the electrifying mojo

Pretty different. Uh, kinda sad, to be exact. I mean the radio was dead, the discos was dead, ladies was kinda dead, so I felt like if we wanted to make some noise & I wanted to turn anything out, I was gonna have to get something together, which is what we did. We put together a few bands & turned it into ‘Uptown’. That consisted of a lot of bike riding nude, but you know, it worked. We had fun. That’s why I wanted to come here on my birthday cause I wanted to give them a little taste of where we live & get a little taste of where you all live. To me, this is like my second home. If I could spend the night at somebody’s crib, I would .. cause this hotel .. they’re real nice to us, but this bed is hard!
—  Prince when asked what it was like growing up in ‘Uptown’ by The Electrifying Mojo after his birthday show in Detroit, '85
Will the members of the Midnight Funk Association please rise. Please go to your porch light and turn it on for the next hour to show us your solidarity. If you’re in your car please honk your horn and flash your lights, wherever you are. If you’re in bed, get ready to dance on your back, in Technicolor. And get ready for the MFA. The word is… Hold on tight, don’t let go. Whenever you feel like you’re nearing the end of your rope, don’t slide off. Tie a knot. Keep hanging, keep remembering, that it ain’t nobody bad like you. This session of the International Midnight Funk Association is being called to order. Electrifying Mojo presiding. May the Funk be with you. Always…
—  The Electrifying Mojo - The Midnight Funk Association