the elder wizard

My Deathly Hallows - Tattoo. It’s my first Tattoo (and will not be my last 😉 ) I know, the circle is not perfect, but at least, it is like all the DH-Symbols I drawed 😂 . The ‘Elder wand’ was the most painful part. The colors will fade some more. It is also not yet completely cured, so that’s why the left side looks thicker 👌🏻

The sun and moon, Always ❤️

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Elder wand replica
These handcrafted collectable wand replicas from the Harry Potter franchise films are perfect for cosplays, Halloween or just to have on a bookshelf, they can make a unique gift for any Harry Potter fan. Each wand is delicate and should be treated with care. We value our customers therefore all orders are packaged in protective bubble wrap and thick cardboard tube for posting. Details: 13.6 inches long very light weight can be used as a prop or decoration not suitable for children under the age of 6 Each wand will be slightly differnet as they are all handmade. -All items made to order processing time normally up to one week.

Presenting the best worst The Dark is Rising dust jacket I’ve ever seen. These books always have odd covers because the story is (awesomely) batshit, but this omnibus edition is a towering achievement in mid-nineties “No worries I skimmed it” cover illustration. Notes:

- Bran has albinism. There is no melanin in his body. Why is he so tan?! it is literally impossible

- In fact, why is everyone so tan? And ripped? British 11-year olds are different than JK Rowling led me to believe

- Will (the 😵 guy) was, as I recall it, basically a fucking elder god/wizard messiah? Anyway, here he is seen warding off vampires with a fidget spinner

- How is Bran casting a shadow onto those trees? Is it a Sears portrait studio backdrop? Why is the harp vomiting? Is that just how things are in Wales?

- Treasure map reading, step one: open your damn eyes

- I feel like random tropical house plants don’t grow on the beach in Cornwall

- Nice Tevas there, Barnabas