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Jamie and Claire’s reunion was all that I wanted and more. Jamie seeing Brianna through photos. His spectacles. Their first kiss in twenty years that was unsure then became familiar. Jamie correcting Claire with her last name, Malcolm not Randall. Every time Jamie said wife, he had the biggest adoring smile. Them undressing each other tentatively while never taking their eyes off the other. Their nervous giggles. Their awkward sex. Adorable kisses on stomachs and foreheads. How they were always touching in some way. That their love hasn’t faded, (“It’s always been forever for me, Sassenach”).

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I love how you draw centaurs my man, any chance you've got some unfinished doodles or something of them?

Mmmmmm nothing immediately on hand that I don’t hope to finish? There’s a few! But yeah, def wanna finish ‘em.

Except for this one of Matt, you can have that, it ain’t going anywhere else

Thank you though! 

That Growl: Loki x Reader

“And what’s this book about?” You asked, lifting another one off Loki’s shelf.

The god looked up at you from his seat by the window, green eyes flashing. “Don’t touch that.”

“Sorry, I’m just curious, you spend so much time reading, I want to know what keeps that mind of yours occupied.”

“A mere guard who spends all her time practicing or doing whatever duties is assigned to her could hardly understand.” Loki sneered, eyes fixated on you as you returned the book to its previous location.

You sighed, “You don’t have to be so grumpy towards me, I’m not the one that put you on house arrest.”

“Yes, thank you for that reminder.”

“How about this book?” You pulled another from the shelf.

Loki pinched the bridge of his nose, “A story, now put it back.”

“What kind of story?” You asked innocently. “One you couldn’t appreciate because you can’t read the language.”

“We speak and read the All Language, surely I would be fine.”

Loki crossed the room and opened it. Your eyes were dazzled by the glowing and sparkling runes. Slowly your mouth fell open in awe as Loki snapped the book shut and returned it to the shelf. “It’s not translated.” He muttered, turning away. Just as he moved to sit back down, he spun around at the sound of you pulling another book from the shelf.

“What of this one?” You asked innocently, eyes wide.

“Enough!” Loki snarled, “You’ve been at this thirty minutes, do you not grow tired?”

You shrugged, setting it back, “Surely one of them you will tell me about.” You turned back to find another book, slowly pulling it out when you felt Loki’s vicelike grip on your wrist.

“Darling.” He growled into your ear, “Enough.” Slowly he guided your hand back towards the shelf, turning you to face him as he used his body to pin you to the wall beside the shelf.  For a moment the two of you locked eyes and you felt your pulse pick up, the way he was angrily glowering down at you.

Loki’s hand moved from the shelf, supporting the book into place and very carefully and hesitantly, reached down and cupped your throat. His thumb rested on your pulse, gently stroking the skin as he felt the rapid beat beneath it. You swallowed hard, gazing at his face as his eyes slowly darkened. He had you pinned to the wall beside the shelf, his legs pressing down on other side of you and his torso pressed tightly against yours. You could feel every minute shift of his body as he breathed against you, his breath wafting over your face, minty and fresh.

Slowly his hand moved down your throat, sliding along your collar bone and stopped on your breast. He studied you for a moment, waiting for your reaction before applying the faintest pressure. You gasped softly, biting your lower lip to stifle the noise.

Loki grinned slowly. “So it’s true, I have seen the way you look at me when you think I’m not watching.”

You swallowed hard as Loki needed your breast harder. Glancing away, you tried to turn your gaze back to the shelf.

“It’s curious that you chose that book, it’s one I’ve pleasured myself to before.” Your breath hitched as your gaze shot back to his face. “Does the thought of that excite you, pet? My visage, sweaty and coming undone, my thick cock in my hand, hand moving just so as I bring myself to my peak?”

You squeaked, throat going dry as you found yourself nodding.

Loki leaned forward, gripping your hair with his free hand and dragging you into a deep and heady kiss. Your mouths meshed together, moving in sync before his tongue snaked out, demanding access to your mouth, curling around your tongue and dominating the kiss. Loki slowly smiled into the kiss, pulling away as the two of you gasped for breath. Your hands had moved up to knot in his hair, the other slowly sliding down his back and grasping his ass. Your fingers snaked their way beneath the line of his trousers, nails digging into his ass as your other hand gripped his shoulder.

Loki’s grin widened.

Slowly he knelt down, pulling your trousers and panties with him as he moved, his tongue darted out on his lips before leaning forward and pressing a soft kiss to your womanhood. You blushed heavily, head thrown back against the wall as your back arched away, pressing your cunt deeper against his licking tongue. He worked your button with his fingers, his tongue delving deep into your folds and satisfying you in ways no other man had. All too soon, fluids dripping wantonly down your legs, Loki straightened up, cupping your face with both hands as he met you once more in a hungry kiss.

“Oh this was a good idea,” He growled.

“All because I messed with your books?” You asked cheekily.

