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Could we possibly get a teaser for the new chapter? 🔥✨⭐️💥

It gets harder and harder each week to find something that isn’t R-rated. In anycase, here’s the small teaser for chapter 24:

When he’s imagined his future, he’s never imagined someone else with him. It’s always just been him. Maybe he and Mari would run the onsen together. Maybe he would help Minako teach dance. But his idea of ‘home’, even with a poodle or two, has always been empty.

Team 7 Deserved The Ending Episode dedicated for them!

Naruto Manga : Chapter 1 Cover 

Introducing Naruto Uzumaki, the hero, with TEAM 7, which will make their first introduction in Chapter 3 and become the heart of the series. 

Naruto Manga: Chapter 699

Team 7 Back Together!

Naruto Manga: Chapter 700

Everyone gets equal amount of screen time. It also showed the readers how Naruto has become the 7th Hokage, something which has been his dream and goal since Chapter 1

Naruto Gaiden : Kishimoto’s last original work

Team 7 reunited as adults and still being the most baddass Shinobis and NEO Sannin! The manga ended with Uchiha Family photos, which shows the main rival and the heroine: Sasuke and Sakura, with their daughter Sarada, which inherited Naruto’s dream of becoming the future Hokage!

Kishimoto Masashi showed us over and over again in his manga, through his drawing, how important TEAM 7 is for Naruto story. They are not just main supporting roles which can be replaced by just anyone, that’s why Kishi always ended up getting back to them and tell their story, be it individually, or together as a Team. 

So, how come the Anime ended with a Wedding episode which isn’t even centered around its main characters? Sasuke appeared for like how many seconds? And Sakura only get to say one word? It didn’t even tell a story about Naruto who finally reached his dream to become Hokage.

You don’t need to be Antis of certain characters to be pissed off because of this.

DAI Companions React To: My Immortal

So it’s late and Mod Katalyna, Mod Tiarne, and Mod Sarah were fucking around on Skype (again) and we questioned what would happen if the Inquisition companions somehow got access to My Immortal and then this happened. Mods Are Cray. Enjoy.

Cassandra: She’s disgusted and goes on about how awful it is and refers to it only as garbage. She’s found re-reading it inexplicably out of so much disgust she’s interested.

Blackwall: He laughs his ass off at it and tried to play the drinking game with Bull and passes out before the end of the third chapter.

Iron Bull: He laughs at every fucking word. He loves playing the drinking game with it and both he and Blackwall always end up with the worst hangovers after.

Sera: She thinks this is the funniest fucking thing in the world to her. She re-reads it and cackles every time, laughing so hard it echoes through Skyhold. She leaves snippets of it (the worst parts) in places as pranks (usually around Vivienne and Dorian, the tale’s worst critics) and quotes it ironically.

Varric: He’s full-on sobbing with laughter (silent laughter at some points), wheezing and clapping his hands like a walrus with glee. It takes tremendous effort and time to finish it because he’s pretty sure he’ll stop breathing if he laughs any harder. He does dramatic readings in the tavern, often with Blackwall, Sera, and Bull among his audience, all sobbing with laughter.

Cole: He’s so confused by the different reactions to it and have no idea what’s going on. “Why does Ebony hate everyone? They just want to help.“ he asks. “Stop trying to analyze it, Cole!” everyone else tells him.

Dorian: One of two things could happen. Either he sets it on fire the second he understood what horror was before him, or he reads it, laughs, and gets drunk, and then burns it. Depends on how he’s feeling.

Solas: He takes one glance on the inside and tosses it up to Dorian, who he fully expects to burn it. He refuses to comment or acknowledge its existence.

Vivienne: Burns it and sends a very sternly worded letter to the author about their writing skills. She gets a response calling her a prep and is told to stop flaming.

Leliana: She hunts down every copy and destroys it. Her birds are trained to collect it and destroy it. Or just spontaneously shit on it.

