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ACOTAR Fic, part 1 I guess??

Another endless day in the Spring Court, every day seemed worse than the one before. I was tumbling into that pit of darkness once again, I was tired-so tired of being in this place, once again playing that idle, innocent doll they wanted me to be-as if I wasn’t stronger, more powerful than all of them, pretending to be the opposite of my true self.

Rhys had begun to sense my rage and despair, and if I didn’t get out, I was soon to crack and every emotion would pour out. Soon he repeatedly sent down our bond, and I would tug back on that bond to let him know that I understood, understood that our court was doing everything they could to set our plans in motion so I could leave this shamble of a court.

A light knock on my door had me rising from the bed, I could scent who it was before I saw them-

“Alis,” I greeted her with a smile.

She briefly nodded and waltzed in to carry out her usual duties. She had me sit down before the vanity so she could arrange my hair into one thick braid. We sat in comfortable silence until she was done. Alis arranged my options of garments for the day, and silently left.

I stared at the attire I dreaded to put on everyday, no doubt Ianthe had picked out the garments. With not much thought I picked one and threw it on and chucked the rest of them into the closet. I sat on the foot of my bed wondering what I could spend my time doing today, when a note appeared in front of me with my mates handwriting scrawled across it. Today. No pen appeared with it, just the note. I threw it onto roaring fire lest someone came across it.

I had to plan, and I had to plan quickly. I scurried out of my room and flew down the flight of stares into the dining hall where I found Tamlin, Lucien and Ianthe sitting. I walked in calmly a bit flustered albeit, but I made sure that I calmed my heartbeat so none of them could sense anything out of the ordinary. A brilliant smile bloomed across Ianthe’s face as she saw me walk towards the table, and I had to fight the urge to throw a vulgar gesture at her. I sat next to Tamlin, with Lucien opposite me. I piled fruits and pastries onto my plate and began to eat.

“You’re awful perky today,” Lucien eyed me warily.

“Well… it’s a good day.” I replied, grinning.

Tamlin looked up into my eyes, and gave me a soft smile which I forced myself to return. They were oblivious-maybe not Lucien, but the other two, they had no idea what their innocent, prized possession was capable of doing. Little did they know that their world was soon to be turned upside down by a wolf they unknowingly let into their home, not a wolf-me.

I stood up and told them I was returning to my chambers. Tamlin raised himself from his chair and planted a kiss on my cheek, still unaware of the fact that the High Lady of the Night Court was in his presence, and he unwittingly let me leave to plan my vengeance.

First part of my fic, I’m not sure how may parts there will be, but I’m trying😇 Also it’s super short because I’m terrible at writing so

REYNA AND BAYMAX!!! Can you imagine Baymax asking Reyna if she needs a hug and some friends to stabilize her emotional levels after Reyna has to kill Scorpio! Can you imagine Baymax duct taping Octavian’s mouth because he scanned Reyna and he can see her anger levels rising and her anger is directed at Octavian. Can you imagine Baymax petting Reyna’s dogs and being kind of confused because they’re not really like normal dogs but he loves them anyway and they love him!!! This is the best!!!!

(DISCLAIMER: This is not my work. The picture belongs to the rightful owner and I take no credit in the idea or making of it)
How to Read Your Birth Chart

The Sun: The Sun speaks about your ego, the ‘I Am’, what drives you to to be who you are and how you identify yourself. In other words, your sun sign reflects who you are all the time, regardless of who you’re with or what you’re doing.

The Moon: The moon speaks about your emotional self and what we need to feel secure, safe and nurtured. We go to our moon when we need to restore ourselves. The moon sign tends to be the ruling force over your decision-making.

The Ascendant/Rising Sign: This sign represents how others see you as. When we first meet someone, we’re likely to meet their rising sign. The ascendant sign changes from hour to hour so try to be as accurate as possible when naming your birth time.

The Descendant Sign: The descendant sign shows the type of people you are the most attracted by, you easily get along well with and you are most likely to start a love relationship with.

The Inner Planets: The inner planets include Mercury, Venus and Mars. They can describe core personality traits, needs and desires. Mercury rules your mind and communication, Venus rules your love life, and Mars rules your actions and overall energy.

The Outer Planets: The outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They reflect what will make your life special. Jupiter rules luck and progress, Saturn rules your fears and self discipline, Uranus rules change, Neptune rules dreams and how you heal, and Pluto rules your power and transformation. The placements can suggest what you have to look forward to these areas.

