the employed

Look I love Marco but there is no denying that for 90% of the time he just serves such little purpose

and all he does is stand in the background pouting, speaking his sexy foreign accent, and occasionally joining in fight scenes only to be knocked down and saved by someone else

he is the 13th century Bond girl

"Les jeunes ne s'intéressent à rien"
  • Un-e jeune : *parle de culture*
  • "Les jeux vidéos ? Ta musique de barbare ? C'est pas de la vraie culture !"
  • Un-e jeune : *parle de politique et de société*
  • "Mais qu'est-ce que t'y connais toi, à ton âge ? De toute façon t'as rien vécu !"
  • Un-e jeune : *se mobilise*
  • "Mais c'est juste une excuse pour ne pas aller travailler, et zoner Place de la République !"

The Dos and Don'ts of Job Searching While You’re Still Employed

Ready for a new job? Most career experts would tell you to start looking while you’re still employed. And when you do—you must tread carefully.

Some happy children with things that make them happy, from illtrytobegood, a very lovely comic! Been meaning to make fanart and follow, not stalk, for a while now; mun being nice and answering a question I’d sent just motivated me more! Thank you for the answers and the content and being great, LLA!

Rules for Getting Hired Today

Here are the top tips for job hunters:

1) Respond quickly to job postings.

2) Focus on a short, manageable list of prospective employers.

3) Always customize your resumé to include the keywords in the job posting.

4) Work your network to get your resumé into the right person’s hands.

5) Plan your day around the interview, not the other way around.

See the full list here.