the end of 30 days of gaming

  • Andrew: Sometimes it drives me insane, you know?
  • Bee: What does? What keeps haunting you? What nightmares are you having, Andrew?
  • Andrew: Their voices, they never stop.
  • Bee: Voices?
  • Andrew after a few seconds of silence: Kevin and Neil never fucking shut up about exy. It's just a never ending loop. It's like every moment spent awake is a nightmare. *looks off to the side dramatically and takes a sip of hot chocolate with shaky hands*
  • Kevin and Neil: *talking animatedly outside of Bee's office*
  • Andrew: I can even hear it now..
Top 30 Larry fics in 2016 by kudos on Ao3

Criteria; started and ended in 2016

1. Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose by dolce_piccante for docilelou
2. This Wicked Game by cherrystreet
3. Whirlwind by dolce_piccante
4. Faking It by TheCellarDoor
5. All the Right Moves by cherrystreet
6. One day to believe in you by mediaville for eleadore
7. Something Great by infinitelymint for anchoredlou 
8. Oh Glory by alivingfire
9. If You Asked Me If I Love Him (I’d Lie) by allyasavedtheday
10. (don’t forget) where you belong by rippedgloves
11. Tug-of-War by cherrystreet
12. To the Ends of the Earth by stylinsoncity
13. Paint The Sky With Stars by kiwikero
14. Just Like The Wolf Before He Bites by whoknows
15. I Love You Most by stylinsoncity
16. Pinkies Never Lie by emma1234 
17. wings to break your fall by karamelised 
18. Second Time’s the Charm by cherrystreet 
19. Naked & Proud by kiwikero for someonethatsfunny 
20. come on jump out at me by yoursongonmyheart
21. MARRIED FOR A WEEK?! by gravitycentered
22. Dust on the Road. by Velvetoscar for sinisterist
23. If I Should Stay by gloria_andrews for chelseafrew
24. Bloodline by banana_louis *
25. Autumn At My Window by TheCellarDoor
26. Never Be by cherrystreet
27. Anonymous Said by alivingfire for Emergencyy
28. Make A Run, Cause Some Rebellion by whoknows
29. Luscious blood by Deidei
30. You Watched Me Sink by bananasandboots

*first chapter posted in dec. ‘15.


Quick run down of a typical football game, so you don’t have to watch the entire first half of the game, just 5 mins.

You can sporadically keep an eye on the game if you aren’t really interested.

The game begins today October 9th, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. PST/8:30 p.m. EST. On ESPN, Game is between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings (my bet is on the vikings).

Football is split into four quarters: first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, and fouth quarter. Each quarter is 15 minutes long. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s 15 consecutive minutes because there will be flags, time outs, challenges (dispute over plays) and commercial which can stretch out the 15 mins to 30 mins or longer depending on the game.

The trailer will drop after the end the second quater, during commercial break.

Keep an eye out for the 2ND QUARTER!

It counts up (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) the END OF THE SECOND QUARTER IS HALF TIME, TRAILER DROPS.

Be glued to your seat 2nd quarter, especially the last 5 mins (it counts down from 15 mins). It will be located at the bottom of the screen!


2nd quater clock hits 0:00 HALF TIME BEGINS AND THEN TLJ TRAILER!!!!!!

Happy TLJ Trailer day!!!! Or you can always watch it on YouTube!!!

OFF-tober art challenge!!

I decided to type up this OFF-tober (as I’ve been calling it) prompt challenge that I’ll be using even if it is almost October oops. It’s the perfect spooky month to honor a creepy game like OFF!
Any media is great, if you want to follow along! Enjoy!!

Week One:

Day 1/Sunday: The Batter (let’s start strong!)

Day 2/Monday: Zacharie

Day 3/Tuesday: The Queen

Day 4/Wednesday: Hugo

Day 5/Thursday: Your favorite character! (Yes you might draw them twice… who cares! They need love!)

Day 6/Friday: Your least favorite character! (They need love too!)

Day 7/ Saturday: What you think the Puppeteer might look like (All headcanons, symbolism, and self-inserts welcome!)