What Your Sign Has Taught Me
  • Aries: People are forever moving, and just because you're content with being stagnant doesn't mean everyone else is going to be too.
  • Taurus: People are going to do what they want to do at the end of the day. No amount of "warnings" or "Oh but I love yous" are going to stop them.
  • Gemini: Words are more than just words when they are articulated with passion and emotion. Be careful how you use them.
  • Cancer: There is an extremely thin line between a "joke" and blatant mocking and insulting. Sometimes, we cross it without even thinking, and that's simply unhealthy.
  • Leo: You should never apologize for dressing up, or spending money the way you want to, or being happy. If you're not hurting anyone, you should do as you wish.
  • Virgo: Some people just like to complain. It helps to take the edge off. So when they don't have anything to complain about, they might just pull something out of thin air.
  • Libra: As far as your first instincts about people go, you should trust them, at least a bit. Maybe she really is fishy, or maybe he can be a real douche. Just keep it in the back of your mind.
  • Scorpio: Just because someone can hold an intelligent conversation, talk with you all night, and make consistent, beautiful eye contact, doesn't mean they're hopelessly in love with you.
  • Sagittarius: There is still love in "tough love." While it can hurt, it does not create the absence of caring, nor should it.
  • Capricorn: It's okay to look up to others. Sometimes, through admiring another person's qualities, we can learn more about where it is we would like to someday be.
  • Aquarius: Although many people do not change, a change is possible. Sometimes it's just waiting for the right moment to develop.
  • Pisces: Don't confuse an emotional, sensitive person for a good friend or a good lover. Someone can be totally self-pitying and not care one bit how you feel.

aries rising: pushes personal boundaries in search of experience, confrontational and assertive in expressing talents and weaknesses

taurus rising: uses resources and beauty as an extension of personal identity, reflects viscous charisma and appeal, personal desires become decorum

gemini rising: zig-zagging through multiplications of duality and resolution, and to reconcile these oppositions through communication

cancer rising: to give a resting place to the identity to express, drawing from waters of ancestors, emotions, and memories

leo rising: a creative expedition of every portrait and experience from life, enveloping material, heart, spiritual, and emotional into a gallery

virgo rising: expressing soul and body, synthesising mind with material, the needs of the self with other, exhibiting the mechanical talents of the intellect

libra rising: playing with other personalities gives sparkle to the marble identity, a synthesis of social experiences, understanding ‘i’ to become ‘us’

scorpio rising: potent desires surface through the immediate expression, an erotic display of continual transformation, conflict, and obsession

sagittarius rising: a cinema size projector is raised to create a life exhibition displaying experience, relationships, and meaning, learning is the sixth sense

capricorn rising: attempting to escape the parent’s moulding the individual summons talent, material, and applicable creative resource

aquarius rising: the possibilities expand far and wide, capable of being anyone, identification with higher forces and reflection of the self in everything

pisces rising: sensitivity and vagueness diffuses like melting mist, the empathy extends beyond containment, the identity is an exhalation of everythingness


Led Zeppelin Songs for the Signs
  • Aries: Immigrant Song// "Hammer of the gods, will drive our ships to new land. To fight the hordes, and sing and cry."
  • Taurus: Going to California// "Someone told me there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair. Took my chances on a big jet plane, never let them tell you that they're all the same."
  • Gemini: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You// "Babe, oh, babe... I'm gonna leave you. Oh, baby, you know, I've really got to leave you. Oh, I can hear it callin 'me."
  • Cancer: The Rain Song// "These are the seasons of emotion and like the wind they rise and fall. This is the wonder of devotion - I see the torch we all must hold."
  • Leo: Dazed and Confused// "You hurt and abuse tellin' all of your lies. Run 'round sweet baby, Lord how they hypnotize."
  • Virgo: Ramble On// "And now's the time, the time is now
  • To sing my song. I'm goin' 'round the world, I got to find my girl."
  • Libra: Good Times, Bad Times// "You can feel the beat within my heart. Realize, sweet babe, we ain't ever gonna part."
  • Scorpio: Communication Breakdown// "I don't know what it is that I like about you, but I like it a lot. Won't let me hold you, Let me feel your lovin' charms."
  • Sagittarius: Since I Been Loving You// "Since I've Been Loving You, I'm about to lose my worried mind. Watch out!"
  • Capricorn: I Can't Quit You Baby// "Oh, you know I love you baby. My love for you I could never hide."
  • Aquarius: Kashmir// "I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been. To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen."
  • Pisces: Stairway To Heaven// "In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees, and the voices of those who stand looking."
The Signs and What They Want Most From Life

Check sun and rising

Aries - I want to live a life full of adventure and freedom. I want to prove people wrong and fight for what is right. I want to meet all kinds of people and travel the world.

