the enchirideon

AT/SU Crackpot Theory

So there’s a giant gem fusion threatening to rip the world apart… But what if it didn’t?

There’s a picture of the world from Adventure time where a big part of it is ripped out… What if that was the gem fusion.

What if it didn’t destroy the earth as planned. What if it emerged, but was unstable because this gem fusion wasn’t just bits and pieces of gems. It was full gems, along with those pieces, and each one retained some consciousness.

What if they managed to break free. Although, some of the had lost their idea of a form.

What if every non human character from adventure time is really a gem.

What if there are still gems trapped in objects, like Pb’s crown or the enchirideon?

What if Steven Universe is leading to the apocalypse that created Adventure Time?

Enchiridion numbers:8-13-21

I recently read that the enchiridion may have some connection with the bible, so I inspected the book. I eventually found the numbers that I put in the title, and I decided to look it up, going by chapter, then passage, then scripture. Taking it at face value, though, brought up nothing, because the eighth chapter does'nt have a thirteenth passage. So, I decide to scramble it up, and tried every possible wayto look at it. Then I stumbled upon Ecclesiastes( 21st chapter) 8:13, and it read,“ And I also know it wil not go well for evil people. Their lives will be like a brief shadow. They will not live very long.” Wow… it’s just uncanny. I personally am amazed how well this mached up with the premise of the book, which is about how to point out and vanquish evil monsters. It just means thatthe owner of the book, when stumbling upon a monster, will have faith to defeat it and have the knowlege to do it, so as the being does not live long. Thanks for reading.

[Submitted by: Cheesecake]

Azusa: Thank you for looking into this for me. WOW I did not know those numbers meant that, very good insight

Jackie: that’s way cooler than the Fibonacci Sequence

Random theory about the Lich

So I was thinking about the last episode, and I had a thought that maybe the Lich isn’t really as evil as we’re led to believe. Maybe he doesn’t want to destroy everything because he’s evil, but it’s just going to happen just as a byproduct of his real goal. And that goal is altering the past and preventing the mushroom war… It’s a long shot, but we know the Lich has at least some link to the pre-Mushroom War world, seeing as his lair was an old subway station. And then they made it a point to mention the whole time room dimension and how it controls time for all the other dimensions. So that’s my random theory, the Lich is trying to get to the time room dimension in order to try and alter the past, and possibly prevent the Mushroom War.

[submitted by: quantum-r-and-d]