the elysian hotel

Slowly he came to, the scent of burning Holy Oil strong in his nostrils. He blinked slowly & the run-down walls of the Elysian Fields Hotel came into view. On the other side of flames that is.

He sat up & ran a shaking hand through his hair. Looking around him he saw not only an overly-large ring of Holy Fire, but a set of wings scorched into the floor. So his ruse had worked, sort of. Perhaps Lucifer hadn’t been one hundred percent sure of his death…? He must have thought trapping his Vessel in Holy Oil was wise, just in case…?

No matter the case, he was well & truly trapped. The Hoy Oil prevented him from doing anything.

“Hello…? C'mon, Luce…? Can’t we talk about this? You’ve clearly got the upper hand…” He called out, his eyes darting from place to place in the run-down room. He didn’t want Lucifer to totally get the jump on him. If he was even still around. Dad knew how long he’d been out.

In love, (YN)

Request: Hi! Can you do a GabrielxReader (they’re a couple), taking place at The Elysian Field Hotel? She asks Gabriel to keep her brothers (Sam & Dean) safe, and during their absence she confronts Lucifer, to allow Gabriel to not have to kill his brother, but also to protect him. And when Gabe comes back, he finds her seriously injured by the archangel blade. I’ll let you decide if there will be a happy ending or not ! Thanks ♥ by Anonymous

Words: 1825

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader, Sam, Dean

(Ignore Luci on this one, Gabriel’s face counts)

Warning: Character Death, fight scene I guess, mention of blood, a lot of mentioning asshole

A/N: I really hope this turned out okay and you won’t hate me too much for this :P I also based this a little on episode 5x19 but it doesn’t really depend on that. 
I listened to Kaleb Jones - Till the world stops turning while writing, you can listen to it while reading, but you don’t have to :)

Please tell me what you think!:)

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