the elephant thing


I’ve been thinking a lot about how quickly the Louie side of the fandom adopted Steve Aoki and our complete rejection of James Arthur. And it’s actually startlingly simple: Steve Aoki showed, from the word go, that he genuinely loves and respects Louis Tomlinson. He came in to our lives by flying across the world (skipping winning an award) to perform Just Hold On with Louis to honor Jay. Then he started speaking. And we learned that he’s a great guy. But we never would have cared without his apparent love for Louis.

Contrast this with James Arthur who talked shit about Louis and 1D in the past, who’s made all sorts of problematic statements, and now thinks that a Twitter follow is going to garner the same support. You forgot one thing: we’re elephants with receipts. You don’t get to talk shit and expect us to forget. We wont.

BONUS POINTS to Steve for continually talking about how awesome the fandom is and how any artist would kill for this kind of support. 

My favorite comedic moments from Animorphs fanfic

In no particular order.

  • Ax in bird morph at the window while the human Animorphs are having a sex ed lesson, being very unimpressed by the human reproductive system (The Class)
  • <First of all, I’m a red-tailed hawk. You can call me Tobias. If you call me a birdie again, I will have polar bears attack you in your sleep. That is not a joke.> (My Brain Slug)
  • Cassie and Marco performing a duet of “Smooth” by Santana at the school talent show to rescue their falling grades (The Talentless Show)
  • Cassie being a Social Justice Elephant (The Thing From Another World)
  • The Axis of Awesome playing Never Have I Ever at Ax’s scoop (Like Setting Up Punchlines)
  • Ax borrowing gay erotica from the library (Sex Education)
  • Marco tricking Jake into a blind date with a “publishing agent” (Good Luck With Being Happy)
  • Visser Three’s obsession with pretzel rods in human morph (The Presentation)
  • Cassie getting really excited about her superheroine alter ego, Wolf Girl (i will help you swim)

ficklerecluse  asked:

Could I get headcanons for ravage trusting his friend (bot reader) enough to recharge with them?

  • On one hand Ravage isn’t used to being alone for too long. He’s always had Soundwave and the other cassettes, and sleeping next to someone has always been a thing of comfort and safety for him. He sleeps in Megatron’s habsuite, but he’s never ventured onto the berth.

  • On the other hand it’s hard to earn his trust. He has a deep-set loyalty to his family, but you are an outsider. It’s hard at first to approach him given how intimidating and stand-offish he is.

  • Once he lets his guard down around you, you find out he’s actually very interesting! He knows random facts about things you wouldn’t guess (like elephants) and points out things no-one else notices. He knows all the latest gossip, and has a dry sense of humor that’s a bit of an acquired taste.

  • The first time you invite him to sleep at your habsuite he refuses. He says no pretty fast; he’s just shocked. After some major consideration he’ll bring it up another time.

  • He starts making himself cozy in a corner until you pat the spot next to you in berth, inviting him up to lay with you. He grumbles that he’s not a pet, to which you reply you know, but the floor can’t be comfortable and there’s enough room. It’s not like you were going to pet him or anything… Slowly, he pads over to the berth, hopping up and kneading the covers before he curls contentedly into your side. He grumbles a thank you.

  • Now you’re part of his family. He’s fiercely loyal and protective of you. He also knocks over your drinks and walks in between your legs when he’s annoyed with you.

  • Soon recharging with him becomes habit. He curls his tail over you and nuzzles your neck when he’s really sleepy. Eventually, he nudges his head under your servo and purrs. You are allowed to pet the deadly kitty.

  • It’s the middle of the recharge cycle. You wake up to ravage sprawled across your face. Why? You grumble at him to get off and he sits up, stock-still, staring into the void. What do you see, friend? He doesn’t answer. He shoots off like a bullet. It is time.
they warned us

Back in December, Arwel Jones was going crazy with the elephants thing on Twitter. 

Repeatedly posting little elephant emoticons and saying that setlock this time around was ALL unaddressed elephants. 

Lots of us took this as a hint that Johnlock would become canon this time around.

We shouldn’t have.

I see it as a warning to the TJLCers, like, “Hey, sorry, good job, you, you’re on the right track, but we’re gonna put you through hell for a bit.”

Because if setlock was ALL unaddressed elephants, well, that means the elephants weren’t addressed yet.

They were warning us in our own language.

Supporting my theory of ‘Moftiss and crew know what we’re doing, speak our language, and want to support us’ we have: 

“Is cup of tea… code?” a line from TLD from Billy Wiggins.

Obviously this line is a nod to the TJLC theory about tea representing gay love.

So yeah. Ginger Dad, Moffat, and the crew all support us.

Rock on, friends.

The elephants will be addressed.