Week T

Day 8/Sunday: Dedan

Day 9/Monday: Japhet

Day 10/Tuesday: Enoch

Day 11/Wednesday: The Judge/Pablo

Day 12/Thursday: Valerie

Day 13/Friday: The Bad Batter (Have a happy Friday the 13th!)

Day 14/Saturday: Sugar

Week Three

Day 15/Sunday: Elsen (Alone or in a group! Love these little guys)

Day 16/Monday: Favorite Burnt design

Day 17/Tuesday: Favorite spectre!

Day 18/Wednesday: The Add-Ons

Day 19/Thursday: Secretaries

Day 20/Friday: Boxxer!

Day 21/Saturday: Ballman

Week Four:

Day 22/Sunday: Your favorite moment from OFF! (Be it silly, scary, feels-y… whatever really sticks)

Day 23/Monday: Your favorite fan game character (from any fan game… OFF has so many great ones!)

Day 24/Tuesday: Favorite Fan Game Moment!

Day 25/Wednesday: Draw an OFF OC! (If you have one, if you don’t, make one up, or draw yourself in the OFF world!)

Day 26/Thursday: The Zones (Mix it up, try a little landscape!)

Day 27/Friday: The creepiest moment… (from the original, or any fan games! Whatever made your hair stand on end)

Day 28/Saturday: Your favorite minigame!

Week Five(ish):

Day 29/Sunday: The Moment that gave you the most “feels”

Day 30/Monday: Dress a character up for Halloween! (That last prompt got pretty emotional; lets lighten up!)

Day 31/Tuesday: Draw a general tribute to OFF.

That’s the whole thing!! Happy October, you guys. I hope this game gets a lot of love.

30 Days of #Multitwewy is a 30 day prompt project in which you are called to create fanart of any kind (fanfiction and fanart) mixing TWEWY - The World Ends With You (DS) with a popular video game. Starting date: June 24th, 2017.

For the next 30 days create fanart using a daily prompt. Do anything you want with the prompt. Have the TWEWY characters dressed as or interact with the characters of the prompt. Have them fight bosses or using items and equipment of other famous game series. Draw the TWEWY cast in the art style of other games. Seriously, anything your mind can think of and put on paper. If you miss a day, it’s ok, there is no strictness sticking with the particular day and prompt. If you want to mix the days and prompts, great! Just make something awesome!

I tried to include a variety of games and genres and I hope you like them. Sorry if something you love is not in the list.

All fanart should include TWEWY mixed with any game given in the prompts and not contain nsfw or gore (I know you can make Slent Hll and Resident Evil fanart without violence or gore and blood). Do not forget to tag your posts with #multitwewy & #twewy & #thegameyoumixitwith. Reblog and share this everywhere. Seriously, share this everywhere, we need as many people participating as possible, think of all the amazing fanart this can bring.

Chemistry Class

Okay. So I was the only senior in my chemistry class. It one of the weirdest/best classes I’ve been in.

- One day we were doing notes and this kid, a theatre kid (whom I knew pretty well), asked about “the dress”. We literally stopped the lesson and had a 30 minute debate as to wether the dress was black and blue or white and gold.

- The theatre kid’s mom was the nurse. He ended up having snacks everyday. (This is second period, mind you, so he stopped by the nurse’s office during passing period, which is on the other side of the school.) One day he had Fruit Loops and he dropped one on the ground.

Girl: Eww! Don’t eat that! There’s probably poop particles from someone’s shoe on the floor!

Theatre Kid: Oh, Poop Loops! *Picks it up and eats it.*

- The sophomores and I played a game while the juniors were taking the ACT.

- Theatre Kid was banned from bringing food into class.

- For Mole Day we had a scavenger hunt around the school. The prize was dirt cake.

- We made cookies for our last lab. (I got stuck with Theatre Kid and my lab partner in my group. We ended up yelling at him because he put in the wrong ingredient. We had to dig it out.) (Trombonist in my next block class, whose never done a drug in his life, asked if I had weed.)

- We played games every Friday for our Bell Ringer. A few times desks would be knocked over. One time a kid jumped over a desk and almost fell. Another time a kid jumped over another kid.

- One time Theatre Kid knocked over a non-hazardous chemical. (I was at the lab beside him.) I kept making puns about it and he punched me. (I always give him a hard time.)

