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So… @shinyzango
Let’s introduce your boys hm?

On left:
Bendy the Tame Demon
-Nice and kind
-Good with kids
-Helps eldery man beat up bad guys
-Killed a man (regrets the fact he could do it infront of the eldery)
-Scared and insecure of his power

On right:
Bendy the Buff
-Still good with kids (but the little ones are scared of him 😢 ). Also watch out!
-Very pointy
-Very buff
-Angery 23/7
-1/7 times sweet and gentle with his eldery friend
-Killed many, thinks they deserved it (loyal af)

Please, assess yourself on the Mycroft Holmes scale:
— Wikipedia;
— Sherrinford Waters’ Dwarf-Fisher;
— The Ice Man;
— Big Brother Of Sociopaths-Violinists;
— Lady Bracknell;
— Mummy’s Son;
— Archenemy Of Brother-Junkie Sherlock;
— Vulnerable Reptile;
— Secret Kingsman’s Agent;
— Romantic Melodrama;
— The Favorite Of Eldery Ladies;
— The British Government;
— Greg’s Gay Donut.

An elderly woman's opinion on Gay Marraige in Ireland

Today I asked my 81 year old Irish granny her opinion on the gay marriage referendum that is coming up this May. This is the jist of what she said,

“I mean, they can’t help it can they. People are born the way they are. I don’t see what people have against the gays- there’s this lovely gay man in my bridge club and the only thing I have against him is that he is marginally better than me”. She went on to tell me how he moved to France with his partner and had a lovely apartment in Paris.

When I reminded her that the church (which plays a huge part of her life) is against gay marriage she said,

“The bible is not a legal document. Gay people pray to the same God as we do. Why should they be oppressed when they are the same as we are. Love thy neighbour”. She also went on to remind me about the whole priest scandal and how maybe the church isn’t always right.

My 81 year old granny who has lived a very catholic life has more sense than the bloody people who run this country

kagami and kuroko getting married and pursuing their respective career (firefighter and teacher) but since they still love basketball so much, they decide to join a local basketball club for adults and have regual practices and form a great team with other players and play in these super intense charity matches for kids or the eldery or animal shelters etc etc. and become like local sports celebs 

ok the rats had so much fun i’m all hyped to grow them a lil wheatgrass garden to dig up


A Muslim-owned restaurant is hosting free Christmas dinners for the homeless

  • Shish Restaurant, a Muslim-owned Turkish eatery in London, posted a flyer on their door promoting a free three-course Christmas dinner for the homeless and eldery.
  • “No one eats alone on Christmas Day,” the flyer said. “We are here to sit with you.”
  • According to BuzzFeed News, the restaurant staffers’ mission was simple: They just wanted to help people.
  • “We’re just helping people,” Hasan Masud, an employee at Shish, told BuzzFeed News. “Lots of people stay home alone for Christmas … They don’t need to. They can come here and have some fun.” Read more

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Madonna photographed in Alphabet City by Richard Corman, 1982.

Richard Corman had just finished an apprenticeship with Richard Avedon in 1982 and was referred to Madonna by his mother who was casting Martin Scorsece’s “The Last Temptation of Christ”.  At the time, Madonna was an aspiring dancer, actress, and singer. She had auditioned for the movie and Richard’s mother saw something special in the unknown Madonna that her son could capture on film with some modeling and audition shots. On their first outing in 1982, Madonna walked Richard Corman around her neighborhood, using anything she came across as a casual backdrop for an afternoon of shooting. “I followed her around the Lower East Side,” says Richard. “She was so comfortable — it was as if she was in her own backyard.” 

Iconic photographer Richard Corman remembers the first time he met Madonna. He told Rolling Stone magazine:

“[It was] in the summer of 1982 at her apartment on the Lower East Side. Prior to entering the building, I had to call her from a phone booth from across the street as she let me know, under no uncertain terms, that I was not to enter the building without her alerting all of the tenants due to a lot of illegal activity going on, on the stoop and on the ground floor – which she had no part in… There was a group of kids outside the building, on the stoop, in the hallways, and when I said I was there for Madonna the seas parted. I looked up the staircase, and I saw this girl leaning over the edge of the banister, and even from three stories below I could see these catlike eyes just looking down. I knew at that moment that she had something special — I really did.”

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anonymous asked:

Ehi, I love your blog! Well, actually I also hate it, it makes me cry, sometimes, especially when eldery and babies are there, can I pretty much hate the world? But no matter what, your blog is amazing, your work is wonderful, as much as it can be in such a case... ♡

Thank you very much. I really appreciate the kind words and support!

