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I love these books so much jfc. I wanted to make something other than the 15 pages worth of sketches I have in my notebook, and so here we go.

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ichi, you said even kara would be better to get stuck with. M!A: ichi is stuck with kara for how many asks mun wants

Choromatsu: Eh?

Choromatsu: Eh? Wasn’t Ichimatsu here a second ago? Where’d he go?


Karamatsu: I’m trapped in a room alone with Ichimatsu? It appears fate as brought us together, brother! But seriously, where is everyone.

Ichimatsu: hhhhk


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Diderot: Chapter I
Hermione Granger hates her name. It's a slick sort of hate that snuck up unexpectedly, but no matter how much she loathes herself, she doesn't hate her name quite like seventeen year-old Sirius hates being a Black. Their skin is peeling, and everyone's wearing masks for faces. Marauders-era, time-turner, definitely AUish.
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consider, if you will: platonic rest-of-our-very-long-life partners magnus and lucretia


No young man, no matter how great, can know his destiny. He cannot glimpse his part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, he must live and learn. And so it will be for the young warlock arriving at the gates of Camelot. A boy that will, in time, father the legend. His name: Merlin.


Occasional sparring partners scribbles - cause sometimes they like to have an acceptable reason to fight each other as hard as they can 👍

ok so i was at college today, and as i walked into my class there were 2 boys, wearing red and blue sweaters arguing over something i didn’t quite get. so i was like. ok i gotta stop this nonsense bc im a good person. so i went towards them and as i was walking i heard the blue one yell “YOU BETTER FUCKING ACCEPT THAT YOURS IS NICE YOU MOTHERFUCKER” and the red one yelled back “NO, YOURS IS NICER YOU SON OF A BITCH” and i was like ok i do not want to interfere w these dudes but i don’t want them to be too loud and i was like “hey guys what’s going on” and the red one looked at me pointing at the blue one and was like “HE WONT FUCKING ADMIT THAT HIS SWEATER HAS A NICER SMELL THAN MINE” and i stg wtf…….. and i realised they were both exchanging sweaters and they both think each other’s sweater had a nice smell and if that’s not keith and lance then idk what is.