the embassy of cambodia

maplefay replied to your photo “Read it last night, missed aos, no regrets, quite the punch #books…”

It’s quite wonderful, isn’t it? :))

especially these days when immigration makes the headlines, so many quotes to break through! i read it translated in italian so i’m not sure how accurate it would be to put some here but these i found online already:

“The fact is if we followed the history of every little country in this world—in its dramatic as well as its quiet times—we would have no space left in which to live our own lives or to apply ourselves to our necessary tasks, never mind indulge in occasional pleasures, like swimming. Surely there is something to be said for drawing a circle around our attention and remaining within that circle. But how large should this circle be?”

“It’s very logical, when you break it down. The Jews cry for the Jews. The Russians cry for the Russians. We cry for Africa, because we are African…”

“Gratitude was just another kind of servitude. Better to make your own arrangements.”

my fav:

“Water runs fast, the first time you turn on the tap”

besides, i really like zadie smith’s writing, i’m  desperately waiting for her to write another novel