the end of the prom night


senior year au where bad boy muscle thug JOE BIDEN ends up on the prom committee with honor roll hottie BARACK OBAMA. In an unlikely friendship, Barack unlocks Joe’s passion for justice while Joe discovers there’s more to Barack than a 4.0. On prom night, Joe takes on malevolent bully DONALD TRUMP while Barack leads the rest of the school in a night of hilarious high jinks. Is Barack having too much fun to notice Joe’s heroism? Does fightin’ Joe remember how to love? Find out when the lights dim for the last dance…and their eyes meet across the crowded gym.

Friendly reminder that Ross Geller

  • Walked his ex-wife down the aisle after her parents refused to do so
  • Was an active and involved parent to both his children over the course of the show
  • Bought Phoebe a bike when he heard how she never owned one as a child - then taught her how to ride it
  • Loaned his little sister money when she was broke and told her there was no deadline for paying him back
  • After causing an accident which injured a little girl, sold cookies for her door-to-door to win her a trip to space camp and when he couldn’t win the trip for her, set up her own special space camp in Joey & Chandler’s apartment
  • Bought Joey’s porcelain dog as a gift so that Joey wouldn’t have to return everything when he lost his DOOL job
  • Stepped in to escort Rachel to Prom when her date stood her up
  • Searched all night for Chandler when Chandler disappeared before his and Monica’s wedding
  • Attempted to help Joey and Chandler mend their rift when Chandler helped Kathy cheat on Joey
  • Agreed to not date anyone when Rachel asked him not to towards the end of her pregnancy, understanding that she was under enormous stress from the pregnancy and therefore allowed to be irrational

I know this website loves to shit all over Ross (while completely ignoring all the shitty actions of every other character on the show) but I love Ross Geller and I wanted to illustrate that he is, in fact, a decent guy. So fuck Tumblr’s ridiculous attitude towards him. Reblog if you agree.


back at it again with another au. 

prom au where pidge is a hs senior and is suddenly hit by that weird midlife crisis feeling and she begs keith to go to prom with her (keith dropped out in his junior year. he and lance have been dating since freshmen. pidge was a freshie when he dropped) bc hunk (graduated ofc) is already chaperoning and lance is too flashy.

lance is Appalled that pidge picked keith over him but kinda sad he didn’t get to go with keith during prom (keith was too embarrassed to go at that time and felt like he’d be heavily Judged)

anyways  despite the immense amounts of glitter on pidge’s dress, they have a blast and keith dances a few songs with lance (who got pulled into helping hunk) by the end of the night :’’) 

prom with yoongi

- arriving an hour late bc yoongi forgot about prom while he was taking his daily nap “yoongi when are you going to come pick me up” “for what” “prom” “oh hOLY FUCKING SH–”

- you fumbling with your corsage and yoongi gently reaching over and tying it around your wrist with his boYFRIEND LIKE HANDS “alright, now can we go?” “yeah yeah”

- taking you out to slow dance when the entire dance floor is cleared out and acting as though you were the one who dragged him to dance but secretly loving to hold you close “wah this song is so long” “we can just go back to our table now” “nah, we might as well stay the whole song” “riiiight” 

- ending the night with him taking over the DJ’s spot and playing his mixtape bc he said the music wasn’t good enough “yOONGI WHAT IS THIS” “ITS GREAT ISN’T IT” “REMIND ME AGAIN WHY I’M DATING YOU” “BC OF MY TONGUE TECHNOLOGY” half-smiling while pulling you into a kiss

Along with space battles, alien creatures, and angst-filled whining, one of the key ingredients of the Star Wars saga is the lightsaber duel. An amalgam of Samurai duels and coke-fueled disco aesthetics, the lightsaber fight is a cultural icon, as evidenced by every child who’s ever whacked a sibling with a broomstick while yelling about the Force.

While the movies portray lengthy, intense lightsaber duels, real-life lightsaber battles would probably end faster than a prom night’s lovemaking. According to a sword-fighting instructor, because of the lightsaber’s “incredible cutting ability and instant lethality” fights would be over almost immediately. As soon as someone made a move, they’d either be victorious or leave themselves vulnerable to being laser-sworded to death. The exciting, prolonged fights we see in the movies don’t make sense because “you aren’t there to injure the weapon.” Think about how fast a point is scored in a fencing match. Fights would have way less frantic slashing and a lot more inaction, each fighter trying to mind-fuck their opponent into fractionally dropping their guard.

