the elephant 6 collective

Original quote from Jeff :

When I started writing “Ghost,” the song that goes [he sings] “Ghost ghost I know you live within me,” we thought we had a ghost living in the house, in the bathroom. So I locked the door and started to sing to the ghost in the bathroom. But that was sort of like singing about the ghost who we thought was whistling in the other room, and that kept waking me up, and then also a ghost that may or may not live within me. And it ended up being a reference to Anne Frank, too. A lot of the songs on this record are about Anne Frank.

i love teenage girls who love elephant 6. i love teenage girls who love built to spill, animal collective, pavement. i love teenage girls who love music in which the community is dominated by mid-30s men. i love how nonjudgemental they are when you’re new to the music, don’t know a song, don’t have every single  album on limited-press vinyl, aren’t good at remembering names, can’t play an instrument. i love teenage girls who experiment with music when there’s a world of criticism waiting out there for us. it makes me hopeful for the future of the music we love and makes me not want to give up on learning new things about music. we have so much power. i love us.