How would the mercs help out a friend with creator’s block?

okay i’m being a bit indulgent here but if y’all can’t tell, us admins have been on a serious writers’ block! xD

Scout would pester you at first, the moment he finds out you’re a writer/artist. He’d be like, “Oh yeah, I wanna see what you did, c’mon just a peek, pretty please!” Whether you say yes or no, he’d take the chance to show you his doodles and comic sketches. He’s a big fan of comic books - his artstyle reflects that. He also shows you a bunch of funny sketches of his own team - yes, they’re crass and immature, but they encourage a laugh out of you. (Especially the one where Scout drew Spy with baguettes for legs. How could you not burst out snorting at that?!) Scout would probably help you out of the block by offering to do a trade with you - he’d draw a funny comic and you draw/write something.

Soldier - “BLOCK?! What block? Don’t worry son, we’re gonna smash this dastardly block into TEENY TINY SMITHEERENS!!!” You sit him down and quickly explain the metaphor behind creator’s block, before he goes around destroying anything. He wouldn’t get it. If you wanna do something you love, just do it! insert Shia Labeouf just do it GIF here If you try to explain the troubles behind the block further, Soldier’s going to continue give nothing but simplistic advice (which actually offers a solution: to solve a block, you just gotta tackle it head on), because usually the way he handles stuff in life is hurling himself at his problems.

Pyro - You don’t have any inspiration? They have the perfect idea. B U R N THINGS TO THE G R O U N D. What?” You say. “Pyro, nO -” They burn a building. An home for the eldery for that matter. Thank god it was being renovated and nobody was inside. Meanwhile, they think they’ve done good for you. After all, if Pyro is ever bored, fire is their muse! Note to self: don’t ask Pyro for inspiration

Heavy would be nothing but helpful and patient with your creative troubles. He’d lend you a favorite book of his, or offer walking around a museum with you to find inspiration. He’s that one friend who lets you rant about your OCs. Out of all the mercs in his team, he’ll be the most helpful and understanding with your situation. And less destructive. He wouldn’t understand, though, why you’re trying to rush your way through the block. He’d say this to you, “Take things by your own time. Create when you feel like it. Don’t force yourself.”

Demo would make a game up to help you with the block. It’s sort of like pass on the story where the players have to pick off where the other left off to tell a story. The game would begin with a writing/drawing prompt, something simple. But it’s gonna spin outta control, because you’re playing with Demo. He comes up with the wildest, over-the-top, and out of context shit. He doesn’t put any thought or filters through his parts. And soon, you learn from him to throw anything on your mind out there. You end up on the floor, wheezing and laughing. Demo tells you by the end, “Friend-o, just let yeself out there, ye hear? If ye don’t think about it and just do it, you find o-lot of mighty worthy stuff through the crap ye spout out.”

Engineer’s gonna have a hard time sympathizing or identifying with your creative troubles. He’s an engineer, a scientist in the robotics, an intellectual. Trying to understand the humanities and arts is difficult for him. He dislikes these subjects because they were the classes he struggled with in school, when he was younger. All he can really offer is saying, “Aw shucks, I’m sorry hearin’ that.” At the same time though, he feels guilty about not being able to solve a problem. That’s his thing - solving problems! So he tries giving you novels, crayons, advice books, whether you’re a writer or drawer. Engie tries helping out in an awkward dad-way - he means well, but he’s honestly clueless.

Sniper doesn’t see the point in getting all worked up or frustrated over a piece of creative work. Obviously, he sees your creations hold a world of significance to you, so he doesn’t question you out loud. Wouldn’t take the initiative to help you out, unless you ask for it. If you do ask for his help, he lets you tag along for drives in his van, walks through the wilderness, star gazing…He won’t complain if you’re groaning and moaning to yourself in absolute frustration, or if you’re being unproductive with your work. He doesn’t say anything really - but he shows he’s there to support you without any words.

Medic’s idea of getting rid of a creator’s block is simple, really. Experiment, experiment! He’d offer you (quite generously if he does say so himself) to watch him perform an experiment on some poor bloke off the street/black market/victim MannCo. provided for him. Just back down and walk away slowly… If you refuse watching an experiment, how about Medic perform an experiment on you? He can dig around through brain, poke your cortex or whatever, inject some unpronounceable chemical and - “You what, I think I’m okay now Medic, haha thanks!” You speed walk as fast as you can away from the crazy man. But hey, Medic helped you in one way! He scared you out of your creator’s block! (but at what cost lol)

Spy is amused seeing your antics and struggles at first. Your actions would range from staring off blankly at your computer screen/empty page/book, muttering madly to yourself, pacing back and forth, or screeching into the void. Eventually he gets off his smug ass to offer help. Goads you into action. He’d ask a bunch of irritating questions or make a bunch of annoying comments. ‘So you are telling me you are giving up? The world won’t miss your creations because you’re not sharing them in the first place. Ah yes, just wait around. Don’t worry, you’re just slowly aging towards death as you keep on waiting…’ You swear, you were close to throttling the french baguette asshole. So you write/draw/create something out of spite (also some of his questions/comments caused some existential crisis LOL). You were very much surprised that Spy showed some form of pride/acknowledgment when you got around to finishing your work. He cares, in his own weird and shady ways, even if he ends up insulting you in some ways.

