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Another difficulty of adapting Mansfield Park to screen is that is through the narrator that we find out that Henry Crawford did genuinely fall in love with Fanny and might not have run off with Maria if they had married (that's not to say the elopement was in any way Fanny's fault or that she should have married him). That is something that is very hard to pull of on screen, and so far every adaptation I've seen has failed in that regard.

Narrative voice is always a difficult thing to preserve in film, particularly when the narrator themselves (omniscient or otherwise) take on a tone which sets them apart as a non-impartial characterization in itself, though it has no direct effect on the plot or characters. That voice still plays an important part in the structure, and the reader’s perception. Northanger Abbey 2007 had a bit of cheeky voice-over in bookends to that effect, but again, voice-over of any kind of something that ought to be used sparingly in any adaptation–if it must be used at all. The sheer amount of things in Mansfield Park in particular which would need to somehow be shoehorned into voice-over narration/interior monologues or else left up to the whimsy of vague symbolic visuals open to all sorts of interpretations is what makes Mansfield Park, to my mind, impossible to adapt for the screen as it is written. It’s not Austen’s fault–she could hardly have written a novel with any notion of futuristic media in mind, nor any thought that her works would ever be adapted to anything beyond her own book. Even a theatrical version of Mansfield Park would not work due to the need for vocal and visual presentations of things which occur inwardly and silently on the page.

No adaptation of Mansfield Park will ever get Fanny’s inward development or any other meta-narrative effectively across in a cinematic adaptation, because the technology simply does not exist to give us the effect of written internal processing as a reader when we are an audio-visual audience of film. Visual cues and bits of voice-over can only go so far, and as I see it, they will never manage to cover enough of the sheer volume of ‘silent thinking’ that goes on in MP. If people are holding out for an adaptation to ‘Get It Right’ insofar as simply lifting the experience of the text and transporting it directly to a similar experience on film…I wouldn’t hold my breath. Adaptations will always require adaptational differences for the switch between medias and acceptable narrative formats in each, and that sort of tinkering will always be more glaringly obvious in Mansfield Park adaptations, because Mansfield Park in particular requires it in order to be brought effectively to the screen. Fair enough to look at an adaptation, then hold up the book and say ‘They Got It Wrong’, but frankly, at this point, there’s no cinematic means I can think of which would enable anybody to lay out how to get it right. If anybody has any idea how, I’m all ears, but this is a fact which has plagued many filmmakers for many different popular novels. (The Portrait of a Lady comes to mind, in particular–even the author doubted his story could be made effectively into a play, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying.)

With all the love there is for All Things Austen, filmmakers can hardly help but want to at least try to tell the story of Mansfield Park as best they can, with what tools they have, and within the realm of what is generally good taste for film. Laden with voice-over for Fanny’s internal monologues or the commentary of the narrator, the internal development of character would be more book-accurate, but I guarantee you would have an unbearable film on your hands.

As to Henry Crawford, even with the narrator’s hints, there’s still a world of difference between ‘might’ and ‘would not’. And that Henry’s moral choice is implied, to some extent, to rest upon Fanny’s influence doesn’t say much for his character, overall. To be readily so influenced, even by a good character, would seem to imply that he may just as easily be influenced by a bad character–and who is to say what sorts of people might come into his life after marrying Fanny? It would hardly be fair for her to be the sole bulwark against his evil impulses for the rest of their lives. If Mansfield Park teaches us anything it’s A) not fair to dump that level of responsibility on another person and B) Henry fix your damn self if you want to you lazy arse. Fanny would constantly be fretting if Henry slipped up in some way, and find a means of blaming herself (if indeed he did not blame her, himself,) as she is supposed to be the one watching out for him and making him better–if he is then NOT doing good things, the responsibility could far too easily fall to Fanny. I honestly don’t remember much of the Billie Piper MP to have an opinion on how they handled the Henry ending, but I feel Alessandro Nivola’s Henry expressed at least some genuine emotion in the fallout of Fanny’s final rejection. He’s a total sulky asshole about it, yes, but his microexpressions in some scenes indicate that he does indeed begin to move beyond flirtation and into actual Feelings. He just has no clue how to deal with them like a damn grown-up. Personally I’m not too worried about whatever state he’s in when he makes it out of the narrative alive or What Might Have Been. I believe he loved Fanny for real. I don’t believe that makes him any more worthy of my time or sympathy.

I’ve probably rambled a bit here but I think my feelings boil down to:

Firstly, a text-accurate adaptation of Mansfield Park is, as I’ve said before, not going to make a Good Film. It’s a good book, but it requires alteration in order to be successful on a screen.

Secondly, Henry Crawford is a pissbaby fuckboy who probably thinks the Friendzone is real and he needs to get out and grow up.

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Riddle me this... Just how are Murtagh and Brian (Jamie's da) related? How did they come to be at the Gathering that Brian and Ellen met and eloped? How is Murtagh related to Mrs. Fitz? Huh? Huh? Answer me that. Dare ye. Double Dare ye. Better yet write me a wee Fic about it. :o)

Hello there @atheart150. I actually don’t know exactly how they’re related on the family tree because it’s not really expressly stated in the books; some sort of cousin so Murtagh is probably descended from a sibling of the Old Fox. Since Fitzgibbons is Murtagh’s middle name and Mrs. Fitz’s last name, I think that’s a relation through marriage. There might be something more concrete and canon in one of the Outlandish Companion volumes (I do not own those and haven’t had a chance to go through them… yet). There is also Murtagh’s Outlander Wikia page that has some confirmation of the above but I don’t know how accurate it is or where some of the details come from. 

