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One day, I hope I’ll be able to write exposition half as good as this…

“I'm scared of elevators” // Oli White Imagine

Warnings: N/a

Word count: 478

Oli followed me on to the elevator, neither of us speaking. We had gotten into another stupid fight about how he is never home anymore. Oli and I have been dating for almost 2 and a half years. I am also 6 and a half months pregnant with our child. We were in the elevator going to our doctor’s appointment. All the sudden the elevator made a loud noise and stopped. “Fucking shit,” I mumbled.

 "What the hell?“ Oli said. One of my biggest fears was unfolding right in front of me. However, I now have my pregnancy hormones working against me making the situation twice as bad. Tears welled in my eyes. "Baby it’s okay we will get out of here,” he said hugging me.I started to cry. “I’m sorry I yelled at you. I didn’t mean it. I love you,” I said. He cupped my face and kissed my lips. “I love you too Y/n. Now let me get us out of here,” he said. 

He rang the bell and grabbed the phone from the elevator. He called for help and they said they were working as fast and hard as they could. I rubbed my temples. “Y/n are you alright?” Oli asked me. “My head hurts,” I whined. Oli helped sit me down and he sat down next to me. I laid my head on his chest and he rubbed my stomach. The elevator shifted and I promise you my heart stopped. My eyes were practically bugging out of my head. 

“We’re gonna be alright, I promise,” Oli said. “I guess now isn’t the best time to tell you that I’m scared of elevators,” I said my voice shaking and laughing nervously. “Aww, it’s okay, at least we are together.” “I love you,” I said. I felt so safe in his arms like nothing could go wrong. “Oli, I’m scared,” I said. “We are getting out of here love, I promise,” he said. “Not about getting out of here. I’m scared to be a mom.” “Why?” “Because I don’t know,” I trailed off.

 "You can tell me it’s okay,“ he said. "I just don’t want to turn out like my parents,” I said looking down. “Baby you are nothing like them,” he reassured me. My parents left me when I was 3 then my now parents adopted me. “You are so much better than them and I know you are going to be the best mother out there,” Oli said. I kissed his cheek and cuddled into him. 

We sat there for what felt like hours. All of the sudden, the elevator started up again. I smiled and watched Oli stand up. He helped me up and held my hand. We walked out and into the room. We introduced ourselves and minutes later Oli and I found out we were having a baby boy.


honestly, the effect that dw has on my mood is absurdly tangible

i had this huge spike in anxiety last week that’s been Not Fun to deal with but this magic and fun and energetic optimism of this show never ever fails to make me feel better

Back In

Prompt:  Part Two to “UNO”

Uno (part one)

Pairing: Bruce Banner X Reader

TW: None, pretty tame and fluffy.

Word Count: 1,971

The two of you had played a couple rounds by the time someone landed on the top of the elevator. You and Bruce snapped your heads up, and the small emergency hatch was opened to reveal Captain America- well, Steve Rogers -out of uniform. He wore a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans and he gently lowered himself into the Elevator. “Doctor, Miss. L/N,” he greeted the two of you with a nod of his head.

Bruce used the momentary distraction to place his second to last card onto the pile with a quiet, “Uno.”

You looked down at your cards with a smile, “Nice one!” Bruce started to gather up the card so you could put them back into the sleeve. As the two of you stood up, you looked at Steve, “So, we have to go up to get out?”

Steve nodded, “Yes, the firefighters weren’t able to recall the Elevator, so we were forced to open the doors. The cart is sandwiched in-between the eleven and tenth floors, so we can’t open the doors without risk of it shifting and… well…”

“Say no more,” You said as you waved your hand, “I’d rather not get crushed.” Bruce stood and offered you a hand and you stood as well. You looked back up at the hatch apprehensively.

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 "yes many loved before us, I know that we are not new,
in city and in forest they smiled like me and you,
but let’s not talk of love or chains and things we can’t untie,
your eyes are soft with sorrow,
Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye.“      

Prompt: “I’d love a story where the reader is terrified of doctors and Bones does his best to get them through some sort of encounter.” - @outside-the-government

Word Count: 1,913

Author’s Note: This one is admittedly similar to this story that I wrote a little while ago, but I hope that you enjoy it nonetheless! Congrats once again to @outside-the-government for winning the Skip the Line event; I really hope you like your piece darling! I want to take this opportunity to send everyone over to check out @outside-the-government‘s blog; she’s writing some absolutely amazing stories and she deserves a lot of love for what she’s doing over there. She’s brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

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the modern american narrative around illness is that of sin—conceptualizations of disease and disorder are predicated on some wrongdoing; the healthy perform penance (yoga, eating fresh, exercise, medicine, etc) to atone for their perceived laziness or wrongdoing (not doing those things) and thus avoid the penalties of sin (illness, disease, disability).

therefore those who are disabled or chronically ill have failed to perform this penance and must be corrected; and in addition those who are ill have committed some error and must perform their penance before being assisted. therefore, the disabled who make no attempt to cure themselves are simply being lazy, willful, stubborn, etc. and should not be helped because of their sinful state.

additionally, doctors become the priests; all-knowing and all-powerful arbitrators with health-god. since the doctor is elevated to the priestly caste, the doctor cannot be wrong and the patient can never have the doctor’s wisdom, because that challenges the framework too greatly. hence a healthy person will insist that the doctor knows best even when this is blatantly untrue.