Loki growled, eyes flashing as he pulled his hands away to undo his own trousers. His erection now freed, he thrust into you abruptly, thick cock filling you instantly. You cried out softly, eyes scrunched shut as you worked to adjust to his size.

“Next time I’ll put your pretty mouth to work instead.” He growled again, pulling his hips back slowly before thrusting back into you.

You yelped again, hands going to his shoulders as your nails dug into the leather material as hard as you could. Loki grunted, a smirk on his face as your mouth fell agape. His hands moved down your chest and lifted up your thighs, tugging you closer against himself. The new angle had you gasping and moaning as his pubic bone grinded against your clit. Soon you were crying out, gasping his name as Loki thrust into you again and again. Your own hips bucked, meeting his thrusts as his cock slammed deeper and deeper into you, stars flashing across your vision as the knot in your core began to tighten, pleasure building. Soon your toes were curling thrusting again and again as you cried out in warning, your orgasm finally hitting you and wracking through your body.

Loki’s thrusts grew erratic, his cock spasming as his seed flooded inside you, your walls milking him dry as your combined fluids spilled out around you. Still the two of you thrust together, riding out the other’s climax until Loki groaned and slumped forward. Your legs were shaky and weak, body pinned completely to the wall by Loki’s weight. Loki looked barely able to stand, slumped over against you as he buried his sweaty face in your shoulder.

“Well that was lovely.” He muttered, grabbing for a cloth that sat on the shelf beside him. He slowly pulled out of you, hands gripping you tightly as you shakily straightened out your legs to stand once more. Bending down, Loki gently cleaned his spent fluids off your thighs. You giggled at his touch as his fingers brushed over your still sensitive clit.

“Darling, quit dancing like that, you’re making this very difficult.” Loki chuckled though his voice held the note of that warning growl.

You bit your lip but decided you weren’t ready for a round two. “Sorry.”

“You’ll be staying my guard?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Only if we get to do that again.”

Loki purred, “Wonderful.”

Errorink sin (short)

One day there was a bootiful skeLEtun named RAINBOWTENTACLE

He was soooooo bototiful even the destroyer was in love with him.

the destroy was known as the EVILUNipOrn- (oh IMean) EVILuNICorn.

The destroy has been stalking a lot on the bootiful


he is ready to SMMMMAASSSSHHHH the hell of that…. tentacle hole thingy.

EvilUnicorn was sneaking into the bootiful skeleshit. He heard some quiet snores in the living room, he quietly tiptoed towards the living room and was ready to SMAAAASSSH. He saw the young and delicate slimy tentacle, quietly sleeping on the couch. He crept a smile

‘Lemme smash’ he whispered to himself. Suddenly the bootiful skeleuun shot his eyes open.


and happy ever afffttterr


(what am i doing with my life. lmao)

Just My Luck

Bucky x reader
Prompt: You’re the neighbor I’ve secretly been crushing on for ages and you need to get ready for a date but your shower is broken and you want to use mine, my heart can’t handle it, shit AU. (I saw a similar prompt years ago and finally got around to writing this)
Note: This inspired me to write a multi-chapter neighbors AU which will hopefully be done soon. Please keep a lookout for it!

Bucky tries not to let his mouth gape as he opens his apartment door and finds you on the other side wearing nothing but a bathrobe. He honestly works to keep his eyes at the level of your face, but the amount of exposed leg and peak of cleavage makes it very difficult to be a gentleman. He thinks for a moment that this must be some kind of dream, but there’s no way that the neighbor he’s been flirting with for the last six months would just so happen to show up half naked, but then you clear your throat and he snaps back to reality.

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“You wanna know why I’m here, huh?” Mikaela tilted his head back slightly as he crept up to Yuu, a wolfish glint in his icy gaze as a smile played on his lips. Yuu tensed up, stepping away until his back hit the wall. He looked into Mikaela’s eyes, clearly holding his breath. His pupils dilated and his cheeks flushed a shade redder - it was all the signs Mikaela needed to see.


Mikaela leaned in, hovering just in front of Yuu with his hands still resting casually about his belt loops.

“I do…” Yuu said cautiously, then swallowed tensely. Mikaela was revelling in the way he was driving Yuu nuts. He wanted to do it forever and keep this confused, closeted boy filled with wants and passions he had no idea he even had.

Yuu said the words, after all. Mikaela reached out, curling his hands around Yuu’s wrists. Then, he moved to pin Yuu’s wrists against the wall above his head. Yuu froze up, his eyes flashing with alarm. Mikaela could almost hear the way his heart began to pound just from the look he was giving Mikaela.

“What are you doing?” Yuu whispered, sounding more curious than terrified.

“I’m showing you why I got Saturday detention,” Mikaela said, his face shadowing Yuu’s. “Don’t you want to know?”

✎ Art by @just-another-dream-about-yuu ✎

☆ Read Part 2 of Don’t You Forget About Me by @vixenfur and @crazyloststar on AO3! ☆

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