the end of an empire

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A fairly thin file would be left on Rook's desk, a note stuck to the top. "Worth a look." Within the file was a picture of a woman with brown hair and a cruel gaze. She wore a hood which cast a shadow over the dimly lit hues that bore the corruption she swore herself to. A paper laid below the picture with more details on the woman. She was an inquisitor for a cult that works for the Old Gods. They're end goal is to restore the Black empire, but since scorned she has turned her back on her gods.

Rook idly skims the file curiously, a snort exuding from her nose as she does. “Mm. Thought I smelled remnants of that Siv'thaal lingering about.” She slides the folder into her ‘to-do’ pile on her desk. “In time. Stonehammer first.”

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Constantine XI Palaiologos in Christ, Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans  (r. AD 1449-1453).

He reigned as the last Roman Emperor from AD 6 January 1449 until his death in battle at the fall of Constantinople on 29 May 1453. Following his death, he became a legendary figure in Greek folklore as the “Marble Emperor” who would awaken and recover the Empire and Constantinople from the Turks. His death marked the end of the Roman Empire, which had continued in the East for 977 years after the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

imagine being a han/leia shipper in 1983 and you’ve spent three years hearing from the luke/leia shippers how there’s no chance of han/leia happening because han’s probably dead now and besides the empire strikes back literally ended with luke and leia holding each other and staring into deep space so like obviously you’re an idiot for shipping han/leia and you need to get with the winning team… and then imagine going into that movie… and walking out of that movie… imagine that level of schadenfreude and personal satisfaction

Empire’s End confirms that Armitage Hux is not some poor child who was raised to be cruel, but instead chose to be so on his own.

This becomes plain when he is given his first command of fellow children. He sits alone in a room with his peers and decides to test his authority. His first order is this: “I want you to hit the boy to the right of you. Hard.”

The boy obeys immediately, and Armitage “feels a strange and sinister buzz of excitement” as he watches the boy bleed.

He could have issued any command: “take off your shoes and give them to me”, “quack like a duck”, or even “shut your eyes”. He chooses none of these, and instead moves immediately to violence. His goal is to cause harm to others–and it is a goal that is not influenced by anyone else. It is his choice. The decision rewards him with excitement and a thrill, and thus the foundation for his character is born: a cruel, sadistic monster who revels in genocide and hurting the innocent. 


Rae Sloane

They are pioneers in this space. They are the first outside the charted limits of the galaxy.
She realized: It can be mine, if only I am willing to take it.
Soon, they will be at their destination.
And soon, it will be hers to take.

~from Aftermath: Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig

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Rowan loves Aelin so much he ate the horrible (he had to throw up afterwards) chocolate cake Aelin baked for him to the very last bite because she was nervous about whether he’d like it or not