the end of eating everything


An egg problem

GOT7 as Valentines 💕

Jaebum: all day long you think he forgot. He texts you normal things like, “we need paper towels” and “Jackson is so loud.” Then he shows up unannounced at work to sweep you off for something crazy romantic. A gourmet dinner he made himself or a helicopter ride or some shit

Mark: says for months that he hates valentines day bc it’s a hallmark holiday & means nothing & he’ll celebrate his love for you any day, thank you very much. Then he buys you that bracelet you’ve been looking at, writes a super sappy love note and takes you to dinner overlooking the ocean. But HE’S NOT A ROMANTIC, OK?!

Jackson: has never celebrated valentine’s day with a gf and is SO EXCITED. Gets you a teddy bear, a heart shaped box of chocolates and a dozen red roses bc he wants to buy every single cliché. Tries to make you dinner but burns everything and you end up eating pizza rolls

Jinyoung: wakes you up to breakfast in bed. Makes you go to work but leaves notes in your bag, car, jeans saying things he likes about you. Pouts beyond belief when you give him his gift first but spends the rest of the night playing with it. In between the homemade five course dinner he’s whipped up for you, of course

Bambam: sends you on a treasure hunt where the final destination is him. Sprinkles heart shaped confetti throughout the apartment – pieces of which you’re still finding next August. Would be super romantic if he didn’t suck helium from a heart shaped balloon prior to your arrival and greet you in a chipmunk voice

Youngjae: has literally been stressing about this since Christmas. Asks all of hyung line for advice and only ends up more confused. Decides to write you a song, you start tearing up and spend the rest of the night convincing Youngjae that yes, this is a GOOD thing.  

Yugyeom: crushes on you before gathering the courage to confess this v-day. Polls everyone he knows on how to do it, ignores bambam’s suggestion of a sexy dance, and ends up just blurting it out at the wrong moment. When you return his sentiments, he acts like it was all planned and tells the story for years

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Wangechi Mutu + Santigold - The End of eating Everything

I saw this exhibit this Spring at the Brooklyn museum and it really knocked my socks off!

RFA Thanksgiving

No one asked for this and I know Thanksgiving is an American only holiday but dammit I want some holiday fluff and I just peeled a shit load of potatoes so here we go also just ignore the fact that they’re Korean celebrating it


- he’s never celebrated many holidays, but after you were so excited for Halloween he wanted to surprise you

- he calls three chefs to make a feast and some decorators to set up the table

- it’s adorable and sweet but you have to point out that just the two of you can’t possibly eat all that food

- time to make some calls

- his dad, Jumin specifically said no girlfriends, Zen, Jaehee, and Seven end up coming over

- that’s not nearly enough people to eat everything but it helps

- Elizabeth 3rd gets her own mini-feast and Jumin gives her some of his food

- “stop messing with that furball” Zen says every time Jumin even mentions Elizabethh

- what’s a conversation with those two without them arguing?

- once everyone leaves you and Jumin cuddle up on the couch and put on the TV

- you both fall asleep like that accidentally

- he wakes up first and carries you to the bed and goes back to sleep


- he insists on cooking everything

- he’s not used to making so much at once though so you start helping him

- he’s playing his favorite music

- gives you lots of cheek and neck kisses

- he invited his family to come, not thinking they would, but they do

- it’s slightly awkward at first but conversation soon starts and things go well

- you’re both so full and tired afterwards

- he had planned to sing for you and maybe have some fun with his beast

- but is too tired for that so you curl up on the couch and fall asleep to holiday adds


- you guys went to stay at his family’s house

- in the morning, you, him, and his mom are cooking

- his dad and sister are setting the table and talking

- the TV is on for background noise

- you kiss Yoosung’s cheek once and he gets so embarrassed

- “in front of my mom?

