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My favorite part of [voicing Darth Maul for Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out] had to be that “I’m So Awesome” song, of course. But I’ve done these Star Wars jobs for awhile now, and I’m a Star Wars fan, so I daresay I know Star Wars pretty well. So to be able to kind of poke fun at it is a good time, especially when you don’t really go too far with it. I have tremendous respect for George Lucas and Star Wars, but yeah, to take a not so serious approach to it is definitely a rare opportunity. - Sam Witwer [x]


Because you’ve always wanted to see Han and Leia get slobbered on by Gungans. (from The Empire Strikes Out)


There’s something familiar. I feel… cold. I think i know who it is: back on Lothal I felt something - Kanan did too. The fear. The anger. The hate.

The repeating motif of the Dark Side feeling cold - particularly when related to the Sith, but on a few other instances - is such an interesting thing. 

The Dark Side is built on emotion and passion - hate, fear, anger - embracing all those things rejected by the Jedi. The Jedi who are seemingly calm and cool and distance themselves from attachment, still favoured compassion and acceptance and ultimately warmth. The emotions of the Dark Side are negative and aggressive (it’s right there in their not-so-subtle colour palettes).

You expect that passion to be fire and heat and all-devouring (say, like a lava planet), but instead it is compressed ice. Ice and death and frozen fury.  They take that intense turbulence and hone and crush it until they become pure and steel-like, their souls icy diamonds of frozen, distilled rage. Hatred purified. It consumes, as we’ve seen in the way that it impacts those that come into contact with it, but in a creeping immobilising way - like when Ezra brushed up against the Dark Side in Gathering Forces, and Luke in the cave on Dagobah. When Ahsoka reached out in Siege of Lothal is it any wonder she passed out - her probing was met with a solid fist to the heart and mind (with the fun bonus of being entirely personal).

The Sith don’t evolve or develop because they’re stuck in the endless cycle of Master and Apprentice, and so they are left with the absolute absence of any positive. An emotional wasteland, which is imposed on the rest of the galaxy with the rest of the Empire. Basic pleasures, joys, or anything even remotely positive is eliminated (ignoring the apparent delight that Palpatine takes in so many lovely things) - this is really apparent in the recent additions in Gillen’s Darth Vader comic and Lords of the Sith. Bursts of memory break through Vader’s steely interior - with all of the emotional implications - but are immediately crushed.

LEGO The Empire Strikes Out Release Dates & Order. Zero Blu-ray. Bummer!

A quick update on the LEGO movie ‘The Empire Strikes Out’.
Release dates now confirmed (which is very similar to Padawan Menace release) are:

1. Australia first on 13th March 
2. USA March 26th
3. UK March 28th
4. EUR April 3rd

Rest of World not listed as yet. We will give you a review of the mini-figure and DVD on the day on our YouTube channel.

Definitely only on DVD and sadly zero sign of a Blu-Ray version

As before the 'exclusive’ mini figure is Darth Vader with a medal.

ORDER NOW FROM AMAZON.COM which ships globally.

Also Amazon has a book version for younger readers

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