Progress is being had! Here is my first successful test of the overworld engine, complete with dialogue! It still has some tweaks to be made, but they are all relatively easy to make. And don’t worry: The background is just a placeholder.

I still want to improve Asriel’s sprite too, but for now, enjoy this major milestone in the game’s progress!


The fight is complete and ready to play! Have fun you guys!

Things to note
-The SPARE animation for monsters is not 100% complete.
-Menus are not in this version of the game. But items are still usable in this battle!
-Also, the game is (Currently) windows only. Sorry Mac/Linux users!

Download the game here!

i said, if she really loves someone else, why is she
still writing about you?

it’s an important question
with a kind of answer that makes my heart

marissa had told me a story about her uncle,
who loved someone but then also loved someone else.
he carried the first woman around
like a set of keys to a house he no longer lived in.
at dinner parties, he would pull them out of his pocket
and hold them to the light, tell his nephews
about this person he would never see again.

when i think about airplanes now, i have to remember my life isn’t
just an arrival gate. the last time i was flying somewhere,
i cried through the in-flight movie. my big fear
is that i will never love someone like that again.

which is a shame. which is a waste.
if there was one thing i was good at,
it was leaving my door unlocked.
—  Yena Sharma Purmasir, “two of thirty” (2016)