the emperor's fortress

I can’t wait for episode VIII to show us the castle that, I assume, Kylo Ren lives in.

I imagine it will be just like Darth Vader’s except Kylo had to build it himself, in a swamp, out of sand and toothpaste and sheer Force-ability.

So really it will be nothing like Vader’s castle, at all, because it’ll be barebones and homestead and there will be 8 other millennials living there.

And people will call him “entitled” and “extra” because he lives in a castle.

Ben Solo, the Reincarnation of Light!Revan??? (A Fringe Theory Analysis)

Okay, I know this one is NOT likely going to happen and it’s just a crackpot theory, but let’s take a moment to look at this as a thought experiment, shall we.

Disclaimer: The following post covers a fringe theory. A fringe theory is defined as a theory that is not based entirely within the Official Star Wars Canon lore. The purpose of this fringe theory is to go over a what-if scenario in regards to the subject of interest at hand. This post is not to advocate for any certain perspective, but instead it is to educate an alternative point of view in regards to characters and/or events in the Star Wars Lore (both Canon and Legends).

To start off:

This is Revan and Ben Solo/Kylo Ren. Two characters, one legend (might become canon) and one canon. According to Pablo Hidalgo, Revan is not the sole inspiration behind Ben Solo’s background story. However, over time, there have been many call backs to the Knights of the Old Republic story (Revan’s story).

For instance, in Star Wars Rebels, Kanan Jarrus mentioned the “Jedi-Mandalorian Wars” where Revan led a team of renegade Jedi who disobeyed Jedi Council orders in order to fight and stop the Mandalorian advance.

There’s another instance where in the official Star Wars Databanks, there’s a mention of “a mysterious connection" linking the two in analogous of the Force Bond between Revan and Bastila Shan.

In Legends novel, Revan, by Drew Karpyshyn, in Chapter 17, Bastila Shan stated, “I led that strike team. I don’t know why, but I took it when Revan fell. Perhaps even then I sensed our fates were intertwined.”

Now, with letting aside the background info about Revan and the possible connections on the elements of Legends and Canon material possibly linking Revan’s story and Ben Solo’s, let’s get to the main points of this “Fringe” theory.

In legends: When Revan was about to die at the Foundry (Emperor Vitiate’s Fortress), he was split into two: Light!Revan (good) and Dark!Revan (bad) as explained in the video below.

Then, there’s the deleted Clone War scene (below) where Dark!Revan talking to the Son of Mortis. Dark!Revan in the clip below tells the Son, the key to silencing his pain is to control the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker.

Yes, during the [Star Wars: The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan] story, both Light and Dark!Revan did merge in the end. However…

Many fans hated this “Shadow of Revan” arc in addition to how that scene alone did not jive with the deleted scene in the Clone Wars (as shown above).

So, in alignment with the narrative of this fringe theory, what may have happened is that Revan did die in his fight with Emperor Vitiate in [Star Wars: The Old Republic]. Revan helped the Jedi Outcast to defeat Emperor Vitiate. Upon Revan’s death bed, Revan thanked the Jedi Outcast and reconciled with his descendant “Satele Shan”. When Revan passed away, his spirit was split into two: Light and Dark.

Dark!Revan remained in the “Chaos” realm of the Netherworld of the Force. “Chaos” is basically ‘hell’ where the dark siders reside. This Dark!Revan would make his way somehow to communicate with the “Son of Mortis”.

As for Light!Revan, thousands years into the future, he was re-born as Ben Solo. The possible reason for Light!Revan for being reborn as Ben Solo is stop a much darker entity who is bringing imbalance to the Force. When reborn as Ben Solo, Ben’s memories of his past life as Revan was no more. 

Why would Light!Revan’s memories be erased when reincarnated as Ben Solo?

According to many real life reincarnation theories, there are instances that when a person was reborn as another person, that person would not remember his/her past life. In order to remember such past lives, they have to undergo either hypnosis or some form of meditation. The only time a person can remember a past life if only that person suffered a traumatic event before death. Such memory would stick with that person even after being born in a new body, many years in the future. As for Ben Solo’s case, it’s uncertain on why the Force would not allow Ben Solo to remember his past memories as Light!Revan. Maybe it was done to hide his dormant power during childhood before being reawakened at later time, assuming Ben Solo is indeed Light!Revan reincarnated.

Furthermore, as Ben Solo, he would live his life as an individual harnessing the light and dark side of the Force as he was years ago as Revan. But, this time being more pulled to the light side of the Force. Thus, another source of Ben’s light is not only the light force itself, but the light from within…the light of his past life as Light!Revan. Also, Light!Revan, as Ben Solo, would bring back elements of his past life as a force user of light and dark in addition to wearing clothing similar to that of his past life when he was Revan. This may explain why Kyo Ren’s clothing is similar to Revan. This is something Ben Solo sub-consciously pulled out in designing his Kylo Ren clothing without realizing he was Revan in the past life. 