- Durning finals week our teacher gave us food everyday. I didn’t have finals one day (two out of four classes met the second day of finals), so I brought a hotdog to her room. She gave me the food for the last day of finals week because I didn’t have her class that day.

- I somehow managed to sit by this guy (both terms). This guy made puns literally every single day. One girl asked how I kept my sanity/said I needed a trophy.

- One time we were have the ‘jif’ 'gif’ debate. My teacher looked up a video of how to properly say it….. Twenty minutes later, we’re looking up pronunciations for other words. She clicks on a link that says, “Astronaut”.

Then, very quietly, we hear: ass nuts.

Everyone was dying and my teacher stopped because she didn’t want the principal to drop by and see us doing nothing.

- Teacher: *Showing us stuff in her room.* This is the Fume Hood. You’ll get chemicals from here and other things.

Pun Kid: So, you get your stuff from in the hood?

- One time Pun Kid made a joke and the teacher asked him to leave.

- One time I went home sick during chemistry. (Like I was literally bawling in front of my teacher because I was in so much pain.) I ended up taking a nap when I got home. Woke up to my dad on the phone at 3:30. Apparently my teacher called and asked if I was alright.

- Teacher wouldn’t let us leave on our last day unless we gave her a hug.

It was a really hard class (science isn’t my strong-suit), but it was actually a really fun class.

Just ADHD Things
  • Re-reading a page twenty times in a row and still not retaining any information at all
  • Looking at a calendar and yelling “FUCK” 
  • Responding with laughter when someone asks you how your day was yesterday bc you literally dont remember 
  • Getting REALLY passionate about stuff and continuing to think about it well after the conversation has ended 
  • Having 30 minutes worth of homework but block out time for an entire day bc you know you’ll get distracted and it’ll end up taking that long
  • Getting lost in your hometown
  • Skipping the tutorials bc you wont be able to retain an information and then wondering why you don’t know how the game works
  • Wishing you had horse blinders so you could finally do your fucking homework
  • Being lowkey paralyzed when you have to decide what chore to do first
  • Trying to self medicate with caffeine in an attempt to help focus and just ending up jittery and panicked in addition to unfocused
  • :~) when :~) someone :~) makes :~) an :~) ADHD :~) joke

I just stumbled on an article complaining about how much the Mystic Messenger DLC “cost” for what you get and honestly I have to sit down and do some deep breathing. I seriously cannot beliiiiiiiiiieve how entitled people have become. It’s a 2-day DLC with five stories and eight endings. Its cost? $3. If you want to pay for it, because oh that’s right you can also get it for free if you’re patient and have a few weeks. 

I swear to god. People are terrible sometimes. Three friggin dollars, THREE. And you can even get it for free. Considering otome games normally cost $20-30, never go on sale, and never release DLC or patches?? We’re being fucking spoiled by how nice Cheritz is to us, without so much as demanding money in exchange. Which would be fair. Cause, you know, they have to pay money to artists, writers, voice actors and programmers to produce the game.

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Marichat "I really need you" writing prompt please

It had been a stupid decision really. An impulse. A chance to get back at Chloe while standing up for her partner. 

At the time it had been incredibly satisfying, walking into the classroom dressed head to toe in what might as well have been a billboard for Chat Noir merchandise. Chloe had of course glowered preparing to cut in with some sort of scathing retort until she had been cut off by Adrien’s absolutely delight at seeing her. Unwilling to risk upsetting her precious ‘Adrikins’ Chloe had to settle for glaring at Marinette for the remainder of the day while both Adrien and Nino had fawned over her, asking her for her thoughts and opinions on all things Chat Noir. 

It had been a lovely day, and worth the 6 hours of sewing and altering she had spent the night before. She had even officially getting Adrien’s phone number for her trouble. 

What she had not expected was for Chat Noir to somehow get the memo. 

She blamed Nino’s Instagram. 

That very night her oversized kitten had shown up at her window looking for attention from his “biggest fan.” 

Apparently he hadn’t forgotten her manufactured fawning from their minimal encounters together. 

