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Empire Ends Spoilers///

A doodle compilation featuring Armitage Hux and Rae Sloane inspired by the ending of the Aftermath: trilogy w/ some AUs. I can’t believe she survived the events but also made an alliance with a terrified 5 years old Hux to protect each other and that she might be his potential mentor (she hates his father and beated him but she likes Armitage!) and I’m yelling non-stop since these two are my favs. I love to imagine she kept close tab on him while they tried to rebuild everything lost in the unknown regions.

Me: Oh no Jar Jar Binks is alone and living life as a clown how sad.

Me: Jar Jar Binks was exiled by his people and had to live on his own when he was a young adult, but then he found friends and adults who tolerated him and even liked him in spite of all his shortcomings, but then every one of those friends died, one by one, during the course of a war that never claimed his life, so he got to sit on his planet and realize that he had been the one manipulated into giving power to the most evil tyrant the galaxy had ever seen, and there was no one to console him or reassure him because anyone who had genuinely cared about him was dead and anyone who admired him only did so because they mistook him for a war hero when he had only had a series of happy accidents, none of which had mattered in the end save to worsen the darkness in the galaxy, if this old Gungan can finally find love and admiration in the eyes of children, if he can make the next generation happy and keep them from witnessing the horrors of war, darn it, that’s the happiest ending any character from the prequel trilogy can have, I am so happy for him.

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Have some more of them then!

Because both of them probably didn’t slept a lot.

I’m so glad she beated Brendol’s abusive ass

And her training young Hux.

I am so glad my hc about her taking care of Armitage might be canon (maybe leading into an angsty relationship due to morale divergence and maybe a betrayal)! I’m so happy she’s still alive! 

I love Rae so much <3<3 and I hope people will join the hype train because she is probably one of the most fleshed out imperial characters in  all SW who might also be canonically bisexual since she talk about having no husband or wife waiting for her in Empire’s End.

 Please consider check out at least her wookiepedia page! She is so underrated and deserve all the art and fics!

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You seem to be mainly looking for Hux stuff in Empire's End but listen, the baby Ben and Han stuff. My heart will never recover. You need to look for it if you haven't seen it!

I JUST READ IT ALL, and I remain dying (DYING) for content with Ben as a youth who speaks lines but this is super sweet and I am into Han’s anxious reluctance to trust himself fully with the baby ;___;

Also into Ben being born on a planet called ~Chandrila because I feel like Hux would make fun of him for that.