Josephine: She refuses to comment. She could not remain composed if forced to comment. She has a lot of feelings about the fic but refuses to let them out because they’re all negative.

Cullen: He pretends it doesn’t exist and ignores any reference to it.

Krem: He reads it out of curiosity because Bull won’t stop laughing. He almost vomits at how bad it is.

Sk8er Girl Ch 3 (Trixya) - Squeaky Pink

Trixya!HS AU. Trixie is a nerdy, girly girl with bows and frills. Katya is a skater chick with scuffed knees and a flazeda attitude. When they’re assigned as lab partners, can they discover chemistry together?

Or: She was a sk8er girl. She said see you later girl. She wasn’t good enough for her (or was she?).

[AN: Pink Shrooms aka Squeaky Pink. We’re writing this together but alternating chapters and POVs. Pinky is mainly Trixie’s POV and Squeaky is mainly Katya’s POV. The first part of this chapter very heavy and /real/ but the ending is fluffy cuteness to make up for it!]

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The Jewels of the Ortiz [Sam Drake x Reader]

8: Where We Are

Low words of Spanish, a man in an immaculate suit pressing a crisp set of bills into the palm of a nurse.

The action was so commonplace for you now that you barely batted an eye, watching the man sit across from you as he looked at you with a certain sympathy.

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y'all better HEAR ME OUT RIGHT NOW

the last chapter of endless summer ended with the crew ready to fight the watchers, but before that, while jake was counting to 3 to open the door, diego came up to MC and told him/her how his whole life he felt like the side-sick but at least he was glad knowing he was MC’s sidekick … that was sus AF !!!

is diego going to sacrifice himself next chapter to the watchers ???? LOOK AT THE DOSSIER !!! it says it’s unclear why he’s in the island. diego hasn’t done anything majorly relevant in the book so far so…is this what he’s in the island for ??



Thoughts while playing Endless Summer Book 1 Act III Chapter 15: It Was Not Meant to End Like This

*jolts up in chair by surprise* Action music! I wasn’t prepared for that.

Hello, hot blue guy swinging into my room. Oh wait. Right. MC and Quinn were having sexy time when this happened last chapter.

“Stay back!” -> When MC said that, was he naked? #validthoughts

Quinnnnnnnn! She’s twitching on the floor? Oh no. Ugh. She got pierced by a glass shard? :(

She died? *cries on the inside*

MC ripped the “glowing blue necklace” from Avatar’s throat. Oooh, shiny. I like.

Woah, did we just time travel with this blue stone? Oh wow, they did. I love this. *hides in closet*

OMG THE WATCHERS ARE IN THE HALLWAYS. Did that green Watcher crash into another window too?

Raj and Iris hanging out in the hallway? And I want me some of that cereal Raj has.

18 diamonds for a sword? Okay… This better be worth it! Oooh it’s the 10th clue. 10/10 clues - complete!

Whaddayaknow. After MC cleaved the curtains in two, Iris now likes him.

Time travel again… with the sword?! And we’re in the body of the Captain? And we’re dying? (I know. Lots of questions.)

We’re back in the hallway. Raj said we spaced out.

Omg it’s the sabertooth. Who seems to be after Raj’s “Citrus Krush.” Oh look! “Raj likes you enough to save your life.” That’s… assuring. :D

We’re knocking on Grace’s door now. “The door opens, revealing Aleister, shirt untucked.” HEY NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

“We were just talking!” he says. Yes, Aleister. Yes.

Relationship check: “Alistair still dislikes you.” Well, yeah. Does he like anyone at all?

Grace is slipping a note to Todd. For Blaire Hall. In case Grace dies. I don’t like how morbid this is becoming. Nobody’s gonna die! Furball? Furball? Where’s my fox?

“Grace likes you enough to trust her with your note.” Thanks Grace!

Traps. Where did we put the traps? I don’t know where we put them, Diego! I choose “shops”. Whew. It’s correct. Next! I hid the oxygen tank by the pool. What’s gonna happen now? CLEVER, GRACE!!!! Hiding underwater with the water tank! Love it!