- she thinks it’s adorable though

- dinner is loud and fun

- you and Yoosung fall asleep on the floor in front of the couch

- when you guys are leaving his mom gives you guys a ton of the leftover food


- the cafe is closed for the holiday though you guys did offer some themed drinks for a while

- Jaehee wears an apron you made that has a big hand print turkey on it

- you guys invite the whole RFA over but only Zen and Seven show up

- Jumin doesn’t celebrate it and Yoosung is at his family’s home

- dinner is quite interesting

- it’s really fun though and there’s a lot of laughter

- after you and Jaehee watch a couple of Zen’s plays

- after the third you both shuffle off to bed

- you decide to not open the cafe the next day in sleep in

- Jaehee finally gets enough sleep


- the kitchen is a mess

- Saeran gave up once you pulled out the jellybeans

- it’s a classic Peanuts Thanksgiving

- including folding chair wrestling

- Seven loses and you have to help untangle him

- you guys do manage to cook a turkey

- you invited the entire RFA a few days before so they do all show up

- Yoosung has to leave early to go home but everyone else stays for the whole time

- very noisy

- everyone has a great time, even Saeran is smiling by the end

- you and Seven pass out on the couch

We’re shooting the scene where I swallow your heart and you make me spit it up again. I swallow your heart and it crawls right out of my mouth. You swallow my heart and flee, but I want it back now, baby. I want it now. Lying on the sofa with my eyes closed, I didn’t want to see it this way, everything eating everything in the end.
—  Richard Siken, from “Dirty Valentine”
The Signs and Dealing with Stress

Aries: Hits the gym.

Taurus: Overindulges in their favorite pastimes.

Gemini: Haphazardly texts everyone trying to distract themselves.

Cancer: 🙂

Leo: Puts on a brave face; really crumbling inside.

Virgo: Tries to map everything out; ends up stress eating.

Libra: Has a mini meltdown then gets down to business.

Scorpio: Gets it done but the life gets drained out of them afterwards.

Sagittarius: If they get it done it gets done, if not then they don’t care.

Capricorn: Gets really sarcastic and dark with their humor and conversations; gets everything done.

Aquarius: Dyes their hair.

Pisces: Escapes reality through their hobbies and/or cries, possibly at the same time.

concept: ennard and eggs just becoming wacky roomates

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Hi, how do you think Nanu would react if the faller who was attacked by an Ultrabeast and died all those years ago, turned out to have been Nanu's s/o and showed up alive years later. (My headcanon is that the ultrabeast was a Guzzlord and since the pokedex says it's droppings have never been found and his mouth glows like a ultra space portal, I imagine everything it eats ends up in ultra space XD)

*gasp* that headcanon makes a lot of sense, my dude, I like it! :0

* He would be shocked when you first tell him who you were. He thought you were gone forever, he spent all these years trying to move on and yet here you were. He pulls you tightly towards him, burying his face in your neck to hide that  he’s on the brink of tears. You can hear him apologizing to you, telling you he’s sorry he couldn’t save you back then and promising to keep you safe from now on. 

Dating Nam Taehyun Would Include
  • Dates to fashion shows and rare art exhibits
  • Matching chic/minimal couple outfits
  • Raising a cat together
  • Lots of lazy days together
  • Staying in bed till noon
  • Tracing his tats with your fingers
  • He would love when you give him copious amounts of affection 
  • Him being able to understand how you feel with just one look in your eyes
  • Sex in the middle of the day
  • He would be the dominant one in bed 
  • Very romantic but needy sex
  • Your neck would be covered with marks from his lips and teeth the next day
  • He’ll want to help in the kitchen 
  • Every so often, he’ll insist on cooking and the end results vary
  • But you still eat everything despite the taste 
  • Unless it’s really bad, then he’ll suggest a spontaneous date to the night markets to eat at the food stands
  • He’ll often hum his favorite songs with his soothing voice
  • Him getting jealous when you place too much attention on the cat 
  • Taking baths together
  • Whether it’s in bouquet form, sprinkled on the bed, or floating in a candle lit bath, is favorite romantic gesture would be roses
  • Fights with Taehyun, although not happening very often, would be heated, but the makeup sex would be a hundred times hotter 
  • You lounging around the house in just your underwear and one of his dress shirts 
  • Having to be careful when you lounge around comfortable like that bc the rest of the boys might barge in at any moment 
  • Him sending you selfies when he has to practice late
  • Him whining to you through text when he has to practice late 
  • Your apartment being an art gallery for his paintings 
  • His terms of endearment for you: Jagi, Aegi (baby)
  • When you get jealous of his love interests for dramas, he’ll prove to you that you’re the one for him in more ways than one 
  • He loves when you trace over his features with your fingers (his eyebrows, jawline, lips, etc.)

