the eleventh hour panel


Matt Smith’s Final Panel - Full Q&A - The Eleventh Hour - Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Host Matthew Sweet introduces the Eleventh Hour Q&A at the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebration. Director Nick Hurran, Steven Moffat, Jenna Coleman and Matt Smith take questions from the host about the show’s history and The Day of The Doctor.

Not only is this Matt’s final fan panel as Doctor, but it ends on a world beating high.

Bleach 685 predictions

Okay so…. I’m not even gonna get into whatever the hell happened in 684 because I value my sanity.  But first off, there was supposed to be an announcement about the next chapter according to the spoilers, wasn’t there?  Did I miss something or are we still waiting for any sort of official confirmation on that front?

Secondly, Nisekoi (the other series scheduled to end in the next issue) is apparently getting the 25 page treatment.  Which leaves Bleach with EIGHTEEN pages for its final chapter.





WTF is that even going to cover? 

Seriously, what do you guys think? Like… 2 pages on Aizen and Renji’s fate, then boom, flash forward to like… 5 years later or something?  Or do you think we might spend a few pages showing everyone’s status?

Personally, I’m expecting something along these lines:

  • The first thing we’ll see is Yhwach’s powers withdrawing as he dies (you know Kubo can’t resist moar environment panels even at the eleventh hour), perhaps coupled with shots of various characters reacting to this. Going by past precedent here; remember the end of the Arrancar arc in the anime? Aizen is defeated, we get shots from the people in FKT, and Orihime and Ishida in Hueco Mundo, then we end with Ichigo and Urahara. So in this case, we might, say, see Shunsui and Nanao looking surprised, or the dads being relieved the plan worked, or maybe even get a teensy bit of exposition (lol I’m still so naive and hopeful) via Urahara who comes to and comments on how “Ahh so Kusosaki-san figured out that [convoluted explanation here].” 
  • Then I expect a couple of panels of Ichigo and Ishida as Yhwach dies, perhaps where we learn wtf happened to Renji and Aizen, and then maybe Rukia and Orihime (and Chad, one hopes) join them.  

  • And then we spend the rest of the chapter in some sort of flash forward/epilogue. I’m thinking the most likely scenario here is 1-2 days post battle, where the Seireitei is still in shambles, and we end the series with Ichigo saying goodbye to his sisters and friends (remember the tickets Shunsui gave them?) as he can no longer return to the world of the living. It would make for a pretty emotional ending, I think, plus it allows for Kubo to show who’s alive and who’s dead, via showing us the new Gotei and who returns to Karakura (hopefully Kisuke and Yoruichi, Ishida, Orihime and Chad are all shown to return along with Ichigo’s family and school mates).

That’s all I got.