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Edmund Pevensie - House Sorting

Three months after returning from Narnia, Edmund was thrust into another world. He had lost his former arrogance, and unlike many of his new classmates, he was—emotionally and mentally—an adult. Of course, none of them knew that. However, just as people recognized differences in Peter’s and Susan’s differences, they noted the strange, un-childlike way that Edmund carried himself. While most of the eleven year olds stared up in awe at the school, he looked at the candles, the sky, and the wizards in longing, as if he had lost something very important that he would never have back. Furthermore, unlike the other eleven year olds, he bent his head not in fear, but respect. It was as if he understood that he and the elder wizards were on equal footing, while still knowing that he had many things to learn from them. 

So, when the Sorting Hat hit his head, it frowned. Although Edmund was cunning (a leader had to be) and courageous (a soldier had to be), those were not his defining qualities, nor were those the qualities he valued. The hat saw his past, his fears of his family seeing him as a traitor, of a god regretting the decision to save him, and more importantly, of him failing a country and proving that he was not the just man everybody believed him to be. While both his older sister and him wanted to prove something, Susan wanted to prove her power; Edmund wanted to prove his loyalty and kindness. After several minutes of deliberation, Edmund was put into Hufflepuff, to the cheers of a house that would remind him of what he had in Narnia.

While he did not excel on the field like his brother or in the classroom like his sister, Edmund made the halls his home. When other students felt homesick or stressed, he sat them down for tea or offered aid. The professors could always count on Ed to help put the materials away and stay for a chat on the material, potentially the science behind Charms or the effects of dragon blood on the human body. When fights broke out, although Peter stopped them, Ed ensured they wouldn’t happen again. Everybody enjoyed Ed’s company, from the first year Hufflepuffs to the seventh year Slytherins. Sure, he was no supernova, but he was special. Even if he never saw that himself, all of Narnia and Hogwarts knew that Edmund Pevensie was the kindest of them all.


Do you like Skyrim? Do you like @jimmywhetzel?
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Skyrim Jimmy:
- is a powerful mage
- is essential (making him immortal)
- levels along with the player
- is not eligible for marriage
- has roughly 80 unique voice lines
- coughs, burps and farts occasionally
- sometimes promotes his channel
- reacts to various things such as: the player having his weapons equipped, the player having spells equipped, corpses, the player being naked, certain enemies and other things.
- can be found in the upper floor of Whiterun’s Bannered Mare
- doesn’t look like the actual Jimby at all (sorry :/)
- has a tendency to repeat some lines often, while only rarely saying others (I’ll have to fix that in a future update)
Download it here: or just search for it in the workshop
Jimmy, if you have any objections to anything in the mod, whether it’s appearance, voice lines, character class or anything else, do let me know please. I will change it.

Sorry about the video’s poor quality