the end of anubis

Ways to resolve a love triangle:

- kill one
- make two of them fall out of love with each other
- turn one evil
- give one a “higher destiny”
- merge them iNTo onE pErsoN I’M LOOKING AT YOU RICK RIORDAN

UPG. Things you need to know about Anubis - for his devotees/followers and anyone working with him

Lets start with what you do know or probably know from all the things you might have seen while digging info about him in tumblr or from your personal experience with him.

His positive traits are:

  • Patient af
  • Generous/ Giver
  • Nice puppy
  • Dorkdog ( according to some… )
  • Polite/modest
  • Super Silent/Quiet
  • Empathic ( very important to remember )

But there is more to him than that. I’m not writing this to scare you but you must acknowledge even deities have “dark” sides to them. If you are familiar with Shadow/ Shadow work I’m sure you understand what I mean.

What you might not know about him due to these negative traits being so rarely seen or even mentioned/talked about.
He can be:

  • Very impatient
  • Pushy
  • Dominating/controlling
  • Stubborn / relentless/ resilient
  • To a bad extent, self-destructive when agitated/distressed/feeling extreme emotions/very confused

But remember, at his core he is a Kind, Generous, Understanding, Empathic and Caring deity.

He just channeled his aggression in the wrong direction cause he feels a lot. Don’t take it too personally sometimes his strength ( his heart/ empathy) can be his flaw and thats okay! Anubis is still the kind and caring deity you know and love.

When you see this negative traits surfacing do not panic. Do not react to fear and panic ( i know it can be hard. fear and panic are hard emotions to handle but try your best ). Don’t hate him and don’t react or lash out with hatred as it will further distress him.

Here are things you can do, to make the situation peaceful:

  • Negotiate/Talk in gentle and kind words
  • Help him understand cause he might just be very confused and very tired ( use simple straightfoward words/ sentences and don’t muddle up your sentences )
  • Be Emotionally Mature ( he will appreciate that )
  • Give him a chance to voice his side instead of just blocking him off
  • When he’s being Self-destructive ( or the aftermath of it) be firm that he takes a break or go rest. This is a bad and concerning condition for him to be in. ( Tell Set ( his dad ) if you have to tho this might be best as a last resort )
  • It’s best to approach him with kindness and understanding when He’s in this state

You guys will come to a mutual understanding and this is healthier for both of you. I’ve made some harmful mistakes due to fear and panic. I’ve hurt him and I’m hoping telling this to you all will help your relationship with him be healthier and happier and loving.

Confusion and blocking him off will cause him to be very agitated and may cause him to abuse himself because of his high empathy.

You might wonder “ Huh why? He’s a deity. I’m just a human. he’ll get over it”.

His strength and traits are linked to his high empathy ( which is why he’s pretty charitable). And more importantly He is a giver. He gives and he gives and he doesn’t ask much or anything in return.The best thing you can give freely to him is love/ affection/ kindness/ concern/ consideration/ respect/ empathy. ( apart from all the rich dark chocolates you guys say he loves )

Tips on how to butter him up. ( Probably the part you guys will love after the heavy stuff up there )

  • He might be really modest or polite about it, but I don’t think He’ll turn you down if you ask “ Can I call you LORD Anubis - smile smile grin grin -“
  • Be interested in what he does, ask him about what he does. He will LOVE IT. It will encourage him to talk to you more and more! In no time you and him are gonna be besties!
  • Do friendship stuff, he seems to like those. He’s very polite, will watch stuff with you even if he doesn’t like it.

To you, his devotees, please fill your minutes/ hours/ days/ weeks/ Months/ Years/ Life with him with love/ affection/ kindness/ concern/ consideration/ respect/ empathy

He deserves all the love. Chat/talk with him, care for him. ( And heres a bonus! he says it gives him Ma’at! )

You are all blessed to be able to have him in your life! So please treat him well.

So you might be wondering Why I’m doing this and emotional reasons are under the cut. you can stop reading here.

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picture from a few days ago

I think I’m getting better. I’m not completely back in the habit of actively practicing, but I think I’m headed in the right direction. I need him, I’ve always needed him, and that’s becoming so much more clear lately.

(in class last quarter, one of our assignments was to write about the same object every week. I wrote about the Anubis shrine found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. near the end of the quarter, I found that papyrus painting in an antique store and felt absolutely obligated to buy it.)

Kamigami no Asobi AU where everything is the same but Thoth’s shirt gets unbuttoned one by one as each episode passes. By the end of the anime, he transforms into his god form (along with Anubis) but makes no effort to help out.

Not even gonna lie, the only things worth watching in American Gods so far are Team Cairo’s Big Gay Funerary Business and the road trip of Laura and Sweeney occasionally featuring Salim the cutest sweet bean.

an Alien, Demi-goddess and vampire walk into a bar


Not too long after arriving in Chicago and Opening her own apothecary shop Haru had been approached by a strange man and handed an invitation. It said to meet others like her outside of the broken brick cafe at midnight. And so she did, that night she went to the specified location and found other people just like her. And by that i mean people of power, of the magical variety. Werewolves, fea folk, vampires, magic practitioners and all sorts of other kind of creature. Turns out that inside the store was a secret passageway opened only by magic and only known to those of the magical community. Inside was a nightclub the likes Haru had never seen, so full of life and fun this place was, it was like a dream. And on top of everything else she and Calabast fit right in and go to talking to many different folk.

Now many moons later Haru has become not only a regular but a performer too, and tonight is theme night. What’s the theme you might ask? Well it’s Egypt! Everyone is dressed in their best egyptian styled finery and is already partying it up in the monster club. Haru and Calabast are out in the middle of the dance floor a ring of people surrounding them. A large anubis stand in the middle of haru and a few friends dressed as anubis followers. They are dancing singing and having a blast.The song ends shortly and the dancers as well as the Anubis go off to find dance partners of their own. Haru and Calabast however wander off for a drink because dancing makes you thirsty, and Haru wants to relax her feet a bit before the next set of songs.

(06.22.17) Deity Dialogues: Anubis

This reading for @devotee-of-anup features: Raven’s Prophecy tarot.


“One strike, one spark,” says Anubis, “and the dark is set ablaze.” He snaps his fingers to produce a lick of flame; the red-orange light is mirrored in his eyes. “Your passion, untamed, will starve only when gluttony has ensured her bitter end…”

Anubis turns to the table beside him, carefully feeding the wicks of several candles. “You see, child,” he says, “passion is a creature best nurtured. She, and every phoenix of devotion, commitment, fealty, and love…” He stares in a way that feels pointed, though his face is trained into a neutral expression.

For a long moment, Anubis is quiet. Then, taking up one of the candles—a simple white wax pillar—he says finally, “The most useful flame is not the brightest, but the longest lived.”

Shufflemancy: “Firefly” by Elis

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Doing some End-of-the-year catch up for the blog before the new year hits! Basically these are all just some drawings and recolors that I didn’t know if or when to upload, so I guess… now’s a good time as any >>

Most of these are actually just me coloring some previous doodles for Character asks, since I normally keep them monochrome for responses. Some were recolored for 8tracks cover art, or for updated profile icons on the character page; and others (like Anubis) was just me coloring for fun.

Near the end, Ra and Thoth were drawn and colored as cover art their respective 8tracks mixes; and modern!AU Anubis and Bastet was just me participating in Pocky Day on twitter and tumblr /o/

Annnnnnd the very last one is a really old environment/scene attempt that I paused on, and then for w/e reason got its file corrupted, so I can’t edit/save any more progress ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ It’s not a huge loss though, I gave it a first try and I’ll give it another some other time o)9

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