Taurus - I want to live in peace and I want to prosper. I want to raise successful and moral children, and I want to understand people.

Gemini - I want to live as happily as possible and experience the unimaginable. I want to create and give.

Cancer - I want to live safely and feel all kinds of emotions. I want to help others find their way in life and be the best person I possibly can.

Leo - I want to live successfully and I want to be remembered. I want my children and my children’s children to tell stories about me. I want to be a legend.

Virgo - I want to live with love and compassion and feel warmth from another person. I want to experience all kinds of adoration.

Libra - I want to live without worries and give back to others who have treated me with kindness. I want to see my children evolve into compassionate and lovely people.

Scorpio - I want to evolve and live with pride in myself. I want to change and correct myself and become a wonderful person.

Sagittarius - I want to live without fear and I want to make a difference. I want to see the world grow into a beautiful place once again.

Capricorn - I want to become a person that is loved by all and I want to be a role model. I want to be a good parent to my children and teach them the values of life.

Aquarius - I want to be unique and I want to be different from everyone else. I want to live happily and I want to live with confidence in myself. I want to teach others the importance of individuality.

Pisces - I want to make my dreams come true. I want to be happy with everything I do and live life to the fullest.

7 Anger Management Tips

1. Think before you speak as you can’t take back your words.

2. Don’t say anything until you’re feeling calm. We often regret what we say when we are mad.

3. Be simple and clear when you express what bothered you. Don’t be disrespectful, rude or hyper-critical.

4. Choose to leave the room or to distract yourself when you feel your emotions are really being stirred.

5. Try, if you can, to get some exercise as that reduces stress, and changes physiology.

6. Think about the people you enjoy being with, as that will remind you that not everyone is bad.

7. Try to plan ahead so you have some strategies when your feel the anger rising, and you need to take control.

I’m all for positivity and keeping a positive outlook on life but it’s impossible to be happy 24/7. You don’t have to force yourself to stay positive all the time. You don’t have to pretend to be happy all the time. It’s ok to have rough days. It’s totally normal to express negative feelings towards something. I’m all for spreading good vibes but forcing it doesn’t accomplish much. Bottom line is: You don’t need to hide your feelings and other emotions for the sake of staying positive. It’s impossible to feel great about everything all the time.

Natural Partner
  • Aquarius rising/Sun in the 7th house: Natural partner embodies essential power and visible dignity. This person's life should affect you deeply
  • Capricorn rising/Moon in the 7th house: Natural partner is a very emotional person, perhaps even moody
  • Sagittarius rising/Mercury in the 7th house: Natural partner has an active, visible intelligence, a person who is curious, stimulating, and communicative
  • Scorpio rising/Venus in the 7th house: Natural partner is feminine, a person whose aesthetic is visible to everyone
  • Libra rising/Mars in the 7th house: Natural partner is a person whose masculine nature has an impact on you. This partner must not be too subtle
  • Virgo rising/Neptune in the 7th house: Natural partner is is one whose softness is tangible, a person of great compassion, a dreamer whose ideals are at forefront of his or her personality
  • Leo rising/Uranus in the 7th house: Natural partner is different from other people you have met in your life. A crusader for change
  • Cancer rising/Saturn in the 7th house: Natural partner is one whose maturity and common sense are palpable. Considerable dignity
  • Gemini rising/Jupiter in the 7th house: Natural partner is a person whose nature is generous and noble, whose actions are optimistic and spontaneous
  • Taurus rising/Pluto in the 7th house: Natural partner is one whose emotional intensity shines forth like a beacon in the storm, a person who understands the floods of feeling
  • Aries rising/Venus in the 7th house: Natural partner is feminine, a person whose aesthetic is visible to everyone
  • Pisces rising/Mercury in the 7th house: Natural partner has an active, visible intelligence, a person who is curious, stimulating, and communicative
  • [Information derived from Bill Herbst]
Alice Tear Jar Spell 💧

a disney inspired jar spell to help keep you afloat in your sadness

💧 gather: two jars of different sizes, one that can easily fit inside the other. blue glitter, moon water, a taglock.