But oh well, blue guys are chasing us again.

Lila’s electric traps!! So clever too!  “Lila likes you enough to look out for you.” Thank goodness.

What is this “charred, wooden box”?!?! Rourke Diaries, La Huerta, 1980? And Lila’s acting weird. 19 diamonds to read Rourke’s diary? Hell yeah!

Oh wow. The note!!! I love it. Rourke was shipwrecked in La Huerta almost 40 years ago.

“Zahra likes you enough not to run away.” THANK GOODNESS.

Everyone’s panickingggg. Are we really jumping off the building with a parachute?!

Michelle’s shrill whistle. YES! Relationship check: “Michelle has your back.”

Wait, so this is the plan? To open the doors and just barrage the Watchers with our “stampede”?

Diego. Awww. “Thank you. For everything.” I cry.

“Everyone storms out with a battlecry.”

The end.


Final thoughts:
That was AMAZING!!!! Oh my gosh. I loved it. I really loved that chapter. I really thought a character was gonna DIE. So much action. I loved every minute of it. So many questions too. That necklace! The energy in the island — for time travel! That mystery box of Rourke’s! Why was Lila stopping them from opening it? And thankful that the party is still complete. Whew. Can’t wait for the next chapterrrr. It’s gonna be legendary.


Il est déjà ici! :D

L’Histoire de Tomb Raider by Alexandre Serel finally arrived home, yeeey! :D (I was the last one to get it, seriously??).

As promised here are some photos of the thingie and to my Lartis bitches, the first - and last, as far as I’ve seen- image of Kurtis in the book. My poor boy… what a moment they chose. Well, see the bright side: it’s the only character apart from Lara who gets a chapter all for himself.

I am extremely delighted because the book is beautiful - the Scion cover is textured, you caress it and you can feel the roughness of the symbols and provides lots of information, most of the book is text, except for the drawings that introduce each chapter. There are 56 chapters and as I was promised, most of the book is about Core Design and its games, Crystal stuff starting only from chapter 42 to the end, which is the least, the last part of the book. So I am not disappointed by this.

I’d have preferred, tho, the interior of the book not being only B/W but also some colored stuff, but anyway, the quality of the paper is amazing, and so the cover and the edition. Totally worth it.

I am also shocked at some fresh and new information about TRAOD sequel(s) I’ve not encountered in Meagan’s book, nor even in Murti’s notes, to the point of including some scripts about The Lost Dominion I’ve never seen before - starting by Lara and Kurtis reencounter. As I said, Kurtis gets a chapter all for himself, tho is short and includes mostly his biography and details of his planned spin-off game, Demon Hunter.

I don’t want to say more at this point ‘cause I prefer to read it carefully before, but stay tuned! I’m gonna provide with little bits, photos, details and shared information for those who couldn’t get this French edition. :)

@hazelphoenix what do you think? Totally worth it? :D

NaruHina fandom is SPOILED

SP and Kishimoto has spoiled us sooo much! We ended up with it all! I was just ready for chapter 700 to be it and call it a day but nope. We got an entire movie dedicated to their love, a kiss, a wedding episode,  2 DAMN KIDS both boy and girl, Naruto becomes Hokage ova which once again showed the sunshine family, A MOVIE about the NH baby Boruto and now we get an entire anime with MORE NH to COME!


I chose the right path. DID YOU?

Chasing Cinderella (29,438 words)
Chapters: 6/8
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Fandom: 龍が如く | Ryuu ga Gotoku | Yakuza (Video Games)
Relationships: Goro Majima/Makoto Makimura
Characters: Makoto Makimura, Goro Majima, Akira Nishikiyama
Additional Tags: Fix-It of Sorts, Reunions, Eventual Happy Ending, Yakuza 0 Spoilers, Post-Game, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Canon Typical Violence

Chapter 6: Makoto proves exactly how reckless she can be.