Furthermore, the ADDITIONAL reason (not the main reason) for Kylo Ren’s compassion for Rey and his so-called mysterious connection with Rey is either of the following items below:

(1) Rey is the reincarnation of Bastila Shan even though this may not be likely in canon.


(2) Within Kylo’s sub-conscious, the inner Light!Revan may have caused Kylo’s perception to confused Rey as Bastila Shan since Bastila Shan resembles Rey. See below.


(3) Rey is not a descendant of Bastila Shan and Revan, but her force signature is coincidentally so similar to Bastila’s that this caused this “force connection/link/bond” to happen between Kylo Ren (Light!Revan reincarnated) and Rey herself.

(Above) Adam Driver (Kylo Ren/Ben Solo) and Revan.

According to various reincarnation theories in real life, when person(s) reincarnate in their next body, they maintain their past live’s facial features. So, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo maintained his prior life’s appearance of Revan.

An example of this reincarnation theory in real life is the following picture(s),

(Above) Jennifer Lawrence and her Egyptian twin-actress Zubaida Tharwat.

(Above) James Dean and James Franco

Now, whether this particular reincarnation is true or not, that remains to be seen. But if you look at the following documentary below about this particular reincarnation theory, there may be something to consider.

Note: it’s uncertain on whether the above video’s content is authentic or not.

Issues with this theory: 

So, far there is nothing in canon thus far suggesting reincarnation is an actual occurrence in the Star Wars Universe. Even though [The Phantom Menace Visual Dictionary] mentioned how the Chosen One Prophecy implied a reincarnation process of a Chosen entity coming back again and again to restore balance to the force, there is no official word from Lucasfilm story group confirming if reincarnation does occur in the Star Wars Universe. 

In addition, the narrative focus for Kylo Ren and Rey is that they are stand alone characters with NO BIG DIRECT connection to the heroes of the ancient past, i.e. Knight of the Old Republic. Rey’s narrative is about a normal individual from a completely separate family who can make a difference in a galaxy far, far away. Kylo Ren/Ben Solo’s narrative is about just another Skywalker trying to regain his humanity. Both of these characters do not have to rely on being a reincarnated entity to achieve their ends.

Now, there is a possibility of reincarnation occurring in the form of Ahsoka Tano coming back as a wolf being in [Star Wars Rebels Season 4]. However, some people stated that it could just be Ahsoka Tano as a Force Wielder entity who can shape shift. Others say said that the wolf is something separate from Ahsoka Tano itself. 

If “reincarnation” were to be canon, how is it going to be applied in the greater scheme of things in the Star Wars Canon?

Two ways:

(1) Use Force Wielder-type characters to be the reincarnation-based characters. Also, assuming the "Daughter" is to be alive, then the “Daughter” can be the one to pull off the reincarnation technique of being reborn in a fresh and blood body. 

(2) A completely new character who is not Ben or Rey, but either be Ben and Rey’s child or a friend/associate of Ben and Rey (after Episode IX).. This particular character would either be a wise man who is reborn again to help Ben and Rey in a future conflict or be another character who remembers memories of his/her past life and these memories help Ben and Rey to get out of a sticky situation in a future story (post-Episode IX).

In conclusion: Ben Solo may not be the actual reincarnation of Revan. But, Ben Solo may borrow certain traits from Revan himself, assuming Ben Solo is aware of Revan’s existence during his time as a Knight of Ren. If reincarnation were to be canon, it’s most likely other characters from other canon sources like the “Daughter of Mortis” or new characters being these reincarnated beings.

More thoughts about Ford meeting Wander in space:

I think there might be a short rocky period after the eighth time Ford sees Wander win over a planet-destroying monster with a picnic and a game of tiddlywinks where Ford’s paranoia would get the better of him and he’d worry that Wander had godlike powers of mind control.

(tbh I’m not sure he’d be wrong about that.)

He’d probably keep trying to study him covertly to make sure he wasn’t a threat to the universe that needed to be neutralized. Maybe seeing Wander’s reaction to Dr. Screwball Jones would convince Ford that even if Wander had mind-control powers, he wouldn’t use them to force happiness/morality on others.

Also it’s a common headcanon that Ford spent at least some of his time in the portal fighting evil overlords. Honestly, that would probably be the biggest point of contention between them if they traveled together extensively. 

Ford: All right, I’ve planted the bombs in a hexagonal formation around the weak points of Emperor Slaughter’s fortress. Where’s Wander?

Sylvia: My guess would be inside the fortress, giving Emperor Slaughter a friendship bracelet.

Ford: What!!?

Sylvia: I know, right?


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