the elevent doctor

#353 - Post Surgery

Harry: “Alright,” he said softly, making sure your leg was elevated just like the doctor had explained. “How’s that?” he asked, looking over at you. “Good,” you smiled tiredly. Harry smiled softly at you and came to sit on the bed next to you, pulling a blanket over you. “Now it’s sleep time,” he hummed out. You didn’t put up a fight and nodded. “Anything else you need before you pass out?” he said with a hint of teasing in his voice. “M’good,” you slurred, your body already drifting off. Harry leaned down and kissed your forehead, rubbing your arm gently. “Sleep well… I’m right here if you need anything,” he said softly, pushing some hair from your face. You let your eyes close, needing rest after a long night.

Liam: You slowly started coming to, the anesthesia not quite all worn off yet. Everything felt kind of fuzzy, including the hand that was holding onto yours. You shifted your gaze over, seeing Liam with his phone in his free hand. He glanced over and his face softened when he saw that you were finally awake. “Hi baby…” he said quietly. You murmured out something in reply and he shook his head, giving your hand a squeeze. “Don’t talk honey, it’s okay,” he reassured, moving up the bed so his face was right next to yours. You turned your head slightly to look at him. He gave you a soft smile and kissed the tip of your nose, keeping a tight hold on your hand. “M’right here baby girl… just rest…”

Niall: The pain was the only thing you could focus on. It was so intense, but as Niall had explained, you weren’t due for another round of painkillers for another hour. The nurses were trying to do everything to make you comfortable but you were so uncomfortable. “Babe only one more hour…” Niall said softly, rubbing your arm gently trying to stay calm for you. You whined out, shaking your head. “Niall I need it now…” you whimpered, looking at him desperately. He swallowed thickly and frowned deeply, moving to lie with you on the bed. You cried softly grabbing onto him tightly. “Make it stop…” “I’m trying, I’m trying…” he said softly, pressing his forehead against yours. “Just focus on me…”

Louis: “Careful…” he said softly, holding your waist tightly and helping you step up into the house. “Lou…” you chuckled, keeping your arm tightly around his shoulders. “Don’t laugh at me for caring,” he raised his eyebrow at you, shutting the door behind him. “You just had surgery, the last thing you need is another injury…” You bit your tongue, kissing his cheek gently instead, letting him help you to the couch. He gently lifted your leg up, being careful of your bandaged up knee. You winced slightly, but let out a sigh of relief when he set the heating pad over it gently. “Good?” he asked, flopping next to you and draping his arm over your shoulders. “Yes…” you hummed, leaning into him. “Thanks nurse Tomlinson.”

Zayn: You felt so groggy and so out of it when you were discharged from the hospital. Zayn practically had to carry you out to the car, setting you in the passenger seat. You let your head flop against the window, letting out a big yawn. Zayn chuckled when he got into the car, shaking his head slightly. “Poor baby…” he cooed, pulling out of the parking lot. You groaned in response and although he laughed, he reached out and grabbed your hand, pulling it over the middle console. “We’ll get you home and you can sleep the meds off…” he commented, a smile stuck on his face. You nodded slightly, rolling your head over to face him before letting your eyes closed. You knew that despite his teasing, you were in good hands.


How filmakers manipulate our emotions using color

Like music in an elevator or a doctor’s waiting room, color has the power to influence how we feel without our even noticing. Film directors have exploited our connection to color for decades.

Directed, edited and written by Hadaya Turner (@hadayalive)
Narrated by Arielle Duhaime-Ross (@ArielleDRoss)
Special thanks to Chris Plante (@plante)

All the pics from Comic Con just hits the feels spot at the pit of my stomach & all of my heart.

I’m really going to miss Matt as the Eleventh Doctor. I just love him with Jenna. & yes, I do ship the Doctor with Clara.

“Because bow ties, ladies and gentlemen, are cool.” - Matt Smith


It’s currently rumored that the 50th Anniversary Special will be a feature-length episode (possibly 90 minutes), filmed in 3D for a limited theatrical run worldwide. The episode begins filming during the first week of April, and is aimed at being ready for a November release. Current rumors seem to indicate the special will focus on “The First Question” of “Doctor Who?” – a subplot streaming through the current series that is said to climax on The Fields Of Trenzlore and reveal the name, or identity, of the Doctor. Who Else is excited! :D