#353 - Post Surgery

Harry: “Alright,” he said softly, making sure your leg was elevated just like the doctor had explained. “How’s that?” he asked, looking over at you. “Good,” you smiled tiredly. Harry smiled softly at you and came to sit on the bed next to you, pulling a blanket over you. “Now it’s sleep time,” he hummed out. You didn’t put up a fight and nodded. “Anything else you need before you pass out?” he said with a hint of teasing in his voice. “M’good,” you slurred, your body already drifting off. Harry leaned down and kissed your forehead, rubbing your arm gently. “Sleep well… I’m right here if you need anything,” he said softly, pushing some hair from your face. You let your eyes close, needing rest after a long night.

Liam: You slowly started coming to, the anesthesia not quite all worn off yet. Everything felt kind of fuzzy, including the hand that was holding onto yours. You shifted your gaze over, seeing Liam with his phone in his free hand. He glanced over and his face softened when he saw that you were finally awake. “Hi baby…” he said quietly. You murmured out something in reply and he shook his head, giving your hand a squeeze. “Don’t talk honey, it’s okay,” he reassured, moving up the bed so his face was right next to yours. You turned your head slightly to look at him. He gave you a soft smile and kissed the tip of your nose, keeping a tight hold on your hand. “M’right here baby girl… just rest…”

Niall: The pain was the only thing you could focus on. It was so intense, but as Niall had explained, you weren’t due for another round of painkillers for another hour. The nurses were trying to do everything to make you comfortable but you were so uncomfortable. “Babe only one more hour…” Niall said softly, rubbing your arm gently trying to stay calm for you. You whined out, shaking your head. “Niall I need it now…” you whimpered, looking at him desperately. He swallowed thickly and frowned deeply, moving to lie with you on the bed. You cried softly grabbing onto him tightly. “Make it stop…” “I’m trying, I’m trying…” he said softly, pressing his forehead against yours. “Just focus on me…”

Louis: “Careful…” he said softly, holding your waist tightly and helping you step up into the house. “Lou…” you chuckled, keeping your arm tightly around his shoulders. “Don’t laugh at me for caring,” he raised his eyebrow at you, shutting the door behind him. “You just had surgery, the last thing you need is another injury…” You bit your tongue, kissing his cheek gently instead, letting him help you to the couch. He gently lifted your leg up, being careful of your bandaged up knee. You winced slightly, but let out a sigh of relief when he set the heating pad over it gently. “Good?” he asked, flopping next to you and draping his arm over your shoulders. “Yes…” you hummed, leaning into him. “Thanks nurse Tomlinson.”

Zayn: You felt so groggy and so out of it when you were discharged from the hospital. Zayn practically had to carry you out to the car, setting you in the passenger seat. You let your head flop against the window, letting out a big yawn. Zayn chuckled when he got into the car, shaking his head slightly. “Poor baby…” he cooed, pulling out of the parking lot. You groaned in response and although he laughed, he reached out and grabbed your hand, pulling it over the middle console. “We’ll get you home and you can sleep the meds off…” he commented, a smile stuck on his face. You nodded slightly, rolling your head over to face him before letting your eyes closed. You knew that despite his teasing, you were in good hands.


“This is who I am, right here, right now, all right? All that counts is here and now, and this is me!” 
— 9th Doctor, Season 1, Episode 2

“Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”
— 10th Doctor, Season 3, Episode 6

I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.”
— 11th Doctor, Season 6, Episode 6

“Kidneys! I’ve got new kidneys! I don’t like the color.”

-12th Doctor, Season 7.2, Episode 10

Only on Grey's Anatomy (I so miss the Great Old Days)

