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I was not originally planning to do a part 2 to my Klance/Lotance animatic but The first part was so well received I couldn’t help myself?? and thanks to everyone for suggesting songs, enjoy :)!

bonus (ending) pic under the cut!

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Hey, Reserved seating theater employee again here! So this is a (kinda) good story about how amazing my managers are!

This past weekend was extremely busy and I was in box office. In the middle of our 7 O'Clock set, which is generally the busiest time of the shift for closers and mids, I started feeling faint. I was trying to power through the feeling but I could feel my body, particularly my breathing, voice, and legs getting weaker. I hate missing work, or even being what I consider a bother so I served as many customers as I could until I felt like I was going to faint then and there. I turned to my manager, who shall be T, and in a voice I could barely hear myself said “I feel like I’m going to pass out…

My manager took one look at me and said "Go! Go to the break room!” and I took off walking as fast I could to the break room, despite the fact that I felt like my legs couldn’t support me, while T took over my drawer. When I got into the break room I sat down and put my head down on the table, and I could hear the other two people in the break room asking me if I was okay and what was wrong. I couldn’t answer, couldn’t really breathe and could feel myself start crying, and I had no idea what was going on. Suddenly I heard T telling me “head up!” and could feel her at my back helping to support me so that I wouldn’t fall backwards.

T talked to me and had the two guys in the break room grab a glove with some ice in it wrapped in a paper towel to help cool me down while she attempted to get me breathing right again. A little later T moved me into the office and decided to call my Dad. T then went to go get my stuff from my locker while R, my general manager, sat with me to make sure I didn’t pass out or anything. T called my Dad, who doesn’t answer because the number is unfamiliar. T told me that she wasn’t going to let/take me home until I could breathe and worked with me on my breathing until I could breathe with only some body shaking. A little later T told me to call in if I wasn’t feeling better in the morning and left work so that she could take me home.


I had a panic attack at work and my managers helped me through it and were amazing and supportive.


do you ever just…. OH MY GOD Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden got fucking married. can you believe it??? they said vows that were so perfectly them. and they had a first dance and Chas took pictures like the embarrassing but completely wonderful mum that she is. and Aaron looked happy, properly happy. and Robert was happy too. it hits me every few minutes or so that our boys are married.

i had a dream where i was doing batman’s expense report. it did not go well

“you can’t expense smoke bombs”


“that’s not a reason. this form requires a valid reason. being batman isn’t going to get your gas reimbursement”


“goddammit, i don’t even know why we’re doing this”