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If You’re Buying Lezhin Coins in English, You Need to Stop.

Bold title, I know, but honestly I just need to save as many people (or bank accounts) as possible because apparently not many people (that I know of) know this fact: You’ll get more coins if you buy it in the Korean version of the app. That’s right, I said it. So let me break this down to you.

(Since I currently live in Japan the prices are in yen but the concept is basically the same wherever you are so whatever)

If I use the English version of Lezhin app, the coin prices that would come up would be like this:

¥600 - 17 coins
¥1,200 - 36 coins + 10 points
¥2,400 - 75 coins + 30 points
¥3,600 - 115 coins + 50 points
¥6,000- 200 coins + 100 points
¥11,800 - 405 coins + 300 points
¥17,800 - 620 coins + 500 points

But, if I use the Korean version of the app, it would be like this:

¥480 - 23 coins 
¥1,200 - 65 coins
¥2,400 - 131 coins + 50 points
¥4,800 - 281 coins + 100 points
¥8,400 - 521 coins + 300 points
¥11,800 - 751 coins + 500 points

Wow, would you look at that… Isn’t that crazy? Just switch the language and BOOM, look at all the money that you can save (or could’ve saved, I’m sorry for your loss). And yes, you can use those coins to buy English chapters too. Honestly, the first time I knew about this, I felt so betrayed and robbed, but now I want to help as many people as possible to continue reading their favorite manhwas legally and supporting their favorite artists without breaking their bank. So please, reblog and spread this message, and just know, that we can make our bank accounts great again.

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“There’s a legend about that clock. For a second, when it chimes the hour, the gates to Heaven open.”

no what do you mean the ending actually happened?


I think to be courageous, you have to be afraid. For me, it feels very courageous when I go skiing because I’m very, very afraid to ski. It’s dangerous! I feel very scared. But when I’m acting, I don’t feel very scared.

The fact that I believe Ignis understands Noctis the best c: and respects his position and feelings the most. Plus his dedication towards Noctis is just flat out everything to me.

I think in brotherhood Ignis was distant and couldn’t get behind Noctis being the next king or prince, specially when Ignis was so dedicated to his job and stuff, but he began to understand Noctis and led him to become who he is in FFXV.

You can argue that all the chocobros are loyal and stuff, specially Gladio. But Ignis not only has loyalty but a massive amount of dedication towards Noctis, as in I can’t see one without the other. People might feel bitter over Ignis past but when Ignis and Noctis speak about it, Noctis mentions how it is Ignis hobby to take care of him and Ignis agrees with a laugh. Then when you learn about Ignis’ reason for cooking, he speaks about Noctis smiling when he first cooked for him and how he will never forget it. This fucking melts my heart.

On top of all of this Ignis respects Noctis position without trying to be overly-dominant and also trying to push him into it. Whenever you go somewhere he mentions how what they do is UP TO NOCT, because that’s how it is. Noctis in the end is a prince and letting him lead in small aspects of his life, even choosing when they sleep is up to him, not just you as the player. He always considers Noctis’ opinion to be the most important and also the top priority, and when he doesn’t agree with him he makes it be known. He stops you from being overly reckless and wants you to understand how things work around you.

I specially started to ship it after Luna died. Gladio was being his usual hyper-masculine self when he tried to get Noctis to get up like before, but this time this wasn’t what Noctis needed. He was already under a lot of pressure just by carrying the ring itself, and as we saw it was even painful putting it on. He pretty much called Noctis a pussy and disregarded his feelings, even if Gladio himself had reasons for it.

Ignis was obviously in denial over the fact that he was blind, but even when he was going through so much. HE DID NOT WANT Noctis to blame himself and to feel bad for what happened to him, he even keeps telling Noctis it was just a flesh wound when Noctis KNOWS it isn’t. He knows Ignis is not going to be fine and you can see the guilt on his face even if he doesn’t speak about (reason why I love the cuts animation). He did not want any of the blame to fall on Noctis and it shows when he stopped Gladio when Gladio was pushing too much.

He even wants to keep going with you, to a dungeon. HE IS BLIND AND HE IS NOT WILLING TO ABANDON YOU. Do you know how much that fucking meant to me???? Jesus fuck I wanted to leave him behind just so he wouldn’t get hurt, but I couldn’t and I took him with me all the way. It is during this dungeon that you learn how bad it is. How bad it is for Ignis to try to even follow you guys, BUT HE WON’T ABANDON YOU. Then he shows you that even if he is fucking blind he is still a god damn bad ass because is mother fucking Ignis.

And this is my favorite fucking part, after you defeat the tentacle monster, he is done with this shit. He isn’t going to see again, he is blind. There is NOTHING that can be done about it and Gladio being a smartass ain’t gonna fix nothing, neither is Noctis being defensive and fighting back. He tells them to stop because this solves NOTHING. He tells Gladio to chill the fuck out because Noctis WILL be king and WILL lead them but he WILL do it when he’s ready and shoving him and pushing him towards the edge is not going to do shit. But he also tells Noctis that he needs to understand that shit happens, and sometimes sacrifices have to be made but he has to keep pushing. He has to. And as we all know one of Noctis’ biggest fears is losing the people he cares about, he is pretty much telling him that Noctis biggest fear is his reality but he will stick with him no matter what.

Ignis is loyal, dedicated, loves Noctis unconditionally even after he lost his sight and will always be there for him, no matter what. He is the support Noctis needs when he is doubtful, and he is the support he needs when he also has to be strong. Because Ignis won’t push Noctis forward when he cannot be pushed (they are there to stand by his side, not guide him, that’s not how a king is made) BUT he will hold Noctis’ hand and help him get up, when he needs it the most.

Ignis is just the main man. He is just too strong and amazing.


probably no new comic tonight! unfortunately, as i  was finishing this pieces, my tablet stopped working, so i gotta spend the rest of the night fixing that probably oop

ANYWAY a fun piece i wanted to do to celebrate finishing The Swaingels! i’d wanted to paint this since i started doing the final pages, but i told myself NO not until i’m caught up


If the curves of her hips were words, then he was a downright bibliophile, tracing her body like it was holy scripture.