. The entire Prom is watching them and whispering, and Spot wants to die but he still doesn’t regret it because Race is holding his hand real tight. When they reach the dance floor he starts to dance with Race and it’s the first dance all over again but this time people are looking at him for an entirely new reason. He’s uncomfortable about it but Race snaps out of his confusion pretty quick and, in the midst of his happiness, he manages to remember that Spot needs him to be supportive too. He can do supportive. He meets Spot’s eyes and gives him the best reassuring look he can manage. 
  • 'No one’s even looking.' 
  • 'Liar.’
  • But Spot still doesn’t let go.
prom with yoongi

- arriving an hour late bc yoongi forgot about prom while he was taking his daily nap “yoongi when are you going to come pick me up” “for what” “prom” “oh hOLY FUCKING SH–”

- you fumbling with your corsage and yoongi gently reaching over and tying it around your wrist with his boYFRIEND LIKE HANDS “alright, now can we go?” “yeah yeah”

- taking you out to slow dance when the entire dance floor is cleared out and acting as though you were the one who dragged him to dance but secretly loving to hold you close “wah this song is so long” “we can just go back to our table now” “nah, we might as well stay the whole song” “riiiight” 

- ending the night with him taking over the DJ’s spot and playing his mixtape bc he said the music wasn’t good enough “yOONGI WHAT IS THIS” “ITS GREAT ISN’T IT” “REMIND ME AGAIN WHY I’M DATING YOU” “BC OF MY TONGUE TECHNOLOGY” half-smiling while pulling you into a kiss