the electric beef

Dear Electric Beef Followers,

Today the blog comes to an end, and we are parting ways.

The Electric Beef was launched in July of 2011 with the mission of highlighting our daily visual and artistic explorations, as well as being used as a vehicle for promoting other artists we respect. In almost two years, we’ve successfully connected with many artists, both locally and globally, to provide a catalog of aesthetic inspiration for all who seek it. In addition to connecting, we’ve also promoted the messages, projects, exhibits, new ideas and goals these artists have sought to achieve.

We do not view The Electric Beef closing as an end in itself - but, rather, the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. We are at a point where our focus is shifting, and we need to concentrate more on our professional lives. Joseph Kendrick is in the process of pursuing his Masters in Sculpture in Columbia, SC. St Francis Elevator Ride is continuing freelance design in Memphis, TN with the ERF Design collective and serving as Art Director for Trashy Creatures Records. He also has a couple of exhibits slated for the late summer/early fall months of this year.

Thanks to everyone who has counted themselves loyal followers of this site - we built it for you. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and submitted work - it could not have existed without you!

The Electric Beef will remain up as it is, and we hope the site will always serve as inspiration to those who seek it.


Joseph Kendrick & St Francis Elevator Ride
The Electric Beef (July 2011 - May 2013)

THE END collage illustration
by << St Francis Elevator RIde