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What would the X-Men characters do if their SO was captured by an enemy?

Alex Summers (Havoc)

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He’d pretty much lose his head straight away.

Angel Salvadore

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She’d be complete level headed and would talk her way into getting you back.

Betsy Braddock (Psylocke)

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She’d be ready to kill anyone who stood between you and her.


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She’d just teleport in and get you out unharmed.

Bobby Drake (Iceman)

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He’d feel empty inside and may feel lost and helpless.

Charles Xavier (Professor X)

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He’d be terrified for you but would quickly get you out.


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He’d just punch anything in his way and would show aggression that usually doesn’t show through.

Emma Frost

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She’d just go in like a badass and get you out.

Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto)

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He’d be worried sick, but would carefully plan out a way to get you back.

Francis Freeman (Ajax)

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He’d appear completely calm on the outside, but inside a cord snapped and if anyone so much as speaks to him before he gets you back, he’ll probably snap their neck.

Hank Mccoy (Beast)

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He’d feel so lost and angry and would assemble the team to help him get you back.

Jean Grey (Marvel girl/Phoenix)

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She’d be worried but would stay incredibly calm and controlled. Knowing she needs a cool head to get you back safely.

John Allerdyce (Pyro)

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He’d probably destroy everything in the room he was in, then probably leave a path of fiery destruction in his wake.


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She’d be so scared for you and would ask as any people as she could to help her get you.

Kitty Pryde (Shadow Cat)

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She’d literally just walk in and get you out unharmed.

Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)

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He might break a little at the thought of you being in danger and would freak out completely until he gets you back.

Logan Howlett (Wolverine)

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He would do ANYTHING to get you back.


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She’d be pretty upset, but would soon come to her senses and devise a plan to get you.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

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She’d go straight in, attitude at its peak, and sass everyone to death.

Ororo Munroe (Storm)

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She’d destroy everything her enemy had until they gave you back.

Peter Maximoff (Quicksilver)

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He’d freak out a little, but in the end he’d just speed in and get you back.

Remy LeBeau (Gambit)

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He’d rise to the challenge and do anything to keep you safe.


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She’d do everything she could to bargain or trade with her enemy in order to get you back without hurting anyone. Then deal with the enemy later.

Scott Summers (Cyclops)

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He’d be crushed. Absolutely crushed. He might sulk for a while, procrastinating what to do until Jean comes up with a plan that he’s completely sure will work to get you back.

Sean Cassidy (Banshee)

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He’d get straight down to work and give the enemy whatever why wanted in exchange for you.

Victor Creed (Sabertooth)

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He’d kill everything in his way.

Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

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We all know how this plays out.

Warren Worthington III (Angel/ Archangel )

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He’d be pretty reckless and angry and would risk everything to ensure your safety.


All those interviews and giving so much spoiler on what was ahead in the show is damage control I repeat Emma Frost is a worse writer than PG.

I’m not sure she’s a worse writer, idk in terms of what looks more entertaining, Frost is better. Gregory can be dry at times, it’s just “Then this happened, then that happened” which grates me. The White Queen early on was a very entertaining show, as Frost attempted to close the series it fell apart in my opinion. I think that had to do with time issues. 

I think really Emma Frost just didn’t think this one through. I think she really wants this “Enemies to Lovers” trope and didn’t really think of the repercussions of a storyline which has a rape victim fall for her rapist. 

One time at a con, Gail Simone was talking about how it is very valid for a female character, i.e. Red Sonja, to wear whatever she wants and it not be male gaze-ridden, for it to be about her agency as a person and the right to wear whatever the hell she wants.

Which is so valid and true, but for me, the success of a female comic book character wearing almost nothing and it being NOT for the male gaze is so rare I would just so much prefer, for example, to have Emma Frost in an outfit that covers all of her.

Like in Uncanny X-Men, her and Illyana are wearing such revealing outfits and they’re base is on a fucking mountain in Canada!! Like no male characters are dressed that way in the book, why can’t they be fully covered??

It just bothers me like fuck it’s 2015 why can’t I have Emma Frost in a stylish outfit that doesn’t show her mid-drift and cleavage; I want Emma to be represented for her strength and wit, not her body.

so my thoughts on supergirl:

is it a little corny? yeah, duh, but it owns up to it. it says “this is gonna be a show about girls kicking ass” and it delivers.  and it’s feminine, and kara is adorable, and there is so much room for it to grow past corny and into something really, really beautiful.  it’s already pretty great, imo. b/c if a cute show about supergirl celebrating herself and girl power (look up the 90s use of it!) isn’t appeal or is ‘annoying’ to ppl, then they’re not really ppl i want to talk to.

also! kara’s sister not being demonized for her jealousy! i cannot stress how huge that is.  and even cat grant seems to have some kind of fondness for kara, and i think she’s probably going to eventually be like sigh i gUESS i can be more accepting of people. whatever. she’s very emma frost, is the thing.

so yes. great show. i rooted for kara the whole time and it’s just a show that i left feeling PUMPED AS HELL. 

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UGH ISABEL I AM SO DELIGHTED YOU ARE SO DELIGHTED. this woman is, with cordelia, in my top two fictional characters of all time. of all tiiiime.

NO I LOVE IT SO MUCH. SO MUCH. Because literally this entire universe is working off a black-and-white schematic apart from her—which is why I sort of couldn’t take the 80s, because lol you know what the writing is like there, like with the body swaps, YOU CAN TELL IT’S NOT ORORO! SHE IS USING HER POWER FOR HER OWN PLEASURE!! ONLY HELLFIRE MEMBERS CAN FEEL PLEASURE OVER POWER!!! (The slow possessed devolution of Jean Grey was bliss, but my favorite part was, like, that scene of Jean and Scott on the butte, when Scott is like AUGH SHE’S SO POWERFUL AND CAVALIER but she’s still undisputably Jean, rather than her weird ~Lady Jean~ projection or Dark Phoenix the warhead godhead force, at which point it became straight, if epic, conflict, between DESTRUCTIVE INHUMAN and ANGELIC INHUMAN, Jean Grey’s ~~angel’s soul~~ and all that jazz)—but still, literally everyone here buys into black and white, and tries to conform to that, except her. (And Wolverine, but mostly that’s just, like, him being The Rough Dude, which is always going to partly cast brutal options as easy options. Which is why I could dig him/Jean being the parallel half of the love square, even though I’m not that invested in either of them individually, because he’s an antiparagon.) MY POINT IS, she does what needs to be done without letting the rest of the cast moralize at her, and they let her. Jean and Xavier and everyone there has responded at one point or another with “Emma did what I wanted to do”: she greys them by proxy, whether they want it or not, especially if they don’t; she’s a necessary weapon and they don’t talk about it but they need her and she works with them but doesn’t and won’t buy into the rhetoric of it all.

Ugh she is the best. The best.