Figuring he would be satisfied with a little ego stroking she had once again fallen into the role of starstruck fangirl- swooning at his flirtations and posing for selfies. To be fair, it had been nice to get some photos with her partner that she could actually display in her room. So she had smiled and cooed and figured that was the end of it. 

But then he kept coming back…

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After the whole ‘civil war’ Tony lives life numb. He’s healing, but he’s always on the verge of breaking apart. Each day heavier than the last. Watching who he thought was a friend strike at his chest and never look back as he leaves him to freeze tends to do things to a person, but he pulls through. Just barely. He lives on anxiety and constant worry. It’s not life, but it’s his.

Then fucking magic happens and he ends up getting sucked into some alternate universe where time is ahead or the people are because he sees his old team mates, or some at least, and literally old, or at least a little older than him. Clint is wrinkled and complains about arthritis on his arms and hands daily, and he gets away with always shouting “you kids get off my counter” to rambunctious superhero teenagers running around. Bruce, who has the Hulk to keep him fit without doing much, hunches more than usual and always has a cup of tea of different varieties on him. Natasha doesn’t look a day over 30 but she’s notably slower than Tony remembered, and she makes the laugh lines and crows feet look model material. Sam walks around with a cane and never fails to threaten people with it and isn’t afraid to actually prove it. 

Thor and Vision look exactly the same as Tony remembers last seeing them except Vision has freaking kids and has an aged Wanda next to him and she’s dressed like a soccer mom and he can’t believe his eyes. Thor meanwhile is fit to continue fighting but enjoys spending his time with his aged teammates, going domestic on them, while another Thor, a female Thor, is out there handling villains. Tony notices a lack of hammer. 

He also notices Rhodey on a wheelchair and Pepper has a walker and he makes a noise so loud he nearly breaks the windows from the pitch but he just can’t believe what he’s seeing. 

There’s more superheroes he doesn’t recognize and plenty of kid superheroes he’s almost too afraid to ask. He also sees an older spider-man with a daughter and his mouth falls wide open at that. It was just yesterday he saw Peter struggling with high school. 

Then he sees Steve and Bucky, who looks around his age with more silver in their hair. Steve has a beard and it makes him unfairly hot. Bucky has a mustache and it’s a travesty against humanity. Why anyone allowed that is beyond him. They’re grumpy, they’re sassy, they bicker and argue over the smallest things and they’re that old married couple and Tony has no idea where he ended up but ‘Retired Avengers Universe’ is the only thing he can come up with. 

Then he discovers this universe’s Tony is long gone, died under circumstances the old avengers can’t talk about without looking so sad and hurt, especial Rhodey, Pepper, Steve and Bucky.

“He died a hero” they’d say, but it doesn’t explain much. Doesn’t explain why they look at him with such fondness, like they missed him so much, and yet they don’t see another Tony randomly appearing in their living room that strange. “It’s not the weirdest thing that’s happened to us,” old Clint would say. “Happened to us before,” old Sam would say. Rhodey and Pepper spend as much time as they can with him. “Our Tony is long gone, but it doesn’t hurt to see a familiar face.” They’re still sad but they’ve accepted it and they even look at him fondly, in nostalgia. He doesn’t know how to feel. 

They treat him as an old friend they haven’t seen in 30 years. Considering he doesn’t know the date when their Tony died it could very much be the case. They’re retired, they have younger souls to take care of crime, they have no worries, and they literally force Tony to take one, too. And even if they’re old they’re still men and woman with violence in their background. They’re definition of retirement is not the same to civilian retirement. There is pillow wars, pranks, arguing over the remote that still ends in fights, the games they play still involve being physical, their ‘back in my day’ stories literally involve fighting aliens and Tony feels like Alice discovering wonderland because WTF.

Then Tony comes to enjoy his stay because he learns early on after finding out they’ve all betrayed each other at one point, big fights that always end in teams separating and choosing sides, that the team always comes to forgive because even though they’ve hurt each other they still care. It helps to know the outcomes of their fights ended up being worse than his own. 

Tony isn’t old, he tells them as much, and they hum in agreement, but he still stays and they don’t say anything. For once Tony feels free of worry and comes to learn a different side to his teammates and especially Steve and Bucky. Most importantly he comes to love these grumpy sides of them all. 