💧 prepare the first jar with the taglock inside. seal carefully so no water can get inside

💧 fill the second jar with the moon water and blue glitter. 

💧 put the smaller jar inside, and seal the smaller bottle in the larger bottle

💧 shake gently when sad, and each time, when the the small jar rises to the top, so do your emotions

💧 the water may represent tears, but they are healing in their own way. 

What's It Like Being...
  • An Aries Rising: Always letting your passion shine through... even when you don't want it to.
  • A Taurus Rising: Always seeming rich and materialistic. Pretty, but seems slightly bitchy.
  • A Gemini Rising: Always coming off mean and bitchy, despite being cute and nice.
  • A Cancer Rising: Always letting your emotions shine through... even when you don't want them to.
  • A Leo Rising: Always being in the spotlight, being noticed, even when you don't particularly want to be.
  • A Virgo Rising: Always looking like a model. Seeming intelligent and introspective.
  • A Libra Rising: Always looking 'like a whore' even though you aren't wearing anything revealing (🙄). That Frat Boy look for dudes.
  • A Scorpio Rising: Always giving off "bad vibes". Looking sweet and bitchy at the same line. Strong jaw lines. Striking looks. Model (mostly male) material.
  • A Sagittarius Rising: Always standing out in a group because you "look different". Dyed hair.
  • A Capricorn Rising: Always seeming like you're going somewhere important. Intimidating. Suits / Dresses.
  • An Aquarius Rising: Always looking really stoic. RBF. Model material (no matter your gender). People being intimidated by you.
  • A Pisces Rising: Always seeming really aloof and dreamy, blending in with crowds no matter how different you may look.

some air sign: “astrology says im detached and logical, so you’ll never see me being overly emotional or sensitive or crying over nothing! im detached in love too, what even is love or commitment it’s very hard for me? i can’t help it, it’s my air sign :)”

same person: has moon in pisces, scorpio rising, water mercury & venus, cancer mars, mars harshly aspecting moon & pluto, moon softly aspecting venus/pluto/neptune, sun or ascendant aspecting moon/neptune/pluto, abundance of water in the chart, abundance of fixed modality in the chart, Venus in the 12th house, other planets or stellium in the 4th/8th/12th house, neptune/moon/pluto prevalence in the chart


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Fourth House: Your Aversion

Your 4th house ruler shows what you received excessive exposure to during childhood. As a result, you might develop an aversion to the traits of the sign on the 4th house cusp. 

The following is organized by your 4th house ruler.

Aries 4th House: emotion/thoughtless impulse; you might to be a hard, cold cap rising who is averse to loud, brash personalities

Taurus 4th House: tradition/materialism/slow movement; you might be be an aqua rising who craves freedom and revolution

Cancer 4th House: sympathy/emotional manipulation; you might be a tough, independent aries rising who refuses to be told what to do

Gemini 4th House: talking/meaningless chatter/excessive communication; you might be a pisces rising who values meaningful communication, solitude, and silence

Leo 4th House: attention/narcissism; you might be a taurus rising who prefers to blend into the background and despises bragging/braggarts [analysis of psychology below]

Virgo 4th House: criticism/judgement/boredom; gemini rising who prefers to be entertained and open-minded

Libra 4th House: compromise/emotional neglect; cancer rising who desperately tries to control environment/other people to avoid compromise

Scorpio 4th House: scrutinity/paranoia/invasion of privacy; you might be a leo rising who self-aggrandizes, prefers to keep thigns light, and hide their flaws

Sagittarius 4th House: irresponsibility; virgo rising, self-explanatory

Capricorn 4th House: expectations/isolation; libra rising, self-explanatory [analysis 2]

Aquarius 4th House: eccentric/erratic behavior; scorpio rising, prefers to adopt a stoic, mysterious persona

Pisces 4th House: delusion/self-sacrifice; sagittarius rising who tries to learn about the world at large, stay grounded in reality, and has selfiish tendencies [analysis 3]

[1] Taurus risings often have parents who smother them with attention, to the point where they feel like they’re controlled and constantly watched. Parents may also have narcistic tendencies and seek approval/fish for compliments from their children while witholding praise. Parents may be act entitled to the child’s time and attention, leaving little room for peace, solitude, and self-care. This causes the adult Taurus rising to shy away from attention-seeking (leo-like) personalities and enjoy solitude, silence, and peace. 

