the emotional elasticity of the english language

I love how Tumblr has become such a subculture that it has even created its own sociolect (i.e, a pattern of speech.) Seriously, 95% of the tags I read are written in the same speech pattern. How amazing is that?!

A key  -and, in my opinion, rather endearing - characteristic of this sociolect includes run-on sentences that end with either prepositions or conjunctions. Clearly, “Tumblrspeech” has been heavily influenced by Valleyspeak. This isn’t surprising given Valleyspeak’s rising inflection (or, um, is that intonation?) is ideal for expressions of “fan girling”, which include gasping, squealing, exclaiming and

… and I should be writing a real paper for a real grade right now. 

But seriously - someone much smarter than me and better versed in linguistics should write an essay on this! And this person will probably not use the word “seriously” to begin a sentence.