the end of my world

carry on, darling, we were built to last

There was something incredibly beautiful about Victor, both soft and sharp, when he stood in the park in the late evenings, bathed in the dark that was dispersed only by the orange glow of the street lamp at his back. His hair looked like moonlight itself – translucent, yet human; there for Yuuri to touch. A halo seemed to wrap around the crown of his head, the dim light of the lamp playing its tricks with Yuuri’s imagination, because truly Victor looked like an angel sent from above.

But the most change was on Victor’s face, where the shadows and the light made him look young and happy one moment and old, dissatisfied, frowning the next. The dichotomy took Yuuri’s breath away every day and, frankly, he didn’t think he could ever get used to it.

Victor smiled at him when he caught him staring at his profile yet again. Yuuri blushed a little, but there was no escaping it.

“Hi,” Victor said, the silly man that he was. He wrapped an arm around Yuuri’s waist and plastered himself to Yuuri’s side like the centimetres of distance between them were too much. (They were.)

“Hi,” Yuuri mumbled back, but there was a grin blossoming on his face right behind the wool of his scarf.

“How are you doing?” Victor asked as if he didn’t know. As if he wasn’t there for every second of Yuuri’s day.

Yuuri huffed a small laugh.

“Really good,” he replied, leaning against Victor a little. He let his head rest against Victor’s shoulder. “Even better now.”

“You’re so sweet,” Victor crooned softly.

His arms wrapped tighter around Yuuri. Yuuri, smiling, lifted a hand up to run through Victor’s hair and tilt his head down.

“And you’re so beautiful,” he replied, courageous for once.

There was a flush on his cheeks, there always was whenever he mustered up the courage to say what was buzzing in his mind. This time, though, he wasn’t the only one blushing. Victor’s face was already pink from the chill and the wind, but at Yuuri’s words the colour deepened sweetly. Yuuri could get drunk on it, he’d bet.

Before either of them could move, before Yuuri could climb onto his tiptoes and kiss Victor like he so wanted to, Makkachin’s barking made them both startle. They looked the dog’s way and found him chasing after the leaves that the wind was picking off the ground every now and then. Yuuri felt Victor shake with silent laughter and he couldn’t really hold back a grin of his own.

“He’s so cute,” Victor said, warmth and love in his voice.

“You’re cute,” Yuuri blurted out.

Victor’s head snapped back to him: red cheeks, sparkling eyes, smiling mouth. Yuuri couldn’t say he didn’t enjoy this strange looseness of his tongue. Especially if it got Victor looking at him like that.

“Are we that couple now?” Victor asked, thoughtful. “Because you’re far cuter than me, love.”

“Lies,” Yuuri replied, hard. “You’re prettier.”

Victor hummed. “Debatable. You’re more handsome.”

“I am not!” Yuuri gasped, offended. How dare Victor say that after looking into a mirror every single day? “You take that back!”

“But you are!” Victor protested. “Ask anyone!”

“Fine,” Yuuri huffed.

He looked around, spotted a girl walking their way with a pup on a short leash, and threw Victor a look. Victor’s face was drawn in a confused ‘o’ for a second when he saw Yuuri trot over to talk to her in his still wonky Russian. The expression cleared, replaced by a small, still uncertain smile once they both made their way towards him. The girl’s eyes raked over Victor like she was judging an art piece and then did the same to Yuuri.

“Sorry,” she said. Then, nodded her chin at Victor.“He’s more handsome.”

Yuuri’s face brightened triumphantly. He thanked the girl and, once she left, turned expectantly to Victor who still seemed a bit peeved about the whole thing.

“See? I was right,” Yuuri said, oddly satisfied about it. It just felt so good to hear that other people were able to see how special Victor was. “You’re so handsome.”

Victor finally opened his mouth to argue, but Yuuri put a finger to his lips.

“So pretty,” he said.

He stepped closer and took Victor’s face in his hands, climbing to his toes to look him straight in the eye.

“So cute,” he added when Victor’s cheeks flushed.

He stroked his thumbs over the patches of colour, leaning close until their cold noses touched.

“So beautiful,” he whispered.

“You’re so unfair, Yuuri,” Victor’s voice was just a breath louder than the wind, but Yuuri heard the unmistakable whine in it.

He smiled.

“I am, aren’t I?”

He closed the rest of the distance between them and, cradling Victor’s face, kissed him softly, tenderly, lovingly – just how Victor had always made him feel. Victor’s arms wrapped around him securely, pulling him into his body as if he wanted them to mould into one. Yuuri melted into it, against the wind and reason, and kissed Victor harder.

They were both flushed and panting warm puffs of air when they parted, but the quirk of Victor’s lips was reflected on Yuuri’s as well.

“You’re so incredible, Victor,” Yuuri told him once more, because it was true. Because he could. Because he wanted to. “And you’re all mine.”

Victor’s amused face softened when he agreed, “All yours.”

“How did that even happen?” Yuuri asked, happy, but also incredulous. Like he always was when he looked at their engagement rings, at their photos, at their apartment, their dog, their lives, Victor

“Honestly?” Victor laughed. “I have no idea. But I’m so glad it worked.”

Yuuri shared his laugh, even when Victor’s lips claimed his again, because really: he was so glad, too. The luckiest man on Earth engaged to the sweetest man in the universe. That sounded about right.

anybody else feel like an absurd amount of foreboding for 2018 like 2016 sucked my soul out 2017 put my corpse into a really fast car i couldn’t control and i feel like 2018 is The Arrival At The Gates Of Satan


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Proud to show my full piece out for the ANOTHER DAY TWEWY fanzine! Missing the times where we could snack at Ramen Don in Dogenzaka! So happy to be apart of this zine with the other amazing 50+ artists! Congrats everyone and happy new year! 



Continuing my series of combining Pokemon with Noise from The World Ends With You! Here’s a hot second batch of Pokemon, made up of requests from friends and Tumblr users!

(If you’d like, they’re available as stickers here.)

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