[2] Libra risings can have parents with harsh capricorn qualities; parents who don’t hesitate to demean their own children in the name of “pusing them further,” who withold approval and affection, who may prevent the child from spending time wirh friends, who make the child feel lonely and unworthy. As a result, Libra risings almost pathologically seek approval and acceptance to compensate for what the parents deprived them of.

[3] Sagittarius risings likely have parents who expect the child to be pliant, obedient, and self-sacrificing. The parents may ask the child to give, give, and give, until there’s nothing left. The parents themselves may be weak, selfish, and delusional, pretending to be martyrs while taking advantage of their own children. The parents might act helpless as a manipulation  tactic. As a defense, the Sagittarius detaches themselves from needy people and (”selfishly”) puts themselves first, to compensate for years of being forced to put themselves last. 

The human personality is almost entirely a cluster of defense mechanisms to cope with different types pain and toxic people.  Once you know the traits each rising sign expresses, and the sign on the 4th house cusp, it is easy to trace the behavior to the roots.


*can work with rising signs as well

ARIES: why are they always angry? aries people just care, a little too much sometimes. there is a lot of fire and passion in their sign and they have a hard time expressing their emotions which results into their anger. they just don’t know how else to project themselves. aries people are also known to be, deep down, insecure. because of this, they use anger to make them seem strong and to mask their lack of confidence or pain inside. their insecurity derives from the desire to be the best. 

TAURUS: why are they lazy/apathetic? the thing about taurus people is they like comfort. they want a comfortable life with very little problems, and would avoid conflict and issues if they can. they may seem like they don’t care about things, or may not go out of their way to aim too high only because they don’t want to have to bother with the issues that come along the way. if they are happy with how their life is, they wouldn’t want to risk losing it. being an earth sign means they are very grounded and yearn for stability, and anything that can throw them off can seem a little scary. 

GEMINI: why are they so two-faced? geminis seem to always change their mind about people. they will criticize a person to you, then the next day you see them getting along with them. it is not that geminis are fake, it’s just they have a lot of patience with people and offer many opportunities. they enjoy having fun, and if the “problems” the gemini complains about aren’t that bad, they can set that aside and enjoy their time with the person they were once talking about. if a gemini is hot and cold with you, don’t take it personally. they are easily bored and need plenty of people to entertain them in terms of friendship. 

CANCER: why are they such crybabies? it is well known that cancers are very emotional people. their emotions derive from how sentimental they are. they treasure memories and good times, but because they want it so badly they may become sad that they cannot have it, or that those times are gone. cancers can be influenced by their emotions, it just comes from being a water sign. they can be carried away by the current of events that happen in their life. small mishaps that happen to a cancer can bring them down because they want to just be content. this is what taurus wants to avoid. they have expectations for the world because of the memories they experience, and when these expectations do not match with reality, it can make a cancer emotional. 

LEO: why are they so arrogant? leos are very hard-working people. if they want something they will do what they can to have it. because of their hard work, it is justified for them to feel proud of themselves. they are fun-loving and down to earth people which attracts people to their energy. their popularity can play a role in their behavior, but they never mean to bring people down or make others feel small. they are just proud of themselves and what they’ve accomplished. 

VIRGO: why are they such clean-freaks? i actually don’t really understand this stereotype tbh lol… but anyways, virgos are thoughtful people. they are quiet and observant, which could stem the idea that they are boring. virgos are also earth signs, making them fond of stability like taurus and capricorn. because of this, virgos would want to strive to have their lives organized and kept together without many problems. the perception of being boring and their organization and simplicity on the outlook of life can add together to the stereotype of them being “clean-freaks”.  

LIBRA: why are they such flirts? libras aren’t really flirts, they’re just charming. they’re a very sociable sign and have lots of charisma. they are likable which can make people think they are flirts. they make people feel special because of how well they speak and how well they work people. libras don’t do this intentionally and don’t always realize how they make people feel or how they come off as. 

