the elegant elephant

The Last Stampede

The elephants unique
Elegance, matches,
Only the ivory
Comprised of its tusks.
Tragically playing The role
of a martyr, In a world
unwilling to understand.
That without the elephant,
Only harm will come
To the delicate,
Ecosystem we live in.
So let the pianist play his
Keys of hypocrisy.
Watch vanity decorate all
Of suburbia.
See the world be seduced
By assonying ignorance,
Knowing that change
could Have provoked
something different.
Can’t you see that
The elephant is dying?
And soon like their
resounding Memory,
They’ll be
Just another part
Of history
Worth remembering.

Good Morning Sunshine [S.Coups]

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 752

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

Bright white sheets draped over the edge of the bed, long forgotten on a warm summer’s morning. Seungcheol, laying like a starfish over the whole stretch of the bed, peered one eye open and looked to his left to see if his favourite person was still laying by his side. Much to his disappointment, it seemed that you had been up and long gone seeing as when he placed his hand on your side of the bed the heat from where you had slept was no longer there.

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