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A/N: This piece was written for @randomdancer17​ as it is her birthday today (go send her nice messages!!) … A while ago she mentioned how she wanted something that surrounded Perfect by Ed Sheeran so I hope it’s what you wanted Em!! 

This also matched a little with this request. Fair warning, I hadn’t edited this yet but leave some feedback here … Oh one more thing, this is the first installation to my “The Five Times Harry…” Series - this one is also called “The Five Times Harry Dances With You”  ♥

His foot always began to tap at the right song.

Even at a young age Harold would sway to every chime and bass that penetrated the walls of his home whenever his mum brought out her old vinyl player. He’d dash into the room grabbing at her hands as his weight would lift him up and down and up and down to the beat of the rhythm. He liked the way his mum would laugh at his dance moves, mimicking him to join the fun – which he had to admit felt rewarding since his sister would often complain about his pigeon-toed feet.

When little seven year old Harry found out he was going to his first wedding he was quite excited to say the least. His head nodded all the way through the church and into the reception hall. There’s a live band playing and he couldn’t wait to find the dance floor and pounce around with his mum.

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hey hey kids just a reminder that inconsistent artsyles are a really really good thing to have as amateur artists because that’s how you allow yourself to explore different looks and thus develop a better artsyle. Just make sure you practice frequently! Find details that you like and keep them, but don’t focus so hard on setting one consistent look for your characters yet.

I have empathy for people on a base level but it’s kinda selective. If someone is old and dies then it’s natural and they had a long life. Or if someone does something stupid and causes their own death it’s easy to rationalize it as being their own fault. For instance my aunt died recently and it elicited zero emotional response because she was old and had cancer. It was her time. If someone overdoses and we can’t save them(as in no one finds the person on time or people don’t call 911 fast enough) it’s their fault and they chose to take that risk. Or as Hunter S Thompson says “buy the ticket, take the ride”. I can’t emphasize with people who are responsible for their own deaths. I don’t even view that as tragic, it just is a thing that exists. Perhaps, aspects of their life leading up to it were tragic but their death isn’t, as it was their choice. And honestly even people who die under shitty circumstances, I’m kinda like “welp, that sucks” but then I go about my day. I don’t know if my reaction is related to my personal experience in life(I’ve actually witnessed quite a few people die previous to my carrier in EMS) or perhaps, my philosophy, or psychology. I’m not certain but in any case I don’t think I could do my job proficiently if I experienced empathy/death how I presume most people experience it. And now I am just ranting but hey it’s my day off and I am couple of bottles of wine deep.