TRIGGER WARNING – Some misogynistic language/misogynistic slurs are used by a minor character. There’s not a lot of it but if that in any amount is a trigger for you now you know.


The story of Naruto has always been there for me every since I was a kid. The manga has ended and now the anime too has ended (finally no more flashbacks!). It was sad to read the last chapter of the manga and it was also sad to watch the anime end as well. But I will never forget Naruto for what it was. It was a story of a loser who fought for his dream and for his friends. The loser finally earned his respect and friends and was finally able to achieve his dream. The story taught me that no matter how much of a loser you are, don’t ever give up on your dreams and work hard for it. Masahi Kishimoto-sensei, thank you for giving us Naruto. And finally Naruto, goodbye and thank you.

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I seriously love Blue Sargent’s relationship with her boys

Seriously. I’m listening to the audio book of The Raven King (again), and I just got to the end of chapter 5 when Blue is out under the beech tree and Jimi opens the window and shouts, “Blue! Your boys are out front, looking like they’re fixing to bury a body.”

And then Blue’s only response is to think, “Again?”

I’m pretty sure this just sums up her relationship with the boys as a whole in the simplest way possible and it’s glorious.

Thoughts just after 3am & 2pm...

Mystic just woke up and had a little bit to drink and a little bit to eat.. a very little bit.

I had a pretty bad breakdown too… I was talking to him, hell I’ve talked to him almost every night for 20+ years… but I said the words “This is the end of our story”…. and it fucking killed me.

Because thats what this is. This is how the story ends.

there are no more chapters to write, no more stories to make, no new things to learn and to explore together. Everything we do now… is the last time we will do them.

I will never again get to write an essay with him perched on my stomach proof reading it for me. I will never again make another GIS map or do any more research while he is tucked into my side. I will never read another book or comic with his paw on the pages…. 

But more than that, after 20 years… we were still learning how to live with each other.

That sounds weird doesn’t it? But it’s true! It never lost that *new* feeling, that feeling of give and take, of being open to each other and trying hard to figure out what each other wants. It never became routine, it never become complacent.

Like I said before, it was always teamwork… From everything from feeding to bed time, it was never I commanded and he did, it was always lets work together and figure it out :)

Some stuff became routine though, and it was the good stuff. Like the moment I sat down, I knew he’d come flying in for a hug. I loved that. It wasn’t me calling him, it wasn’t something I even “taught” him… he wanted it, he wanted love and to be held, and I didn’t have much of a choice :)

But every day felt new, we could do the same thing over and over and over again, but it always felt new. 

Now there is no more new. It’s over. He lays here beside me, cuddled into the crook of my arm, and this is how the story ends. 

The story that started that one horrible rainy night in January, that story that took us all over the US and the world. From long drives up and down the state, to flying to florida and australia, to everything else. From him meeting new girlfriends, liking some, hating others, to the weird shit with neighbors calling the police on him cause he looked at them through the window (true!), and all of the visitors.. the bunny, the little white kitten, and the squirrel to name a few. There were the toys and presents he got from around the world, from the UK to New Jersey, Canada to Japan… all from friends who probably love him just as much as I do, and spoiled him rotten. And all of the Army-Navy games that he endured my rantings and ravings and excited yellings while he cuddled with his Navy football bear, and I wore my Navy football sweater. And more recently the UCLA stuff :) 

In 20+ years, he’s lived in over 10 places, met hundreds of new people, and had a blast. 

But now.. that story is coming to an end, and there are so many more chapters I wish we could write together, so many more stories to make, so many more places and people to visit. 

But this is the end… and it ends with him in my arms, loved …. so loved… just the way it started. We’re both older now, but that love.. it only grew and grew. 

I am so thankful that Sarah watched over him all of these years, and I hope they find each other… and if there is an afterlife for me, I hope I get to spend it with them and the stories can continue… 

It’s the only shred of hope I have left.