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spillthemilk asked:

Hey I was so excited that you guys were coming to Vancaf but just read that you're not going to come? 😥😱😵😫 *whimper* what happened?

We had flight issues. We were originally planning on being on an American Airlines flight, but it was actually a secret WestJet flight that was then canceled and combined with an earlier flight that we couldn’t catch. VanCAF is one of our favorite festivals and it was very hard for us to miss it, especially since in the past eight years of us doing comics shows professionally we have never missed a date. Broke our heart (and I desperately miss Guu Izakaya). Hopefully we can get back soon, but if not, you will be able to find us at Emerald City Comic Con next year in Seattle if you don’t mind making the trip.

Thanks again for the support!

Episode #39: Dark Horse Comics Spotlight with Joëlle Jones and Adam Warren

Back at the end of March, Nerd For A Living attended Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, Washington. At the show, N4AL’s Adron Buske had the opportunity to conduct a couple of brief interviews with Dark Horse Comics creators Joëlle Jones (Lady Killer) and Adam Warren (Empowered). 

We talked about the genesis of their creator owned books, making a living as a full-time comic artist, using small projects to move forward, and more.

Listen here:

Guys, I got a start on my new tattoo the other night. What do you think?