He doesn’t want to leave. 

Not after Steve kisses him and Bucky holds him hand with his metal one and Rhodey is smiling and Pepper looks so beautiful and his ex teammates are all old and a grumpy and a family and it’s not fair. 

He wants to stay. 


Fire Emblem : Awakening (ファイアーエムブレム覚醒, Fire Emblem: Kakusei) 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve made comics! Feels good man. I have seven chapters left on this game and I’m not playing ‘cause I don’t want it to end (sadface.jpg). I’ve only ever played the handheld series (Sacred Stones was my favorite) and since day 01 this saga seduced me with its fantastic storytelling, wonderful characters, and beautiful sprites/combat system. Funny story; I was actually never going to play Awakening but one day YouTube recommended a soundtrack from the game. The two songs I listened to were “Don’t Speak Her Name!” & ID (Purpose). I then literally drove down to my local GameStop and purchased a brand new 3DS XL & Awakening LOL the nostalgia got me good I guess. 

I was listening to ID (Purpose) again after getting about halfway through the game and the above comic is what I envisioned would happen at the end. So how I imagined it was page 01 begins @2:30 then page 02 starts @2:46 when the female vocals hit (then page 03 whenever you’re done reading page 02). 

[[SPOILERS!]] Basically the story is that in an alternate future, Chrom & Co. all perish due to a calamity called Grima the Fell Dragon and they leave behind their children who in turn watch the world slowly get destroyed. Eventually, Lucina & Co. travel back in time via magic portal in a last ditch effort to change the past and prevent Grima from being reborn & the deaths of their parents. Anywho, now that I’m planning on finally finishing the game, I decided to make this short comic before reaching the end. Enjoi ♪

x. Check out the trailer if you’re curious! : Fire Emblem Awakening


Hear now the words of the witches,
The secrets we hid in the night
The oldest of Gods are invoked here,
The great work of Magic is sought.

🎃 Eorzeans beware, you’re in for a scare! 🎃

The Dragon’s Crown tavern is going all out to celebrate All Saint’s Wake, and our doors are reopening on October 29th for the creepy crawlies to come enjoy a night of games, raffles, and roleplay!

If you’ve visited in the past, you’re in for a treat. After upgrading to a mansion in the Lavender Beds, The Dragon’s Crown crew has a much roomier and spookier venue to show you goblins and ghouls a good time.

Come out and roleplay with us starting at 6:30 PM EST. Our new address is Lavendar Beds, Ward 1, Plot 28 on Balmung. And if you’re a trickster looking for a treat, check out everything we’ll be offering at this monster mash:

  • Performances!
  • Spooky Plug.DJ for themed music!
  • Prizes beyond your wildest nightmares!
  • Click here for information regarding the games, contests, and raffles!

Don’t forget to come in your best All Saint’s Wake costumes! After all, being normal is vastly overrated.

                               Noteworthy Mentions:

► At the end of the day, the tavern event is RP and our staff are not IRL wait staff. With the chatscroll, an emote or two may go unseen. We encourage you to send your server a /tell if this is the case! They do their best to accomodate all of our patrons and would hate for anyone to feel they’ve gone ignored or unnoticed.

So, why do I never see anyone talk about the fact that, if Fenris was 15-19 years old when he got his markings. Then he could be physically 30 (which is his assumed age at the end of the game), but be only mentally 15 at oldest? This guy is walking around Kirkwall with the possible mental capacity of an 11 year old boy. He’s a child runaway, basically. He squats in an abandoned mansion with, what, alcohol? People ask him why he doesn’t take better care of himself, has anyone thought that maybe he doesn’t actually know how? He sits up there and waits in fear for the day Denarius will come to cage him up again, because Denarius is his boogieman. He gets hateful and angry and he lashes out and his emotions get the better of him because he doesn’t have a recollection of the times he grew out of that and calmed down. People call him a child for it, but has anyone ever taken into account that he actually is?? That he does, in fact, have to grow up again. Everyone expects him to act like an adult and they are just so disappointed when he doesn’t make the sensible choices, but no one understands that he legitimately lacks the required maturity to meet their expectations.

I mean, I just- Can we please talk about this???