the elven court

tbh i love all the headcanons going around about elven/fae courting rituals or whatever (either in universes where robbie is fae, or just in canon where sportacus is an elf)

BUT whenever I hear anything too specific about “””binding their souls””” or “””bonding rituals””” or “””mating for life””” or “””exclusive commitment””” i just nope the fuck away because I am TOO POLY FOR THIS

give me elven culture where all types of relationships are commonplace, especially life mates who come in groups larger than two, couples who are committed for life but anticipate additional relationships in the future, and happy elf love conglomerates

give me a Robbie that is embarrassed that he doesn’t want to be married or elf-married or whatever to Sporp because he doesn’t feel like the “”marrying”” type but when he finally admits it sportacus is kind and honestly Relieved that that’s all that robbie is worried about because–while elves do have commitment ceremonies and ceremonies that honor lovers’ relationships–they are certainly not one size fits all and can be made to fit whatever level of commitment one is comfortable with

so i’ve been playing pathfinder with my friends and my character (a lvl8 aasimar rake with a 20 charisma stat and a +1 pistol) is currently stuck in some kind of placebo love triangle with the hot lady elf captain of the elven kingdoms head warship who like, wants her, comments on her being attractive, even her daemon, a celestial parrot, tried to set them up together- and a high ranking elven court mage who is somehow now extremely into her calling her shit like ‘my lady’, ‘my darling’ and she got him this hat as repayment for helping catch the guy who tried to kill her sister, and some guy nabbed it, homeboy fucking scryed that shit and went after it fire and brimstone. also then threw the guy who stole the hat and tried to cop a feel of my ass in jail in a cell next to a drow serial killer. 

on one hand, i’m gay, on the other hand, when will your fave ever?

Here are some writing/story titles to help get the Creative juices flowing. Could also be song titles or part of poems. Any ways enjoy. N plz do use. No credit necessary.

She sells sanctuary
Quote the prophet
Eating the words
All my children
He was mine
Nobody knows
Hear the crow fly
Red Scarlet
Heat of passions
Heart of the world
Fleeting love
The goats bleat
White moon,black sun
Chocolate n daggers
He cries wolf
Eyes in the night
Gargoyles of Los Angeles
Tattoos of my soul
Hark does the wind cry
Oceans apart
Cherry blossoms
The sword of evermore
The oceans depths
Light in the dark
Temple of the white rose
Dragons breath
Woman seeking robot
Faerie rings
I smoked purple clovers
Azure haze
Angels among demons
The dead sea
Davey Jones locker
The golden cup
Black night
The elven court
On white shores
Storm’s cry
Weeping Mary
Stranger in the mist
Artist’s muse
Kiss my ass,for I don’t care
Irish coffee
Man who killed the messenger
The parcel
What’s in the box?
Black cat
Small things
Eat my shorts Robby Dickson!
The wind cries Mary
The Hendrix effect
My king,my heart
Leopard in the grass
Letters from Africa
Shades of violets
Where the green grass grows
When will I fly?
Will you walk with me?
Quoth the raven
Call of the shores
To kill a man
Thief in the night
The gypsies caravan
Rogue of Venice
Winter’s coming
The Fae king
Queen of the mountain
Smile in the sun
Temple of Ra
Priestess of bast
Eyes of Horus
Staff of Anubis
The Nile queen
The thief,the knight,and the bard
Camilla’s wardrobe
Doe eyes