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Here's Why Moana and/or Kubo and the Two Strings Should Have Won

Tonight, Zootopia has won Best Animated Feature. First off, let me say my thoughts on Zootopia. I really liked it when it came out. And I still do! I thought it had great characters, humor, animation and some good commentary on racism today. It deserved its nomination but I personally don’t think it was the Best Animated Feature. I think it should have gone to either two films (I could not pick both as they are both dear to my heart), Moana and Kubo and the Two Strings. I’ll start with Kubo first.
This movie was something that blew me away when I first watched it. The animation was incredible with so much hard work and detail that went into it- the animators behind this animation deserve awards for it alone. The characters, story and emotions were all portrayed flawlessly. By the time the movie was over, I was still feeling the emotional resonance of the film’s ending.
Now, I understand that a lot of people were upset over casting white actors and actresses in the main roles. And I understand and get why people are mad over that. However, not to hate on Zootopia (I really like the movie, don’t get me wrong on that), but the movie’s main theme was about racism and that’s a good theme and it was portrayed in a very good way. However, the main cast is still mostly white, with even the people of color still only having supporting roles. Even the voice actor behind Nick Wilde- a character supposed to represent people of color- is white. Yet everyone only points fingers at Kubo. And since they have great voice performances in Kubo, I believe that there’s a good chance that they were cast because of their voices. So I don’t think we should let the cast foreshadow the awesomeness of Kubo.
Now, on to Moana. I saw this movie on one of its first Tuesday screenings and I was very excited to see this. I’ve been looking forward to seeing it the moment Disney announce they were doing this movie. After I saw Moana, it became one of my favorite Disney movies. While the movie does follow the Disney formula that has been current in most of their recent films, the way the story is done is what makes it work. The performances of the characters are all amazing- especially those of Dwayne Johnson and Auli'i Cravalho. I really like the fact that Disney found someone new and someone who really sounded like a real teenager for Moana. Auli'i’s voice is what helped make Moana the amazing character she was in the movie. Dwayne also did an awesome job as Maui and his song in the movie had to have been one of my favorite songs. And speaking of the songs, the music in this movie was FANTASTIC. There was never one song that I thought was just ok. Every song was either fun, epic, inspiring, entertaining or both! The way Polynesian culture was represented was also so amazing and wonderful to see on the big screen! Disney really did a good job giving this beautiful culture the representation it deserved. I also have to mention the character of the movie’s lead- Moana herself. Moana herself earns the title of this movie. She has to be the Disney Princess Heroine that I have most connected with. She truly felt real and while she may not have succeeded everytime in the movie, she grew past that and was able to truly be the hero in the end.
The strengths of these two movies are what make me believe that these movies both deserve recognition. Zootopia is a great movie but we have to make way for ALL wonderful and talented movies to shine. Kubo and Moana deserve to be shown to many and I strongly encourage all of you to support both of these awesome movies!


I cannot stop watching when La La Land lost an award that was never theirs, as graciously as they may have done so. When so much art represented people who rarely get represented or recognized in mainstream culture is finally, boldly launched to the front, we celebrate it, we lift it further, we demand more of those stories. We need those stories. We don’t need another whitewashed movie, complete with subpar singing and dancing, sweeping all the accolades when those performers couldn’t perform half as well as their competitors. Ryan Gosling had to learn to play the piano? Alex Hibbert had to learn to swim. Moonlight is life changing. Their glory should never have been stolen last night. But what else is new?

So… if the running together shot was too “underwhelming” to end the video, I guess they ran out of film and couldn’t shoot it again so that the video didn’t end on then walking away from each other.


You know, if ever they do make a Hamilton musical film. All I want towards the ending after Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story, is a post-credit scene where it fast-forwards to the modern day New York City. 

Inside a bookstore where the biography section is. You see a hand browsing through the selection of books and takes out a big one before the person walks up to the cashier to pay for it. The cashier then checks out the book. 

“Alexander Hamilton, huh. What made you wanna read this?”

“Nothing in particular. I just need a big fat book to read.”

The camera shifts up and reveals the person as…

Lin Manuel Miranda

though my good pals and i may have differing opinions on animated films, at the end of the day we can all come together and wholeheartedly agree that Redline (2009, dir. Takeshi Koike) is the best movie of all t

yo so I know the Oscars just ended & everybody has way too many films to watch rn but the one you should all go to see is Get Out.

It’s February and it’s already my favorite movie of 2017. FOR REAL IT IS UH MAY ZING. Master class in writing, pace, satire, tension, suspense. This movie is not only socially important, it’s also just REALLY. FUCKING. GOOD. It’s not a conventional horror movie. Hell, it’s not really a horror movie at all, but it WILL scare you, and it should. 

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I want to watch moonlight but I'm scared of it's R rating. it's not super violent or something is it?

it has a (het) sex scene involving teens/some cursing/a scene where chiron gets beat up, i think that’s about it. i would definitely urge you to watch it it’s a very beautiful film and the ending is sweet!! if a scene makes you uncomfortable you can always skip it

lbr this is the exact mistake i would make at the oscars

trusting the card, not wondering why it says best actress, passing off responsibility for reading it, explaining what happened, mass confusion, giving it to the way more deserving film in the end


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I think it's kind of rich that you're dogging Hux/Kylux when until you got a few more fans, the Kylux fandom was the main way that Finnrey content was being spread. I mean, I get it, Hux is evil, he only said two words, etc etc, but when Kylux fandom was useful to you you never had any complaints but now that you feel like you don't need us anymore, the claws come out.

i’ve never really had a problem with kyIux shippers because they tend to stay in their lane more often than not and yeah, some of the early comics were kind of funny, but i’ve always had issues with the ship itself and how it humanizes and woobifies characters who are high ranking members of a fascist organization.

when a character with barely over 3 minutes of screen time, that jj abrams, a jewish man, wrote specifically as a nazi parallel, ends up being the most popular character from a film whose main leads are a black man, a woman, and a latino man…well then it’s a problem that’s clearly reflective of the racism (and a touch of misogyny tbh) prevalent in this fandom and deserves to be called out.

technically still working on him and re-writing his story (don’t read the second last paras of his bio tbh), but does anyone want a thing with my bitter film director? as it is osca/r evening. he’s a grumpy, upcoming film director who ends up directing scripts he thinks are cliché or sugarcoated. like if yes!