Then there’s the possibility that the clash of two lightsabers could explode in your goddamn face killing your opponent, also you, and possibly everyone else in the room. If the lightsabers are made of hot plasma contained by magnetic fields, Dr. Martin Archer argues that when two lightsabers collide, huge amounts of hot plasma would be ejected, doing all sorts of vaporization to hands, legs, and faces. This means Han Solo’s preference for blasters isn’t ignorant – it’s just plain sensible.

7 Sci-Fi Movie Scenes That’d Totally Suck In Real Life


In October 2016, I was commissioned to make bone crowns for a Halloween Prom! These are the pieces I came up with. Raccoon bones, coyote teeth, amethyst, and smokey quartz.

The Prom makes donations to the New England Organ back, and will become an annual event. Originally, the King and Queen were going to take these home at the end of the night. Buuut the organizers loved them so much, they want to use them each year! The king and queen get to wear these until they’re ready to go home, then they trade them in for plastic ones before they leave.

Did I mention they glow in the dark? Because they glow in the dark. I’ve been unable to get a glow photo, but there are accents painted along various points, as well as all the teeth. 

Saturday, April 17, 1999 Columbine prom night. Eric Harris didn’t have a date that night, though not for lack of trying. People who knew him said he asked a few different girls, all of whom turned him down. He ended up making plans with Susan DeWitt (a girl he’d talked to the night before at Blackjack). She went to his house where they watched movies. Eric invited her to go to the after-prom party but she declined. He gave her a kiss on the cheek before she left.

She later wrote:

Eric David Harris,

I didn’t know the person hiding under your smile. I didn’t know about the pain you carried in your heart. I didn’t know the torture you endured for so long. And I didn’t want to believe you were capable of such destruction. I didn’t know I could feel such pain for someone I really didn’t know. If I knew what your eyes hid, and what your mind was screaming, maybe I could have helped you. I could have loved you. All I know is the pain I am feeling inside. All I know is the person I talked to everyday, the person who seemed happy, the person who always helped me and made sure I had everything I needed. I see your picture on the pages, they say what a monster you are, they say how you were mean and cruel. But you see, I can’t believe what they say. I knew the smiling person, the person who helped me. I don’t want to hear it anymore. I want it to go away, the angry cries well up in me and I hate you for making me so scared and sad. Leaving me without any explanation. Leaving me with wandering thoughts and hollow cries. Did you try and reach me? Did you try to tell me? I will live with the memories and the unanswered questions I hold in my heart. Not a day will go by that I will not wonder why. As times goes by, I am getting stronger, but then the moment comes when I break down and cry. I am so sorry I didn’t see the rage you had inside. I am sorry I was so blind and couldn’t see all the things you tried to show me. No matter how wrong you were, I will love the person who smiled and said “Hi” to me everyday. I promise to never forget the person I knew, and forget the person they say you were.

Love Always and Forever,

Susan DeWitt

I was a drug addict and an alcoholic for ten years. I got my first high before my first kiss and when I did get my first kiss, I was wasted. I was wasted when I lost my virginity and I was too strung out to care about the big things like prom, and graduation. I let people use and abuse me because I was empty and I thought cute guys with fake smiles and empty words could fill the hole inside of me. The hole I filled with poison . I poisoned my own body just to get relief and after the high wore off and I washed all that make up off at the end of the night, the end of a night where I let some guy use me right before I passed out in my own vomit, I still hated myself. When I looked in the mirror , after I washed my face and cried my eyes out and everything I was drinking, sniffing, snorting, swallowing, crushing, and injecting wore off, I still hated myself. So before you try to fill the cracks of your soul with drugs, fake people and booze, just know that it only makes you hate yourself worse when you sober up, and when those people leave you. Always love yourself and get help if you don’t, get help before you become even more fucked up. Even more fucked up than me.

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prom night my friend and i and our group of friends decided to get a limo and after the dance was over and the limo driver was dropping people off at their respective houses my boyfriend and i started making out in the back that was covered by a seat. we ended up fucking while my best friend and her date were in the front of the limo and they to this day don't realise that we were doing it the whole time we were in the limo together

Charlie and Matteusz - Getting ready for Prom, first kiss

Charlie sat in class. The excitement of going to to the prom with Matteusz preoccupied him. He had been to many dances before, but this was different. His stomach felt strange. He kept thinking of how the evening might play out. He might die.

