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The photo above is the closest humanity has ever come to creating Medusa. If you were to look at this, you would die instantly. 

The image is of a reactor core lava formation in the basement of the Chernobyl nuclear plant. It’s called the Elephant’s Foot and weighs hundreds of tons, but is only a couple meters across.

Oh, and regarding the Medusa thing, this picture was taken through a mirror around the corner of the hallway. Because the wheeled camera they sent up to take pictures of it was destroyed by the radiationThe Elephant’s Foot is almost as if it is a living creature.


The Elephant’s Foot of the Chernobyl disaster, 1986

A monster was born in the Chernobyl disaster - one of the most dangerous things in the world. 

The “Elephant’s Foot” is a solid mass made of melted nuclear fuel mixed with lots and lots of concrete, sand, and core sealing material that the fuel had melted through. It is located in a basement area under the original location of the core. In 1986 the radiation level on the Elephant’s Foot was measured at 10,000 roentgens per hour, and anyone who approached would have received a fatal dose in under a minute. After just 30 seconds of exposure, dizziness and fatigue will find you a week later. Two minutes of exposure and your cells will soon begin to hemorrhage; four minutes: vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. At 300 seconds you have two days to live.

When the above photo was taken, 10 years after the disaster, the Elephant’s Foot was only emitting one-tenth of the radiation it once had. Still, merely 500 seconds of exposure would prove fatal.

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I can't stop giving my quadraped dinosaurs the 'elephant foot/leg' sundrome. Do you have any good references on how quadraped dinosaur foot/legs actually look?

Well, that depends on what kind of dinosaur! Sauropod hands looked like this:

While their feet looked like this:

(it’s not missing a head, that’s the angle)

Ceratopsian hands and feet can be seen very well in Saurian’s model:

While their Ankylosaur shows its hands and feet:

Stegosaurs’ were more like sauropods’.

And styracosternans’ hands were like mittens, while their feet were like chunky theropod feet.

To Do:

1. Get out of bed. Roll across the sheets before you stand and tangle yourself like a caterpillar because that’ll never go out of style. Seriously, it’s fun as hell.

2. Brew coffee or tea or something else cozy. Drink it hot and in front of a window so you can watch the war going on just past the glass. Wear a blanket across your knees, it’ll be your shield.

3. Make a second cup of coffee/tea/hot drink of your choice. Repeat step number 2. Watch the steam fog up the window and draw shapes in it’s haze. Maybe you’ll see the doodles the next time it’s misty. Consider something magic. You can never have enough time exploring the inside of your own skull.

4. Put on music you haven’t listened to before. Pay attention to the lyrics, you might hear yourself. Then dance until your heart is beating to the time of the song. It’ll make you feel alive.

5. Step outside. Smell the rain and the new life and the melting air, that’ll make you feel alive too. Let the rain hit every part of you. Your finger tips, your eyelids, your teeth. Feel it dance on your skin. Remember it was once inside a dinosaur.

6. Listen to it pound elephant foot pinprick drumbeats on the roof. You might hear yourself, I know I have. Notice the way it crescendos and decrescendos like a choir of a million voices. You might fall in love.

7. Run your fingers across the brail of the clouds. The peaks and the caverns of cotton water. They’ll roar epics like you’ve never heard before. Furious and bright and deep and dark all at once. You might fall in love.

8. Watch your favorite movie, twice. Don’t let the rain distract you. It doesn’t need all your attention all day today. It has work to do, feeding the earth and drowning the heat. You deserve to sit back for a while.

9. Forget it’s raining and let yourself feel the tiny jolt of surprise when you notice the tears still rolling down your windows. Possibly repeat step 2.

10. Go to bed to melody of the droplets in the gutters and the baritone of water rushing through the streets. The storm will battle through the night if it so feels the need. You can sleep now.

—  A.O.A.M || To Do List For A Rainy Day
If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.
—  Desmond Tutu
Mistook (Care For Series)

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Pair: Thorin Oakenshield x Healer!Reader (a pretty short one too lol) + Gandalf being a sweet fatherly figureGenre: Arguing, Angst, Fluff

Inspired by prompts from imaginexhobbit x

A/N: Thorin and Y/N are at each other’s throats, and are unable to see eye to eye. Will things improve as they continue on the quest? Or will things turn too sour to patch things up?


We were on the road again before too long, and as time went on, I realised that they, the dwarves, we’re starting to slowly warm up to me.

Bombur began allowing me to cut the meat without having to look over my shoulder frequently to check if I had stole extra for myself (as we all know, he loves his meat). Bofur always told me various stories of his adventures both at Erebor and at Ered Luin, Bifur beside him always trying to exaggerate the stories further with his excessive movements and eye bulging as he spoke ferociously in Khuzdul.

Ori taught me how to knit my own little mittens and scarf as winter closed in, continuing to help when creating some for the other dwarves of the company. I made sure to help Dori keep everything organised to his exact critique and kept an eye on Ori as promised. 

I became a listener for Nori to speak to about his “hobbies,” and to stop himself from stealing from either Bilbo or the other company members. Even for Gloin as he sometimes tearfully spoke about his wife and young son Gimli who had stayed behind at the Ered Luin.

Oin took me under his wing almost immediately after finding out that I had been a nurse in my village, his teachings proving very useful. Dwalin also took it upon himself to educate me about the different weapons that could be used to kill me. What a great subject to speak about over the fire.

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