the eleventh hour*

i just can’t get the idea of guardians!tfw out of my head ;_;

heaven assigns castiel to kelly kline in the eleventh hour, demanding he guard lucifer’s nephilim as penance for his years of destruction and to keep him out of the way. the bull in the china shop turned lovable nanny, it’s fucking hilarious. kelly dies in childbirth just like dagon said she would, but not before squeezing castiel’s hand so tightly that she leaves little half-moon scars and hissing through her teeth, “caleb.”

castiel looks into tiny caleb kline’s big blue eyes for the first time - clear, alert, aware - and melts. yes, he tried to kill this child in the past, hated it even, but all that ends here and now. he’s a sucker right from the get go. he thinks that going into hiding might be best, so that no one can find let alone harm his small charge, but of course he doesn’t count on the winchesters. “you do this with us or not at all,” dean tells him firmly. castiel relents.

and before you know it you’ve got dean changing diapers again, sam sitting quietly with a kid that can’t ever know his real dad, castiel sharing historically accurate bedtime stories with a touch of his fingers before setting the boy down for bed. dean becomes a wine drinker. caleb’s grandma mary comes over and he squeezes her so hard he lifts her straight off the floor - he’s only six and he’s stronger than anyone else in the room.

he looks just like his mother but he rolls his eyes in a way that is entirely castiel. dean refuses to teach him how to shoot a gun until he hits double digits. he lisps sam’s first name. he stands silently in the doorway to castiel’s room when he has a bad dream and waits to be invited into bed and clutches tightly to castiel’s shirt because it makes him feel safe (a hand-me-down that very well may be his some day). he proudly presents all the pictures he colors with crayons to dean, who stores each and every one lovingly in a drawer in his desk since the fridge is all full up. aunt jody spoils him fucking rotten and the only trouble he ever gets into is the food fights he starts with claire.

family don’t end with blood, and no child of dean winchester’s - supernatural or not - is going to attend some stuffy British boarding school, that’s for fucking sure.


Time for a big post of all the TAZ arc fanart I did in order, for fun! 

If you guys haven’t listened to The Adventure Zone, treat yourself a go listen to it! I really love the podcast, the characters, the storytelling and the humor are just so wonderful! 

Comic N-044 “Roswell’s that ends well”

It’s okay if you haven’t listened to the DnD podcast The Adventure Zone yet, but you’re doing yourself a disservice, if you don’t check out @nedhugar ‘s gorgeous Roswell design.

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  • griffin mcelroy sometimes: beautifully choreographed scenes spun off the top of his head, heart-wrenching characterization, astounding visuals, emotional and intense narration
  • griffin mcelroy other times: you just- you- you go very- very- uh, boys, you go very, *very* fast,

The ground, as quickly as it expanded, it just… falls out beneath your feet. And you’re falling, and you’re burning. And you’re being crushed, by the shattered earth, as it compresses down into the ground. And you hear an anguished scream, come from something massive, and furious. And all three of you have died.