He supposed most attending wouldn’t be thinking about death. Google indicated pregnancy was of prime concern at prom. That would not be an issue for him and Matteusz.

Since seeing the shadow kin, he had considered uninviting Matteusz. He didn’t want to see him harmed. But in the end he decided Matteusz would be safer at school. He could protect him if they were together.

Charlie began to wonder, would they kiss? He very much wanted to. On TV kisses came at the end of the night. It made him nervous. Waiting the whole night to have his question answered. What if he decides not to kiss me?

Charlie glanced at the clock. 11:30. He let out a frustrated sigh. Why is this morning moving so slowly? He looked at his mobile. No messages. He was going to miss not seeing Matteusz at lunch. He would have to wait see him at the Prom. No, he wanted to see him before the dance. That is what they did on TV. They pick up their date.

I don’t have a car, he thought. Ms. Quill could rent one, but she would not want to chauffer him and his date. We could walk. Or does he want to pick me up? Does he have a car? I don’t actually know where he lives? Maybe meeting at my place is more convenient.

He checked his mobile again. I will text him.

“It occurs to me I don’t actually know where you live, but I would very much like to walk with you to the Prom. I am afraid I don’t have a car. Unless you do.”

There were no swirling dots on his mobile, Matteusz was not responding. Maybe I should have invited him to my flat. He wished there was an undo button; everything else seemed to have one.

A text popped up on his display. Matteusz had sent his address. Charlie mapped it. His house wasn’t too far, walkable. Charlie read the remainder of the message. Matteusz was happy to walk. Good. “I will see you at 7?”

Charlie watched the screen, Matteusz was typing. He seemed to be typing for a long time.

Charlie began to type another message. “I will miss seeing you at lunch. I hope your dentistry goes well.” Charlie added an emoji. He liked them. He sent his message just as Matteusz responded.

“7 it is.” He looked at the response and laughed to himself. Matteusz must types really slowly.

He turned the screen off and packed his things ready for the class to end. Only 15 minutes to go.

Matteusz stood in front of his wardrobe. He put on some pants and a belt. Then he retrieved the jacket from the back. Unable to afford the dress shirt, he was uncertain what to wear under it. Sweater would look strange. Nothing with a pattern, he supposed.

His sight kept returning to his favourite shirt. He liked how it showed off a bit of his chest. Maybe Charlie would like that, he thought. He slipped it on and put the jacket over. Looking in the mirror he thought to himself, I look good. He fixed his hair and applied some cologne. He wondered if he looked too casual. Did it look like he didn’t care, or… his gaze fixated on the clock, 10 to 7.

He kept hoping his parents would go out, but he could hear them in the living room below. He took three deep breaths and headed down the stairs. Reaching the bottom, he peeked out the door’s window, hoping he could see Charlie and just leave.

“Matteusz?” His mother inquired. He went into the living room and sat on the couch by the window. “Why are you dressed up? Is the jacket new?”

“I am going out with some friends.” He replied.

“That is good,” his mom pressed. “What will you do?”

“Dance, there is a dance at school tonight.” Matteusz felt his stomach knot. This was not a good idea he thought to himself. Why had he not suggested meeting Charlie at his flat? Because Charlie wanted to pick him up. It was sweet.

His dad looked at him. “With April and Tanya?”

Matteusz returned his gaze to the street. “Yes they will be there.” He regretted saying that; he should have said he was going with them.

His dad watched his son. “What is at window, you are acting very odd?” His son ignored him. “Matteusz, you will look at me and respond when I ask you question.” Matteusz looked at his father. “Are you going with one of your confused friends?”

Matteusz hated when his father referred to gay people as confused. A knock came from the door; damn, he had taken his sight off the window. He could see Charlie’s silhouette. Matteusz stood, but was pushed back down by his father, His mother shaking her head at him.

“I will answer,” His father said stomping out of the room.

The door opened. “Hi, I am Charlie. You must be Matteusz’s father.” Matteusz could hear his pleasant friend. No, he wasn’t letting his father berate Charlie with religious nonsense. He rose from the couch and swiftly entered the hall, his mother calling after him to sit.

When he got to the door, his dad held him back. He was surveying Charlie. “You wait at gate.”

“Ah…yes, of course.” Charlie smiled turning back to the path.

His dad closed the door and yelled at his son. “I forbid you going out with him. If you go out you will have made bad choice in my eyes.”