Doctors who rants in spanish

Doctors who runs like a criminal

Female Doctors who doesn’t speak girl

Doctors who feigns sleep

Doctors who miserably walks in the rain

Doctors who builds houses

Doctors who plays Softball

Doctors who sucks at catching and pitching

Doctors who hits another doctor through coffee

Doctors who can’t help their libidos

Doctors who loves accidents

Doctors who proposes inside the elevator

Doctors who punches their patients

Doctors who tends bar

Doctors who plays a gun ball

Doctors who sniffs another doctor

Doctors who kisses above a vent

Doctors who screams on their patients

Doctors who plays golf on hospital rooftops

Doctors who drinks at the woods

Doctors who flirts inside the NICU

Doctors who laughs at the funerals

Doctors who trolls for cases

Doctors who cuts LVAD wires

Doctors and their killer bangs

Doctors who talks in their third person

Doctors who rolls in their wheelies

Doctors who plays basketball inside their office

Doctors who falls in love with their patients

Doctors who purposely drown themselves

Doctors who runs like a maniacs

Female Doctors who breaks penises

Doctors who owns a shiny pager

Doctors who kisses on staircases

Doctors who make out inside the elevator

Doctors who dances it out

External image

External image

Doctors who practices medicine on a pig

Doctors who fakes cries

Doctors who proposes while driving

Doctors who has inappropriate reactions in a serious situation

Doctors who fakes sadness

Doctors who wears hot dorky eyeglasses 

Doctors who wears high heels during surgeries

Doctors who rides a motorcycle

Doctors who lives and dances at the hospital basement

Stress-eater Doctors

Doctors who dances inside the OR

Male Doctors who talks girl

Doctors who plays cupid inside the OR

Doctors who wears hats and lingerie

Doctors who talks to their sandwiches

Doctors who cheers for Penis

Doctors who slaps asses

Doctors who dances while cooking

Doctors who sings Itsy Bitsy Spider over the phone

Doctors who does dirty things on the kitchen floor

Singing Doctors

Doctors who gets infected by poison oak

Doctors who gets crazy about the rain

Perky Doctors

Drunken Doctors

Shirtless Doctors in order to save a baby’s life

Doctors who plays Angry Birds while waiting for a big trauma

Doctors who eats pizza after getting laid

Doctors who sutures on a banana

Doctors who’s heart lives in their vagina

Doctors who flirts with the nurses

Doctors who begs for sex

Doctors who cage fights another doctors

The “Vajayjay” Monologue

Doctors who pouts much

Doctors who has sexy butterfly tattoos

Shirtless Doctors

Doctors who kisses after breaking up

Badass Doctors who screams like a baby bitch because of bears

Doctors who turns around like a soldier

Gorgeous Redhead Doctors

Hot Blonde Doctors

Good-looking Black Doctors

Sexy Brunette Doctors

Doctors who eats like a hungry beasts

Doctors who lost their panties after getting laid in the exam room

Doctors who unethically asks rich patients to help sick orphans

Doctors who operates while a gun is being pointed at them

Doctors who almost killed their fellow doctors

Doctors who cries because of authority issues

Doctors who can’t stop crying

Doctors who does mantra every surgeries

Doctors who plays rock, paper and scissors

Doctors who eats chips while moping

Doctors who threatens their bosses

Clumsy Doctors

Doctors who keeps 8 Million $ check for days

Doctors who furiously drives ambulances

Doctors who pimps their patients

Doctors who does dirty things inside their office

Doctors who body block their superiors

Human Doctors who treats animals

Doctors who goes fishing to let go regression

Doctors who twits inside the OR

Doctors who bakes their emotions

Doctors who recites their wedding vows inside the OR

Doctors who admires their superior’s boobs

Doctors who purposely throws a ball at their opponent’s boobs

Doctors who caress their colleague’s boobs

Doctors who operates inside the elevator

Doctors who gets drunk while playing Softball

Doctors who kisses inside the playing field

Doctors who can’t get enough of sexting

Doctors who does dirty things inside the conference room

Doctors who throws Coq Au Vin straight to the trash bin

Doctors who wears diapers during long hours surgeries

Doctors who drills burr holes on a patient in a ferry boat

Doctors who talks to a Heart-in-a-Box

Doctors who doesn’t know how to do a simple appy procedure

Doctors who lives in a trailer

Doctors who gives medical instructions over the phone while operating

Doctors who breaks down inside the OR

Doctors who breaks down outside the OR

Doctors who breaks down at the OR gallery

Doctors who always have wholesome threesome in their beds

Doctors who wears silly hats while on duty

Doctors who wears hello kitty undies

Doctors’ fondness of using McLanguages

Doctors and their ridiculous nicknames to each other

Doctors with their famous straws

Doctors’ unlimited “Seriously” expression

Doctors who posed for Bethany Whisper lingerie

Doctors who fantasizes their colleagues in their dreams

8 years and counting of Quality TV Drama

Badass Doctors

The “I’m your person.. You’re my person” Friendship 

Lovely Weddings

Runaway Bride Doctors

Slap Kiss













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Three’s Company

Prompt: Amelia, Owen and Riggs are trapped somewhere.

Sometimes life was cruel. Unexpected, almost laugh out loud at how hilariously awful or horrendous and completely uncalled for cruelty. As Amelia Shepherd stood in the stalled elevator with Nathan on her left and Owen on her right she knew that this was one of those scenarios. Riggs’ eyes shifted awkwardly, trying to meet the petite woman’s gaze whilst trying to avoid the other man completely. Owen’s jaw was set in a firm straight line, his gaze colder than ice as he stared straight forward. Sandwiched between the two was Amelia. Her head was pounding in a constant reminder of the fact that she had lost her sobriety the night before with the man to her left. Her blue globes wandered over to Owen, trying to catch his eyes as she watched fury bubble under the surface of his skin.

Amelia couldn’t believe her luck. Who else in the entirety of the world could say that they lost their brother, sister, boyfriend and sobriety all in such a short period of time? She hoped no one else had the same misfortune because it felt like absolute shit. Her intention in heading to the bar last night had just been to breathe in the feeling of calm and the free spirit of partygoers, not order numerous vodka tonics.

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