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In ireland the only ppl who wear pajamas out are eldery ppl in the shops or tweens in mcdonalds at night

I’m both

I’ve been trying to learn how to mesh … and I failed. Miserably. So I drowned in self pity for a while, and decided to fullfill my need to make clothes by recoloring. And I always need more colors, so … two birds with one stone, right?

  • 15 colors (including black and white)
  • custom thumbnail
  • teen-elder
  • i have not recolored the bodychain. please download it from the original post below
  • all credit for the mesh goes to @theslyd


(p.s. you can download the model here!)

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can you do a scenario with todoroki in the delivery room with his wife and seeing his son for the first time? Ahh I love your blog btw your writing always cheers me up!!

Aaaaa I’m so glad I’m cheering people up! Thank you so much anon, I hope this is what you wanted (\(^-^)/) we can totally pretend this is the continuation to the pregnancy scenario, the first request I had.

The clock ticking was about to drive him insane. Seriously. Each second going by with that constant, maddening clicking noise was sticking one more needle in his throbbing patience. The hospital’s air was dense and it’s characteristic disinfectant smell was making him dizzy. The lighting, of course, was white and dim, almost making the situation surreal, foggy, a never-ending coma dream. Todoroki was walking from one side of the waiting hall to the other, his pace constant and stomping, his forhead and hands sweated, his breath ragged and erratic and his heart beating like crazy.

He was going to sue that fuckin clinic, he was totally doing so. There was no way the labor was experimenting “complications”, there was no way the process could be lasting four full hours, and there was absolutely no way they couldn’t let the father, the DAMN FATHER of the baby into the room. He was about to panic. He needeed to see you were ok, that the baby was ok. He had nothing to do at that stupid hall. Some of your family members were waiting there too, as well as his sister,who was starting to get dizzy from watching him walk around the room.

“Shoto, calm down” she said “it’s gonna be alright, they are fine, the doctors know what they are doing”

“The doctors don’t know shit”


“Seriosuly! I just want to be with her, she’s probably having a hard time and I’m not there to hold her hand!” he was so mad Fuyumi was scared he’ll burn the hospital eventually “I’m the father of that baby, goddamit! If they don’t let me in in the following five minutes, I’m going to find that doctor, I’m going to freeze him into the ground, and then I’ll burn his damn…!”

“Todoroki, Shoto?” an eldery man in a medical gown suddenly opened the door right behind him and grabbed him by the shoulder with a rather firm grip “everything turned out alright, your wife is fine but tired, and your son is healthy. We are sorry for the inconveniences. You can come in now”

His heart went from an accelerated, racing rhythm to not beating at all in less than a second. He had no time to insult the doctor, nor to warn him about how he was goint to sue them, hell, he didn’t even have time to tell himself to get his shit together. Without further ado he hurriedly walked into the room. He was unprepared for all the emotions overflowing, the news came so fast and with no warning for him to digest them properly: joy, love, relief…he couldn’t control the way it all bursted inside of him as he walk through that door and his eyes landed on the image of you holding the baby, his baby, his son, both happy, both safe.

“Hello there” you said, smiling at the loving look in his eyes. Your voice sounded groggy, exhausted, but yet so content as you hugged the creature against your chest.

Todoroki stood still. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t answer, he couldn’t take the amazement out of his sweaty face. All he could do, was staring at that little bundle between your arms, sleeping soundly, still a bit stained with blood, but yet so beautiful.

“Come here” you giggled swiftly, softly, as not to wake the baby “someone wants to meet his daddy”

He got closer to you, slowly, his eyes wide and his mouth opened ajar. He just couldn’t believe it, even though he had nine months to prepare himself, the fear and anguish that had built inside of him during those four consecutive hours of wait at the hall had managed to erase any sense of acknowledgement from his mind.

As he reached the side of the bed you took his hand in yours and he squeezed it, as he sat on the bed right next to you, his eyes never abandoning the child.

He took a hand to the tiny head, caressing the few short locks of hair that had managed to grow. It was soft. Soft as his peaceful, sleeping expression, soft as your hand stroking his, soft as the warm, squishy feeling in his chest. As if he had just been stuffed with cotton. As it there wasn’t wrong in the world. Everything was right. Everything was perfect.