Matteusz looked at his parents and opened the door. “It is my choice, not yours,” he yelled back. Closing the door behind him, he could hear his father dead bolt the door.

Matteusz looked at his friend and took a deep breath. “Hello.”

“Everything all right?” Charlie said concerned.

“Oh, yeah. My deeply religious parents are very happy I am going to dance with a boy.” He took another breath. “This has been an evening of love and warmth.” It was sarcastic. He didn’t mean it to. Charlie didn’t deserve it, but he found it hard to switch gears.

Charlie looked at Matteusz confused. His friend’s words didn’t seem to reflect the situation. But Matteusz had always spoken honestly with him; he accepted his words. “Great.” He smiled, still uncertain.

Matteusz couldn’t help smiling. Charlie’s honest innocence was beautiful. “You are a very strange person.” He liked Charlie very much, and just made things better by being there.

Unable to contain himself, Matteusz leaned forward and pressed his lips to Charlie’s. They were warm, but tense. He began to worry whether Charlie would kiss back. After his initial shock, Charlie’s lips began to soften, welcoming Matteusz.

Both had longed to kiss the other, but Matteusz became self-conscious; he worried his parents might be watching from the window. He didn’t want to care, but was afraid things might become worse. Pulling away he looked into Charlie’s eyes.

“I would have waited till the end of our date for that,” Charlie said beaming. “But I am glad I didn’t have to.” He took Matteusz’s hand and they began to walk.

Matteusz was happy. He had finally got his first kiss. He didn’t know what the evening would hold, but his heart was happy.

I love you. Please don’t go after me.
—  I met my boyfriend in a teen psych ward. At first we didn’t speak as we were coming to terms with our mental illnesses, however we found common ground when he found me sorting out my CD collection. We helped each other get better over summer and exchanged numbers and went our ways. I was starting my senior high school year in Connecticut while he was a freshman in college in Washington. We met up every weekend every two weeks and we increasingly fell more in love. He was my prom date for prom that year and it was the best night of my life as we forgot about our mental health, our past and our scars. On our year anniversary of meeting, we planned to go to New York, however he relapsed and he rang me crying. He didn’t want to end his life but it just happened. That day was a blur as the only words I remember are “I love you, please don’t go after me.” He died at 1.30am, July 20th 2011.

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another ghost jd headcanon bc "maybe prom night/ maybe dancing?" kills me so bad-- veronica goes to prom with martha, and she has a great time with her best girl. near the end, she goes into some empty hallway or courtyard just for a minute of peace, and jd appears and asks her for a dance like they promised all those months ago. jd has one last, special moment to just be a normal kid with the girl he loves.


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Trolls Human AU: Imagine what would the character's prom night at highschool would have been? I can see GD trying to get Poppy and Branch to have a moment so Branch could admit his feelings. Branch never achieves it though. Poor kid just wasn't ready... (Sidenote: Branch ended up going because of Poppy.)

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The Escape Hatch Identification

Lu liked this element. Also, I’ve appreciated we had full 20 minutes of show. They must have perceived their lives shorten after all the curses after those ridiculous short ones.

* The first sequence was gold. (And more in general, I liked that half of shamy scenes nowadays are set in their bed :D)
* The reference to Pluto! Finally we know why Sheldon is so scared of him.
* Leonard thinks Amy’s drugging Sheldon because of his “normal” behavior. And consider this, even if he ends he was only covering it, he understood Raj needed support and you know, the present was incredibly sweet. We said it many times but please let’s say it again: how’s grown Sheldon because of her? * . *
* I swear I didn’t weep when they recalled the prom night.
* And because I love you, you are dessert. Awww… gross!
* The tag! It cracked me up.
* Beverly! They managed not to spoil something lol I’ve been glad to see her again, even - as Leonard hilariously stated - she tends to bring out the worst of things (like Satan lol). So here we are, having both lenny and shamy suddenly facing insecurities they maybe didn’t think they have. Unfortunately it wasn’t much handled for lenny, as for shamy I really appreciated how they didn’t hide from them. And in the end, I think it was clear they are in a good place and there’s no need of an escape plan.
* I’m only a little disappointed Raj and Stuart didn’t decide to live together eventually. I was ready for that. It feels right. Anyway… Let’s
see what will be having Raj in 4A. (Quoting the last time he passed
from there “There’s a new homo in town” - pun not(?) intended)