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The Great Zoo Heist

Request: Maybe you could write something where Damian goes undercover to sneak all of the animals out of Gothams zoo. (because zoos are cruel) You don’t have to xx ☺️

A/N: I had intended this to be a reader insert, but it ended up just being a regular ol’ fanfic because of the way the plot was working out. I hope you don’t mind anon! Feel free to tell me what you think guys, I love hearing from you!!
Warnings: Swearing.

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When Dick got a call just after four in the morning, he knew something was wrong. It was a pretty fair assumption in his line of work, and one that was proven to be entirely correct when he picked up and heard Bruce’s strained voice on the other end.

Dick had been asleep for less than two hours at this point, and he was completely wrecked when he sat up in bed to answer the phone, sheets pooling around his waist. “ ‘lo? Bruce?” He muffled a yawn against his hand, blinking the sleep from his eyes and squinting at the time displayed on the digital clock by his bed. “Dick. There’s been a situation,”

It probably wouldn’t be noticeable to anybody else, but Dick knew Bruce better than almost anyone, and had enough experience trying to read the stoic bastard that when he was stressed Dick could pick up on it in his voice. And right now Bruce was very, very stressed out.

That finally woke him up a bit. He was suddenly alert, clutching the sheets in a death grip with his free hand when he replied, rushing the words lowly, “What happened? I can be there in about fifteen, I just need to change back-” “Dick,” Bruce cut him off. Dick took a deep breath, forcing himself to relax. “Everyone is okay. It’s more of a.. domestic problem,”

Dick was just plain confused now. “Domestic.. problem?” Bruce sighed. “Can you come over? Your expertise in this area would be appreciated,” “Ooookay?” Bruce grunted his acknowledgment before hanging up, leaving Dick to sit there in the dark, clutching the dead phone to his ear and trying to figure out what the hell a ‘Domestic problem’ entailed when applied to their family. He wasn’t entirely keen on finding out.

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