“He’s beautiful” he whispered, cracking a wholehearted smile “so beautiful”

“He got that from daddy it seems” you joked and he gave you a grinning peck on the lips “do you want to hold him?”

He nodded.

As he took him in his arms, the sudden movement made the baby futter his eyes wide open. Todoroki stiffened, fearing he would start crying…but he didn’t. Instead, he proceded to stare at his dad curiously, inquisitive, so innocently and purely it almost caused the man to melt.

“Hello, I’m your dad” he said, chuckling out of mere happiness. The baby just continued to look at him as if he was the world, not understanding his words, but feeling and enjoying the affection with which they were spoken “I will…take care of you, ok? I will make sure you are happy, my boy”

You were moved, seeing your husband in a way you had never seen him before. The love, the sheer adoration was so obvious in his voice and the glint in his eyes. He was going to be such a great father, you knew it. He wasn’t going to repeat the misdeeds of his family but learn from them, and protect his son with everything he got.

You took a hand to his face, pulling his hair back with your fingers, and giggling as you noticed how damp his forhead was.

“Hey, I’m the one who went through labor” you joked “why are you sweating so much?”

“Sorry, I was so nervous out there” he gave a long breath and smiled as he saw the baby grabbing his finger with his tiny, fragil hand “How are you feeling though?”

“Exhausted” you sighed “but way too happy”

He kissed you on the lips, fondly, thanking you. Thanking you for everything. Thanking you for your unconditional love, for such a beautiful, healthy son, for being the perfect mother you surely would be…and thanking you for making him the happiest man on earth.

Maybe, just maybe, there was no need to sue the hospital.


The Signs as Famous Kings pt.2 (Earth)

Taurus - Charles the Great (Charlemagne), Emperor of Western Europe (768-814)
After his brother had died, Charlemagne was solely in control of a considerable kingdom, which became his empire for more than four decades after having been crowned Emperor by the Pope in 800. Charles the Great was tall in physique and enjoyed roasted meat as well as expanding his realm through military action. Perceiving the Christianity as the one and only confession, Charles showed no mercy towards followers of other religions in order to actualize his vision of a united Germanic nation. Charles was highly educated, talented in languages, interested in culture and beautiful architecture and represented an energetic sportsman pursuing hunting, horseback riding and swimming. Charles was buried in Aachen where he resided very often.

Virgo - Peter the Great, Emperor and Tsar of Russia (1682-1725)
Peter was referred to as “the Great” on the one hand because of his physical appearance with a height of more than 6.7 feet and a buff body but further because of the glory he brought to Russia. It was said that he had an impetuous and vigorous nature. Moreover Peter was famous for his determination. He worked all his life hard, both mentally and physically, to fulfill his conceptions. This emperor was rather a man of action than a man of thought but nevertheless he is considered a great statesman. Peter had many interests like collecting art but his favourite occupation was shipbuilding.

Capricorn - Ashoka the Terrible (later the Great), Ruler of the Indian Mauryan Empire (268-232 BC)
After establishing cruel prisons of torture and gaining land with superior military forces, the feared Emperor Ashoka had a change of mind during the battle of Kalinga which is considered one of the most brutal and bloodiest wars of all time. Seeing the vast suffering caused by his thirst for greatness, Ashoka distanced himself from wars and violence, turned to Buddhism, built places of meditation and hereby paved the way for a peaceful and tolerant India. His new mild nature let Ashoka set up edicts to the advantage of religious freedom, the poor and eldery, travellers and even animals. Ashoka is the incarnation of one of the most glorious periods of Indian history, having turned out to become a strong merciful king who esteemed all living beings.

can we stop acting like mickey milkovich is some kind of angel?

he’s my favorite character. he’s fascinating, and brave, strong, loyal, clever. he’s also not very empathetic to strangers, racist, and an asshole to people he doesn’t have a trusting bond with. this is not hating on him, it’s just who his character is, which is okay.

ofc you can write him how you want in fic but it still bothers me when people pretend he’s a saint and soft to everyone, because he’s not? this is how he’s been raised and maybe in an alternate universe where he grew up in another place with other people, he’d be different. but here he’s mean and crude, and not your perfect image of a loving person, which is okay.


Walking Light Cane

Many of the elderly find it difficult to judge speed and therefore tend to base their decision to cross the road on distance and not speed.
As such fast vehicles are a threat of elderly pedestrians, we urge the need to bring light to the subject!

We dress up as vehicles, we wear lights, in order to demonstrate that so far, many cities are still designed for cars and not for people.

The Walking Light cane, it’s functional, elegant, funny and aims to make people aware of the dangers of traffic in the cities.

Now you can buy the Light Cane here: 

Light Cane Online Store