Pairing: Minkey
AU: Cocoon
Rating: PG-13 for language and the mildest of mild innuendo
Word count: 2400+
Content warnings: Brief reference to deadnaming 
Other notes: This is a sidefic, and it happens shortly before the first Cocoon installment. The main AU is Onjongtae focused. Thank you to @bad-symptoms for writing enough cute Minkey to pull me out of my horrible writer’s block. 

Other installments, in chronological order:

And the prequels to Cocoon: Flirt (Ontae) and Notice Me (Jongtae)

Minho struggled up the stairs to the apartment, wincing as the thin plastic handles of each heavily laden grocery bag cut into the skin of his hands and wrists. When he got to the door, he tried briefly to reach into his pocket to fish out the key, but his hands were too full, and he settled for gently kicking the base of the door, hoping that Kibum would hear the muffled thumps from his makeshift sick bed on the living room sofa. But his boyfriend did not come to the door, and after a minute, Minho sighed, set all the bags down, and then fiddled with the key. He shivered suddenly; it was May, but there was still a chill in the air, especially as the sun tipped toward the horizon in late afternoon. At last he got the door open.

“Kibum,” he called softly, as he stooped and set his shoulder against the door to keep it from swinging shut so he could lift all the bags over the threshold. Still no response, even as he straightened and stepped over the bags and shut the door behind him. Kibum must be asleep, he thought, as he eased off his shoes and rounded the corner silently into the living room. But the rumpled nest of blankets and pillows on the couch was empty. He sighed as he saw the crumpled tissues and empty mugs and glasses and – were those candy bar wrappers? – strewn on the floor alongside the sofa. Kibum wasn’t a neat person at the best of times, but he didn’t even bother to maintain a pretense of cleanliness when he was sick.

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I was looking in your archive and noted you love the architecture, scenery and history whenever you go abroad. I have no suggestions where to vacation next but wherever you go, make sure to love those 3 things again.

I especially love those three things. As a kid my parents would use our vacations to site see more than go for pampering vacations. We’d go to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, tour SF and drive way up into Canada or spend a weekend camping on Civil War battle grounds. When I got in my teens my mom took my siblings and me to 13 countries in Europe. We would be eating cheap for months on end but then explore everything we could on vacation. She’d let us pick our own historic interested beforehand and work them in. We’d get to see where Joan d'Arc was burned at the stake, Tower of London, Stonehenge, Concentration camps, where Mozart lived etc. We’d spend the months beforehand reading and watching documentaries about the places we would go. My best memories are made traveling and learning about new places. I’d pretty much love to visit anywhere.


in the end Germany was the one who fix everything. He made Japan eat England’s scones and bring fainted Japan home.

I hope I will have humor like aphtexts do soon bcoz I really like her blog but no worries I’m no yandere :D

the ships I put in the text (in order)

1. 2min (minho x taemin) - SHINee

2. HunHan (Sehun x Luhan) - EXO

3. JongKey (Jonghyun x Key) - SHINee

4. YunJae (Yunho x Jaejoong) - TVXQ & JYJ (I wish I just have to put DBSK here…)

5. WooGyu (Woohyun x Sunggyu) - Infinite

6. KaiSoo (Kai x D.O) - EXO