the end of the ball

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can you explain what's wrong with hamster balls or link to a post that does? im genuinely curious and almost got a big one for my guinea pig (though i realized thatd be a bad idea bc my cats would probably traumatize the poor thing)

omg well firstly, I’m really glad you didn’t get one for your piggy! And not because your cats would chase it around, but because piggy spines curve the wrong way for a wheel or hamster ball, putting strain on their bodies that they’re not designed for or used to and your pet could end up very seriously hurt.

But hamster balls are bad for all animals because they’re scary and dangerous. You’re putting a small, prey animal into a bubble that doesn’t allow for it to scurry around like it normally would, or hide if something spooks it, and once a hamster ball gets going, it doesn’t just stop on a dime. The momentum carries and pushes the animal inside along for the ride, so you’re taking away your pet’s ability to control their own movements, on top of risking bodily harm when they hit a wall or flip over completely and land wrong, or get their toes or tails stuck in the air slots. 

Hamster balls are just really scary, really dangerous devices that no animal should be subjected to. If you want to let your pet roam around the floor, you should do it supervised, in a closed off room where you can monitor what’s going on.

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oh geez slytherin!jimin and hufflepuff!taehyung kills me that would be the cutest thing. what do you think slytherin!jimin and ravenclaw!jungkook's relationship would be like and as a couple??

i dont think theyd be much different from real life !! like.. jk would be that sporty quidditch guy who doesnt actually lov studying like most ravenclaws but hates losing too much to be bad at anything and when jimin first approached him for help with dada, he didnt know what to think but jimin is actually the sweetest thing and absolutely harmless and hes also great at flying so they often have late-night one on one quidditch matches whenever school gets too stressful.. jk musters up the nerve to ask jimin to the yule ball and they end up dating <3

I’ve got an idea! While I’m on my short break, why don’t we try to name pichu!

I decided I’ll just let the ball end since I’ll be major late but may do my finale post but sorry to anyone who wanted to dance with pichu :< feel free to send in other asks and interact with me again!

But please let me know name suggestions for our yellow static fluffball!

End of the ball

Masquerain ended the ball with many flowers:

A Chrysanthimum from @occasionallyoctillery
A Violet from @dailyemolga
A pink Hyacinth from @occasionallyzubat
Some purple Bellflowers from @dailytogekisslove
An unnamed flower from @sometimespuppypokemon
An unnamed flower from @spinda-of-the-day
A Gourdon flower from @rioludaily
A Tiger Lily from @dailymawile

And a red Hyacinth from @dailyhelioptile!

They’ve all drifted away into the ocean.

Thanks to @dailyshinycutiefly, @vulpix-daily, @vulpixesdaily and @dailygeodude for hosting the event!


my semi realistic art style came back into my life in the form of three members of a very attractive and very angsty family. 

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What are your favorite Auston and Mitch moments?

good question, anon. let’s begin:

I’ll add more as we go along with their adventures