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Hey oly! Im surprsing my mom with a trip to Seattle for her birthday, and as a local I was wondering if you had any suggestions outside of the typical touristy stuff that we should go to?

yes!! and im taking this as my cue to finally add this to my faq

i mean first and foremost you straight up should visit pike place. its fun. i go there all the time lmao. just have a plan and put ur elbows up and dont go on a weekend if you can help it and pike place is great (also dont call it pikes place i like… i feel bad about it but it 100% makes me roll my eyes). dont bother with the fish market like i will never understand why people love watchin em toss fishies. walk around and take every free slice of nectarine market vendors give to you. i love local color and beechers cheese is amazing and i love golden age collectibles its just like fun kitschy stuff and theres a intage print shop that i adore downstairs and a really cool music shop two floors down. pike place is cool. BESIDES THAT!!!

the space needle is worthless its super expensive if you want a cool view go to the top of the columbia tower its actually a better view. the pier is kind of awful and a lot of construction is happening down there anyway so its gross.

i mean… if its a nice day its genuinely really fun to like have a lil picnic at gasworks. go to like home remedy and get picnicky stuff. that would be very seattl. the panorama is really fun! check out the seattle theatre group there are always fun stuffs happening at one of their theatres. check out the seattle international film festival theaters because they always show really cool movies and the main theatre is by the space needle so you can see it without like… dealing with all that jazz. when i have days off and like Go Out and whatever i like to bop around cap hill i love everyday music and elliott bay book co. thats my fave bookstore. i just like walkin around you know? the seattle art museum genuinely owns and if you come after october first theyre doing IMPRESSIONISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited. also the henry art gallery at uw is amazing. uw is cool in general the reading room in suzallo is so cool. art shows and galleries and concerts are very Seattle so keep an eye out for that kinda stuff

the biggest contribution i can give you is RESTAURANT RECS!!!!! all i care about is food.

  • downtown: le pichet, boka is ok, steelhead diner is fun because you can reserve a seat that overlooks pike place and the water and jazz. serious pie is a classic i mean like tom douglas is a seattle treasure hes a Sellout but the yum yums dont lie. also their weekday happy hour KILLS half a pizza is $6 and its the perfect amount. also the slu location does yummy breakfasts
  • wallingford/u district: tilth (amazing fancy fair all very Local), morsel (best breakfast best BISCUITS!!!), aladdins (only the one above 45th lmao), kabul is the first restaurant i ever ate at like literally ive been going there since i was a baby its amazing, elemental pizza is really good and if gluten free matters to you they have the only legitimately good gf pizza crust ive ever had, also a family friend owns the place. musashis is the best sushi… ever… its a bit of a pain to get into like its super super super small and has weird hours but holy hell is it worth it. also theres a molly moons here and its way less crowded than the cap hill/u village locations
  • madrona/central: ok lotus thai is legitimately the best thai food i have ever had in my life its… god its so good i love them get the brown rice, ezells fried chicken is a seattle staple and its so good and so cheap and amazing, the harvest vine is a really nice spanish restaurant that just has the nicest vibe ever i love it i found it on a whim and its SO GOOD
  • capitol hill: tavern law is so good… god.. that whole strip of cap hill has the best food. tavern law and barrio and plum bistro. theyre all so good. even manhattan is good. love it. if yall want drinks sun liquor is fun like of all the plaes ive gone its just nice and chill, especially on weekdays. tacos chukis cant be beat. americana is such a classic ive been going there since middle school lmao. i also love hana sushi. bluestone korean bistro KILLS ive only been there once and i think about it all the time