SCORPIO: why are scorpios mysterious and sexual? i laugh at this so much being a scorpio moon.. being mysterious comes from the fact that scorpios would rather not have much of their personal life, feelings, and general information exposed to the public. they do not want to feel vulnerable with their feelings and thoughts because they are deep and well-thought out. they feel strongly, and will not have any superficial thoughts or emotions. because of this they do not want to be judged for having the feelings they have. the sexual aspect comes from how passionate scorpios can be. passion can be confused with many things, such as lust, ambition, or love. scorpios embody either or all of those three things, just depends on the person. 

SAGITTARIUS: why do they have commitment issues? sags can commit to something, they just have some requirements for whatever that thing is. sags do not like high maintenance people, simply because it’s too much work. sags are not the kind of people to judge others and criticize, but they know what they want and will avoid the things they don’t want. sags don’t like things that can hold them back or bring them down, and if they feel that someone is like that towards them they can shy away or avoid the person. they can commit, it just depends on what they’re committing to. 

CAPRICORN: why are they heartless workaholics? they are known for being ambitious, which is why they will not stop working until they get what they want. this can apply to work, school, relationships, or even video games. capricorns aren’t really heartless, they are quite considerate of other people and think a lot of others, just not the way that others would like to be thought of. capricorns can be very self-focused because they believe that no one can take care of them but themselves, which is why they cannot always think or consider other people and others’ emotions. despite this, capricorns can have their eyes opened and if are told they are hurting someone by not noticing how they feel, capricorn will reconsider their actions. they just need a little push to understand and consider those around them, but that doesn’t mean they are heartless. 

AQUARIUS: why are they such hipsters? aquarius is a pretty unique sign. their symbol is the only of the zodiac that isn’t an animal, it’s actually water. and even though they are represented by water, they are an air sign. aquarius people are very innovative, they are ahead of the game and may take interest in things that others don’t. they like to enjoy things for themselves, and would not like to be influenced by too much media or extreme trends. 

PISCES: why are they such clueless daydreamers? the clueless stereotype can come from the fact that pisces people don’t always take hints very well. they like things to be straightforward so they won’t get confused with all the thoughts and possibilities that can come to them. pisces think a lot, about anything, which drive the daydreaming stereotype. pisces are known to be sweet people because of how much they think about others. they are “clueless” because they don’t want to make any wrong assumptions of anything and would rather know the full story before guessing. 

what the rising signs value in life

Your rising sign is how you see the world and how you interact with and experience it.

Aries Rising: You prefer to always be busy and active, liking to be on your feet and doing things. You face life with enthusiasm and good energy. You value independence and like to keep motivated and to motivate others.

Taurus Rising: You like to take your time and be patient. You are very stable and like to have things stay the same. You face life with patience and responsibility. You value security and loyalty.

Gemini Rising: Naturally curious and inquisitive. Always wanting things to be new and fresh, changes of scenery can be really good for you. You face life with optimism and cleverness. They value intellect and flexibility.

Cancer Rising: You are very sensitive and in tune with your emotions and surroundings. You face life with sweetness and imagination. You value kindness and caring for others.

Leo Rising: Magnetic and charismatic. You are very self aware and aware of your surroundings and others. You face life with courage and pride. You value creativity and speaking your mind.

Virgo Rising: You can be quite shy or introverted, but you are also very soothing to be around. You are very adaptable and will go out of their way to help people, especially friends. You face life with hard work and modesty. You value dependability and practicality.

Libra Rising: Extremely friendly and easy going, being polite is very important to you. You face life with grace and compromise. You value your appearance (not just in your looks, but in how you appear to others) and being considerate.

Scorpio Rising: Strong and ambitious, you have an unmistakable aura. You like to have power over yourself or your situation. You face life with control and passion. You value dedication and observation.

Sagittarius Rising: You can be restless throughout life, wanting to see the world or to have new surroundings. You face life with curiosity and philosophy. You value happiness and keeping things lighthearted.

Capricorn Rising: You are reliable and hard working, and take things quite seriously. You face life with success and reservation. You value wise advice and being rational.

Aquarius Rising: You like to be individual and stand out, even in the littlest of ways. You face life with new ideas and revolution. You value education and acceptance.

Pisces Rising: You like to go with the flow, seeing where life takes you. You face life with softness and compassion. You value creativity and positive energy.