the emporer's new school

  • radio host: spit some freestyle for us igloo!
  • iggy: *puts down jar of rotten ranch dressing*
  • iggy: *wipes ranch dressing residue off her face*
  • iggy: alright.... gimme a beat...
  • iggy: He's on his way to the throne, he's on his way to success. But he has to go to school, he has to ace that test! He's an emperor to be and he's totally... He's goin' to Kuzco Academy. He's got to learn his ABC's. Don't try to stop him, To top him. K-U-Z-C-O! Kuzco! Kuzco! Go, Go! He's got the cool. He's got the charm and the looks. And the hottie that can help him read those things called books! He's going to Kuzco Academy. Come on, Kuzco. Got to fulfill his destiny. His friends are loyal. It's royal. They'll help against the foil. Friends? I thought this was all about me? Spell my name again! K-U-Z-C-O! Kuzco! Kuzco! Go Go!

DAY 1 - My Favorite character. 

Okay, this was a really tough one to start with but in the end I had to give it to Kronk. He is honestly the worlds worst sidekick but I still remember how hard he used to make me laugh as a kid. 
“Pull the lever Kronk!…the other lever…" 
He’s a gentle giant, and the reason I love spinich puffs. 
Love you Kronk. 

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