As for how Murtagh and Brian came to be at a MacKenzie gathering for Brian to meet and elope with Ellen… My headcanon is that Mrs. Fitz plays a role, that she/her husband invited Murtagh to come cause he had already met and had a thing for Ellen (though they all knew it would never happen) and Murtagh invited Brian along to see the woman of his dreams and then Brian met and fell for Ellen before Murtagh had a chance to tell him who she was (in general and to him) and then they were just gone. I see Murtagh “helping” with the search and throwing some wrenches into things to stall Dougal and give Brian and Ellen a larger head start because whatever he feels about Brian at that point, he still wants Ellen to be happy. 

I don’t know if/when I might get a chance to write that last bit up as a fic so I’ll stick it in my drafts for now. I’m also pretty sure DG has a Brian/Ellen story/novella in the works that will probably flesh out the specifics of how all that happened. 

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Lance & hunk dynamic headcanons?


First off, we all know Hunk and Lance are basically married. Like in their heart and soul, they are married.

This kind of gets blown out of proportion when Hunk and Lance insist on getting literally married on practically every planet. They’ve eloped 7 times, to the exasperation of Shiro. Coran is delighted by every single one.  Lmao

Lance and Hunk have known each other for freaking ever. Hunk’s basically a permanent fixture in Lance’s family life. At one point, Lance asked his sister who her favorite brother was, and she chose Hunk without hesitation. Lance couldn’t really blame her.

Hunk and Lance are the most clingy friends. Like when Lance is tired, he turns into a giant freaking octopus and clings to Hunk, whose silently resigned to his fate.

Hunk uses Lance as a weight when he wants to do a lighter weight with higher reps. When they were on earth, he’d add on Lance’s little sisters for a heavier load. Lance fears Hunk’s strength a bit.

He is right to do so.

Hunk usually is the one to pull Lance out of sticky situations, but one time, they ran into Rolo when they returned to the space mall, and Hunk nearly got into a brawl with him next to the earth store.

Hunk and Shay communicate via holoscreen at least once a week, and the three of them have really great convos.

Lance gave Hunk his nickname when he saw him in a swimsuit for the first time. Much to Hunk’s bemusement, it stuck.

Back at the Garrison, Hunk actually got in trouble more than Lance, because he always would reach out to the new students, and he’d make something for them to communicate with their family, even though it was against the rules. He almost got expelled 3 times. Oops.

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In regard to your earlier post "Brandon had to be sent to another country on military service to stop him doing something impulsive and ruinous with Eliza Senior" According to chapter 31 of S&S: "I meant to promote the happiness of both by removing from her for years, and for that purpose had procured my exchange." He did love her and planned to elope, but once she was married to his brother, instead of running of with her or demanding they divorce, he chose to remove himself from that tempta

‘Cause he knew better than to trust himself in proximity to her.

I mean, Edward’s inextricably linked to the Dashwoods by family connections and then taking the living at Delaford even with the understanding that (he assumes) Elinor might soon likely be the mistress of the greatest house in his parish and they’d be near neighbours FOREVER while he’s married to Lucy, and he manages to clamp down on his Feelings and feel secure enough to go ahead with that plan because he’s reasonable, if miserable.

I’m just sayin’, I trust Edward to not do something stupid motivated by impulsive romanticism more than I trust the Colonel’s broody sentimental ass. The Colonel fought a damn duel with Willoughby. While I can see how that might impress some, I find it pointless and idiotic, myself. It didn’t un-impregnate Eliza.


westallen + third time’s the charm

I’ve had an idea for a jack/gabe brawl based on the junkenstein’s revenge formula: their wedding. It’d be set back in the height of overwatch, and a section of watchpoint Gibraltar could be converted into the setting. The wedding is interrupted by omnics/talon/talon led omnics, im not so fussy on the particulars, the point is the beautiful day is interrupted and instead of being engaged in matrimony Jack and Gabe are now engaged in combat. Ana was probably their best (wo)man so she’s there. And the fourth member of the squad could be Reinhardt or Torbjorn.

McCree would have been at the ceremony, but at the attack he took off with Fareeha (and the other guests) to protect her. This means he can also be the narrator with lines like:

“And with that explosion, the bastards ruined the cake me and the boss had spent all week making.” “And that was when Talon, bless their hearts, realised just why Jack Morrison was not a man to mess with.” And “If only the wedding party has some sort of attack that could lock onto every enemy in sight and shoot each one simultaneously. What a damn shame that dashing Jesse McCree was off protecting the lovely young Ms Amari.”

Other interactions could include:

Jack using his disappointed and mad Dad Voice on those trying to ruin this day for him. The grooms constantly talking throughout the battle. “This reminds me of the day I proposed to you” and Ana being annoyed that they couldn’t just have one peaceful day and could you two stop flirting you can get to that later tonight once we finish this. Along with Gabriel “a whole base of agents and I’m still the one cleaning up this mess” Reyes annoyed whenever their suits he made himself get shot at. And Reinhardt just wants his friends to have the greatest day ever and to move on to the reception for feasting and merriment.


Just over three months ago I married the most amazing woman. In five short days we will be living in separate states so I can finish my masters degree. I’m can’t say I’m not upset, it will be tough to be away from my little family for so long. But the semester will go by quickly and soon I will be back with a degree ready to find a career in a city we love were we can settle down and enjoy our life together.