the elusive ollie


“Going to ballet when we get home.”
“Well, aren’t you lucky? Can I come?”
“No, silly, big men don’t go to ballet!”
“Ah, now that’s where you’re wrong, because I do a mean pirouette.”

- Matthew McNulty in The Syndicate

so i told the-elusive-ollie about the cerulean revolution

[02:14] Ollie: tOO MANY PLANTS
[02:14] Ollie: if people get upset by it they can always leaf
[02:14] Ollie: or you know try branching out
[02:15] Krissy: *slow clap*
[02:15] Ollie: it’s never too late to put down some fresh roots
[02:15] Ollie: there’s no reason to treet plants harshly
[02:15] Ollie: honestly no need to twig out
[02:16] Krissy: you’re grasping for straws now
[02:16] Ollie: just gotta stick it to the man
[02:16] Ollie: okay i’m done
[02:16] Ollie: do ceruleans ever get arrested for trunk driving
[02:16] Ollie: okay now i’m done

dailypeeet  asked:

Hey, can you recommend any good Marble Hornets related tumblrs?

Oh man, there are so many. Nearly everyone you see posting in the MH tag is worth following. Definitely follow people like the-elusive-ollie, 15madycat, smgrant1100, theshippingturtle, thescriptsupervisor, youareyoubutwhoareyou, t0theb00ty, chasingplotswithyou, capslockdoesntexpressmyjoydasgraeuel, and sexualhobo.

This is just off the top of my head and I know I’m forgetting a ton but here are a few to start with :) (not all of them are exclusively MH, but definitely worth following!)


Just gonna bring back this gem

Created by our lovely friend the-elusive-ollie who is awesome so go follow them

rosswood  asked:

I DONT KNOW IF IT'S ACCEPTABLE TO MESSAGE YOU ABOUT THIS and I debated a while before sending you this but okay uh. so roleplay. I've done it like once a while ago??? and i don't know if i'm any good at it but you've gotten me really intrigued in it again and I hope this isn't out of line or anything I was just curious about it


Lal as if I mind talking about roleplay, sorry I’m gonna post this publically so I can pimp my roleplay again, we need more fresh meat.

Ok so nearly two years ago, I co-founded this roleplay community The Big Applesauce, which is a Dreamwidth-based slow-paced panfandom game. Basically the plot is there’s a rift in space and time over Manhattan, and people get dragged into the city from all over the multiverse, and sometimes they get changed or get superpowers or fun stuff. And then drama happens. Also there’s some factions and stuff but mostly people just do what they want.

Oh and also, when people are asleep, the rift has a tendency to connect them telepathically, so people end up in giant shared dreams that generally have a lot crackier or intense settings than the waking world. Like the last couple dream parties have been “prom + hormones!” and “everyone’s half-person half-creature”, and then once they were in the Hunger Games, and sometimes it’s just chill and sometimes it’s a total nightmare.

These dream parties are open to non-member characters as well, for test-driving or just funtimes, so literally anyone can join in. This is the most recent one.

Also we have lots of Doctor Who characters and WtNV and Good Omens and Supernatural and lots of things, ALL THE THINGS. And quite a few obscure cuties. I play Eighth Doctor, Lucy Saxon, Topher Brink and Seth from Misfits. Lots of terrible things happen to them. But that pretty much goes for all the characters in this RP.

Also if you have questions or whatever, feel free to shoot an ask or poke me on ‘krharbek’ on AIM. :D